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Did Robin Thicke Blur Lines? Did Rookie’s Sam Cross a Line? Will Liars Twist Stick? And More Qs

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment
 Breaking BadWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother and Rookie Blue!

1 | While we clearly love Breaking Bad and Aaron Paul’s performance wrecked us, wasn’t Jesse just a bit lightning-quick to connect the lifting of his weed to the missing ricin cig and to Brock’s poisoning (via Lily of the Valley)? And be honest: How long did it take you to realize Jesse’s epiphany was ricin-related?

2 | Where do we begin with the latest Dexter? For starters, how in the world — after having only met him for seconds at a time — would Dex recognize Cassie’s boyfriend from that super high-tech, incredibly accurate age-progression software? And it seriously didn’t occur to Vogel until now that her presumed dead psycho son might be the Brain Surgeon? On a slightly more positive note, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrushow fun was it to see Deb and Hannah laugh — over a meal! — about their poisonous past?

3 | Was Miley’s role in the “We Can’t Stop”/”Blurred Lines” medley the biggest affront of that MTV VMAs performance? Or is married man Robin Thicke more deserving of damning slings/arrows? Speaking of the show, what was the point of seating dueling divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry next to one another if they weren’t going to enforce said seating chart?

4 | Showtime’s The Affair. Joshua Jackson. Cowboy. Have three things ever gone together so perfectly?

5 | Which Monday-night A&E drama’s season-ending shooting shocked you more: The Glades‘ Jim or Longmire‘s Branch?

Pretty Little Liars6 | Do you believe Pretty Little Liars boss Oliver Goldstick’s assurances that Ezra Fitz really is (to some degree) the nefarious ‘A’? And can anyone explain why Ravenswood is so color-muted?

7 | Suits‘ kitty mock trail: Silly or strangely poignant?

8 | We know things haven’t been easy for Covert Affairs‘ Annie and Auggie, but didn’t their breakup scene feel like they just gave up?

9 | Is anyone clear on what exactly this week’s horrifying Catfish-er was trying to accomplish by luring in his straight, male Catfish-ee?

10 | What was the best thing about Jasmine and Aaron’s So You Think You Can Dance duet: Her insane leg move or guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s bashfully cute admission that he had a crush on her partner?

11 | Several of us on staff have tried, honestly, but… what is the Royal Pains allure? Is this show almost too “blue sky” for USA Network?

12 | Did the Surviving Evil premiere have you on the edge of your seat, as Charisma Carpenter’s real-life horror story unspooled? Or was it go a bit slow? (Note: Other episodes will cover two stories/hour.) And did the girl playing Carpenter in the reenactment look even more like her than Lying Game daughter Alexandra Chando?

13 | Were you frankly surprised by how utterly unprepared Big Brother‘s Aaryn was to address her unseemly behavior/comments? She did know there were cameras and mics everywhere in the house, yes? Is some governing body in Texas in the process of disowning her, seeing as she partly blamed her sense of “funny” on the Lone Star State?

14 | Any other Rookie Blue fans taking major issue with Sam for asking Andy to jeopardize her career to save his girlfriend’s job?

15 | If Rob Thomas’ Les Misérables update pilot goes to Arrow_Season2_Poster_blog series, which character would you most like to see Kristen Bell play? (We can dream a dream, can’t we?)

16 | Hey, Arrow: Why so serious sad?

17 | Is Jimmy Kimmel getting sexier or is everyone else just getting uglier?


Was Suits Kiss Sweet Torture? Did The Bridge Outblast Gus Fring? Soapy Affairs? And More Qs!

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 Under the DomeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Under the Dome, Suits, The Bridge and Graceland!

1 | True Blood fans, what was more mind-numbingly boring — Terry’s funeral (yep, we’re still not over that) or the finale’s seemingly endless town hall meeting?

2 | Has The Newsroom completely forgotten about Will’s death threat from Season 1? Speaking of which, where’s Lonny?

3 | Why do TV shows — most recently, Breaking Bad — ask us to believe that one person could dig a sizable hole in the ground by themselves, in any reasonable amount of time? (After excavating a 72 cubic foot hole in rocky clay soil, it’s no wonder cancer patient Walt passed out!) And based on the fact that no one even approached to take a drink order, does the diner where Hank met Skyler have the worst service ever? BreakingBad_Bridge_MustachesLastly, who has the most boss mustache: DEA agent Harry Lipenstein or The Bridge‘s Detective Cooper?

4 | If you find yourself trapped Under the Dome by some super-weird supernatural event, do you really just move ahead with your plan to peddle designer drugs? (If so, to what end? There’s no economy in a closed-off community.) Speaking of Natalie Zea’s character, how weak was her account of her whereabouts for the past eight days? And how many pencil skirts did she pack with her for this day trip? (Spoiler alert: There are even more next week! See the photo above.)

WWE Raw5 | What was one of Fringe‘s Observers doing holding a Lost sign in the crowd on WWE Raw?

6 | Mistresses‘ Karen: Too dumb to survive into any possible Season 2, or too fantastically train-wrecky not to?

7 | Given that Siberia‘s Miljan isn’t exactly coming across as a reliable character witness — attempting to euthanize injured Irene pretty much took care of that — why exactly did Esther cave so quickly to his blackmail demands and free him to menace the camp again?

8 | How is it that the So You Think You Can Dance judges were extra tough on Aaron’s Jive this week without mentioning he was suffering from a torn labrum — a fact that his All-Star partner Chelsie Hightower tweeted about right after the show? And in all seriousness, will you boycott the finale if Fik-Shun advances at Aaron’s expense? Finally, as much as we love Cat Deeley, does anyone feel like she needs to take a step back from offering her own critique — or worse, Nigel Lythgoe’s pre-approved critique — before the judges have a chance to speak?

Suits9 | Was Covert Affairs‘ big reveal — that Auggie’s secret wife is also secretly alive — just this side of predictable for anyone who’s watched a soap opera or two?

10 | How much did you scream when Suits closed the door just as Harvey and Donna were about to kiss? Was that smart or just plain cruel? And which flashback reveal reaped the biggest “awww”? Perhaps, that Harvey secretly paid Donna’s salary?

11 | Who has longer eyelashes: A Disney princess or Breaking Pointe‘s Beckanne, particularly in this week’s scene where she learns she’s getting promoted?

12 | What’s your best theory about why Duck Dynasty‘s Martin had all that mustard in his refrigerator?

13 | With all the A-Rod headlines these days, didn’t Necessary Roughness‘ finale seem especially timely? And did game-saver TK steal his showboating move from Rod Tidwell?

14 | Did The Bridge‘s Deputy Stokes (R.I.P.) out-Gus Fring Gus Fring? Also, is anyone else using closed-captioning to understand Linder sometimes?

15 | Seriously, who does Randy Jackson have pictures of…?

16 | Now that we know him as Raising Hope‘s goofy Burt, was it jarring to see Garret Dillahunt go all psycho again on Burn Notice? And as intense as this season has been, haven’t we had enough of Fi being relegated to being Ma’s “babysitter”?

17 | Is Graceland‘s Charlie playing that “federale”? There’s no way she’s that gullible, right? And what is with the show’s erratic scheduling? Another week off?!

18 | Rookie Blue fans, wasn’t it a bummer that real-life brothers Gregory and Douglas Smith didn’t share any scenes? And who knew Doug was so funny?

19 | Did Hollywood Game Night‘s “Celebrity Fusion” game give you nightmares? And of this week’s celeb guests, was Angela Kinsey a bit disappointing with her level of pop culture savvy? (That said, her “Nine seasons, four” taunt to Officemate Ellie Kemper was quite LOL.)

20 | Dear Project Runway judges: How was Miranda’s leaf-inspired dress not in the top three? And does the blank stare on Alexander’s model freak anybody else out? Do we need to check her for signs of life?

Did Breaking Bad Boldly Go Too Far? A Bloody Boring Funeral? Liars’ Tough Call? And More Qs!

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 blog_megan_mashup_8.16.13We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including True Blood, Pretty Little Lairs, Teen Wolf, Drunk History and more!

1 | So that vertical runway on America Next’s Top Model… How was that not a big enough liability to be vetoed at the pitch stage? And is the guys and girls edition making you miss Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel something fierce?

2 | Was True Blood‘s Terry really such a beloved character that he warranted not only the longest funeral in television history, but a flashback episode as well?

3 | Wouldn’t it be nice if Food Network execs develop a show for Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillips that focuses strictly on her new southern cuisine and drops the gimmicky “Eat, Date, Love” concept adopted in her final pilot-presentation challenge? And what are the odds that runner-up Rodney Henry gets some kind of irritating “on the road” show greenlit, as Bob and Susie attempt to make him Guy Fieri 2.0?

4 | Theories as to how Dexter’s Hannah managed to single-handedly haul an unconscious Dex all the way to the outskirts of Miami? Maybe she stuffed him in one of these?

5 | Could anyone have predicted before the start of Devious Maids‘ inaugural season that Rebecca Wisocky would score more laughs per scene as the imperious Evelyn Powell than any other regular or recurring cast member?

BadgerBReakingBAd6 | As fantastic as Sunday’s Breaking Bad was, can we all agree that Badger’s insanely detailed Star Trek dissertation went on about two minutes too long? And appreciating that Breaking Bad needed/wanted to fast-track a Walt/Hank face-off, wasn’t it a bit convenient that Walt almost immediately was given occasion to notice that Leaves of Grass was missing? Lastly, has the sound of a garage door closing ever been more gasp-inducing?

7 | Where do you fall on the issue of Newsroom‘s Sloan and her naughty pics: Team Shoulda Known Better or Team Leave Sloan Alone!?

8 | Were you moms and dads out there surprised by how deep into it Good Luck Charlie got with the Teddy/Spencer/Beau emotional agita — with no tidy “We can be friends!” ending for the losing lad?

9 | So, where do we think Ray was taking Marvin at the end of Sunday’s Ray Donovan? Also, anyone else still scratching their head over the Abby-as-shoplifter plot?

10 | We admittedly haven’t watched in a few months, but what happened to Suze Orman’s cute and mostly-off camera sidekick/stage manager?

11 | For the love of Balanchine, why would Breaking Pointe‘s Allison even consider giving up her career — and that coveted soloist spot — for a man who’s never once come to Utah to watch her perform?

12 | Does Under the Dome‘s Big Jim ever get tired of clenching his teeth and frowning?

13 | If any actor from NBC’s low-rated Siberia is destined for future TV success, who’d be your pick? (For the record, we’d guess Esther Anderson, who plays delightfully conniving model Esther.)

14 | Regarding this week’s opening scene, the Teen Wolf writers are totally messing with Sterek ‘shippers, aren’t they?

15 | How strange and disconcerting was it to have the So You Think You Can Dance judges cryptically mention a dark period experienced by choreographer Travis Wall’s brother (and fellow former contestant Danny Tidwell) without any concrete information? If he’s experienced personal difficulties of late that aren’t public knowledge, shouldn’t they have been left out of the critique?

16 | Screaming at the TV in agony when Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria ignored that call from a heartbroken Ezra was the appropriate reaction, right?

