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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Scandal, Hart of Dixie, The Mindy Project and More!

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

Gladiators, are you ready for the new season of Scandal? Because based on the scoop we’ve been getting, we don’t think anyone can adequately prepare for what’s ahead.

We’ve got some info on Scandal‘s new season that’s all about our fearless leader: the POTUS. And we just spoke to Jaime King who spilled some Hart of Dixie details. All that, plus scoop on The Mindy Project, The League, Two and a Half Men and more in today’s Spoiler Chat:

Shawn D.: Wake me up when September ends…because it means Scandal is back! Got any scoop on the new season to help make the wait more bearable?
You know what everyone seems to be forgetting about in the midst of all craziness due to the reveals of Olivia’s father and the press finding out about her affair with Fitz? The fact that Fitz is still going to be running for reelection in season three! Of course, that isn’t such an easy task now that his affair has not only been outed, but confirmed. And yes, you can expect to see his opponents have a field day with the scandal. Well, not a field trip, more like a debate where the issue comes up. Awkward!

Trista: Bluebell me! I want to know what’s coming up for Hart of Dixie in season three.
What a coincidence! We just hung up the phone with Bluebell’s most sassy resident, the wonderful Jaime King, and she says that season three is going to really shake things up for our ladies in the love department. “I’m really excited for Hart of Dixie fans because we have a lot of new developments with the characters.” King continues, “And we have great new guest stars! Robert Buckley, and Josh Cooke are really awesome actors that are coming on to play love interests and to throw some curve balls for Zoe and Lemon.” Looks like there’s a lot more man-candy moving to Bluebell! Are you as excited as we are? Answer: No. No you’re not.

Jackie C.: Scoop on New Girl or Mindy Project….or both!
Don’t be greedy, we’ll just give you some Mindy Project scoop. It’s a pretty standard rule that there shall not any horsing around on planes, because TSA has no patience for that nonsense. Too bad Mindy doesn’t care about that rule and will find herself in hot water after flight attendants find her “threatening”. We’re talking the type of hot water that puts you in handcuffs. Plus, Mindy-Danny shippers will be bummed to know that he will get asked out by a really hot woman quicker than you can say “gyno” in that same episode.

Drew: You guys never give us any scoop on The Middle. What’s a guy got to do to get some spoilers on TV’s funniest comedy?!
Dinner would be nice. Maybe flowers? We jest, we jest. About the flowers anyway. But let’s talk scoop, shall we? The ABC comedy’s milestone 100th episode is coming up and the episode will appropriately be titled “The 100th.” And what do you know, Orson is always celebrating its centennial with a big parade, complete with a John Mellencamp tribute artist and town slogan contest!


Jenner: Thanks for the Revolution scoop in Spoiler Chat! Might I trouble you for s’more?
Who has s’mores? Oh, you mean “some more” scoop. Don’t get us excited with talk of chocolate goodness and then take it away. Jerk. Anyway, Revolution is looking to add a new ally to the team around episode seven, and this character is definitely around for the long haul. This new guy will be smooth-talking, likeable and an all-around good guy. He’ll probably rub someone the wrong way, but you don’t want to go to blows with him. The new dude will be in shape and ready and willing to throw a punch or two.

Aron: Please tell me we’ll be seeing some girl on girl action on Two and a Half Men. I love Amber Tamblyn!
We’d call you creepy, but we bet the rest of America is thinking the same thing. We do know that there will be an episode involving Amber’s character and three of her girlfriends going out partying. Whether that will lead into a more-than-friends situation is not quite clear, but at the very least we’ll see a drunk girl fall down?

Ashton: The League just added season four on Netflix, and I burned through half of the season. Gotta know if the beautiful Kristin Cavallari will be in season five?
As a matter of fact, Mark Duplass just told us that her husband Jay Cutler will be popping up in the new season, but his lovely wife probably will not be joining him. Unless there’s another breast milk debacle on the horizon. Isn’t the Chicago Bears quarterback what you really want when you watch this show? No? Well, count on other NFL stars to appear as well. Hint: a Defensive MVP and a kicker will be in the premier episode.

Shania: I know you guys love Workaholics as much as I do, so what do you got on the new season?
Can you imagine hiring one of the guys to entertain at a child’s birthday party? It will happen in episode five of the new season, and we’re both excited and terrified to see how it goes.

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Homeland, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Revolution and More!

