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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Scandal, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s, New Girl, Revenge and More!

August 14, 2013 Leave a comment
Scandal Cast

Grab a brown paper bag because there’s a whole lot of action going on in Spoiler Chat!

In today’s column, we’ve got scoop on some major crises going down on Scandal, Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy when they return in the fall. We’re talking life or death action here, people! Typical Shonda Rhimes, right?! Plus, we’ve included some intel on a death going down on The Vampire Diaries when it hits university. Seems like the drama doesn’t end in high school after all! Plus, there are spoilers on New Girl, Parks and Recreation and more…

The Following is currently looking to cast a new series regular who could give Joe Carroll a run for his money in terms of charisma and having a penchant for terrorizing those around him. We won’t tell you the name of the character lest we spoil his identity once the show premieres, but just so know. if you start to fall in love with a new guy on The Following in season two, you might be falling in love with a killer.

Brenda: LOVED all the Scandal spoilers from Shonda and the cast, thank you! Anything else you can share? Will the new season actually be just as good as season two?
From what I’ve seen so far, the intensity does not waiver! Episode three in particular looks to be bananas, with a sniper and SWAT team and secret service galore. Can you say “Ac-Shun”? Great. Can you also spell it? Cause obvs we can’t.

Beth: Literally dying for any scoop on the new season of TVD! Please deliver me some goodies!
There will be zero deaths this season. Just kidding! Come on now, this is The Vampire Diaries, where there are more deaths than goodlooking people…and that’s saying a lot! We can tell you that Elena and Caroline will experience the death of one of their fellow freshman when they hit college come October. But with mourning comes potential romance as their classmate’s death will lead one of the ladies to meet a possible new love interest: Aaron, a handsome co-ed who may have a connection the dearly departed.

Marrissa: Revenge scoop? Is anyone else going to die?
Yes, there will be at least one death this season. We can also tell you that someone notable ends up in the emergency room in episode four. It’s a life or death sitch that requires defibrillator paddles, so if you’re an uberfan, you might want to have your own pair on standby!

Damon Wayans Jr.

Michelle in Chicago: I seriously cannot WAIT for Coach to finally come back to the loft in New Girl!! I almost cried when I found out! Any scoop on when he’ll be back?!
First of all, we’re excited that you’re excited, but at the risk of scaring off Damon Wayans Jr. here’s some classic words of wisdom from Coach. Have you calmed down a bit? Good. Now onto the scoop: We caught up with everyone’s favorite douchebag Max Greenfield and he said that we’ll have to endure a few Coach-free episodes when season three kicks off in September. “He’s going to come back episode five or six or somewhere in there. Yeah, Damon’s the best.” We couldn’t agree with you more Max!

Erika: Don’t forget us Grey’s Anatomy fans who are always hurting for scoop!
Hey, did you just get over the death of Lexi? Good, because there is an episode in the beginning of the season that resurfaces her death at the most inconvenient time for someone who was very close to her. Salt, meet open wound, right?

Georgina: I’m still reeling over the news that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving Parks and Rec. Do you know how they will be written out?
No, but we can tell you that the producers are currently looking for a new actress who resembles Rashida Jones. They want this Rashida 2.0 to be a “very pretty (but not glamorous)” city employee. As far as we know, it’s just for one episode, but maybe she will end up being Leslie’s new bestie? (As if anyone could compare to Ann!)

Andy: I know the first episode is pretty far off, but any chance for White Collar spoilers?
What do you know, we were just onset to talk to the cast about the season-five premiere, and we’ll let you in a on a little secret: it’s a big episode of Peter and Elizabeth, and not in a good way. Someone from Peter’s past will show and really put a strain on the couple’s relationship. And here’s another hint: the person from Peter’s past is a woman. Shippers, we suggest starting to prepare for some angst right about…now.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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TVLine Items: Franco’s Roasters Revealed, Dome Ratings Drop, S.H.I.E.L.D. Adds Lucky Guy & More

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 JamesFrancoComedyCentralRoastJames Franco‘s A-list pals have signed on to roast their friend.

Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live), Jonah Hill (This Is the End), Nick Kroll (The Kroll Show), Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Program.), Natasha Leggero (Burning Love) and Jeff Ross (The Burn With Jeff Ross) are among those slated to poke fun at the big-screen star/suds vet on his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. As previously announced, Seth Rogen will act as Roastmaster.

