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Black Sails: Dead or Alive – Vane

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Black Sails: The Price Of A Pirate’s Life

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Starz Renews Black Sails Even Though Black Sails Doesn’t Premiere for Five Months

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Renewal, ho! Wait! I’m not calling you a woman of questionable morals and, err, loose lips. I’m doing a whole pirate-themed announcement because—oh, never mind.

Starz has renewed its pirate drama Black Sails for a second season. “Great!” you say. “Maybe I’ll check out Season 1!” Well, you’re going to have to wait a while, because Season 1 hasn’t even debuted. That’s right, Starz, well-known by now for its early renewals, has outdone itself by granting Black Sails a second season a whopping FIVE MONTHS before the first season premieres, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Black Sails will depart on its maiden voyage in January, but production on Season 2 will start this November. That obviously means you won’t be able to bitch on message boards with complaints and expect to see course corrections four or five episodes later. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said that positive response from an early screening at Comic-Con last week prompted the early renewal. But if all networks made business decisions based on the opinions of Comic-Con audiences, Firefly and anything else with even the smallest special effect or a mention of time travel would still be on, wouldn’t it?

Lord of Explosions Michael Bay is producing the series, which follows Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) two years before the events of Treasure Island. Thar be pirates, thar be wenches, and thar be booty of all definitions. Season 1 will run for eight episodes, and Season 2 will expand with 10 episodes.

It’s a risky move for Starz to put so much stock in a show before it even airs, but hey, that’s Starz for ya.

Here’s the Season 1 trailer:

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Black Sails: Dead or Alive

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“Black Sails” Cast Interview – Comic-Con 2013 – TVLine

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Black Sails: In Production Now

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Black Sails Tease: The Lord Helps Those…

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