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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Scandal, Hart of Dixie, The Mindy Project and More!

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

Gladiators, are you ready for the new season of Scandal? Because based on the scoop we’ve been getting, we don’t think anyone can adequately prepare for what’s ahead.

We’ve got some info on Scandal‘s new season that’s all about our fearless leader: the POTUS. And we just spoke to Jaime King who spilled some Hart of Dixie details. All that, plus scoop on The Mindy Project, The League, Two and a Half Men and more in today’s Spoiler Chat:

Shawn D.: Wake me up when September ends…because it means Scandal is back! Got any scoop on the new season to help make the wait more bearable?
You know what everyone seems to be forgetting about in the midst of all craziness due to the reveals of Olivia’s father and the press finding out about her affair with Fitz? The fact that Fitz is still going to be running for reelection in season three! Of course, that isn’t such an easy task now that his affair has not only been outed, but confirmed. And yes, you can expect to see his opponents have a field day with the scandal. Well, not a field trip, more like a debate where the issue comes up. Awkward!

Trista: Bluebell me! I want to know what’s coming up for Hart of Dixie in season three.
What a coincidence! We just hung up the phone with Bluebell’s most sassy resident, the wonderful Jaime King, and she says that season three is going to really shake things up for our ladies in the love department. “I’m really excited for Hart of Dixie fans because we have a lot of new developments with the characters.” King continues, “And we have great new guest stars! Robert Buckley, and Josh Cooke are really awesome actors that are coming on to play love interests and to throw some curve balls for Zoe and Lemon.” Looks like there’s a lot more man-candy moving to Bluebell! Are you as excited as we are? Answer: No. No you’re not.

Jackie C.: Scoop on New Girl or Mindy Project….or both!
Don’t be greedy, we’ll just give you some Mindy Project scoop. It’s a pretty standard rule that there shall not any horsing around on planes, because TSA has no patience for that nonsense. Too bad Mindy doesn’t care about that rule and will find herself in hot water after flight attendants find her “threatening”. We’re talking the type of hot water that puts you in handcuffs. Plus, Mindy-Danny shippers will be bummed to know that he will get asked out by a really hot woman quicker than you can say “gyno” in that same episode.

Drew: You guys never give us any scoop on The Middle. What’s a guy got to do to get some spoilers on TV’s funniest comedy?!
Dinner would be nice. Maybe flowers? We jest, we jest. About the flowers anyway. But let’s talk scoop, shall we? The ABC comedy’s milestone 100th episode is coming up and the episode will appropriately be titled “The 100th.” And what do you know, Orson is always celebrating its centennial with a big parade, complete with a John Mellencamp tribute artist and town slogan contest!


Jenner: Thanks for the Revolution scoop in Spoiler Chat! Might I trouble you for s’more?
Who has s’mores? Oh, you mean “some more” scoop. Don’t get us excited with talk of chocolate goodness and then take it away. Jerk. Anyway, Revolution is looking to add a new ally to the team around episode seven, and this character is definitely around for the long haul. This new guy will be smooth-talking, likeable and an all-around good guy. He’ll probably rub someone the wrong way, but you don’t want to go to blows with him. The new dude will be in shape and ready and willing to throw a punch or two.

Aron: Please tell me we’ll be seeing some girl on girl action on Two and a Half Men. I love Amber Tamblyn!
We’d call you creepy, but we bet the rest of America is thinking the same thing. We do know that there will be an episode involving Amber’s character and three of her girlfriends going out partying. Whether that will lead into a more-than-friends situation is not quite clear, but at the very least we’ll see a drunk girl fall down?

Ashton: The League just added season four on Netflix, and I burned through half of the season. Gotta know if the beautiful Kristin Cavallari will be in season five?
As a matter of fact, Mark Duplass just told us that her husband Jay Cutler will be popping up in the new season, but his lovely wife probably will not be joining him. Unless there’s another breast milk debacle on the horizon. Isn’t the Chicago Bears quarterback what you really want when you watch this show? No? Well, count on other NFL stars to appear as well. Hint: a Defensive MVP and a kicker will be in the premier episode.