17 | Who convinced Criminal Minds‘ Paget Brewster to get inebriated on Drunk History, and how can we get more of our TV faves to do that?

18 | Could any Big Brother viewers make sense of Elissa’s math lesson during the Veto competition? (“First, you have to take the ratio of the sample size that we’re provided…. and estimate given the ratio of how many proportions of the ratio could fit on the display. So… it’s a lot of math.”)

19 | What kind of cruelty is it that The Real‘s hilarious summer test run ended before that of the vastly inferior fellow fledgling talker Kris, starring the Mother of All Kardashians Kris Jenner?

20 | How are there enough people defaulting on their aircraft that Airplane Repo can exist as a series? And does Mike Rowe narrate every show of this nature?

21 | We’re as excited about Jon Stewart’s return as the next person, but after John Oliver’s gush-fest over “the magnificent” Regis Philbin on The Daily Show this week, aren’t you sad to see the funny Brit sign off as host? Also, when former Daily Show correspondents Rob Riggle and Wyatt Cenac showed up for Oliver’s last day, what other famous faces were you hoping would appear? (For the record, we would’ve love a check-in with Vance DeGeneres.)

22 | What was more entertaining: Watching Project Runway‘s Ken, Sue and Alexandria scramble to dress their model in the hallway moments before the runway show, or Tim Gunn’s consternation at the “unprecedented” event?

Dexter Spin-Off Theory Snuffed? Odd O.C. Pair? Devious Killer MIA? Colbert Saved? And More Qs!

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 Dexter Season 8We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dexter, Falling Skies, Major Crimes andThe Colbert Report!

1 | Anyone else relieved that the in-the-works Dexter spin-off will not revolve around cartoony creeper Zach Hamilton?

2 | How much more effective would The Killing‘s killer reveal have been had the show not telegraphed it to us throughout the final hour (His random scene with the daughter? His vanishing act? Packing up things at home?) Still, can we all agree that in spite of the occasional misstep, Season 3 was a riveting, emotional and satisfying piece of television featuring some of this summer’s (if not this year’s) finest performances?

3 | Was a part of you dreading that Falling Skies would return Anne with a rapidly aged daughter? Screams of being a cheat to avoid toting a toddler around for Season 4, right?

4 | Did you think something far different and/or worse had happened to The Newsroom‘s Maggie in Uganda?

5 | Is the idea of Drop Dead Diva‘s Owen being Stacy’s baby sperm donor freaking you out, even if Jane is OK with it?

6 | Seven episodes into Devious Maids, do you have the foggiest clue who might’ve killed Flora? Or, putting it another way: Do you think we as viewers have even been introduced to the culprit?

7 | If Rodney wins Food Network Star, will you vow to quit watching the show, or take it a few steps further and boycott the entire network?

8 | Approximately how far into the Bachelorette season finale did you get before realizing that, nope, Brooks wasn’t going to storm back to Antigua and whisk Desiree off into the sunset? (For us, it happened at about 9:45 pm.)

The O.C. Ryan and Alex9 | We love The O.C., and nothing made us happier than the plethora of interviews celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary, but Ryan and Alex? Seriously?! And doesn’t Taylor deserve better than Nate Archibald? If you’re going to pair her with any Josh Schwartz non-O.C. creation, it has to be Chuck Bartowski, who’d surely understand her love of animé.

10 | Is Switched at Birth‘s Regina being too much of a cool mom with Bay?

11 | Stiles’ dad, Scott’s mom… Is it a really bad time to be a Teen Wolf parent or what?

12 | Was there anyone who didn’t predict the circle of life would take its toll on Under the Dome the second that pregnant lady showed up on Julia’s doorstep?

13 | So how ’bout it, TBS? Can we take this week’s TV-icon guest stars from TNT’s Major Crimes and give them a sitcom spin-off about, say, the security force at a retirement community?

Suits Season 314 | Does any show currently on TV have better clothes than Suits? Donna and Jessica’s dresses this week alone…. Wow.

15 | Can Wilson Bethel be on every episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

16 | How would you describe Nigel Lythgoe’s decision to send Jenna, not Amy, directly to safety at the top of this week’s So You Think You Can Dance? Was it clueless (since it killed any sense of suspense for the episode) or cruel (since it turned Malece into Dead Woman Dancing for two hours)? And if he really just wanted to see Amy’s solo, why not make all three women “dance for their lives”?

17 | Was anyone else extremely (but pleasantly) surprised to see Lisa Bonet kill it as Mary Ellen Pleasant on Drunk History?

18 | To Colbert Report fans: Given the hilarity of his opening monologue, the star-packed dance sequence (Bryan Cranston on roller skates?!) and another chance to hear Robin Thicke croon “Blurred Lines” live, aren’t you almost happy about Daft Punk’s last-minute decision to bail on the show?

19 | Is The Bridge‘s Linder the absolute worst murder scene clean-up guy you’ve ever seen? Did you think for a minute that the runaway daughter was going to find her way to Seattle and hang with The Killing’s brooding homeless kids? And does Marco’s wife Alma deserve props for keeping her composure after Sonya called her cooking “not good”? (‘Cause you just know it’s in fact damn tasty!)

20 | What’s with all the unanimous eviction votes on Big Brother this season? Can’t any of the house guests think for themselves?

21 | Whose educational demonstrations are more likely to cause bodily injury: Franklin & Bash‘s Jared and Peter (like the bean-bag gun incident this week) or Bones‘ Hodgins and [insert squintern name here]?

amber-tamblyn-two-and-half-men22 | Who do you most feel for: Two and a Half Men‘s “lesbian daughter” Amber Tamblyn, or Anger Management addition Laura Bell Bundy?

23 | Did anyone besides our Vlada Gelman pick up on the fact that CBS’ Hostages has traded one Burton for another?

24 | How funny was it to see David Meunier — aka Justified‘s vile, in-control Jonny Crowder — play a nervous nellie of a “consultant” on Burn Notice? But has the soon-to-end show reached its limit yet on how many times a Bad Guy can invade Ma’s home? If only she had a son who knew a thing about security….

25 | Wasn’t it surprising to see Battlestar Galactica‘s Alessandro Juliani pop on ABC’s Motive — and not wind up being either the victim or the killer?

Is Newsroom Duo Irresistible? Fosters’ Mane Attraction? Wrecked Parks Heroine? More Qs!

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 The Newsroom Hope DavisWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Parks and Recreation, Devious Maids, The Bridge andRookie Blue!

1 | We know Will and Mack are The Newsroom‘s endgame, but doesn’t Hope Davis make you want to see him try to make a go of it with shifty gossip columnist Nina? And are you as much of a sucker for the show’s physical comedy — like Don falling over in his tiny desk chair — as we are? Also, when is Jim coming home?!

2 | Now that Devious Maids‘ Rosie is engaged in a torrid affair with her employer Spence, isn’t it time she stopped putting “Mr.” in front of his Christian name?

3 | How did Russell manage to win Food Network Star‘s “Restaurant: Impossible” challenge while abandoning his “Seven Deadly Sins” point of view, while Damaris was criticized for failing to stick with her typical southern-style recipe? Could Giada’s pretty obvious mini-crush on the former finalist have helped his cause?

4 | What’s going to cause The Voice‘s demise faster: NBC’s insistence on two cycles per year, or the show’s judges maintaining at the TCA press tour this week that its main purpose isn’t to discover and launch the careers of future singing stars?

5 | How is it that everything that Switched at Birth‘s Jace does just makes us dislike him more? Case in point: What should have been a dig at Chef Jeff – he never learned sign language, but Jace did – just came off as arrogant, right?

The Fosters6 | How refreshing was it to see Wyatt on The Fosters not act like a jealous boyfriend and instead tell Callie to follow her heart? And shouldn’t that mane of his have its own billing by now?

7 | Which Breaking Pointe visual was more disturbing: last week’s shot of Ronnie’s festering incision or this week’s look at Allison’s busted toe?

8 | Is it possible that Michelle Fairley is more of a ballbuster on Suits than the mighty Game of Thrones?

9 | How did the judge manage to fault Alan’s absolutely effortless salsa on So You Think You Can Dance, while barely criticizing his partner Malece for her lack of hip action and stamina? And is it just us, or is there a general lack of chemistry among almost all the partners this season?

10 | Doesn’t the success of any Capture team in large part depend on the stealthiness of the camera man who is accompanying them? Also, how overproduced-yet-chintzy looking is the elimination/voting ritual?

11 | How in the world is Leslie Knope going to survive without Ann Perkins?!

12 | What fan-desired project has a better chance of getting made: the long-talked-about Friday Night Lights movie or the Buffy movie Sarah Michelle Gellar (very lightly) floated this week?

The Bridge13 | Dear The Bridge: Are we really supposed to believe there’s a newspaper in America that would run a live video feed of a kidnapped woman dying of dehydration in an isolated desert location?

14 | Big Brother‘s Jessie might not have been a nominee this week, but couldn’t we just evict her for that awkward, tearful speech she gave to Howard shortly after the nomination ceremony?

15 | Doesn’t the world seem a little more right now that Mary Lynn Rajskub is officially bringing Chloe to 24: Live Another Day?

16 | Who’s finding ABC’s Motive the perfect summer procedural — not so complicated that it taxes the brain, but smart enough that its various twists and turns always wrap in satisfying fashion?

17 | Is Rookie Blue‘s Gail about to switch teams?! There was a spark between her and “Brennan,” right?

18 | How did Project Runway get all the way from Yoplait to an unconventional Coney Island materials challenge?

19 | Haven’t John Oliver and The Daily Show writing staff been on fire with their coverage of Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner? (And shouldn’t the show thank the heavens that Oliver’s had such made-to-be-mocked news events happen during his time in Jon Stewart’s chair?)

20 | In light of all the Saturday Night Live cast departures, which “Weekend Update” character are you more excited to see get more airtime next season: Drunk Uncle, or The Girl You Shouldn’t Have Started a Conversation With at a Party?

21 | Anyone else find themselves mildly obsessed with the Double Divas Season 2 promo set to Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock’s “It Takes Two”?

Should Killing Duo Kiss? Bachelorette Hypocrisy? Teen Wolf Confusion? And More Qs!

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 The Killing Recap ReckoningWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Killing, The Newsroom, The Fosters and Suits!

1 | You kinda wanted The Killing‘s Holder and Linden to kiss there on the sofa, didn’t you? Also, was there any way to predict that malevolent little twist of having Nicholas Lea’s supportive, deeply religious death-row inmate Dale turn out to be the nastiest little sociopath the show has ever seen?

2 | In Falling Skies‘ highly entertaining “flashback-but-not” sequence, who was your favorite out-of-place character? Pope spouting fancy professor lingo? Maggie as the comely co-ed?

3 | Do you subscribe to the popularity-gaining theory that Newsroom‘s Gary Cooper isn’t going to make it back from Uganda?

4 | When Dexter‘s Debra said goodbye to Quinn, did you totally call her suicide attempt — and then were you as surprised as we were when she tried to take her brother with her?