The Labor Day special airs Monday, Sept. 2 at 10/9c.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

Under the Dome, hindered in part by the ongoing Time Warner blackout in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, hit a new ratings low Monday. CBS’ summer sleeper drew a still-potent 10.1 million viewers and a 2.3 demo rating, off roughly 10 percent week-to-week.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has cast Ian Hart (Bates Motel, Luck) in a top-secret recurring role, reports.

Freddie Prinze Jr. has been tapped to appear in an episode of Lifetime’s sexy new drama Witches of East End. Per, he’ll play an entomologist who falls for Wendy, who just so happens to be played by his former Freddie co-star Madchen Amick.

Chris Diamantopoulos (The Office) and Jake Sandvig (Cracking Up) have been tapped to star in Bryan Fuller’s new Syfy pilot High Moon, per The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the novel The Lotus Caves, the potential series centers on a future in which the countries of Earth have established colonies to mine the moon’s resources. However, chaos erupts after a new life form is discovered.

Whodunnit host Gildart Jackson will guest-star in Supernatural‘s ninth season, per The Hollywood Reporter, playing a member of the Men of Letters in a 1930s flashback. The CW spookfest premieres Oct. 8.

The Lying Game‘s Allie Gonino has joined Sundance Channel’s new drama The Red Road (fka The Descendants), The Hollywood Reporter reports. The series revolves around a sheriff (played by Off the Map‘s Martin Henderson) struggling to keep his family together while policing two clashing communities. Gonino will play the daughter of a local cop.

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TVLine Items: Office Vet Visits New Girl, Borgias Update, Top Chef Premiere Date and More

August 13, 2013 Leave a comment
 New Girl Cast Angela KinseyNew Girl‘s newest girl is a former cat lady.

The Office alumna Angela Kinsey has nabbed a guest spot in the Fox comedy’s upcoming third season, reports.

She’ll play a snobby teacher who is turned off by new substitute Jess’ quirky ambitiousness.

New Girl premieres Sept. 17 at 9/8c.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Showtime announced Monday that The Borgias will wrap up with an e-book, titled The Borgia Apocalypse, which is based on the original two-hour Borgias finale script. The novel will be available this week.

Top Chef kicks off its New Orleans-set 11th season on Wednesday, Oct. 2, at 10/9c.

• Real-life besties Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and June Diane Raphael (Burning Love) have signed a blind script deal with ABC Studios. Per Deadline, the pact finds Raphael starring in a new comedy project with a possibility for Wilson to appear on-screen, as well.

• Juliette Lewis has been tapped to co-star in Fox’s new event series Wayward Pines, Deadline reports. From The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan, the drama centers on a Secret Service agent (played by Matt Dillon) searching for two missing agents in the titular town. Lewis joins as a small-town bartender.

• Fox has put into development a romantic drama from Bones‘ Hart Hanson and Rubicon‘s Jason Horwitch, Deadline reports. Set in San Francisco, the project follows a female detective and her unlikely ally.

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TVLine Items: Alec Baldwin’s Newsy TV Return, Breaking Bad’s Kiddie Musical and More!

August 10, 2013 Leave a comment
 Alec Baldwin MSNBC SeriesAlec Baldwin may be returning to TV in a project most definitely not approved by the conservative Jack Donaghy.

The 30 Rock alum has teamed with MSNBC to develop a weekly news series, Mediaite reports.

The untitled show is slated to air Fridays at 10/9c and will feature “a large dose of Baldwin’s outspoken liberal politics.”

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

Warning: The following video is so awesomely wrong, it’s right. As part of YouTube’s Geek Week, filmmakers Rhett and Link paid homage to Breaking Bad via their Middle School Musical video series. Press PLAY below to experience the Heisenberg-themed brilliance, bitch. (Sorry, we had to go there.)

• Lyndie Greenwood has lined up a spooky post-Nikita gig. The actress will recur in Fox’s new fall drama Sleepy Hollow, playing the sister of Nicole Beharie’s leading lady.

• Showtime has finally unveiled a lengthy preview of its racy new drama Masters of Sex, which bows Sept. 29. Watch Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan “master the art of impolite science” in the trailer below, then hit the comments with your snappy judgements.