Shania: I know you guys love Workaholics as much as I do, so what do you got on the new season?
Can you imagine hiring one of the guys to entertain at a child’s birthday party? It will happen in episode five of the new season, and we’re both excited and terrified to see how it goes.

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TVLine Items: Beast Adds Arrow/Lying Game Actors, True Detectives Launch Date and More

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment
 AnnieIllonzehBoth Beauty and the Beast are in for a blast from the past, when an Arrow actress and a Lying Game alum drop by during Season 2.

Annie Ilonzeh has landed a potentially recurring role on the CW saga, reports, playing a high school friend of Catherine’s who is now a news reporter tracking a beastly scent.

Blair Redford, meanwhile, will guest-star in an episode as an Army buddy of Vincent’s who becomes “a terrifying opponent and a dangerous threat” to the beast.

Fun fact: Both Ilonzeh and Redford recurred last season on Switched at Birth, albeit separately.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• True Detectives, HBO’s new right-episode crime drama starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, is slated to bow in January 2014. A full-length trailer for the series — which centers on two detectives whose lives collide during a 17-year hunt for a serial killer — will debut this Sunday ahead of the Boardwalk Empire premiere.

It’s official: Mistresses Alyssa Milano will host Project Runway All Stars‘ third season, launching Oct. 24.

Starz’s new Ron Moore-helmed series Outlander has added Graham McTavish (The Hobbit) and Gary Lewis (Gangs of New York). The project follows a married combat nurse from 1945 who is swept back in time to 1743 and forced to marry another man (played by UK actor Sam Heughan).

Animal Planet has renewed My Cat From Hell for a 16-episode fifth season, to bow in 2014.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on New Girl, Walking Dead, Glee, Big Bang, Nashville, PLL and More!

September 5, 2013 Leave a comment


Question: I love the chemistry between Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira on The Walking Dead, but I do not want to see Rick and Michonne get romantically involved. That would be a jump-the-shark moment for sure. Please tell me the show isn’t going there. —Jeremy
Ausiello: Series creator Robert Kirkman says he “wouldn’t necessarily rule a romance out,” but he reminds us that Rick’s “wife did just die in a horrible way, so I don’t think any kind of romance is really on his radar just yet.” Kirkman does, however, concede that the two are growing closer. “They are definitely forming a friendship,” he acknowledges. “They have a very large mutual respect for each other because of their capabilities and their ability to trust one another, and I think that’s a lot of what was growing in the [Season 3] episode where they both went off on a run together.”

Question: Begging you for any scraps of New Girl spoilers. Fat Schmidt, Nick and Jess, a possible Winston/Cece arc — I will take anything! —Sarah
Ausiello: Schmidt will find himself somewhat mojo-challenged in Season 3. “He’s going to slide a little bit and not be so on top of his game,” reveals exec producer Dave Finkel. Adds fellow EP Brett Baer: “He’s definitely on a journey to figure himself out this season. He’s going to be forced to confront himself, and get in touch with the little guy inside of him.” To that end, viewers will likely meet “some of his family members in the second half of the season,” Baer confirms. “You’ll get a vision of what his childhood and homelife were like growing up, the way we did with Nick last year.”

lucy and rajQuestion: Does The Big Bang Theory have any plans to bring back Lucy? I really liked her with Raj and was surprised the show split them up in the finale. —Missi
Ausiello: Exec producer Steve Molaro says “the door was intentionally left wide open” for Kate Micucci to return as Raj’s ex, noting, “Raj said at the end of Season 6, ‘I pushed it too hard. I need to give her some space.’ And he’s still heartbroken about Lucy and sort of picking up the pieces and trying to move forward… But I love those characters together.”