5 | Devious Maids plans to do more with the story of Evita the runaway parakeet, because otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten so much screen time, right? And also, it’d be kind of upsetting if our last sighting was seeing her bright orange wings disappearing into the Beverly Hills skyline, no?

6 | For an HGTV Star finalist who knew and commented on the fact that he had a larger hotel suite to decorate, how did Jeribai manage to leave a massive dead space in the floor plan? (And have you heard that winner Tiffany’s new series, The Most Embarrassing Rooms in America, will debut Sept. 14?

7 | Much as we love The Fosters, isn’t the show stuffing the episodes with one social issue too many (cough undocumented illegals cough)?

Under the Dome8 | On Under the Dome, why were Joe’s parents MIA on “visiting day”? The little sumthin’-sumthin‘ with Norrie aside, how is this lad not freaking out that he has no family around?

9 | Does Teen Wolf‘s ever-evolving mythology — so much of which was handed out in this week’s flashback ep — make you wish the show offered CliffsNotes? And can someone give us a one-sentence explanation of the Druid angle?

10 | Do you think Penelope Ann Miller agreed to a fairly generic recurring turn as Elizabeth Gray on Mistresses simply for the opportunity to deliver this brilliantly scathing zinger — “Maybe you should tell him you were screwing his father: That should break the spell” — to Yunjin Kim’s hapless Karen (who’d become an object of obsession for Elizabeth’s son after sleeping with the woman’s husband)?

11 | Did Des really have a right to get indignant about James’ Plan B during The Bachelorette‘s “Men Tell All” episode when she was dating more than a half-dozen other dudes during their courtship?

12 | TVLine reader Sarah asks: “On Covert Affairs, when Annie tailed Henry Wilcox, was I the only one who yelled at her the entire time, ‘Run, girl, run’? Seriously?!?”

Suits Season 3 Spoilers13 | Which broken friendship on Suits hurts more: Harvey and Mike or Donna and Rachel?

14 | Did Breaking Pointe really have to give us those gnarly visuals of Ronnie’s foot? Wouldn’t a nice, concise, detailed doctor’s sound bite have sufficed? .And could you almost hear the show’s producers cackling with delight over newbie Zach and his all-out bitchiness?

15 | After Carly Rae Jepsen’s abysmal showing as a So You Think You Can Dance judge, who’s ready to start the petition to get Debbie Allen, Mia Michaels or somebody with legit dance expertise as the show’s next panelist?

16 | Shouldn’t the FCC fine Big Brother for the innuendo-filled shots of GinaMarie eating frozen yogurt during the Have/Have-Not competition? And the shots of her bloated belly afterward?

17 | Did you see Graceland‘s big Odin reveal coming? Or were you all :-O ? Do you now fear Bello’s days are numbered? And was the touch-football scene with bikini-clad Paige playful or juuuust a bit exploitative?

18 | Burn Notice’s depiction of Michael’s “non-torture” torture — especially the sleep deprivation sequences — was quite unsettling, wasn’t it? Almost made us overlook John Pyper-Ferguson’s in-and-out accent.

19 | Were you disappointed with how brain-numbingly easy the Spell-Mageddon words were? Seriously — “PROPERTY”?? Miss that and you deserve to get hit with something!

20 | What do you enjoy most about Hollywood Game Night? Is it the playable-from-home factor? Watching celebs get a bit tipsy? Or seeing how non-stuffy and well-versed in pop culture they can be? But how did this week’s finalist miss “Alec Baldwin”?? And what foul-mouthed Rachael Ray Showvariation on a candy bar name kept getting Jason Sudeikis bleeped? (Actually, don’t answer that last one. Don’t wanna overwork our language filter.)

21 | Anyone else notice that crafty Rachael Ray never actually touched her mouth to the flatlining dummy dog while practicing pet resuscitation during a rerun episode of her talk show on Friday?

22 | Just how many up-early-on-a-Saturday morning, not-at-soccer practice 13-year-olds is CBS planning to target with its new programming block? And doesn’t it make you miss TNBC?

Did a True Hottie Get Hotter? Will 666 Explain the Suck? Sitcom Promo Too Serious? And More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including True Blood, Switched at Birth, Teen Wolf and Big Brother!

1 | Agree or disagree — True Blood‘s Rob Kazinsky became, like, 10 times hotter when he switched on Warlow’s British accent?

2 | Was that Falling Skies‘ most squicky visual effect yet, when all those “things” swarmed in and around Hal’s face, in and out of his eyes?

3 | How is it possible that, in a Dexter episode that featured victims with their heads sliced in half, the most disturbing thing was the suspect’s mother’s piecework fur quilt?

4 | Why didn’t The Killing‘s Holder and Linden arrest Pastor Mike on charges of identity theft as a way to keep tabs on him while they built their murder case? How did Bullet wind up at the train station where Pastor Mike’s vehicle was found? And prediction time: Will Holder ultimately become Lonesome Linden 2.0 by season’s end? Or will she — and hopefully solving the case — veer him off that isolated path?

5 | At the very least, the season finale of 666 Park Avenue has got to explain how and why characters like Teddy Sears’ dashing Det. Cooper get sucked into the walls of the Drake, right?

6 | Isn’t it time Food Network Star spiced up Season 9 with another dash of Susie Fogelson?

Switched at Birth7 | Did Switched at Birth‘s alt universe Bay/Emmett scenes make it even more obvious that those two need to have more stories together?

8 | Can we start a petition to ban in-show, scene-specific hashtags? #annoying #unnecessary

9 | Defiance‘s Stahma totally Mags Bennett’d Kenya, didn’t she? (“The poison was on the flask.”) And this all coulda been avoided if she didn’t share with Datak one of the “tricks” she learned from their shared mistress!

10 | TVLine reader Dan wonders about Under the Dome: “How come none of the townies who were outside the dome at the time it landed have come up to the dome to see their family?” And we want to know: Is Chester’s Mill also stuck in the past? How else to explain all their “confusion” about Norrie and her two moms?

11 | Was Teen Wolf‘s motel so creepy, you half expected Norman and Norma Bates to make an appearance?

The Bachelorette12 | How cruel was it for Bachelorette producers to air an entire conversation between Desiree and Brooks in which both of them repeatedly referred to “like” and “love” as adjectives, not verbs? Also, we’re not OK with Brooks’ shirt-sweater combo for his dinner date in Madeira, are we?

13 | Who Googled “The Siberian Husky” after Mistresses‘ Joss referenced the move while watching the porn shoot out her office window?

14 | So wait — based on Victoria’s “You’re all gonna die” prediction, are we supposed to believe Siberia‘s poisonous mushrooms can give people the power to foretell the future?

15 | Will Pretty Little Liars‘ Spencer ever learn that it’s never really OK to be that rude to your best friends? And why exactly were the cops in the woods trailing Hanna anyway?

16 | Didn’t the progress he’s already made – even at this early point – make Jade’s So You Think You Can Dance injury and subsequent exit even sadder? With Jade dropping out, wouldn’t it have been nice if Nigel & Co. had invited back Week 1 evictee Carlos to continue on?

17 | After the Power of Veto competition, did Big Brother‘s Jeremy make anyone else physically cringe as he acted like a whining baby in the Diary Room?

18 | If you’re Annabeth Gish’s character on The Bridge, don’t you have the lowly ranch hand be the one to open the mysterious secret door hidden on a remote corner of your property?

19 | On Hot in Cleveland, wasn’t Victoria surprisingly calm about Emmett’s disastrous proposal?

Rookie Blue20 | If Rookie Blue goes through with all these hints of Andy/Nick, would that pair the female cop with one too many of her colleagues? Or are you intrigued enough by their chemistry to overlook that?

21 | Which celeb from the Hollywood Game Night premiere would you most like to have over for your own “game night”? (Alyson Hannigan gets our vote.) And are the cash prizes kinda skimpy, or is the contestants’ real reward getting to hang with a half-dozen famous folks?

22 | What’s your guesstimate for the Sharknado budget? Could it possibly have topped $1 million?

23 | CBS’ current promo for Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s The Crazy Ones is a bit overly emotional/dramatic for a comedy, no?

24 | Did the black fabric mannequin used this week in the George Zimmerman trial remind you of the American Horror Story Season 1 bondage suit?

25 | Did Fox & Friends‘ Brian “Butterfingers” Kilmeade put toddler basketball phenom Titus Ashby off talk-show appearances for life?

Is Dexter’s Deb Doomed? Did Buffy Reunion Slay You? Is Dome Abduction Pointless? And More Qs!

July 6, 2013 Leave a comment

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dexter, Warehouse 13, Mistresses and So You Think You Can Dance!

1 | On 666 Park Avenue, did you get the impression from Sasha’s anguished cry of “Mother!” that she might not have been headed for the new and fabulous life her parents promised — but instead, some kind of eternal damnation – when the magic staircase began to close? And did Olivia allow that to happen out of loyalty to Gavin or because she’s too afraid to defy him?

2 | Which Grown Ups 2 star’s Disney Channel drop-in was more ham-handed: Adam Sandler serving punch (and digs at Kevin James, like a ‘tween would know who that is) on Jessie, or Chris Rock’s turkey (OK, duck) of an A.N.T. Farm visit?

3 | Could Dexter‘s props department have found a cheaper-lookingDexter bench for LaGuerta’s memorial? And based on this week’s beer-swilling, coke-snorting, dead-eyed premiere, there’s no way this season can end well for Deb, right?

4 | What, what, what was Ray Donovan wife Paula Malcolmson going for with that accent? And how excited were you when you finally figured out that Ray’s daughter Bridget was Paige from Brothers & Sisters?

5 | OK, Killing watchers, what do you think — is Kallie dead or alive? Is Pastor Mike really the Big Bad of this season, or is he another false lead? And with Goldie the Pimp and Joe Mills both seemingly off the hook for the crime, now seems like a good time to ask: How many red herrings is too many in a 12-episode season?

6 | On Devious Maids, if Marisol’s main purpose in life is to prove her son didn’t kill Flora — and to find out what nefarious goings-on at the Powell residence led to the girl’s death — why would she continue to work for Taylor rather than trying to score full-time employment with Adrian and Evelyn, who’ve been quite vocal about their need for a new housekeeper?

7 | Can you remember a single dish made by Food Network Star‘s pieman Rodney that the judges really liked? And if you were Bob Tuschman, which of the remaining contestants’ shows would you be most likely to greenlight at this point?

8 | Drop Dead Diva fans, were you hoping Jane would be a little more torn between Owen and Grayson after that kiss?

9 | If Anne winds up winning HGTV Star and gets her own show, can she at least agree to tone down her hair color, away from Pantone 485/”Stop Sign Red”? And while we appreciate product placement (Volvo!), wasn’t the plug-in air freshener an odd match for a design show?

Under the Dome10 | Really now, what is the larger purpose of Under the Dome‘s Junior/Angie storyline? Did the need to establish that one of the residents is loony tunes outweigh the need for Britt Robertson to play a more active role in the main narrative?

11 | Did Flynn’s collapse on Major Crimes, right there in the murder room, make you flash back to Chief Delk’s heart attack on The Closer?

12 | Did Switched at Birth‘s coffee guy Jace redeem himself a little in this week’s episode? And are you not feeling any sparks between Bay and Ty?