• Erstwhile Gossip Girl loves Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle will star in Lifetime’s new thriller A Sister’s Nightmare, premiering Saturday, Sept. 7.

• Richard Short (666 Park Avenue) has booked a multi-ep arc on Covert Affairs, Deadline reports, playing an Irish rocker who finds himself entangled in Annie’s world.

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Mentalist, New Girl, Castle, H50, Bones, Haven, Teen Wolf & More

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Once Upon a Time Peter Pan SpoilersWhy does Once Upon a Time‘s Peter Pan ruffle Rumple’s feathers so? Who’s new on The Mentalist? Is New Girl going back to school? Which worlds are about to collide on Pretty Little Liars? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’d like some Once Upon a Time scoop — especially about the “Boy Who Never Grew Up.” –Mason
You may be wondering, as I was, why Once‘s Peter Pan is a force “we all should fear”? (Or was Rumple overselling it?) “There’s a history between those two,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz affirms. “There is a big reason why he said if you’re going to be scared of someone, this is the guy to be scared of.” But there is also a degree of professional respect. “When you meet Pan, you’re going to see a very, very, very clever person,” says Eddy Kitsis. “And if there’s one thing Rumple admires, it’s somebody who has game.”

Please help us, we are all dying here! What else can you say about Regina’s new love interest/”special someone” on Once Upon a Time? –Ana
Fine, fine. I doubled back with the boys and Horowitz said that this “someone” “becomes a part of the show very quickly” – within the first five episodes – “but in a way that you don’t expect.”

Matt, is there anything you can give us on the new FBI agents coming to The Mentalist? –Shena
The two series regular roles being cast are Kim Fischer, an intelligent and (surprise!) attractive thirtysomething ex-homicide detective from Dallas who is not afraid to stand up for herself, and Nick Abbott, an African-American West Point grad/Iraq war vet who while calm in a crisis is not a fella to make angry.

Is there some kind of time jump in the Castle season premiere? –Sandra
No, Season 6 opens “right where we left off,” there at the swings, Nathan Fillion confirms. “The only difference, I think, is I’ve had a haircut or two!” But then, once the matters of the marriage proposal and Beckett’s career decision are resolved, “We do jump ahead three or four months.”

Can we please have some Hawaii Five-0 scoop on Kono? Haven’t heard anything much about her this coming season. –clarlee901
Last week at TCA I was sure to ask exec producer Alex Kurtzman about the plan for Kono, who bid the team adieu at the end of last season, and he said, “I can’t reveal that yet, but she is not gone.” And as for the timetable for her return, he deferred, “We’re actually in the middle of that conversation now.”

I just wanted to know if we will see New Girl’s Jess in that new teaching job. Curtis Armstrong and Mary Lynn Rajskub were hilarious last season. –Emily
Jess definitely will have a new teaching job early this season – one that finds her struggling to fit in with a “cool crowd” of fellow educators, including two “mean girl” types who resent her goody-two-shoes ‘tude and one alcoholic science nerd.

Since Brenda Song is on the new comedy Dads, is it safe to assume that Daisy is a no-show in this upcoming season of New Girl? –Andy
Incorrect, sir! “She will come back, I think, for one episode,” Lamorne Morris answers. As for the why, “It’s so I can dump her! No, the writers would never let that happen,” the actor sighs. “They’ll make ME get dumped somehow.

Where’s the Pretty Little Liars love? Anything on Aria/Ezra? –Jeanine
In short, “Their worlds collide” in an upcoming episode, Lucy Hale tells us. “You find out things about Ezra that you never knew about, and he’s let into this secret world of Aria and what she’s been dealing with with ‘A’, which is very exciting for people to get to see.”

I really want Hilarie Burton to come back to Grey’s Anatomy. I find her character more interesting than all the interns combined. Is there any chance? –Cris
As you have since gleaned from Ask Ausiello, Lauren will apparently vanish in the darkness, not to be seen again in the season opener. “It was great to see the response to [Hilarie] — I thought she was amazing and very bold to come in and do the role, and the chemistry was amazing, but [Lauren staying around] wasn’t the plan,” explains show boss Shonda Rhimes. “That doesn’t mean won’t ever see her again, but at the moment that’s not what we are planning.”