Question: I am dying to know if Nashville is losing either Rayna or Deacon due to the crash! Please, can we at least have a tidbit of a hint? —Anna
Ausiello:  From what executive producer Dee Johnson tells TVLine, it sounds like the crash puts a very definite end to Deacon’s season-finale bender. “God, if this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what would,” she says. “That doesn’t mean he comes out of it singing about sunshine and lollipops, but he definitely feels for what happened and takes responsibility for what happened.”

Question: With the premiere less than two weeks away, what else can you tease on the Bones front? —Rachel
Ausiello: As with the Castle premiere, you’ll be hanging on the next words when Brennan says to her almost-fiancé, “I have to tell you something…”

bones season 9Question: Thanks for that Bones preview! Do you have any more teases on Booth and Brennan? —Rachel
Ausiello: Booth’s priest-turned-barkeep pal (played by Mather Zickel) will serve as “somewhat of a touchstone this season for secrets,” offers exec producer Stephen Nathan, who reveals that both Booth and Brennan will seek his counsel as they attempt to resolve their seemingly insurmountable relationship issues. “He’s a neutral party that Booth can go to and talk freely,” notes the EP. “And when Brennan finds out about him, she feels she can talk freely with him as well.” Holy epiphany, Batman: This dude’s so going to end up officiating the B&B nups later this season! You know I’m right! What do I win if I’m right?!

Question: How long into Grimm‘s new season will it take for the crew to settle the zombie problem and save Nick? —Ole
Ausiello: You remember how Rosalee said she could only cure the zombie problem when the afflicted person was in the rage stage, right? Well, Nick gets there quickly – within the first two episodes of Season 3, creators David Greenwalt and James Kouf say. On a scale where “kitten” is 1 and “Bengal tiger” is 10, “He’s about an 11,” Kouf adds – and it leaves a mark. By the time the credits roll on the season’s second hour, Monroe and everyone will have Nick back – “but there’s kind of residual damage,” the EP says.

Question: Any new details on Glee‘s Finn tribute? Maybe something about song selection? —Jen
Ausiello: Although I don’t have any confirmation of this, rumor has it an iconic track from Glee‘s Season 1 setlist will be revived for the Oct. 10 farewell. Additionally, I hear Santana is featured somewhat prominently in the special episode, the script of which is garnering rave reviews.

Question: OK, I’ll bite: What happens at the start of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 3 that’s so shocking it made your hair stand on end? —Julie
Ausiello: All I’ll say is it involves Donal Logue’s vengeance-seeking lawman. (And for the record, the SOA twist didn’t do that to my hair. The six-hour Labor Day nap I took did.)

the mindy project season 2Question: Hey! Will we be seeing Anna Camp on The Mindy Project at all this season? – Billie
Ausiello: Hey! It’s not looking great for any of Mindy’s girls this season, mostly because rom-coms rely a lot heavier on the “rom” than the “com.” (After all, it’s called When Harry Met Sally, not When Sally and Marie Hang Out and Marie Has That Funny Scene With the Folded-Down Index Cards.) “There are not a lot of plans to see Mindy’s girlfriends,” says EP Jack Burditt. “But I also think we may touch upon the fact that she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her girlfriends, either.”

Question: Any Mindy Project scoop? What kind of time jump are we looking at since the last season? Thanks! -—Mary Kate
Ausiello: Not a huge one – but enough time for [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] to have moved to the [spoiler]s.

Question: I recently became addicted to 2 Broke Girls. Any scoop on Season 3, particularly involving Nick Zano and/or Ryan Hansen returning to woo my favorite broke girls again? –Nikki
When we asked co-creator Michael Patrick King that very question, he said both of the broke girls’ former guys were likely gone for good – or, at least, for the foreseeable future. “My whole thing is, [men] come in and they go,” he said. “At 25, they’re in, they’re out. They’re a memory. You maybe see them. Maybe you don’t.” As for the hot new pastry chef who’ll show up this season, King notes, “At this point, we’re hoping for a different guy who can bring out different things in Max than Johnny did.”