13 | How fantastic was The Fosters‘ convo between Lena and Jude?

14 | Should Bachelorette Desiree be at all concerned that half of her suitors have either scored sponsorship deals for American BacheloretteApparel hoodies or giddily shout “Twinsies” every morning before they get dressed?

15 | Be honest: Did you audibly gasp as Mistresses‘ Savi finally spilled the beans to her husband — “I’m pregnant, Harry. But it might not be yours”? (Fun fact: We just gasped again from typing it!)

16 | Did someone/thing actually kill Tommy on NBC’s Siberia, or do you think the unseen “reality producers” are faking his death as part of a social experiment to see how the other players react? Also: Any theories on how creepy Sabina got to the settlement first, without anyone seeing her along the route?

Warehouse 1317 | Who at Warehouse 13 do we send a “thank you” letter to for giving us two Buffy alums — Anthony Head and James Marsters — in the same episode?

18 | If the So You Think You Can Dance judges had let their Bottom 4 dance their couples routines and their solos prior to deliberation, would they have saved Carlos instead of Jade? (Either way, aren’t you stoked that Nigel Lythgoe paid enough notice to fan outrage to move the eliminations back to the end of the show?) Also, based on her painfully braced-for-impact face, was anyone more surprised than Mariah herself when she didn’t get booted? And isn’t half the fun of each week’s show finding out what crazy outfit Cat Deeley has thrown together?

19 | Why was Perception‘s Comic-Con-like event allowed to show people in licensed costumes (e.g. Darth Vader, Stormtroopers) while other shows such as Castle had to fudge it with generic get-ups?

20 | Granted, there’s no “good” time or place for one of NBC’s “lower third” bugs — but how utterly bizarre was it for a genial, arm-folding Michael J. Fox or a bounding, beaming Sean Hayes to “pop up” in the middle of the Macy’s fireworks concert segments?

21 | Could the crowd behind Neil Diamond during A Capitol Fourth have been any less diverse?

Why Did Dome Halve a Cow, Man? Defiance Too Dressy? OT for Goodwin Games? And More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Under the Dome, Defiance, Graceland and Rookie Blue!

1 | On 666 Park Avenue, did the 117-year-old man really need to peel the flesh off his face to transform back to his younger self? (OK, it was cool, but we’re still having nightmares a week later!)

2 | Did  Degrassi‘s “Time of Your Life” graduation flashmob put a cheesy grin on your face, too?

3 | For Falling Skies fans: Cochise’s sob story about never seeing his home planet’s indigenous flower > Crazy Lee’s death?

4 | If you were dating The Killing‘s Holder, would you have been charmed by his lame/creative “I celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th” excuse, or would you make like Liz Lemon and declare it a dealbreaker?

5 | Were you able to predict the outcome of this week’s Food Network Star the minute Lovely inexplicably decided to make donuts using store-bought pizza dough? (Or did you predict this a few weeks back, when she introduced herself as Lovely?) And what’s with wannabe HGTV Star Anne always losing things? First the bed linens, now big ol’ drapes….Popular TV Shows 2013

6 | Did Mad Men‘s new logo for Sterling Cooper & Partners give you a sudden urge to try your hand at Plinko or bid on the Showcase Showdown? And who’s going to be the one to tell Matthew Weiner that James Wolk (aka Bob Benson) has a new CBS comedy and therefore may not be readily available for Season 7?

7 | Is that Poppy Montgomery hosting HGTV’s Renovation Raiders? No? Regardless, can someone do something to get the “target” more excited upon discovering their home’s surprise makeover? We’ve seen people more thrilled by a “20 cents off” coupon.

8 | Didn’t Nik Wallenda have something less… sail-like to wear during his stroll through a windy canyon?

9 | Better summer guilty pleasure: ABC’s Mistresses or Lifetime’s Devious Maids?

10 | On Switched at Birth, why doesn’t Daphne realize her new love interest, Jace, is really pretentious and not a charming coffee barista? Can we bring back Noah?

11 | Still chilled by Under the Dome‘s bisected cow? But didn’t the anatomy seem… off? Also, would there be a lock on the outside of a fallout shelter, as in where Junior imprisoned Angie? And just because Julia had a generator, did she really need to turn on every light in her house while giving Barbie the nickel tour?

Popular TV Shows 201312 | Where did the Defiance wedding guests dig up all their resplendent and impeccable fashion finery? Are there enough formal affairs in the dystopian future to merit tasking the few living seamstresses/tailors with creating anything other than utilitarian garb? That said, how adorable was “dressed up” Irisa? But did this week’s episode kinda OD on the ice cream bar and Dodge Charger commercials? (Was there even a third advertiser?)

13 | Wasn’t it nice to see Mad Men shlemiel Ben Feldman get the girl on Major Crimes?

14 | Did any Pretty Little Liars fans think those masks actually resembled Alison and Melissa?

15 | Where was the love for 2 Broke Girls‘ Beth Behrs — she didn’t even get a mention! — during So You Think You Can Dance‘s Prancercize spoof?

16 | Fox’s Goodwin Games may have been DOA, but didn’t this week’s adorable scenes between Becki Newton and Adam Rodriguez as childhood buddies-turned-adult crushes make you wish the network would option the duo for a new romantic comedy? Or should Fox reconsider saving Games, even if it would mean an abrupt midseason Scandal exit for Scott Foley?

17 | Is it wrong that we’re far more excited over the prospect of a Cam-Mitchell wedding on Modern Family than we ever were for Jay and Gloria’s new baby?

18 | Which Big Brother 15 contestant is more annoying: pageant coordinator GinaMarie, or self-obsessed Jessie?

19 | Is it a credit to Necessary Roughness guest star Garcelle Beauvais’ looks that when she was intro’d as Sinqua Walls’ mom, we were like, “Whaaaat?!”

Rookie Blue Season 4 Spoilers20 | What’s the verdict on Rookie Blue‘s newest addition, Chloe Price? Is she too kooky for her own good? Or adorably kooky?

21 | Can USA Network post Graceland‘s sauce recipe online, please? And granted, we’re talking about Mia Kirshner — but would Johnny have risked bedding the “marijuana farmer” knowing, as had been earlier established, that his fake tattoos ended at the waistline?

22 | Anyone else wish Tabatha Takes Over had ended its stellar fifth season with a traditional take-down episode as opposed to a feel-good, conflict-free, glorified clip show?

23 | Whose testimonial from HBO’s Out List most moved you? (Our pick: Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears)

24 | Can we all agree that HBO’s handling of James Gandolfini’s death — including but not limited to assembling and disseminating dozens of statements from the cast and producers, overseeing funeral arrangements and running those simple-yet-tasteful on-air tributes — has set a new standard for classy celebrity farewells?

25 | Has Geico’s “Hump Day” commercial forever changed the way you perceive Wednesdays?

Did Voice Champ Play It Safe? Is Burn Notice Hot Again? Did Piers Morgan Offend? And More Qs!

June 22, 2013 Leave a comment

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Falling Skies, Teen Wolf, The Voice and Hannibal!

1 | Could it possibly be that Mad Men‘s awkward-slash-creepy Glen has turned out to be almost kinda cool? Did Sally’s boarding school “pals” give you traumatic flashbacks to Blair and Serena? (Did you spot young Chuck from Pushing Daisies as the “Blair”?) And have we really learned all there is to know about Bob Benson (or whatever his real name is)?

2 | Did Falling Skies slightly overestimate how much the death of Crazy Lee, while tragic, would affect viewers? Or did Pope’s reaction drive it home enough for you? Also: Is Anne nuts, or is that in fact one freaky baby?

3 | Considering that four episodes in, The Killing‘s Mama Dips clearly knows the identity of the voice filming Kallie’s tape — and seeing how pregnant Tiffany confirmed the person who made her video is Mills — doesn’t it seem as though the child porn angle won’t ultimately lead Linden and Holder to the identity of the killer? (Like, it can’t be that easy, right?) And 10 bucks says Holder adopts, fosters or takes in Bullet by the end of the season, yes?

The Fosters4 | Doesn’t The Fosters‘ Callie have the most soul-crushing sad eyes? And has Teri Polo’s voice always been so soothing?

5 | Was Switched at Birth‘s closing scene, with Angelo, Regina and Bay dancing, the first time you thought, “Yeah, I can see how these three could be family”?

6 | Didn’t ABC’s Mistresses promo — which aired during The Bachelorette and showed Savi announcing her impending motherhood and receiving the paternity-test results –  completely undercut the drama of that evening’s installment?

7 | How did the purity ring belonging to Teen Wolf’s virginal lifeguard manage to stay so pristine even though he (and his chair, and the pool deck) were covered in blood?

8 | Is there any possible (good) reason why Mikey was checking out his own abs in this screengrab from bachelorThe Bachelorette? And did you love the extended footage of Jersey Shore couple Manny and Jan celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary with Des and James’ Atlantic City date? Or should the producers have used that time to show all of the guys (aka Juan Pablo) in the swimsuit portion of the Mr. Bachelorette pageant?

9 | On the Voice finale, why did Blake Shelton pick such a creepy, age-inappropriate song for his duet with Danielle Bradbery? And were you disappointed that Bradbery managed to win Season 4 without making a single risky song choice or arrangement? Or do you respect that she and her coach recognized what’s in her wheelhouse and played to her strengths?

10 | Dear Pretty Little Liars: When you’re looking to a bird for answers, isn’t that a pretty good sign that your mythology has become unwieldy? And was Aria wearing those trendy high-heeled sneakers during her sexy martial arts lesson? If so, why?!

11 | What was with Twisted‘s weird hairbrush scene?

12 | Does it make us old that we worried about scratched corneas during So You Think You Can Dance‘s cool “playing with sand” routine? And are Makenzie Dustman, Jasmine Harper, Nico Greetham and Tucker Knox already at a disadvantage because they drew Stacey Tookey’s uninspired contemporary routine on Top 20 Announcement Night?

13 | While intrinsically amusing, wasn’t Jimmy Kimmel’s “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum” video just “Lonely Island Lite,” and minus a full third of the wit?

14 | Were you led to grab a Kleenex during Stephen Colbert’s emotional tribute to his late mother?

15 | Were you shocked to realize that James Gandolfini was only in his 30s when he started playing The Sopranos‘ mob boss? And how unbelievably tacky was it of Piers Morgan’s CNN show to use successive clips of Tony suffering anxiety attacks as its Hot In Clevelandb-roll in covering Gandolfini’s death?

16 | Didn’t Danny Pudi seem completely in his element on the Hot In Cleveland live show? (Take note, SNL!)

17 | Is it possible that General Hospital‘s Sean didn’t actually shoot Olivia, and that the mysterious new Ava Jerome is somehow responsible? Also, why make Michael and Kiki cousins?! Way too much (icky) chemistry there.

18 | Did Burn Notice bum you out when Michael shaved away his rugged beard? Did we spy black nail polish on Adrian Pasdar’s character? (Is that en vogue for South American crime lords?) And is this final season shaping up as one of the tightest, sharply written ones in recent memory?

