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Covert Affairs 4×09 Promo “Hang Wire” (HD)

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Suits 3×09 Promo “Bad Faith” (HD)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS: LA, Once, Covert Affairs, Five-0, Big Bang, Haven and More!

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Once Upon a Time Regina ArielDoes Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen have a fish tale to tell? Will Five-0 flounder without Kono? Will NCIS: LA‘s Callen get a clue? When will Eyal engage in new Covert Affairs with Annie? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Will Once Upon a Time explain how Mulan and Aurora helped Philip get his soul back from the wraith, before they found an injured Baelfire? –JJ
In a word, kinda. “We’ll hint at it, but we probably aren’t going to show that [back]story for a while,” says cocreator Eddy Kitsis. For one, it’s not like Neal has reason to raise it as a conversation topic. But more importantly, Kitsis explains, “One of the things about Season 3 is we’ve really tried to focus on the core characters, including the six people on that boat and Neal. We do eventually want to get to that [Philip/wraith] story, but we’re coming out of the gate with the people on that boat.”

Is there any way that Once Upon a Time‘s Ariel and Regina already met? Assuming that the “certain mermaid” Regina referred to in Episode 1×12, “Skin Deep,” was Ariel? –Mirza
I suspect you are onto something, though cocreator Adam Horowitz will only say that “we might” flash back to that aforementioned encounter during JoAnna Garcia’s turn as the Little Mermaid.

Last year, OUAT ran a one-hour special to recap the season before the new season starts. Do you know if they will be doing that again? –Bernadette
Yes, they shall. Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland will air Sunday, Sept. 29 at 7/6c, leading into the Season 3 opener.

Can you give us any hints on how Deeks’ mom will come into play this season on NCIS: Los Angeles? –Anna
Actually, somewhat interestingly, she won’t – meaning, I hear that at this time there are no plans to introduce her. (This topic, on which I have received multiple reader emails, is apparently the result of some game of “Telephone.” Sorry!)

On NCIS: LA, will we learn more about Callen’s past? –Molly F.
Oh yes. As showrunner Shane Brennan shared with me, “You know that little tea tin sitting on the mantle in Callen’s house, filled with little pieces of his past, pieces of that jigsaw? Well, he adds another very significant piece of the puzzle to that box” early this season. “It’s incredibly emotional.”

Have you heard anything yet about Oded Fehr’s “secret” Covert Affairs return date? – Jo
A) It’s still a secret, because B) Eyal’s appearance is designed to catch you – as well as Annie – quite off guard. Teasing the encore, Piper Perabo told me, “Something happens, a door opens and it’s him — and when this door opens, you are not thinking about him at all. There is no reason he should even know where she is.” In fact, Perabo says she was slightly distracted when first reading that script, and thus was startled herself to see Eyal pop into frame! “It’s so shocking when he appears,” she reiterates. “For me to be reading one of the scripts and be so like, ‘W-w-what?’ is really fun.”

Any info on the remaining Graceland episodes? –Hayley
Only on, like, you know, the season finale, which airs Sept. 12 and finds Jangles taking a resident of Graceland hostage. The rest of the house thus must band together to (hopefully) rescue one of their own.

Is Grace Park returning for Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0, or is she really gone? –John
I fielded a version of this question recently, but now have new intel from show boss Peter M. Lenkov, who stresses that Kono will be seen “in a bunch” of early Season 4 episodes, yet independent of the Five-0 team she left behind.

Any fresh Big Bang Theory scoop? –Aleksandra
Sheldon and Amy’s unorthodox romance will continue to move at a glacial pace, despite their Dungeons & Dragons-themed canoodling last season. “That is the constant challenge in the writers room,” offers showrunner Steven Molaro, “to keep them growing and moving forward but a pace that’s comfortable and that doesn’t change the show too much.” In other Big-ish news, Molaro confirms that Kevin Sussman’s Stuart will be a semi-regular fixture this season, beginning with “three out of the first six Season 7 episodes.”

Do you have any scoop on Haven? Will Nathan and Audrey be reunited early in the season? –Stephanie
Early might be stretching it. Granted, I’ve only seen the season premiere thus far, but there are obstacles a-plenty standing in the way of them finding each other. For one, Nathan is kinda persona non grata, seeing as his actions in the finale failed to do squat. (Jordan, for one, is very much not a fan of his.) Secondly, Audrey doesn’t believe she needs to be “found,” wherever she now is. In fact, she seems pretty content just kicking back and schmoozing Colin Ferguson’s charming mystery man.

Any word on whether NCIS will bring back family members of the team? And if so, do you happen to know which? –Daniel
Thus far, both Ralph Waite and Robert Wagner are likely (though not double-secret confirmed) to again play pop to Gibbs and DiNozzo, respectively.