I am very intrigued by both Booth’s CIA agent (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.) and priest-turned-bar owner (Mather Zickel) friends, particularly the latter. What will bar owner Aldo’s interactions with Brennan be like? Will he clue Brennan in re: Booth’s secrets? –Amelia
Emily Deschanel sets up the Brennan/Aldo meeting thusly: “I go to this bar looking for Booth, wondering why he’s been going to this place. There, I encounter this man and he figures out that I’m ‘Booth’s girl,’ as he calls me, and he kind of counsels me — in a way Brennan might even be open to hearing from an ex-priest! It’s an interesting conversation that Brennan finds amusing.”

With all the craziness that went down in the season finale, are we going to be seeing a whole new Haven or will it still be Audrey’s story? –Aimee
As Season 4 opens on Sept. 13, the titular town will be “going through some serious growing pains,” EPs Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton tell the Inside Line. “Of course Audrey will be there — Haven and Audrey are inexorably tied — but it’s a ‘difficult’ union. The real questions are: Who is Audrey? Where did she come from? Who does she really love? And we’ll dealing with that big-time this season!”

This is the first time I’m doing this, but any scoop on the last episodes of Teen Wolf [Season] 3A ? –Ellen
As you may have gleaned, Lydia is now a “quasi part of the supernatural pack,” Holland Roden reports. “I’m still part of Team Human — I still have two legs and two arms — but it’s going to be more of a ‘Carmen Sandiego thing,’ as I call it. She’s a bit nicer. But coming up in [Season] 3B, you might see the mean Lydia come back out, for a particular reason.” Before then, Roden teases an Aug. 19 midseason finale that’s a “supernatural sadistic circus” with a “progressive” cliffhanger.

It seems like every episode of Graceland has a major twist at the end. Any scoop? –Jen
As tonight’s episode draws to a close, one of the agents will be left unconscious after a scuffle with Odin. But next week, oh man…. Someone gets wind of Mike’s secret, and the end of the episode leaves someone shot on the beach following a tragic case of “mistaken identity.”

Does Damien Bichir sing the opening song for The Bridge? –Jesse
No, that is Ryan Bingham crooning the haunting tune.

Will Katie Findlay be in Season 2 of The Carrie Diaries? Everything I have been hearing and seeing since filming started doesn’t show or mention her at all. I know the first season ended with Carrie and Maggie on bad terms, since she hooked up with Sebastian. – Gia
Maggie will definitely be back this season, I am assured, but don’t expect her and Carrie to make up anytime soon. Oh, and she may not be steering clear of Sebastian, either….

I’m still not OK with Suburgatory’s midseason scheduling. What do you have to offset the sting? – Marty
How about… scoop? When the underappreciated gem (eventually) returns, George — still in a funk over his break-up with Dallas — finds his pity party interrupted by the arrival of his charming, ladies-man of a father. And the timing of his arrival is no coincidence (yes, we’re looking at you, Tessa).

I would love anything on the new season of The Neighbors! –Bryce
The Neighbors will make fast friends with their new Friday night neighbors, by way of “some kind of Shark Tank crossover,” Simon Templeman shares. As he points out, “Some of those guys on Shark Tank look a little odd to me – maybe they’re aliens too? I mean, look at Mark Cuban close up. Theres a lot going on there.” As for the previously reported dig at Smash, Templeman says it’s more of “an homage” in the wake of netting the ABC comedy netting its own Emmy nod for Original Music and Lyrics. “We know how hard that is to do that every week, so our hearts go out to them.”

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, The Following and More!

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment
Jake Johnson, Sara Ramirez, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mindy Kaling

Guess what’s back and better than ever?! Spoiler Chat!

Yes, that’s right. After a brief summer hiatus, your trusty scoop-filled column has returned, fully stocked with more TV goodness than you can handle. And we’ve assembled quite the menu for this all-you-can-eat scoop buffet, including details on New Girl‘s season three premiere, an update on a fan favorite Grey’s Anatomy pairing and insider info on two new pretty ladies coming to Once Upon a Time. Plus, there are spoilers on The Following, The Mindy Project and more…

Rachel: Where have you guys been? I’ve missed Spoiler Chat!
It’s a slow time when TV shows are on hiatus, that’s the short answer. Here is the sarcastic long answer brought to you by the members of the TV Scoop team: “Ask your mom. She’ll have answers.” “Where have you been? You never call anymore.” “Crying under our desks waiting for TV to return.” And “I’ve been eat, pray, loving but I got bored after the first one.” Welcome back, kids.