Question: Camp is my favorite summer show! Any news on if it will be back next summer? —Kristen
Ausiello: I’m afraid I have bad news for you, Kristen. According to my spies at A.C. Nielsen, you are the only person still watching the show. So… no. It won’t be back next summer.

Question: I will happily take a Middle scoop off your hands, Aus. —Jordan.
Ausiello: ABC’s stealth hit will celebrate its 100th episode this fall with — what else — a parade, celebrating the Orsontennial and featuring no less than the fourth-best John Cougar Mellencamp impersonator in all of Indiana.

caryQuestion: Can you give me some scoop about The Good Wife? —Ilone
Ausiello: I can. And I will. The law offices of Florrick, Agos and Assoc. will share little in common with Lockhart Garner’s tony digs. “We want to suggest more of a start-up quality to it,” exec producer Robert King says of Alicia and Cary’s fledgeling firm. “Lockhart Gardner has a very polished look. [Florrick, Agos and Assoc] may not be up to the financial standards of Lockhart Gardner’s architecture.”

Question: Is it too early to ask for Pretty Little Liars Season 4B scoop? —Cora
Ausiello: “We will pay off” that top-secret meeting between Mona and Shana in Liars‘ summer finale, executive producer Oliver Goldstick assures. “I’ve always said, Mona is a viscous little dumpling and no one should forget who she was in Seasons 1 and 2 — even if she has ‘redeemed’ herself or ‘absolved’ herself of some of those horrible deeds. She was still capable of them, and that’s important to remember.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kim Roots and Meg Masters)

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Mega Buzz: Bones’ Crisis of Faith, a Grey’s Betrayal and a Castle Death?

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I’ll take any Bones scoop you have! — Ben
Although man-of-faith Booth seeks out his former priest Aldo for guidance about how to proceed with Brennan after his lie about the engagement, it’s what the padre tells Brennan that ends up making all the difference in repairing that relationship. And even though Aldo’s religious beliefs are now more in line with those of woman-of-science Brennan, look for Bones to take a leap of faith. And speaking of Booth’s old friends: Freddie Prinze Jr.’s CIA agent doesn’t get much to do in the premiere, but he does make Booth an enticing offer that he’ll likely wrestle with all season long.

Did you get any Calzona scoop when you were on the Grey’s Anatomy set? — Janna
Callie will find comfort in what longtime fans would consider surprising places as she turns to fellow board members Meredith and Cristina. “They have more things in common than they used to, specifically Meredith and Callie, now they’re both mothers, so on that level, Meredith feels for Callie and what she’s going through,” Sara Ramirez says. “There is a moment where Callie confides in Meredith early on. Cristina and Meredith are two people that Callie is close to during this and interestingly enough, feels betrayed by one of them at one point.” Ruh-roh.

I know you’ve seen the Castle premiere, so spill! — Hannah
The season tends to some necessary housekeeping regarding Beckett’s two decisions right out of the gate, but after that the show wastes no time ratcheting up the action. In fact, before the premiere is over, one major character gets shot and another is in mortal peril. Although one of those scenarios is a fake-out, the other is alarmingly real.

Any scoop on Stefan and Elena on Vampire Diaries? I’m still holding out hope for them! — Kendrick
NATALIE: I guess it’s a good thing that my colleague Robyn Ross was on set this week to ask Nina Dobrev that question! She says that Elena’s connection to Stefan will clue her in to the fact that something is not right with him (aka he’s drowning at the bottom of the river.) “She has this weird feeling something is going on. It’s this cosmic connection you have with someone that you’ve spent so much time with and I don’t know if that will go away,” Dobrev says. “She knows she’s in love with Damon, but she still cares for Stefan and wants to make sure he’s OK … and when she finds out what he’s been through, it’s not easy for her.”

How will Hank return on Parenthood? — Karen
: It’s still unclear what turns Hank and Sarah’s relationship will take this upcoming season, but look for Hank to bond with Max and encourage the young Braverman’s growing interest in photography. Unfortunately, Max gets a bit overzealous taking pictures for the school yearbook, which may land him, and subsequently Adam and Kristina, in hot water with the principal.