19 | On Hannibal, did your jaw drop for an instant when Dr. Du Maurier referred to Hannibal’s “pattern”? Also, did Dr. Lecter really drive Will to Minnesota from Maryland? Were you relieved that none of the main characters wound up as the main course at the end of the season? And is anyone else kinda wanting Will to end up (free and) with Beverly?

20 | Forget Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — how long until ABC orders a spin-off of the NBA Finals?

21 | Can anyone figure out what the hell is the point of ABC’s new This Week promos where George Stephanopoulos leaves an interview in progress to get a muffin from a cafeteria?

Has Spencer Gone Pretty Numb? Mad Men Mimics Good Wife? Heart Burn for Westen? And More Qs!

June 15, 2013 Leave a comment

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward andGeneral Hospital!

1 | Will all future Tony Awards opening numbers be underwhelming in comparison to Neil Patrick Harris’ mile-a-minute tune from Sunday’s broadcast? (Hint: Probably!) And have we figured out how he got from inside the magician’s box on stage to the back of the theater in 15 seconds?

2 | Which of TV’s May/December caretaker/caretakee romances do you prefer — Mad Men‘s Manolo/Dot or The Good Wife‘s Cristian/Jackie? Isn’t it crazy how many parallels there are between the two storylines? Elsewhere: If Pete had just seconds prior dismissed gays as “degenerate,” why would Bob Benson proceed to hit on him? (If Bob is in fact gay himself.) Who’d like a full episode of just drunk Pete/Peggy reflecting on old, difficult times? And did anyone else think that Sally might (eep!) run out into traffic while racing away from her illicit eyeful?

3 | How exactly did Game of Thrones‘ Theon survive getting his manhood chopped off? Wouldn’t he have bled to death? (Do we really want to know the particulars?) Is Ramsey, in addition to being a complete knife-wielding psychopath, also a skilled surgeon?

4 | Would you agree or disagree with the following bitchy bon mot from Food Network Star‘s Danushka?: “I would never watch a show where someone’s last name is Dinki!”

FallingSkies_Season3_Cochise5 | Does Falling Skies‘ “Cochise” sound a bit too much like Darth Vader? And who knew cute babies could be so damn creepy?

6 | Is it just us or are The Fosters‘ cut-to-blacks at commercial breaks really abrupt? And are we predictable for already hoping that Callie and Brandon make sweet music together?

7 | How is Major Crimes‘ DA’s office just now discovering where Rusty lives? And as much as we love the codger, is anyone else still adjusting to Provenza being so take-charge (and not lazy) in investigations?

8 | On King & Maxwell, did you almost not (or simply not) recognize Ryan Hurst aka Sons of Anarchy‘s Opie as the autistic savant?

9 | When was the last time you saw professional female TV characters grab a bite to eat at a luncheonette counter the way Mistresses‘ Savi and Karen did on this week’s episode? Also, with Savi realizing her mistake and putting the brakes on her affair with Dominic, shouldn’t the show’s writers be legally obligated to find some other outlet for Jason George’s almost absurd levels of sex appeal?

Bachelorette10 | Has there ever been a less aesthetically pleasing first kiss on TV than The Bachelorette‘s Kasey and Des, with damp towels wrapped around their heads to help retain body heat in a frigid rooftop pool?

11 | Whose elimination stung worse on The Voice: Amber Carrington or Sasha Allen? And did you ever imagine from their nondescript early-season renditions of “American Girl” and “Drift Away” that The Swon Brothers would make it all the way to the finale?

12 | Could So You Think You Can Dance‘s Vegas round have felt any more rushed? And didn’t it seem absurd for the show to cut Tommy Tibball, so mesmerizing in his Boston audition, during the ballroom round without showing us 10 seconds of footage to justify the ouster?

Pretty Little Liars13 | A valid concern from our Pretty Little commenters: Why wasn’t Spencer more upset about the fact that her sister tried to kill her best friend? After everything that’s happened to the girls, is she simply immune to crazy  now? And we’d like to know: Why does every detective in Rosewood look like he just graduated from riding a tricycle?

14 | On Awkward, why does Jenna’s journey of self-discovery yet again have to be framed by which guy she likes now?

15 | Why, America’s Got Talent, why do you subject us to preteen ballroom dancers lasciviously shaking what their mamas gave ‘em?

16 | Given his tendency to show up when struggling shows need a boost, is John Stamos — who’s now on Necessary Roughness — the new Heather Locklear?

GH Nikolas17 | When did General Hospital‘s Nikolas get promoted to Science Officer? And while we all know what a good sport Ian Buchanan is, didn’t you kinda have to feel bad for him donning a tutu and full make-up to tango with Emma?

18 | Did Burn Notice break your heart a bit when Michael watched Fi and Carlos smooch? And then step on it when Fi ran to her new beau after cheating death? (Hey, both of GH’s Nikolases got a mention this week!) But how thrilling was that final sequence, where Michael used a saying from their past to save the day? (All that said, can we please talk about Gabrielle Anwar’s flashback wig…?)

19 | Have Hannibal viewers seen the last of Abigail Hobbs? Raise your hand if the show tricked you into thinking, even for that brief moment, that Will had killed her? And can we place a request now for a catch-you-up/straighten-you-out recap show – à la Revenge or Once Upon a Time — before the Season 2 premiere?

20 | With Monica Potter and Tatiana Maslany taking home top honors at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, can we not just hope but possibly assume that we might see some Emmy love for these standouts this year?

Which Thrones Fight Was Uglier? Orphan’s Pop Quiz? Gay Bachelorette Spin-Off? And More Qs!

June 8, 2013 Leave a comment

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, The Killing and Burn Notice!

1 | Why is no one talking about why Orphan Black‘s Sarah left in the first place? And who is Kira’s father?! Oh, and is it Spring 2014 yet?!

2 | What was bloodier: Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding massacre or the subsequent heated discussion between viewers who have read the books (and were prone to spoil what’s coming) and those who hadn’t?

3 | How odd was it to see The Killing‘s Linden so darn smiley? (At least for the first hour or so.) We know it was a moment of symbolism or foreshadowing or something, but what the heck was with those cows? Also, how exactly did Linden put two-and-two together and connect little Adrian’s drawing to the marshes where the bodies were dumped? Was it the added detail of those abandoned buildings in his latest bedroom sketch or did her visit to the bloody crime scene set off a lightbulb?

4 | Who had “Sterling Cooper & Partners” in their Mad Men office pool? And which character do you wager will next ingest/inhale an illicit drug? While we’re on the topic of what may come next, is there any way that the Megan’s-already-dead theory holds water?

Popular TV Shows 20135 | If Revolution‘s Aaron can turn on the tower’s operating system — which is run on his old code — why can’t he shut it back down? And was the show’s rapid-fire, almost-silent recap at the start of the season finale awesome or too similar to Supernatural‘s famous “The Road So Far” segment?

6 | Will Mistresses‘ April ever go on that date with Cute Divorced Dad? Or is it going to be a case of “two last-minute cancellations and you’re out”?

7 | Wait, “Wasting All These Tears” — which The Voice‘s Season 3 champ Cassadee Pope premiered on this week’s results show — is classified as country? Also, is it possible that Blake Shelton’s “play it safe/predictable” style of coaching is finally starting to backfire, or was it an inevitability that he’d finally lose a team member prior to the semifinals? And did anyone else find Adam Levine adorable when he hugged saved contestant Amber and could only say “I love you” over and over?

photo28 | Pop quiz: Is this a screen grab from the latest episode of The Bachelorette or an upcoming Logo soap opera called The V-Neck Mafia?

9 | Did Nigel Lythgoe go too far in his flirtation with Nico Greetham’s mother during So You Think You Can Dance‘s Memphis auditions? And which was skeezier: Asking the woman if her husband was in the audience or suggesting to Nico that he’d get a ticket to Vegas if he could get his mother to entertain a fling with the British judge (“We’ll sort you out if you sort me out”)? Lastly, wasn’t Wayne Brady a surprisingly good guest judge?

10 | Be honest, Inside Amy Schumer fans: Aren’t there moments you wish you could actually hire “Slap Chef,” the weight-loss plan in which world-class chefs “make you one of their signature dishes, then before you can say ‘Slap Chef,’ they knock it out of your stupid mouth”?

11 | Are we the last to notice Colin Donnell (aka Arrow‘s Tommy) in these ads for Air Optix Night & Day?

Kris-Jenner-Talk-Show12 | This ad campaign to the right is one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, yes?

13 | Is ABC News’ The Lookout satisfying your craving for John Stossel-like sting-the-sheister consumer advocate reporting?

14 | As much as we love Hannibal and its visual splendor, don’t the stylistic flourishes — say, Will imagining Crawford orating in a roomful of stag antlers — occasionally (occasionally) distract from the narrative more than punctuate it? And given how often he wakes up covered in sweat, why doesn’t Will just sleep in the nude?

15 | How badly did you groan when Burn Notice‘s Maddie started blabbing about Michael’s CIA mission to the “child services guy”? Kind of a bush-league boner for Ma at this point, no? And how fun was it to see H.R.G. assign Michael to take down Flying Man?

16 | Does anybody other than TV characters summon someone over for a discreet conversation by asking for “a word, please”?

17 | The guy and the kids in the AT&T commercials — they’re just sitting around having random chit-chats at this point, right? Is there even a sell anymore?

Will Revolution Clean Up Its Act? Mad Men Meets Alien? A Smash-ing Bunheads Nod? And More Qs

June 1, 2013 Leave a comment

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Arrested Development, Revolution, Psych and Hannibal!

1 | Can we get an Orphan Black buddy comedy spin-off featuring Felix and Alison, à la Will & Grace?

2 | Anyone else catch the Mad Men hair department’s subtle Alien homage? Did a young H.R. Giger do Joan’s ‘do? Also, do you suspect series creator Matt Weiner snickered when he approved the synopsis for this past Sunday: “Joan goes to the beach”? And can other New Yorkers attest that those passing sirens were juuust a bit loud given how high up Don and Megan live?

3 | Are Netflix’s Arrested Development episodes perhaps best experienced as a “Spot the Celebrity Cameo!” game?

4 | Did Sutton Foster’s Tony nomination during the Smash finale make you miss Bunheads all over again? And how convenient that all the musical awards seemed to be handed out one after another? And who wants to start the petition for a midseason spinoff sitcom called BOBBY!, starring scene-stealing scamp Wesley Taylor? (Or is there a better character around which one could build a new/improved series?)

Popular TV Shows 20135 | Will coil guns keep blasting people to bloody, gloppy smithereens when Revolution becomes an 8 o’clock show this fall? Where exactly are Level 12′s “guardians” getting their food from if they’ve been sealed underground? And has NBC’s promo department learned nothing about restraint in the years since spoiling Brandon Routh’s Chuck comeback? It feels like they’ve now shown us the whole Revolution finale.

6 | Was all the outrage over Adam Levine’s muttered “I hate this country” during The Voice results show blown out of proportion (hint: yes!), or did you actually find it offensive?