September 5, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

Midweek slump? We’ve got just the cure for your Wednesday woes!

That’s right, we’re serving up a steaming cup o’ scoop for you this morning, with spoilers on a new pairing Homeland fans can expect to see in season three, two newbies Revenge viewers will be meeting and the return of a Teen Wolf baddie! Plus, we’ve also got insider info on the new season of Revolution, Pretty Little Liars, Cougar Town and more…

Meghan: Even though I didn’t love season two, I have to admit I am really, really excited about the upcoming season of Revenge. Any scoop to share? 
Prepare to meet two newbies when your Hamptons vacation returns later this month. In episode six, you’ll be introduced to a new recurring character, supermarket worker Jenny, a no-nonsense spitfire, who has a strong moral center and fight in her. Also making her Hamptons debut is Morgan Holt, an attractive and corrupt real estate agent, who is in cahoots with Conrad. And we mean in cahoots in possibly more way than one…if you catch our drift. Seems things are still as scandalous as ever for the Graysons and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nicholas A.: Revolution scoop, anything you got.
We recently spoke to Billy Burke about season two, and how Nora’s death will impact Miles and the team. “He is going to carry it with him for a while,” he told us. “As actors I will say losing Nora was a big blow–losing Daniella and Danny, who played Graham were all big blows for us, but the nature of the show is that people have to die. Still, for us it truly was like losing family.” He also revealed that Neville may not remain a villain for long. ” I don’t think that Neville is all bad, and I think he at one time, too, started outwith good intentions and probably wanted to do what was right for the greater good, like a lot of these characters have,” Burke said. “But daily they are forced to do stuff that they don’t want to do but have to, and it changes them.”

Sasha: I’m OK with Brody not being in the first few episodes of Homeland because I’m a Quinn-Carrie shipper. Please tell me they have some good stuff in the premiere!!
Nope, Carrie’s heart, for now, belongs to Brody. She’s too preoccupied with protecting him and dealing with Saul to bat her eyelashes at Quinn. And worse news for Quinn-Carrie fans: there might be romance brewing with a new person on the team and Quinn. It’s too early to tell, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Homeland went there with the two of them.

Ash: Do you know if Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga will play love interests on American Horror Story this year? I loved them in season one together.
We’re betting they will definitely have a relationship of some kind, but we think Evan’s character will be involved with his real-life girlfriend Emma Roberts‘ character. Maybe a love triangle is brewing? We wouldn’t be surprised, given this creepy three-way kiss on the AHS poster.

Teen WolfAmy: Already counting down the days until Teen Wolf returns! Can we expect to see Jennifer Blake again or is she definitely dead?

Come on now, any true Teen Wolf fan knows a villain never really dies on the MTV hit. Just look at Peter Hale, who seemingly died in season one only to return to big bad form in the season 3A finale. “We like Peter a lot and we especially like Ian Bohen, but it’s hard. You want to have villains in your show, but you want to have believable ends to those villains as well, but sometimes they’re just too good,” Jeff Davis explains of having a hard time saying goodbye to the show’s villains. “We’re talking about, like, ‘How can we bring Jennifer back?’ the other day on set.” And for the record, he wouldn’t confirm her death. Take that as you will…

Angela: Please tell me that you have more Pretty Little Liars scoop! I don’t want to have to wait until January, I need answers now!
Well, we want answers too! So we recently chatted with the original “A,” the lovely Janel Parrish, and the PLL star says that things are going to get even more twisted when season four returns in 2014. “It’s just going to get crazier and crazier, as the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. “A” is going to be even more of a mastermind than anybody ever imagined so yeah, it’s going to get crazier.” Plus, our former insane asylum sweetheart is going to be getting a new boyfriend! Parrish reveals, “Mona finally gets a love interest. I think she deserves one and it’s kind of a shocking one so I think fans will love it.” Who do you think will be wooing Mona next year? Our money is on Lucas!

Alana: Just watched every episode of Mike & Molly and now I’m a fan. Do you have any info from the new season?
Molly will end up in a coffin. Wait! Don’t panic. She does find herself laying in a coffin, but she’s alive and just joking around in a funeral home. You know, as one does. Turns out that Mike and Molly will enjoy some substances of the…recreational variety and won’t be able to stop giggling during their funeral home adventure. And since it’s television, of course Molly will scare the living daylights out of a familyjust trying to pick out a coffin for a deceased loved one.