Anything you can reveal about Once Upon a Time with the premiere getting closer each day? — Steph, via Twitter
NATALIE: Emma will take a surprising leadership role when the ragtag group of friends and foes heads to Neverland. “She’s surrounded by people who have been at each other’s throats for different reasons and are continuing to be,” Jennifer Morrison says. “But we are not going to be able to save Henry unless we all come together, so she has to be the voice of reason to overcome those differences. It’s going to leave room for new alliances that we don’t expect and also new conflicts.”

Any scoop on the new season of Chicago Fire? — Jeremy
Get ready to meet a new woman in Severide’s life! And no, we’re not talking about a new love interest. Instead, Severide suspects this woman, a 19-year-old named Katie, is his father’s mistress. So he’ll certainly be surprised when he learns that Katie is actually … Benny’s daughter and Severide’s sister!

Do you have any scoop on Parks and Recreation? —Lance
Before Rashida Jones leaves Parks, Ann will be pregnant. “Yes. I’m definitely going to grow on the show,” Jones tells me, noting that with Diane also pregnant, it may be a “race to the pregnancy finish line.” More good news? Jones says that there’s a good chance that she’ll return to the NBC comedy after her mid-season exit. “Ann is not going to be far and Rashida’s not going to be far,” she says. “Ann loves Leslie too much and Rashida loves Parks and Amy too much.”

What can you tell me about Adam Pally’s character on The Mindy Project?Kris
Pally’s character, Peter, will quickly make himself a part of the team at Mindy’s practice — maybe a little too quickly. When Jeremy’s boisterous father, Alfred, comes to visit, he and Peter hit it off — so much so that Alfred invites Peter to dinner, much to Jeremy’s chagrin. But while Alfred and Peter click, Alfred spends most of his time criticizing Jeremy. Let’s just say that Jeremy might consider a trip to the gym after this visit.

What can you tell us about Sherlock’s reunion with his brother Mycroft on Elementary? — Derek
It won’t be pleasant, especially when Joan and Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) decide to exchange notes on Sherlock. “Sherlock is expecting to go to London and never even mention to his brother that he’s there,” executive producer Rob Doherty says. “Sherlock has to confess to Joan that he has a brother. It’s news to her. We find out there’s some bad blood between the Holmes boys and they have not spoken in several years.”

Got any teases about the new season of Boardwalk Empire? — Kyle
Don’t expect another Gyp Rosetti to challenge Nucky. In fact, Nucky’s new rival, Jeffrey Wright’s Dr. Valentin Narcisse, is much more intellectual and patient than the hot-headed Gyp. (Narcisse, however, will prove to be just as deadly.) But perhaps the real threat to Nucky is Warren Knox (Brian Geraghty), a rookie agent at the newly formed Bureau of Investigation who’s trying to make his name by linking Nucky to other gangsters across the country. He’ll do so by turning one of Nucky’s closest allies against him — with disastrous, heartbreaking results.

I’m still rooting for Oliver and Laurel on Arrow. — Kim
Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted the duo kissing in the Comic-Con trailer, which executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals will happen at Tommy’s grave site. (Ouch!) “They are in love with each other and they will probably always be in love with each other and that has to influence every moment that these two characters share for the life of the series,” he says. Still, there is good news for Olicity fans: “The relationship between Oliver and Felicity over the course of Season 2 will evolve and deepen,” he hints.

Natalie’s Mega Rave: If you’re not watching American Ninja Warrior, you’re missing out on one of the most high-flying, exciting and surprisingly heartwarming competitions on TV right now. It’s a shame that Flip Rodriguez went out this week, but Brent Steffensen could legit become the first American Ninja Warrior. It’s history in the making!

Adam’s Mini Rant: I’m dumbfounded by the decision to have Randy Jackson replace (actually useful) Jimmy Iovine as American Idol‘s in-house mentor. Is he Fox’s Jay Leno?