Samantha: New Girl scoop please!
The gang is heading to Mexico! And one of them is going to get arrested! Yes, Nick, Jess, Schmidt and Winston cross the border in the season three premiere, which is titled “All In,” and finds two of the roomies getting tazed.

JessJohnson93: I want to know…no, in fact, I need to know what’s going on in #GreysAnatomy
What’s going on is the new interns need to watch out for a scorned Callie. Sara Ramirez told us recently that Callie is very hurt and frustrated from being in another marriage involving infidelity, and that she might (read: she will) take her horrible mood out on those poor newbies. Ramirez also told us that Callie’s main goal in the beginning of the season is to be there for her daughter and she doesn’t know if she can look past Arizona’s cheating ways.

Tyler in Seattle: All I care about is The Following. Spill please!
Better hop in your DeLorean because season two of The Following is going to kick-off an entire year from where we left off in the May finale. So what can we expect to see from our two favorite fellas? James Purfeoy told us a few weeks ago at Comic-Con that Joe is going to be playing a little bit of hide n’ seek from the FBI until he can figure out his next move. Is he once again hiding in a lighthouse? “No no no, it’s not a light house!,” Purefoy says. “I think he’ll learn from lost mistakes and I think he’ll rise up like a phoenix and create more murder, mischief, and mayhem.” As for Ryan, Kevin Bacon reveals that despite being stabbed, his character is stronger than ever, “When we see him, he’s strong, he’s running, he’s feeling good, he’s not with the FBI, he’s sort of at a different place in his life.” Ryan could also be getting a new love interest this season, so we’ll let you think about that while you ponder Claire’s fate…

Rose McIver

theOUATspoiler: Can you ask the Once Upon a Time creators for a clue to who Tinkerbell has the special connection with that they mentioned at Comic Con?
Because we’re in such a magical mood, we’re going to sprinkle a little extra fairy dust on this answer! We recently caught up with the enchanted Once Upon a Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and they spilled that the newly cast Tinkerbell will have a connection to not one, but two characters aboard the Jolly Roger! (Cue the applause!) The fellas revealed that the iconic fairy and our swoon-worthy Captain Hook have a complicated Neverland history together, but we’re still left guessing at Tink’s other tie-in. So who could it be? The obvious choice would be that she’s in Rumplestilskin’s magical Rolodex, but we think it’s going to be a bit more twisted than that. (Perhaps she’s Charming’s ex-girlfriend?! We kid, we kid!)

Sarah: I am counting down the days until The Mindy Project‘s return! Will Mindy and Casey still be together?
Mindy and Casey return from Haiti as a couple and are still together by episode three, which features Casey leaving his parish to pursue his music career. But something tells us Casey isn’t around for the long haul and that something is actually a someone: Mindy Kaling! “Mindy gets to be single again pretty soon, which is fun,” she teases.

Elisa in Toronto: I miss my Braverman fix. Got Parenthood info?
Heck yes, we do. We just chatted with Peter Krause about the new season, which will have a six-month time jump and Kristina making some big changes in her life. “She had a brush with death and she had to confront her own mortality,” Krause told us. “And so Kristina enters this season with a renewed sense of life and she makes a very bold and impulsive decision which starts out season five. And when I read it, I was pretty surprised. I was shocked. And I think that’s how Adam is going to feel when Kristina announces what she has planned.” Hmmm, what could it be? It’s probably not that she’s starting a ska band, is it? Probably not. Well, maybe…

Gina S.: Curious about what your favorite new show of the fall is?
Sherlock! True, that is neither a fall show nor a new show, but those are minor details. Seriously, we are so excited about Sherlock coming back, especially when BBC America released this promo. It doesn’t have much, but it does have Sherlock about to approach his best friend John Watson for a much-anticipated reunion. Also, why does John have facial hair now? Answer: because Sherlock moustache John a few questions. Good night, America!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

Want your TV questions answered in our next Spoiler Chat? Email them to or tweet at @KristinDSantos!

Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Revenge and More!

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

Fall TV season is just around the corner and with it comes new faces!

We’ve got scoop on several new characters fans will be meeting when their favorite TV shows return, including a new hunter on Supernatural, a Pretty Little Liars hunk with an interesting job and a relative heading to Bluebell on Hart of Dixie. We’ve also got intel on Victoria’s relationship with her long-lost son on Revenge, an update on a fan-favorite couple on Scandal and more in today’s Spoiler Chat. So what are you waiting for? Dig in…

Daniel: This is our last season for Nikita scoop, so spill!
Prepare to meet a new badass woman who will not exactly want to be best friends with our favorite spies. Ellen Crawford is a forensics accountant, and she gets her claws on Alex in episode three via an intense interrogation. Their first meeting does not go well, and Alex winds up in a possibly fatal position.

Shawn: While I love me some Olitz, I can’t help but root for Cyrus and James on Scandal! What’s coming up for them in the new season?
Are you sitting down? You should be because what we’re going to tell you about the always-dramatic duo might cause you to pass out: They will be happy! “We are in a pretty good place,” Jeff Perry tells us. “There will always be things that are always a bone of contention with him being a member of the White House press corps though, so we’ll have to see if James crosses the line. I told him how to behave, so we’ll just have to see if he does!” Same ol’ Cyrus!

Casey: Supernatural scoop, pretty please, with sugar and a cherry on top?!
Fine, but only because we’re hungry. Prepare for flashbacks to the ‘30s in episode four, which is titled “Slumber Party.” In the same episode, we’ll meet a young new hunter named Dorothy, who is from a very far away land that is supposed to be fictional. Keywords here: “supposed to be.”

Lyla: Hart of Dixie scoop, please!
A new Breeland woman is coming to Bluebell: Grandma Bettie! Lemon’s grandmother hits town to help her granddaughter preserve the Breeland name. A pillar of the Southern Belle community, Bettie is strong, upscale and take-charge. Hmmm…we wonder whom Lemon gets her personality from?

Justin Hartley, Madeleine Stowe

SavannahRidout: Any news on where Revenge will pick up when season three starts?
Pack your bags, Hamptonites, because we’re going back to visit our favorite revenge-loving characters. Season three will pick up a few months after we last saw Victoria’s long-lost son appear on her doorstep, shocking her enough to drop her glass. However, Madeleine Stowe tells us that she and her son Patrick, played by Smallville hunk Justin Hartley, have developed a “very close relationship” over these past months together, and Daniel is not happy about it one bit. “She’s not trying to make him crazy, but she really wants to have a good, clean, honest relationship. But, of course, this is Revenge, so something terrible is going to happen,” she says. Patrick is the result of a pedophiliac relationship Victoria went through when she was around 15 years old, and it looks like these circumstances have affected her son’s psyche. “He deeply, deeply loves his mother and will do anything to take her side,” Stowe says, “I’ve been given hints and it’s quite dark.” Yikes!

Laurawallace17: Will Ezra and Aria from #PLL get back together?
Ezra may want to watch out because there’s a new hottie coming to Rosewood High School…as an employee! Fans will be introduced to the new attractive guidance counselor Jesse, who is described as laid-back, warm, genial—and a potential recurring character. He’s basically Aria catnip.

Britney in Los Angeles: Bless Netflix for bringing me Orange Is the New Black. I know it’s been renewed already, so can I get some scoop?
Ready to meet the younger versions of Crazy Eyes and Taystee? Of course you are! We even get to meet the parents and the sister of Crazy Eyes, as well as flash back to a moment in her life that will explain one of the reasons she became who she is today.

Lorena: I’m all about Devious Maids, so any spoilers would be mucho appreciated.
Don’t think for a second that Devious Maids will pull a Killing season one and not wrap up big storylines in the finale. Roslyn Sanchez and Ana Ortiz tell us that we will find out who killed Flora, and everything will be resolved by the end of the season. The reveal of Flora’s murder will be the big arc in the finale, and then, hopefully, plotlines will be set up for a second season. ABC has yet to renew it, but the buzz is strong enough that a season two might be in the cards.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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