Lucia: Penny Can! Oops, I mean Cougar Town!
Penny Can! Oops, we mean here’s some scoop for you to get absolutely giddy over: Bobby is becoming a grandfather! OK, before you break out about Travis becoming a father and starting a family with Laurie (Crazier things have happened, people!), we should mention that Bobby isn’t technically the biological grandfather as it’s his dog that is welcoming some new puppies. Too bad another man is trying to sell Bobby’s grandpups, so Ellie comes to the rescue. Huzzah!

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Beauty and the Beast and More!

August 30, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

Sounds like New Directions might be getting a new star!

We’ve got some Glee scoop on some new blood coming to McKinley High in season five, and this person sounds positively dreamy. We have more from “A” himself! All that, plus scoop on How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Beauty and the Beast and more in today’s serving of Spoiler Chat:

Kate: Keep the Glee spoilers rolling! I need them to survive until the premiere!
A source revealed to us that two of the Beatles songs in the season-five opener are “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Yesterday.” Speculate away on who will be singing what and to whom. Also, Glee is currently looking for a new high school star that will be a major recurring role. As always, this new man will be an excellent singer and dancer and most likely super cute. New glee club member on the way?

Ryan: I’m still in shock over that Pretty Little Liars summer finale! What can you say about the Halloween episode?
According to our new A team leader, Ian Harding says that this year’s Halloween special is definitely a can’t-miss episode. “I am in Ravenswood, Mr. Fitz is in Ravenswood. To what extent will be shrouded in mystery,” he teases. “There are some parts that are actually legitimately scary, like really scary… So we’re going to get the thrills and the fashion and it’s going blow people’s minds. And we’re introducing new characters and all that so it’ll be fun.”

Sasha L.: Loved the How I Met Your Mother scoop in yesterday’s Spoiler chat. Can I bug you for more?
Bug away! We’ll be meeting Robin’s family in the final season (obviously, it’s her wedding, after all), but a certain family member won’t be there to bless the nuptials. Ted is convinced that Robin’s French-Canadian cousin is putting together a ploy to sabotage the wedding. The cause? It’s hockey related. Aren’t most Canadian grievances hockey-related? Oh, we kid.

Marc: Any info on Parenthood‘s new season?
We won’t have to wait long to see the birth of Jasmine and Crosby’s baby. The delivery goes smoothly, but the drama starts when Jasmine gets her first look at the newborn. And that’s not where the drama ends. Prepare for a truly heartbreaking conversation between Amber and Ryan to start the season off right. Pass the tissues, Parenthood is back!

Beauty and the Beast, Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan

Olivia: May I pretty pretty please have some Beauty and the Beast scoop? Please with sugar on top?
Oh, goodness! Since you asked so sweetly, we’ll give you everything we’ve got! Brace yourselves BATB fans because we’re going to meet two very intense characters when our dark drama returns this fall. Zach is an attractive yet cocky former soldier with a deep and dangerous secret. He’ll be reuniting with an old friend, and although we can’t tell you who that “friend” is, we can tell you that the reunion won’t be a happy one. We’ll also get to meet Beth, Cat’s friend from high school, whose overly-curious personality as a journalist leads her into situations she may regret getting into.

James M: Suburgatory me!
Buy us a drink first. When Suburgatory finally returns to our TV’s we’re going to be introduced to a hot new hangout: A Pressed Nation. It’s a juice bar that is all the rage with the health-crazed Chatswin residents—even George falls under its fresh and organic spell. On an unrelated and very depressing note, George and Dallas are still broken up and we kind of want to cry.

Dani Bree: If I could I would move to Bluebell and never ever leave! What’s coming up on my beloved Hart of Dixie this season?
It must be spring time in Bluebell because new friendships are blooming! (Ugh, so sorry. That was unbelievably lame. We realize that.) We recently chatted with the lovely Kaitlyn Black and she exclusively told us that AnnaBeth and Zoe are going to get super close—like braid each other’s hair close. “Yes there will definitely be a stronger relationship between the two of them and we will get to see lots of AB/Zoe shenanigans,” she says. So does this mean that AB and Lemon’s Belle bond is broken? Black explains, “Zoe is not taking the place of Lemon but with Zoe being very close to Lavon and AB being in love with Lavon they definitely get to hang out with each other quite a bit more.” We can’t wait to see their crazy Bluebell antics!