Crave scoop on your favorite TV shows? E-mail Adam and Natalie at or drop us a line at

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Homeland, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Revolution and More!

September 5, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

Midweek slump? We’ve got just the cure for your Wednesday woes!

That’s right, we’re serving up a steaming cup o’ scoop for you this morning, with spoilers on a new pairing Homeland fans can expect to see in season three, two newbies Revenge viewers will be meeting and the return of a Teen Wolf baddie! Plus, we’ve also got insider info on the new season of Revolution, Pretty Little Liars, Cougar Town and more…

Meghan: Even though I didn’t love season two, I have to admit I am really, really excited about the upcoming season of Revenge. Any scoop to share? 
Prepare to meet two newbies when your Hamptons vacation returns later this month. In episode six, you’ll be introduced to a new recurring character, supermarket worker Jenny, a no-nonsense spitfire, who has a strong moral center and fight in her. Also making her Hamptons debut is Morgan Holt, an attractive and corrupt real estate agent, who is in cahoots with Conrad. And we mean in cahoots in possibly more way than one…if you catch our drift. Seems things are still as scandalous as ever for the Graysons and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nicholas A.: Revolution scoop, anything you got.
We recently spoke to Billy Burke about season two, and how Nora’s death will impact Miles and the team. “He is going to carry it with him for a while,” he told us. “As actors I will say losing Nora was a big blow–losing Daniella and Danny, who played Graham were all big blows for us, but the nature of the show is that people have to die. Still, for us it truly was like losing family.” He also revealed that Neville may not remain a villain for long. ” I don’t think that Neville is all bad, and I think he at one time, too, started outwith good intentions and probably wanted to do what was right for the greater good, like a lot of these characters have,” Burke said. “But daily they are forced to do stuff that they don’t want to do but have to, and it changes them.”

Sasha: I’m OK with Brody not being in the first few episodes of Homeland because I’m a Quinn-Carrie shipper. Please tell me they have some good stuff in the premiere!!
Nope, Carrie’s heart, for now, belongs to Brody. She’s too preoccupied with protecting him and dealing with Saul to bat her eyelashes at Quinn. And worse news for Quinn-Carrie fans: there might be romance brewing with a new person on the team and Quinn. It’s too early to tell, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Homeland went there with the two of them.

Ash: Do you know if Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga will play love interests on American Horror Story this year? I loved them in season one together.
We’re betting they will definitely have a relationship of some kind, but we think Evan’s character will be involved with his real-life girlfriend Emma Roberts‘ character. Maybe a love triangle is brewing? We wouldn’t be surprised, given this creepy three-way kiss on the AHS poster.

Teen WolfAmy: Already counting down the days until Teen Wolf returns! Can we expect to see Jennifer Blake again or is she definitely dead?

Come on now, any true Teen Wolf fan knows a villain never really dies on the MTV hit. Just look at Peter Hale, who seemingly died in season one only to return to big bad form in the season 3A finale. “We like Peter a lot and we especially like Ian Bohen, but it’s hard. You want to have villains in your show, but you want to have believable ends to those villains as well, but sometimes they’re just too good,” Jeff Davis explains of having a hard time saying goodbye to the show’s villains. “We’re talking about, like, ‘How can we bring Jennifer back?’ the other day on set.” And for the record, he wouldn’t confirm her death. Take that as you will…

Angela: Please tell me that you have more Pretty Little Liars scoop! I don’t want to have to wait until January, I need answers now!
Well, we want answers too! So we recently chatted with the original “A,” the lovely Janel Parrish, and the PLL star says that things are going to get even more twisted when season four returns in 2014. “It’s just going to get crazier and crazier, as the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. “A” is going to be even more of a mastermind than anybody ever imagined so yeah, it’s going to get crazier.” Plus, our former insane asylum sweetheart is going to be getting a new boyfriend! Parrish reveals, “Mona finally gets a love interest. I think she deserves one and it’s kind of a shocking one so I think fans will love it.” Who do you think will be wooing Mona next year? Our money is on Lucas!