7 | With “Suit of Armor,” “Tan & Shirtless,” “Drunkenly Obsessed With Fantasy Suite,” “Failed Dance Dip,” “Made My Own Jacket” and “Magician” all showing up to woo Bachelorette Desiree in the season premiere, were you preparing for Chris Harrison to pop out of the bushes, reveal the whole opening hour was a prank and then bring out the real suitors?

8 | With an eye on The Glades‘ season opener: Can we please hereby declare a moratorium on TV procedurals doing a “ghost hunters” storyline? (And what other old chestnuts should be retired?)

9 | When the mother of So You Think You Can Dance‘s sibling salsa pair started crying with pride over her kids’ audition, did you tear up, too? Did Nigel Lythgoe start practicing his lamp-related double-entendres the moment producers told him a lovely lady would be performing with a shade prop? And wasn’t it a wee bit disconcerting how many times Mary Murphy and Nigel commented on the quality/beauty of auditioners’ faces during the Boston episode? They do realize Tyra Banks isn’t about to hand over America’s Next Top Model to her rivals at Fox, right?

10 | Amanda Bynes kinda sorta has to land the new Two and a Half Men role, doesn’t she?

Popular TV Shows 201311 | Wait, so General Hospital‘s Roger Howarth is now playing Mark Pellegrino? Did not see that one coming!

12 | Was it irony — or poor planning — that the Psych season finale left Juliet’s professional status unchanged, when cast member Maggie Lawson’s Season 8 presence is somewhat up in the air?

13 | Did CBS really think The American Baking Competition was a better title than any variation on The Great British Bake-Off, the hit UK show from which it spun off? Was there not a single employee of the network that noticed the new show’s acronym is ABC?

14 | How could Inside the Actors Studio‘s 250th episode completely edit out the female participant on the closing panel, leaving her silently sitting there with no explanation of who she is? Also on that note: Why didn’t they identify what Bradley Cooper’s buddies/fellow panelists did on The Place Beyond the Pines? Was one the director? Did the other write the film? Was the third Coop’s gofer…? Come on, producers!

15 | On Thursday morning, did you fear that one of Today‘s hosts wouldn’t make it out of the Tough Mudder course alive?

16 | Did seeing Hannibal’s Dr. Lecter “without a face” make him even scarier than you thought possible? And now that the drama has earned a well-deserved second season, can we do something (pump up the audio, maybe?) about making the title character’s lines a bit easier to understand?

17 | How did Rookie Blue‘s Traci not know about Sam and Marlo? Did they never kiss at the bar before? Or did Traci just never leave the office?

Where Was Nashville’s Alien Invasion? Mad Men’s Dopest Trip? Chicago Conundrum? And More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Nashville and Criminal Minds!

1 | Was Division’s “death” on Nikita as satisfying for you as it was for us?

2 | Was it a tad idiotic of Orphan Black‘s Cosima to leave Delphine — whom she suspects might be her monitor — alone in her apartment? And who else wants to borrow Alison’s music collection?

3 | With Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and (possibly) Jason Sudeikis heading for the exit, is it possible that Tim Robinson (that is his name, right?) — a total nonfactor in his freshman voyage — might actually get invited back for Season 39?

4 | Weren’t you relieved that Game of Thrones gave us a break from the naked-Theon-torture scenes? Conversely, weren’t you bummed that the drama gave us a break from the Jaime-Brienne storyline?

Popular TV Shows 20135 | Which was Mad Men‘s better drugged-out sight gag: Stan vaulting over the coffee table or Ken’s tap dance? And which other TV show’s characters can Dr. Hecht visit/”energize” next? How about the Downton Abbey blokes?

6 | Hey, how about that Hawaii Five-0 season finale that left us wondering who was behind a door and whether Kono would be back?! Oh wait, that kinda was last year too, wasn’t it?

7 | OK, so, um… who’s going to be the one to break it to Bates Motel‘s Norma that, even though she stormed out on her shrink mid-session, she’s still going to be billed for the hour?

8 | Does it feel like Awkward‘s Jenna is sabotaging a good (Matty) thing?

9 | When So You Think You Can Dance puts an untrained street dancer through to choreography, don’t you instantly start feeling bad for his or her partner? And don’t you feel even worse for the untrained dancers who get sent straight to Vegas (and inevitably get their dreams dashed there)? Also, is there an FCC number where we can report Mary Murphy’s hairstylist for the atrocities committed against the judge’s locks during the Austin, Texas auditions?

10 | For all the abuse piled on American Idol for its female-centric Season 12 finals, isn’t it funny how The Voice‘s Top 8 has wound up being comprised of seven women and one male duo? Also, if social-media correspondent Christina Milian can’t correctly identify the contestants standing directly in front of her, how exactly is she keeping her job?

Popular TV Shows 201311 | When a TV show stages a “private funeral” — like the one Nashville held for Juliette’s mom — it’s really just code for, “We didn’t have the budget for 100 extras,” right? Also, did that finale short-change viewers by not having a character abducted by a UFO? And isn’t Coleman kind of the worst AA sponsor ever? Not only did he neglect to check Deacon’s place for booze and pills, he trusted the clearly spiraling singer to get to a meeting on his own!

12 | Could Criminal Minds‘ attack on Strauss have possibly been telegraphed any more? “Here, let me share with you a conspicuous account of what I plan to do, alone, when I get to my hotel room…”

13 | Are you now wondering exactly what kind of trouble Modern Family‘s Gloria got into in Texas?

14 | American Horror Story: Coven will at some point add a second male to its ever-growing cast, right?

Popular TV Shows 201315 | How is that Chicago Fire finale reveal going to work next season, now that Sarah Shahi has been promoted to a series regular on CBS’ Person of Interest?

16 | Are Rookie Blue‘s Nick and Andy giving off a more-than-friends vibe? And we’re not talking about them pretending to be a couple for their undercover gig.

17 | Did Hannibal‘s “totem pole” tableau out-ick the “angel wings” from earlier in the season? And does the low-level background music make every scene seem 20 percent creepier?

18 | Dare we hope that the incessant “Nothin’ says Friday night like a homicide!” commercial for ABC’s Motive (which, by the way, airs Thursday nights) is done running…?

19 | Of course Fox’s Does Someone Have to Go? was unpleasant and depressing, but how hard did you cringe when the three people nominated for possible termination were the only two African-American employees and the only older woman?

20 | Who wanted to be a fly on the wall backstage at Friday’s Good Morning America following Mariah Carey’s technical/wardrobe malfunction-plagued concert?

21 | Spurred by repeats of Chopped, we ask: Should contestants be banned from making the old reliable French toast or bread pudding for dessert?

Was Arrow Death a Misfire? Um, Can’t Castle Just Move? Obvious Grey’s ‘Shocker’? And More Qs!

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 We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Arrow!

1 | Orphan Black‘s tail reveal: Crazy awesome or just plain crazy? And did the special insignia ring on Helena’s handler’s finger give any Elementary fans a deja vu moment flashing back to last month’s “Dead Man’s Switch” episode?

2 | WoulPopular TV Shows 2013dn’t Revenge‘s big Patrick cliffhanger have packed a bigger punch had they actually cast an actor in time for the finale and not been forced to use a random, awkward-sounding off-screen voice? (Speaking of which, who do you envision playing Victoria’s MIA spawn?) And who is the grandma that Jack shipped Carl off to? Jennifer Jason Leigh’s crazy Kara??

3 | Up until the finale’s penultimate scene, did Once Upon a Time have you fearing that the show would forever (and annoyingly) avoid referring to Peter Pan by name? And with “Aurora” and “Mulan” now starring in new shows, will it fall on Phillip to nurse Neal back to health?

4 | Has Mad Men‘s Don crossed the line from antihero to just plain unlikable/despicable? Are you relieved that Don’s affair with Sylvia is over, in light of the unsettling turn it took? On the other end of the spectrum, has anyone ever deserved a nice guy like Bob more than Joan?

5 | Even given Game of Thrones‘ penchant for sex and violence, wasn’t Theon’s torture scene involving the two ladies a little over the top?Castle_S5finale_AngryRick

6 | Hey, Castle — “You get this job, you move to D.C., I’ll never see you”…? What, you can’t write your novels from a brownstone in Dupont Circle?

7 | To all the How I Met Your Mother viewers saying Cristin Milioti isn’t pretty or hot enough to be the mother: 1) Seriously? 2) Maybe Ted isn’t hot enough for her? And are you relieved that one more season is coming, considering the creators said they always envisioned ending with just a glimpse of the mother? Or has the idea of “the longest wedding weekend ever” turned you off?

8 | Did 2 Broke Girls have you thinking for a moment there that TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard had reserved a “Fatalities” slot for electrocuted Max?

Popular TV Shows 20139 | Most disturbing facial expression of the week: Maya Rudolph’s ridiculously heightened angst in SNL‘s “The Californians” sketch or Zach Swon’s “Scream mask” on The Voice?

10 | Can The Mindy Project add Anders Holm as a regular for Season 2? We know Mindy and Danny are endgame, but Pastor Casey – particularly in the season finale — is just so great.

11 | Who else thought Arrow might kill Thea and is still shocked that the series had the balls — or was it foolishness? — to off one of its best characters? (And we didn’t even like Tommy at first!) Also, does anyone have an official tally on how many of the show’s 23 episodes found a way to get Oliver shirtless?

Popular TV Shows 201312 | After seeing Arrow‘s collapsing Glades and Supernatural‘s shower of falling angels, we have to wonder: Was The CW stockpiling its special effects budget for those two finales?

13 | Based on Wednesday’s Chicago Fire, how likely are you to watch Chicago PD next season?

14 | If Maddie’s paternity is such a huge secret on Nashville, maybe Rayna should’ve kept the evidence of it somewhere more safe than her closet, no? And the show is going to introduce a smokin’ hot, country boyfriend for Chris Carmack’s Will next season, right?

15 | When you think about the Modern Family storylines that might’ve come out of it, are you kinda sad that Hayley didn’t make it as a Laker Girl?

16 | What’s more wack — a CSI such as Morgan Brody (and not a police detective) going undercover as a hooker, or a medical examiner such as Body of Proof‘s Megan Hunt (and not a police detective) pursuing murder suspects?

17 | Despite its sharp ratings decline and persistent rumors of its demise, isn’t it amazing that American Idol managed to present an almost fairytale-level Season 12 finale, in which the most consistently excellent, risk-taking vocalist actually managed to win the whole enchilada? Also, which was more bizarre: Aretha Franklin performing via satellite as the Top 5 girls gamely sang “backup,” or Mariah Carey presenting a badly cut-together, badly dubbed pre-taped medley?

18 | Which coupley moment on The Vampire Diaries made you swoon more: Elena’s confession to Damon… Klaus telling Caroline he intends to be her last love… or Matt and Rebekah’s “date”  plans?

Popular TV Shows 201319 | When might be the last time one actor — in this case, Sendhil Ramamurthy — appeared in two season finales (here, The Office and Beauty and the Beast) airing opposite each other? (That said: Very different roles!)


20 | In the Beauty and the Beast finale, wasn’t it nice of Gabe’s guards to afford Vincent and Catherine more than two minutes to stop for a heart-to-heart convo, in the midst of being chased? Kinda like how Arrow’s Oliver hit pause on, you know, saving his city to chat with Laurel about how the island revealed “the real him.”