Lauren: You always forget about 2 Broke Girls! What gives?
Don’t get your apron in a twist! We were just waiting until we had some good scoop about our favorite CBS waitresses. There’s a new waiter headed to the diner and he’s fierce, fabulous, and a lover of all things Sex and the City. He’s got Max’s snark, Caroline’s sense of fashion and a huge crush on Oleg. Luckily for him, it looks like Oleg is back on the market. Poor Sophie!

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy and More!

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Spoiler Chat

By now, you’ve seen Revenge‘s season-three trailer by now and we all know that Emily (Emily VanCamp) gets shot on her wedding night. But let’s back up a bit, who exactly is she marrying?

We’ve got some good Revenge info that will shed some light on her engagement timeline in the first half of season three. And we’ve seen the Sons of Anarchy season premiere, and we’re not exactly keeping things buttoned up. This is Spoiler Chat after all. Plus, scoop on How I Met Your Mother, S.H.I.E.L.D., Grey’s Anatomy and more:

Campbell: Is Emily really getting married this season on Revenge? Or is it just a quick engagement fake out type thing?
Daniel and Emily will get engaged right off the bat in season three, and we can tell you that as of episode five, they are still totally moving forward with wedding plans. Emily will be deep in the throes of picking up dresses and flowers, etc, with every intention of becoming a Grayson. Start monogramming those wedding gifts, now! Perhaps a gold-plated Sharpie?

Tamie Q.: Just a bit annoyed with all the Grey’s romance stories floating around….they’re still doctors right? Got anything else on season 10?
You know that rumor about Richard Gere and the hamster? Or was it a gerbil? Either way, one of our unfortunate Grey’s docs will have to deal with that situation in the upcoming season. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Google “Richard Gere” and “gerbil” and you’ll see what we mean.

Ike: Sons of Anarchy new season right around the corner and not a peep out of you guys. What gives?
We’re still trying to wrap our brains around the season. It’s without a doubt one of the most shocking episodes of the series, if not the most shocking. But the silver lining of the season premiere is that jail Tara is kind of a badass. So fans of her characters will enjoy that. Oh, and Bobby has officially gone rogue and is doing something that probably won’t end well….for anyone.

Eliza: Thanks for all the stories you do on Orange Is the New Black! It’s my obsession and now that I’ve burned through season one, I need info on what’s next.
Did you think season one was flawless, save for one minor flaw: not enough Miss Rosa? Well, that’s going to change in season two. Miss Rosa will meet a new friend while undergoing treatment for her cancer, which will allow the audience to get more backstory than ever before on our favorite cancer patient. Besides Walt on Breaking Bad, of course.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERSo excited for How I Met Your Mother to come back, but I’m worried that this Ted and Robin thing will continue in the new season. Can’t they get over each other and just move on?

If you’ve had enough of Ted and Robin’s back and forth, then this photo from the season premiere of Robin and Barney looking blissfully in love might make you feel better. Plus, Ted will definitely make a big attempt in the beginning of the season to completely get over Robin. He’s about to meet his future wife after all!

Van: Cougar Town spoilers, if you please.
Do you think the cul-de-sac crew is ready for international fame? Probably not. But they need to get ready, because in season five: Penny Can goes global. Yes, you read that right.

Tyson: Can you tell us how Coulson faked his death in Avengers to end up alive in S.H.I.E.L.D.?
You must be joking. Joss Whedon and Marvel have cameras in every office of every human being who knows the answer to that. And while we do know how his resurrection is explained in the pilot episode, we also know that there are secrets about his death that even Coulson is completely unaware of. That’s all we can tell you at the moment. Seriously, move along because some of the cameras in our office started zooming in on our computer screens.

Malika: Not gonna lie, Baby Daddy is my guilty pleasure. It makes me laugh every time! Got any scoop on that?
Next season Bonnie will be getting an oh-so attractive new love interest Brad, played by The Young and the Restless’ Peter Porte. We’re super happy for Bonnie, but we’re not sure how long this hot new fling is going to last, especially since he winds up in the hospital. Ruh-roh!

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl and More!

August 28, 2013 Leave a comment
Connie Britton, Adam Brody, Zooey Deschanel, Matt Bomer

New TV season, new love interests!