Alana: Just watched every episode of Mike & Molly and now I’m a fan. Do you have any info from the new season?
Molly will end up in a coffin. Wait! Don’t panic. She does find herself laying in a coffin, but she’s alive and just joking around in a funeral home. You know, as one does. Turns out that Mike and Molly will enjoy some substances of the…recreational variety and won’t be able to stop giggling during their funeral home adventure. And since it’s television, of course Molly will scare the living daylights out of a familyjust trying to pick out a coffin for a deceased loved one.

Lucia: Penny Can! Oops, I mean Cougar Town!
Penny Can! Oops, we mean here’s some scoop for you to get absolutely giddy over: Bobby is becoming a grandfather! OK, before you break out about Travis becoming a father and starting a family with Laurie (Crazier things have happened, people!), we should mention that Bobby isn’t technically the biological grandfather as it’s his dog that is welcoming some new puppies. Too bad another man is trying to sell Bobby’s grandpups, so Ellie comes to the rescue. Huzzah!

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TVLine Items: Jason Priestley Joins CSI No. 300, Pretty Little Fave Visits Baby Daddy and More!

September 5, 2013 Leave a comment
 CSI 300th episode cast JAson PriestleyJason Priestley is bringing some crazy to CSI‘s landmark 300th episode.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 vet joins the faux-flashback-filled milestone as a casino mogul who, after a scandalous turn of events, became a bit of a Las Vegas recluse, reports.

Priestley joins the installment’s previously cast Bethany Joy Lenz and returning vet Marg Helgenberger.

Season 14 of CSI bows Sept. 25.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Lucy Hale will guest-star in a Season 3 installment of Baby Daddy, ABC Family announced Tuesday. Details about the Pretty Little Liars fave’s role are currently being kept under wraps.

Guys With Kids alum Anthony Anderson has been tapped to host Wall of Fame, NBC’s new trivia series. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will emcee the game show, which finds family members correctly answering pop culture-related questions and guessing which celebs on the “Wall of Fame” have answered it correctly, as well.

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TVLine Items: Vampire Diaries’ Sexy Season 5 Sneak Peek, Josh Groban Goes Crazy and More!

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Are Silas-as-Stefan and Human Katherine The Vampire Diaries‘ new ‘it’ couple?

A promo for the CW smash’s upcoming fifth season (bowing Oct. 3) indicates as much, with the terrible twosome nursing a mutual attraction — while wet and bubbly in a bathtub!

Press PLAY below to watch their vampy sparks fly, then hit the comments: Are you ready to board this ‘ship?

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Josh Groban is going to get Crazy with Sarah Michelle Gellar this fall. Per, the singer/actor will guest-star on CBS’ new fall comedy The Crazy Ones, playing a friend from SMG-alter-ego Sydney’s past.

Comedy Central will livestream its James Franco Roast, which debuts this Labor Day Monday at 10 pm EST. The broadcast will be available via the cabler’s website, mobile site and Xbox 360 app.

Russell Tovey (BBC’s Being Human) has joined HBO’s San Francisco-set dramedy Looking, per The Hollywood Reporter. The project, starring Glee‘s Jonathan Groff, centers on the three Bay Area friends enjoying what life has to offer a new generation of gay men. Tovey plays a wunderkind who has achieved success at a young age.

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Beauty and the Beast and More!

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Spoiler Chat

Sounds like New Directions might be getting a new star!

We’ve got some Glee scoop on some new blood coming to McKinley High in season five, and this person sounds positively dreamy. We have more from “A” himself! All that, plus scoop on How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Beauty and the Beast and more in today’s serving of Spoiler Chat:

Kate: Keep the Glee spoilers rolling! I need them to survive until the premiere!
A source revealed to us that two of the Beatles songs in the season-five opener are “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Yesterday.” Speculate away on who will be singing what and to whom. Also, Glee is currently looking for a new high school star that will be a major recurring role. As always, this new man will be an excellent singer and dancer and most likely super cute. New glee club member on the way?