21 | We’re all for suspending disbelief, but let’s be real: There was no way in hell Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson could’ve survived that bus explosion, right? Do you buy Arizona’s argument that Callie lost “nothing” in the plane crash? And how obvious was it that Richard was in for a “shock,” once the handyman told him how simple it is to flick the power back on?

22 | In an otherwise clever, twisty Scandal finale, was blood-spattered sadistic Quinn a bit hard to swallow? In all his snooping, Jake never came across a photo of Olivia’s father? Could Harrison (again) have had less to do? And can some cable channel air the alt-verse version of Scandal where Olivia’s FLOTUS transition plan actually plays out?

Popular TV Shows 201323 | Which moment from The Office‘s swan song moved you Mose most: Michael showing up at Dwight’s wedding with a “That’s what she said!”… Pam secretly selling their house and telling Jim it’s time to move on… Erin reuniting with her birth parents… or the crowd cheering on Andy with a rousing ‘Ri-di-dit-di-doo!’ chant? (Also, did you hear the news? Michael Scott has kids… plural!)

24 | Given how there was not a peep about Elementary‘s casting of Moriarty, shouldn’t we have seen it coming that he was actually Irene Adler? And do you wish they hadn’t caught her so quickly?

Is Mad Men’s Peggy Screwed? A Glee Mystery Solved? Who Is TV’s Sexiest Tease? And More Qs

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Supernatural, Glee and The Office!

1 | So Kyle dies on Smash, and suddenly everyone forgets that his BFF Jimmy took the stage high as a kite — leading to Karen’s injury! — and allows him to reprise the lead role in Hit List? Srsly? Also, is Sam the most professionally hard-done-by character on any show this season?

2 | We hate to play favorites, but can Orphan Black spend every episode in the suburbs with Alison?

3 | Did Once Upon a Time raid the cute child actor farm for its Bae/Neverland backstory? And was that one brother of Wendy’s plucked out of a Wallace & Gromit short?

4 | Is there any possible way the merging of Mad Men’s competing ad firms will work out well for Peggy?

5 | Were you surprised by how sad you were to see Game of Thrones‘ Ros used for Joffrey’s target practice?

Popular TV Shows 20136 | Whether you love or hate the way How I Met Your Mother keeps dredging up Robin and Ted, can we all agree that Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor are still kind of magical together on screen?

7 | Did Castle‘s Tony Almeda rush to judgement in courting Kate with a plum job interview? After all, isn’t the whole “using silence in an interrogation” gimmick simply Cop Show 101?

8 | How heartbreaking was it to see The Voice judge Adam have to cut the unique, adorable Caroline Glaser from his intensely deep team while — thanks to the “three contestants in the finale for every judge” rule — Blake, Usher and Shakira were allowed to keep cannon-fodder contestants The Swon Brothers, Josiah Hawley and Garrett Gardner?

9 | Where does the line to hug Awkward‘s Matty start?

10 | We’re all for heeding the advice of one’s parents, but does it really make sense that New Girl Jess’ dad could come in for a day and mess up months’ worth of romantic progress between her and Nick?

11 | The Mindy Project fans: Team Casey, Team Brendan or Team Danny? (Be honest: We’re all Team Bones, right?)

12 | Could RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion Show/Finale have been any more scripted/polite/boring?

Popular TV Shows 2013

13 | Did NCIS guest star Colin Hanks come across as an Evil McGee? And are “Tiva” fans now being cruelly toyed with?

14 | Was Modern Family‘s Jay almost painful to listen to this week? If Ed O’Neill is that sick, can’t he rerecord (“loop in”) his lines once he’s well?

15 | Which of Arrow‘s DC-verse nods did you enjoy more: Ferris Air (aka Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s employer) or Tommy’s “Why so serious?” (a la The Dark Knight‘s Joker)? And can we get Warehouse 13‘s Joanna Kelley to play Thea’s long-lost big sister? Eerie resemblance.

16 | Didn’t the heartbreaking way Supernatural killed off another cool, human female character in Sarah make you thankful that at least one, Charlie, is still alive? (Amelia doesn’t count.)

17 | Now that Nashville‘s Rayna and Deacon are together, what’s more likely to happen first: Deke figures out he’s Maddie’s father, or Rayna crumbles under the guilt and just tells him?

18 | Did anyone find out if there were subzero temperatures in Hell after American Idol actually wound up with the two most talented vocalists in the Season 12 finale?

Popular TV Shows 201319 | Who is the more teasey “Just get together already!” couple: Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity or Grey’s Anatomy‘s Alex and Jo?

20 | Vampire Diaries fans, which non-returning ghost did you miss most and wish had come back? Aunt Jenna? Mason Lockwood? Rose?

21 | Was this why the probable cause of Rachel’s vanishing act in the Glee finale? And we’re all for harmony and happiness for New Directions, but the writers are not actually considering a romantic future for Ryder and his “Catfishing” perpetrator Unique, are they? ‘Cause those little sideways glances during their Regionals performances sure seemed to be pointing in that direction! Also, wouldn’t it be nice if the awesome Amy Aquino’s role as one of Funny Girl’s producers gets expanded in Season 5?

22 | Did you ever think The Office would revisit that Christmas card Jim kept from Pam in Season 2 — and so perfectly to boot? (Squee!) Was Daryl’s dancing goodbye all you’d hoped it would be? By the way, do you suspect Michael’s cameo will come at the Dwangela wedding?

23 | Scandal spoiler alert! Is David Rosen truly abetting Alabtross, or might he be operating on his own agenda, to out the mole and in doing so get his career back? And did Mellie almost knock you off your chair with her “I have a hairdresser” slam-speech?

24 | Dare we ask, Defiance, what “the Irathient Swirl” entails…?

Was Nashville’s Gay Kiss a Shock? Will Arizona Get ‘Googled’? Arrow Gal Super? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bones, New Girl, Nashville, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Smash is obviously on the path toward “redeeming” self-absorbed, drug-addicted, obnoxious Jimmy, but after he took the stage high as a kite (leading to a mid-performance injury to Karen) and later chewed out the entire cast and crew (screaming “I’m the only one that did anything anyway!”), won’t the writers’ efforts inevitably be a case of too little too late?

2 | Do Once Upon a Time‘s Peasant Regina and Scandal‘s Homeless Huck share a hairdresser? Speakings of the former show, Dear Snow White: If you don’t at least take out the Evil Queen’s kneecap with an arrow upon seeing that she murdered an entire village, when do you use your bow?

3 | So let us get this straight: Mad Men‘s Peggy accepts a lift home from from Don and Megan following the the Ad Club Awards and they don’t show us the ride? To be a fly on the wall of that Coupe de Ville.

4 | Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow sure is a fast learner, isn’t he? And if there are caves warm enough to strip naked north of the wall, why do the wildlings insist on living in tents in the snow?

5 | As cool as the twist with Cary was, did any Good Wife fans really think Alicia would arrange a rendezvous with Will in the house her kids call home?

Popular TV Show 20136 | Bones fans, what sorts of revenge scenarios are you dreaming up for Pelant for breaking up Booth and Brennan’s all-too-brief engagement?

7 | Did The Following‘s Ryan really need a big kitchen knife to open a measly plastic bag?

8 | How sweet (and oddly romantic) was New Girl‘s unexpected flashback of a much heavier Schmidt bumping into Cece at Clyde’s Bar and being so flummoxed that he could only ask her if she liked DVDs?

9 | How are we feeling about Awkward‘s new couple, Jake and Tamara? Does the idea of T finally getting a good guy, coupled with their crazy energy, outweigh the bizarreness of the pairing?

10 | Matthew Gray Gubler never directs any garden-variety Criminal Minds episode, does he? Like, did even Hannibal Lecter watch this week’s episode and get the creeps? And then they cap it off with a huge “Awwwww” of a Maeve cameo!

Popular TV Shows 201311 | Not to belabor a point, but is Arrow‘s Felicity one of TV’s most entertaining characters? (And wasn’t the graphic emblem on her shirt almost Superman-like?) Also, the Sam “Flash Gordon” Jones wig aside, didn’t Arrow do a pretty good job of making Flashback Oliver look boyish and non-chiseled — almost, gasp, doughy?

12 | Nashville‘s Will-Gunnar kiss: total surprise or saw-it-coming-from-a-mile-away? (We swear, we almost put a question into this column weeks ago about whether Will was playing for the other team — or at least both teams.) On that note…

13 | If American Idol really wants to give a jolt to its ratings for the last few weeks of Season 12, shouldn’t it stop considering J.Lo as a replacement for Mariah, and instead swap out Randy Jackson for this week’s brash, goofy, opinionated mentor Harry Connick, Jr.? (That’s change we can believe in…and set our DVRs for!)

14 | Show of hands, The Americans fans: Who was surprised/relieved both Nina and Claudia made it out of the finale alive?

15 | Has Big Bang Theory undone all the progress it made with Raj by saddling him with a precious, foo-foo dog? And can Professor Proton move into the guys’ building? (On the first floor, of course.)

Popular TV Shows 201316 | Do you think Grey’s Anatomy newbie Lauren will, ahem, “Google” Arizona proper before the season’s over? Who else let out a “whoa…” when Bailey’s obsessive-compulsive project was revealed? And are you having a tough time picturing admittedly douchey Chest Pecwell as a violent person, let alone one who beats on women?

17 | Scandal‘s James sure lucked into a nice little “get” there for his first on-camera gig, eh? But what happened to Liv’s stance that she can’t rob America of a great president to sate her own heart?

18 | Anyone catch So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 winner Melanie Moore in the ensemble of Kate Hudson’s performance of “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” on Glee? And if so, don’t you wish she’d gotten just a smidge more airtime?

19 | Did the random pedestrian on Elementary really call the rude guy who walked into her a “dildo”? So odd, right?

20 | Why is eye-gouging — as seen on The Following all season and Hannibal this week — the latest go-to embellishment for fictional serial killers? And doesn’t it seem odd that a murderer as meticulous as Lecter would leave a drawing of his latest victim out in the open, where anyone could find it?

Was Office Angst Worth It? Are Mondays Rough on the FBI? NCIS Double Take? And More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, NCIS, The Office and Scandal!

1 | Can Orphan Black have more scenes of soccer mom Alison getting into character as Sarah? Because that was delightful!

2 | Was anyone able to follow what was going on at the end of Doctor Who’s “pocket universe” adventure? All we seem to remember is the empath lady howling. A lot.

3 | Are Game of Thrones‘ Lord Varys and Lady Olenna Redwyne your new favorite pairing on the show?

4 | Could Mad Men have been any more subtle in revealing which firm landed the Heinz ketchup account? And Peggy is brilliant and capable all on her own, and we get that the student has become the master, but why undercut her growth by having her use one of Don’s lines?

5 | Has there been a funnier sight gag on TV this season than Veep‘s Jonah sneaking behind Selina and using his torso to block the backdrop of a pig on a spit as the Vice President spoke about her daughter’s controversial college paper on the Israel-Palestine conflict?