On Nashville, one of our leading ladies will be cozying up to a brand new dude, and we’ve got scoop on that steamy storyline. And brace yourselves: is someone getting killed off on a certain CBS drama series?! All that, plus scoop on New Girl, White Collar, Pretty Little Liars and more in today’s Spoiler Chat:

Monica: Nashville is the show I just can’t quit. Will Connie Britton get some lovin’ this season?
Yup! Rayna is getting a hot new love interest, a guest star who might be all famous and fancy-like. His name will be Luke, and he is extremely charming and can sing and play guitar very well. (Adam Levine, anyone?) Expect these two to make some beautiful music, but it probably won’t last more than five episodes. So don’t get your panties in a bunch. Mostly because it’s uncomfortable.

Gemma: No NCIS: LA spoilers in what seems like ages! Help me!
We just chatted with the cast at their 100th episode party, and they shared some scoop that’s actually quite dire. “When we come back Sam and Deeks are being tortured,” Chris O’Donnell tells us, adding that we’ll find out more about Callen’s family and what the hell that “G” stands for. Meanwhile, Daniela Ruah revealed that she heard a character will be leaving at the end of the season! Say whaaa?!

Andrew in Valparaiso, Ind.: So how does Peter get out of prison on White Collar?
Well, we can’t reveal exact details on that, but we can turn it over to Matt “Blue Eyes That Stare Right Into Our Souls” Bomer to tell us about the Peter-Neal relationship in the new season. “I am really excited about this season! It’s all about this Faustian bargain; a deal that Neil makes with the devil in exchange for Peters freedom and it just creates this interesting dynamic on the show because the show is all about trust,” he tells us. “Once again Neil always has the best intentions but it puts him in a very compromising position.” Are you guys also thinking of a dirty joke involving Matt Bomer and the phrase “compromising position”? Just us?

Claire: I can’t breathe! The Pretty Little Liars summer finale is almost here and I’m SO excited! What can you tell us?!
First of all we can tell you that you should probably take a few deep breaths. It would be a shame to see you pass out from excitement before getting to watch tonight’s mind-blowing summer finale. That’s right, we said MIND-BLOWING. We had a loooong chat with PLL star Sasha Pieterse and she tells us that this is one hour that you absolutely cannot miss. “They’re calling it world war A for a very good reason,” she says. “I think people are going to get a real shocker but it’s going to be so satisfying because you’re going to get all these answers and you’re going to be able to make sense of it all.”

New Girl

Michelle: More more more Nick and Jess scoop #NEWGIRL
You know what they say about people who ask for more…they usually get what they want so keep it up! Anyway, Nick and Jess have so much crazy chemistry (remember that first kiss? Still reeling), so it’s hard to entertain the idea of them not meshing in certain parts of their relationship. Sex. We’re talking about sex. We’ve already told you that Jess goes to Schmidt for advice on how to please Nick, but what we didn’t tell you is that his advice is terrible. And we get a flashback to college Nick, which is our favorite kind of flashbacks.

Trisha: I heard my one and only Adam Brody is guest starring on The League this season. Do you have any details on his role?
Brody plays one of the out-of-towners in the guys’ fantasy league, and he decides to host a destination draft in his city of Los Angeles. When the guys (and Jenny) arrive, Adam’s character drops a huge bombshell on them. Hint: he has a serious disease. Also in the season premiere: somebody quits the league, a new Sacko trophy is revealed and a celeb who starred in This Is the End makes a hilarious cameo.

John B.: Obsessed with the fact that Tatiana Maslany is coming to Parks and Rec. It’s like my two favorite shows merging into one. Got scoop on that?
We’re calling her arc of episodes Orphan Rec, so if you start doing that too just give us credit. Actually give showrunner Mike Schur credit because he tweeted it first. Anyway, Aziz Ansari, who is the lucky guy who gets Tatiana as a love interest, tells us at the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco that they haven’t shot anything with her yet, but they should be filming her guest spot in the next couple weeks. And since you love this casting so much, better thank Aziz. It was his idea! “We were trying to find someone and she is so good on that show and then I read that she had a comedy background,” he tells our own Marc Malkin. “So I emailed Mike Schur and was like, ‘hey, what about her?'” Best idea ever, Tom.

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Parenthood and More!

August 24, 2013 Leave a comment
Monica Potter, Jason Segel, Lea Michele, Jensen Ackles

Leave it to the newbies to stir things up!