A question regarding Hostages: Do you know how many episodes Hilarie Burton is signed on for? –Silva
CBS is mum, due to the thriller aspect of the 15-episode series, but I’m hearing that Hil will appear in at least three of the hours, playing an assistant to Tate Donovan’s character.

Longtime reader, first-time email… SOA me, please! –Candace
I’m three episodes into Sons of Anarchy’s coming season and, man, nothing is going right for the boys. Seriously, like no (theoretically) good deed comes without a dead body (or several) in its wake. And between Clay’s arrest, more brutal blowback for Juice being a snitch, Bobby pursuing his own agenda and Chibs and Tig not always agreeing with Jax’s calls, it’s not a good time to be in SAMCRO

Is there a 100-percent chance that Monroe’s son is revealed during Revolution Season 2? –Jack
Definitely 97 percent, I’d say. Series creator Eric Kripke tells us that while that reveal will be “a slow burn,” “It does become a storyline this season” – one that offers “some twists and turns” along the way.

Robert Sean Leonard was great (although almost unrecognizable) on Falling Skies. Any word if he he’ll return in Season 4? –Sue
Yes, RSL was almost unrecognizable, and yes, at this early stage, he is confirmed to appear in at least one episode of the upcoming season.

Is there any hope that King & Maxwell gets renewed for a second season? I was just getting to know everyone! –Susan
Show boss Shane Brennan says he hopes to get the good word next month – “perhaps in early September” – about any possible Season 2, adding: “Fingers crossed!”

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Covert Affairs 4×08 Promo “I’ve Been Waiting for You” (HD)

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Suits 3×08 Promo “Endgame” (HD)

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Psych: Bunheads’ Sutton Foster Joins Fan-Chosen Finale — Plus More Casting Scoop

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 Psych Cast Sutton FosterFormer Bunhead Sutton Foster will let her hair down — and scare up some fun — in Psych‘s nightmare-ish Season 8 finale.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Foster has landed a role in the USA Network comedy’s James Roday-penned installment, titled on “A Nightmare on State Street.”

Described as “a new vision in terror,” the episode — the storyline of which was decided upon by fans via an online poll — follows a sleep-deprived Gus into dream therapy as he attempts to get to the bottom of recent night terrors. After his treatment, however, nothing is what it seems, and he soon learns that “in dreams, no one can hear you scream!”

Foster guest-stars as a sweet middle school teacher who might be having a fling with a gym teacher (played by Billy Zabka, who most recently appeared on How I Met Your Mother).

Psych Cast WWE Bella TwinsTVLine has also learned that WWE Divas/Total Divas stars Brie and Nikki Bella aka The Bella Twins will appear in the same episode as “sinister, double-dutching, demonically sexy” sisters who equal parts terrify and tantalize Gus.

The star-filled season-ending episode features Burn Notice fave Bruce Campbell as Gus’ dream therapist, Dean Cameron (Men at Work) and a slew of returning guest stars, including Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show), who’ll reprise her role as Gus’ mother, Kurt Fuller (Better With You), back as the Santa Barbara Police Department’s kooky coroner and Tears for Fears rocker Curt Smith.

As previously reported, Mira Sorvino will also take part in the hour (as well as a handful of episodes leading up to it), playing the SBPD’s new badass head detective.

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Burn Notice 7×12 Promo “Sea Change” (HD)

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Covert Affairs 4×07 Promo “Crackity Jones” (HD)

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Burn Notice 7×11 Promo “Tipping Point” (HD)

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USA Sets White Collar, Covert Affairs Returns

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white collar season 5USA Network unveiled its fall premiere calendar on Thursday, and it features return dates for White Collar and Covert Affairs, as well as the off-network launch of Modern Family.

White Collar‘s fifth season will kick off Thursday, Oct. 17 at 9/8c, leading into the return of Covert Affairs at 10/9c (unspooling its final six Season 4 episodes).

Modern Family reruns, meanwhile, will make their USA debut on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c and will air five nights a week.

Holiday-themed reality series It Takes a Choir — which follows choirmaster Gareth Malone as he unites “an unexpected mix of characters through the spellbinding power of music” — bows Sunday, Nov. 3 at 8/7c.

And as previously reported, Psych‘s two-hour musical episode is set to air Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9/8c.

Covert Affairs 4×06 Promo “Space (I Believe In)” (HD)

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Suits 3×06 Promo “The Other Time” (HD)

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Burn Notice 7×10 Promo “Things Unseen” (HD)

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Covert Affairs 4×05 Promo “Here Comes Your Man” (HD)

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Suits 3×05 Promo “Shadow of a Doubt” (HD)

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Burn Notice 7×09 Promo “Bitter Pill” (HD)

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Suits 3×04 Promo “Conflict of Interest” (HD)

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Covert Affairs 4×04 Promo “Rock a My Soul” (HD)

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Burn Notice 7×08 Promo “Nature Of The Beast” (HD)

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Covert Affairs 4×03 Promo “Into the White” (HD)

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