6 | Between the CDC having no clue about Arastoo’s infection on Bones and The Following‘s FBI walking into another one of Joe’s traps (which ended up with one of their own buried alive!), wasn’t Monday a terrible night for fictional federal agencies? But The Following FBI agents got what they deserved by stupidly not checking for weapons, right?

Popular TV Shows 2013 Castle7 | How incredibly different — and fanbase-polarizing! — would Castle Season 3 have been if someone as dashing as Ioan Gruffudd (who this week guested and tempted as Erik Vaughn) had been cast as Josh?

8 | With great folks like The Voice‘s Jessica Childress and Patrick Dodd failing to score Steals in favor of inferior vocalists, wouldn’t it be better if the show changed its format in Season 5 and allowed the coaches to make their choices at the end of Battle Rounds, from the entire pool of available contestants?

9 | NCIS‘ obvious, ginormous, episode-ending drama aside, didn’t the Berlin cafe where Ziva and Tony met up with her contact look like it was situated on the exact same Baltimore street Gibbs and McGee stood on earlier?

10 | Hart of Dixie‘s George is probably going to change his mind eventually, but how great was it to see him stick by Tansy and reject Zoe?

11 | How can anyone not be Team Matty on Awkward?

12 | Was there a sweeter moment on American Idol this season than Candice Glover losing her mind as Drake came out on stage to thank her for covering his “Find Your Love,” and then watching her three remaining rivals (Amber, Angie and Kree) lose their minds with excitement for their colleague?

Popular TV Shows 2013 The Office13 | Was all of The Office Season 9′s Jim and Pam heartache worth it for this week’s incredibly moving and nostalgia-filled concluding scene? (Bonus points for another Michael Scott moment being thrown in!)

14 | Vampire Diaries burning question: Will the baby be a hybrid like his papa? Or since it was the werewolf side of Klaus that impregnated Hayley, is it an all werewolf baby?

15 | Really, Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine? You’re surprised/frustrated that the giant room full of top-secret computer servers is password-protected?

16 | On Scandal, was anyone else surprised Liv didn’t spend more time grilling Fitz about the, um, security cameras he had installed in her apartment?

17 | Alphas fans, did this week’s Big Bang Theory take a little sting out of the Syfy show’s cancellation? Or just make you miss it more?

18 | Were Hannibal‘s “angels” the most disturbing thing you’ve seen on network TV in some time?

19 | Can New Girl sue that beer commercial featuring the Jess/Nick/Winston-like roommates bidding a couch adieu?

20 | Did anybody else feel sorry for Grey’s Anatomy doc Jackson when, every time he made a suggestion (good or bad), the Super Friends gleefully voted him down? Wouldn’t you think at least one of the plane crash survivors/board members would be a little more politic and less cliquish?

Did Vampire Diaries Crown Wrong Queen? Did Dallas Dis Us? A Good Wife Gaffe? And More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Game of Thrones, Bates Motel, Dallas and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Anyone else getting an Alyssa Milano vibe from Orphan Black‘s soccer mom clone?

2 | Did you Google “Meereenese knot” after Game of Thrones‘ Tyrion mentioned it was one of the prostitute’s talents? And what, exactly, does Pod know about ladies that Tyrion doesn’t?

3 | So many Mad Men questions: Is Joan moonlighting as a flight attendant? (If so, does she get to speak more in that other job?) Can someone explain to us why all these women want to shtup swarmy Pete? (And how much did you cheer when Trudy gave him the heave-ho?) Are Peggy and Stan quickly becoming your favorite couple? (That said, shouldn’t Peggy have known that telling her boss about the Heinz ketchup account was going to make him want to go after it?!)

Popular TV Shows 2013 Good Wife4 | Did The Good Wife — which is set in Chicago but shoots in New York City — make a massive continuity error, or did Fox News relocate their headquarters (trademark news ticker and all, see photo) to the Windy City?

5 | Could the director of the MTV Movie Awards have possibly done a worse job of establishing the Pitch Perfect cast reunion during the opening medley?

6 | Were you as shocked as we were that The Following‘s FBI team finally got a win in the form of rescuing Joey? (But wasn’t their failure to immediately cuff the follower who “turned herself in” a huge, unforgivable mistake? Also, are they allergic to back-up?) And are you bummed that Roderick won’t be around to antagonize both Joe and Emma?

7 | Was there any doubt that Bones‘ Brennan would catch the bouquet at the wedding of Booth’s mom?

8 | As wonderful as The Voice has been this season, wouldn’t it be even better if there was a little less “here’s what happened before the break” recapping and “here’s what’s coming up” previewing — especially since some of the Battle Rounds (including the terrific Grace Askew’s) were edited back to mere snippets?

9 | Did Dallas taunt us as much as Christopher with the promise of seeing Pam again, played by… whomever? Was anyone expecting the very final scene to be a reveal that she is in fact alive, instead of an overreacting Elena impulsively aligning herself with some unseen Mexican warlord?

Popular TV Shows 2013 Bates Motel10 | Can the Bates Motel producers please slap name tags on Norma’s older son Dylan and her cop boyfriend Zack? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell them apart. And sure, she’s bats–t crazy, but Norma’s unflagging commitment to the lie that she had nothing to do with the murder of Keith Summers was truly impressive, no?

11 | Biggest shocker in Awkward‘s very packed premiere: Jenna’s pregnancy scare or the death of Ricky Schwartz? And be honest: Aren’t you a little thrilled to be rid of Ricky?

12 | Better season-finale “canine conversation”: Bobby and Dog Travis’ heart-to-heart on Cougar Town or George and the non-female stray on Suburgatory? Speaking of the latter series, how brilliant was Ana Gasteyer’s vomit-take when Lisa revealed to her mom that she and Malik hadn’t had sex but had indeed been “making love” — thereby disqualifying her from contention for Purity Ball queen?

popular-tv-shows-2013-the-americans13 | How much do you hate The Americans‘ Keri Russell for being able to pull off all those crazy wigs? Not fair! And is there anything more entertaining than when Elizabeth talks smack to Granny aka “old lady”?

14 | Who’s ready to set their DVR for Fox’s new sitcom starring Nicki Minaj and her pink pill-shaped speaker? “A man cannot just be friends with a girl named Khadija!” Wait, what? That was just an ad for her new Beats speaker system? Ohhh.

15 | On Glee, did you melt a little during Rachel’s pre-audition phone call to Finn? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how funny was Finn’s observation about his fight with Brody that “his face has sharp edges”?

16 | How did Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie get named Prom Queen?Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap Prom Matt as King we “get,” since he’s the all-around good guy/jock. But Bonnie? Really?

17 | In a world where anyone out there cares about Community‘s Changnesia storyline: Any theories on who “Kevin” has been covertly communicating with? And does any couple on TV that’s sleeping together act less like they’re sleeping together than Britta/Troy?

18 | On an otherwise well-crafted show, where is Hannibal newshound Freddie Lounds currently ranking amongst TV’s most annoying characters?

19 | With this week’s terrible news out of Boston, didn’t Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert nail the appropriate mix of humor, sympathy, anger and thirst for revenge with their episode-openers on the subject?

20 | Between the behind-the-scenes legal fireworks and the cheeseball-looking early trailers, anyone else sensing Prospect Park’s All My Children/One Life to Live revivals will last about as long as one of Erica Kane’s marriages?

Was Hot-Button Glee Haunting? Is Grimm Slow to Love? Mad Men’s Biggest Surprise? And More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Mad Men, Cougar Town and Glee!

1 | Which Grimm storyline needs more caffeine: Juliette’s very slow-to-return memory or Rosalee and Monroe’s glacially paced romance?

2 | Nikita fans, on a scale of “Whoa” to “OMG! My Jaw Just Hit the Floor,” how would you rate Alex’s mutinous turn — and subsequent shooting of Ryan?

3 | How worried were you that Melissa McCarthy’s physical comedy-filled Saturday Night Live monologue was going to end in actual injury?

4 | If Shameless‘ Lip — who deserves so much more in life — doesn’t go to college next season, will that be a heartbreaking disappointment? Or just realistic?

Popular TV Shows 20135 | Bigger Mad Men surprise: James Wolk’s guest spot or Linda Cardellini playing the mother of a college freshman? On a different note, can the show put a moratorium on characters tossing their cookies on screen?

6 | Why isn’t The Carrie Diaries‘ Mr. Bradshaw concerned that his youngest daughter Dorrit is dating a senior? Is he spending so much time at the “gym” that he’s no longer exercising his brain?

7 | Are you still taken aback by how bluntly and matter-of-factly Revolution revealed the answer to the blackout?

8 | Who would have thought that Max Thieriot’s punk of a character on Bates Motel would turn out to be one of the series’ most compelling and — dare we say it? — sympathetic?

9 | Show of hands, New Girl viewers: Who thinks Cece will actually marry whatshisface? Anyone? Bueller? And did Nick’s “dead dad pass” work even once? (Aside from the day-glo track suit…)

10 | Um, there is no way in hell Mindy Project’s Winnebago-sized carry-on fit in that overhead compartment, right? And doesn’t it make so much sense that Mindy’s ex Josh was on coke the entire time they were together?

Popular TV Shows 201311 | Travis/Laurie ‘shippers, was the Cougar Town twosome’s first kiss all you’d hoped it would be? Or, now that you’ve gotten a taste of the duo, are they better off as friends?

12 | When American Idol‘s “powers that be” went and “reprimanded” Mariah Carey for not being a tough enough judge (as she noted during Wednesday’s performance show) don’t you wish they’d also given her pointers on how to be a little more concise? Also, was Jimmy Iovine ranking Lazaro at No. 10 out of six contestants a little too cruel — despite Mr. Arbos’ horrific rendition of “Close to You”?

13 | Suburgatory‘s surprisingly dark turn with Dalia and Tessa: Yay or nay?

14 | Be honest: Did you have any suspicion that Nashville‘s Watty had been involved with Rayna’s mom?

15 | Whose stomach is still in knots from this week’s harrowing, heartbreaking Southland?

16 | Can there be a Nurses’ Ball on General Hospital every day? Speaking of, how are we all feeling about Patrick and Sabrina’s long-awaited romance? Was the honeymoon phase cut too short by Britt’s (likely fake) pregnancy bombshell? And wait, they can’t even mention Starr Manning’s name on the show anymore? She’s just “that girl” and “his girlfriend”?

17 | No matter how you feel about Glee tackling the subject of school shootings within a few months of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, weren’t the performances by the core McKinley cast absolutely haunting? On a lighter note though, does anyone really buy Beiste making a move on Will when she’s clearly been a good friend to both he and Emma throughout their courtship, engagement and subsequent relationship woes?

Popular TV Shows 2013

18 | Was there anything funnier on TV this week than the Parks and Recreation tag featuring Ron Swanson vs. the banana?

19 | Who else was surprised to find out that Community‘s buzzy puppet episode was also a musical? By the way, which felty Greendaler was your fave? (We were partial to Jeff and Pierce.)

20 | How fun was it to see The Office‘s typically tightly-wound Angela unravel a bit during the press conference with that senator hubby of hers?

21 | If there’s a decrease in mushroom sales in the coming days, can we officially credit Hannibal as the cause?

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