In today’s Spoiler Chat, we’ve got some juicy scoop on how newcomers will be bringing the drama on your favorite shows come this Fall TV season, including a theatrical egomaniac on Glee, Sherri Shepherd on How I Met Your Mother and a new love interest for one of the Winchesters on Supernatural! Plus, a familiar face will be returning to Parenthood as a foe for a beloved character. And that’s not all; we’ve also got spoilers on The Carrie Diaries, Orange Is the New Black

Thomas L.: Thanks for all the Teen Wolf scoop lately! I’m excited for the Kitsune to come in, but can we expect any other monsters to be introduced in the new season?
Executive producer Jeff Davis, take it away: “You may see others, but it revolves around the Kitsune myth. You’ll see, but we have some great new bad guys this season that we’re excited about.”

Maude: HIMYM me up baby!
We don’t know what base that is, but it sounds dirrrrrty. So OK, How I Met Your Mother is apparently doing a lot with Sherri Shepherd in season nine because she goes from casual acquaintance sitting next to Marshall on a plane in the premiere to recurring character whose daughter we will also meet. Both women are fiesty and tell it like it is, so you just know they’re gonna convince Marshall to join Lily in Italy for some Eat, Pray…no wait. Eat, Eat, Eat action living abroad. (Our bet anyway.)

Christian: Glee scoop would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
So kind and courteous, give your mom a pat on the back for us! Now, onto business: The Fox hit is currently looking for a big and bold actor to take on the fun, fun, fun role of Rodrick Easton, a talented and theatrical man who has a huge ego. Hm…sounds like a Broadway star to us! Fans can expect to see the character throughout the season, so we’re guessing someone (coughRachelBerrycough) landed a gig…

Maddie: Any scoop on Dean on Supernatural? Love me some Jensen Ackles?
If you didn’t love you some Jensen Ackles we’re pretty sure you’d be banished by the TV Gods, just saying. As for Dean, fans will get to meet Robin, an attractive waitress at a diner she inherited from her father who happens to have shared a sweet puppy love-style romance with Dean almost two decades ago. All together now: Awww!

Lindsey Gort, The Carrie Diaries

Shania: Love The Carrie Diaries and can’t wait to meet Samantha Jones as a teenager! Got any more scoop on the trouble she’ll be causing in season two?
hile Samantha is a man-eater, there’s one guy she won’t be going near anytime soon: Gort tells us she’s yet to work with Austin Butler aka Sebastian Kydd aka the guy who recently broke Carrie’s heart. As per the deal they’ll eventually make, men don’t matter, they’re soulmates. (Nostalgia, it burns so good!) Gort did spill some co-stars she’l be sharing some screen time with: Bustiers, acid wash denim and leather. Lots of it. We can’t wait for the ’80s rock-chic eye candy!

MaggieR: So obsessed with Parenthood…and what’s next for Kristina. Scoop?
Monica Potter is our sun and moon and top pick for ridic Emmy snubs. (We are pouring one for ya, gurl!) It will be a much lighter season for Kristina as she puts all that cancer awfulness behind her (thank god, we have no lore tears), and runs for mayor. Oh, and guess who’s going to be running against her? Bob Little! Yep, Mae Whitman‘s old flame is going to be in a heated battle with her aunt Kristina, and we’re kind of hoping they rekindle their old flame and get busy all crazy style a la Olivia Pope and President Fitz behind the scenes.

Amy: You guys are severely lacking in the Falling Skies scoop department. Any season four teases? 
A major new recurring character will be introduced in the season four premiere: Mira, a young East Indian girl who is being brain-washed with Espheni propaganda, but has a bit of a rebellious streak in her. Expect to see her team up with Matt and a few other kids in order to fight back.

Gina in Los Gatos, Calif: So is Lauren Prepon returning to Orange Is the New Black or not?? I need to know!
Taylor Schilling sure thinks so, because as she told us recently, Alex is “one of the great loves of Piper’s life, if not the great love.” And that great love is a story that needs time to be told. “Any time you have a bond like that, it never really ends. It continues to play out,” she says. “It’s like layers of an onion. I’m curious also to see where the writers take that relationship.” For our full exclusive interview with Schilling and fellow castmember Danielle Brooks, check back later today!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and More!

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment
Emily Vancamp, Revenge  Scott Porter, Hart of Dixie Ed Weeks, Mindy Project Nine Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

How much danger is Emily really in on Revenge? According to Emily VanCamp, quite a bit.

After watching the chilling promo for season three, we had to get scoop from Emily Thorne herself and her sidekick Nolan (Gabriel Mann) about what’s really happening when the show returns in the fall. And for you Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) shippers, you might want to take a peek at some info we’ve stumbled across. All that, plus Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, Mindy Project and more in this edition of Spoiler Chat:

Phoebe: Clearly, Emily is faking her own death this season of Revenge, because there is no way they would kill off the star, right?
We wouldn’t be so sure about that. Emily VanCamp did tell us that this season is “the beginning of the end of Emily Thorne.” Ominous, no? True, it’s a long shot that ABC would ever get rid of their leading lady, but it sounds like the writers do have some old tricks up their sleeves. “It’s going back to season one,” VanCamp says, adding that the love square or “rhombus” is back in full force. “It refocuses her conflict with the Graysons,” she reveals. As for Nolan, Gabriel Mann tells us that his character’s new trend this season will be “orange for prison jumpsuits.” Orange Is the New Nolan? We dig it.

@iStanforSmolder1h: Some #Delena scoop? #tvdS5
Something will affect their relationship big-time in the first half of the season. And it’s not a supernatural element getting in the way of Delena happiness.

Kia: I’ll get to the point. Mindy Kaling is my hero, so I’d love some spoilers on her show.
We don’t blame you. And we anticipate that the new season of The Mindy Project will be better than ever. Here are some tidbits we know about season two. Jeremy will still be holding on to some of those extra pounds, and a certain someone will not let him hear the end of it. That someone is his father. Yep, we’ll be meeting Jeremy’s dad in the beginning of the season, and he will not be able to resist poking fun at his son’s soft midsection. Parents! They’re the worst, right?

Teen Wolf MTV

Keegan: Any romance scoop on Teen Wolf?
Anyone else shipping Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski? ‘Cause we are! And yes, executive producer Jeff Davis is aware that fans want to see BFF Scott’s and Stiles’ parents get together. “We have talked about that. We’ve talked about it a lot in the writers’ room,” he tells us. “We’re not sure yet. though. I can say maybe, maybe not. If the chemistry builds and it’s there, who are we to stop it?” What’s that sound? It’s the sound of the wind hitting that ship’s sail, hey-o!

@Reneebrown84: What is going to happen in Hart of Dixie, Parenthood or Castle? Ahhhh, withdrawals going on! #spoilerchat
Eenie, meenie, miney… Hart of Dixie! By episode five, we’ll be meeting a number of new Bluebell residents, including Maisie, a gossipy tween who less interested in school and is more interested in Zoe and George’s love lives. There’s also a new member of the Belles sashaying into the group, tulle and all. Sadie is a bubbly yet quick-witted southern sweetheart who takes her position as one of Bluebell’s elite very very seriously.

Angela: Anything Pretty Little Liars-related will make my day!
Red Coat may still be on the loose, but that’s not the only problem that the liars will be facing when the show returns in January. It’s easy to forget, but in between their text-message tormenting, our pretty little foursome are still in their senior year of school. And who is feeling the brunt of the scholastic pressures? Spencer, of course! Cue Brenda, an academic overachiever with a dirty little secret for her success. She’s willing to share of course, but only for a hefty price. Let’s just say that soon Emily won’t be the only Rosewood student with a history of popping pills.

@Coffee2Go_Girl2m: Any White Collar scoop would make me happy! (Anything on Peter getting out of prison would make me VERY happy!)
You would think that Peter would be giving Neal the silent treatment for that whole murder charge thing, but we hear by the middle of the season at the latest, Peter will not be in prison and the guys will be back on speaking terms. Those speaking terms might be of the angry and pissed off persuasion, but speaking terms nonetheless.

Chloe: That teaser you guys shared for Ravenswood was soo good! I can’t wait to finally see how creepy that town really is! Any scoop to tide us till October?
According to Ravenswood creator Marlene King, the mysterious new cast is gearing up for their first official day of filming for the highly anticipated pilot, but we’re already focusing all our attention on the second episode! Why, you ask? Brace yourselves, PLL fans, because it looks like Ravenswood is going to be a billion times darker than those silly antics we’ve been following in Rosewood. Prepare to meet Olivia and Luke’s mother, Rochelle Matheson, a once confident woman who is now the main suspect in her husband’s murder. Damn! They’re really not messing around in Ravenswood

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