Ryan: I’m still in shock over that Pretty Little Liars summer finale! What can you say about the Halloween episode?
According to our new A team leader, Ian Harding says that this year’s Halloween special is definitely a can’t-miss episode. “I am in Ravenswood, Mr. Fitz is in Ravenswood. To what extent will be shrouded in mystery,” he teases. “There are some parts that are actually legitimately scary, like really scary… So we’re going to get the thrills and the fashion and it’s going blow people’s minds. And we’re introducing new characters and all that so it’ll be fun.”

Sasha L.: Loved the How I Met Your Mother scoop in yesterday’s Spoiler chat. Can I bug you for more?
Bug away! We’ll be meeting Robin’s family in the final season (obviously, it’s her wedding, after all), but a certain family member won’t be there to bless the nuptials. Ted is convinced that Robin’s French-Canadian cousin is putting together a ploy to sabotage the wedding. The cause? It’s hockey related. Aren’t most Canadian grievances hockey-related? Oh, we kid.

Marc: Any info on Parenthood‘s new season?
We won’t have to wait long to see the birth of Jasmine and Crosby’s baby. The delivery goes smoothly, but the drama starts when Jasmine gets her first look at the newborn. And that’s not where the drama ends. Prepare for a truly heartbreaking conversation between Amber and Ryan to start the season off right. Pass the tissues, Parenthood is back!

Beauty and the Beast, Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan

Olivia: May I pretty pretty please have some Beauty and the Beast scoop? Please with sugar on top?
Oh, goodness! Since you asked so sweetly, we’ll give you everything we’ve got! Brace yourselves BATB fans because we’re going to meet two very intense characters when our dark drama returns this fall. Zach is an attractive yet cocky former soldier with a deep and dangerous secret. He’ll be reuniting with an old friend, and although we can’t tell you who that “friend” is, we can tell you that the reunion won’t be a happy one. We’ll also get to meet Beth, Cat’s friend from high school, whose overly-curious personality as a journalist leads her into situations she may regret getting into.

James M: Suburgatory me!
Buy us a drink first. When Suburgatory finally returns to our TV’s we’re going to be introduced to a hot new hangout: A Pressed Nation. It’s a juice bar that is all the rage with the health-crazed Chatswin residents—even George falls under its fresh and organic spell. On an unrelated and very depressing note, George and Dallas are still broken up and we kind of want to cry.

Dani Bree: If I could I would move to Bluebell and never ever leave! What’s coming up on my beloved Hart of Dixie this season?
It must be spring time in Bluebell because new friendships are blooming! (Ugh, so sorry. That was unbelievably lame. We realize that.) We recently chatted with the lovely Kaitlyn Black and she exclusively told us that AnnaBeth and Zoe are going to get super close—like braid each other’s hair close. “Yes there will definitely be a stronger relationship between the two of them and we will get to see lots of AB/Zoe shenanigans,” she says. So does this mean that AB and Lemon’s Belle bond is broken? Black explains, “Zoe is not taking the place of Lemon but with Zoe being very close to Lavon and AB being in love with Lavon they definitely get to hang out with each other quite a bit more.” We can’t wait to see their crazy Bluebell antics!

Lauren: You always forget about 2 Broke Girls! What gives?
Don’t get your apron in a twist! We were just waiting until we had some good scoop about our favorite CBS waitresses. There’s a new waiter headed to the diner and he’s fierce, fabulous, and a lover of all things Sex and the City. He’s got Max’s snark, Caroline’s sense of fashion and a huge crush on Oleg. Luckily for him, it looks like Oleg is back on the market. Poor Sophie!

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TVLine Items: Aziz Ansari Brings His Schtick to Netflix, Wolfgang Puck Visits CSI and More

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 AzizAnsari_300Aziz Ansari is teaming with Netflix on his latest stand-up special.

The Parks and Recreation star’s third comedy solo comedy performance, titled Buried Alive, will be available exclusively on the streaming service beginning Nov. 1, The New York Times reports.

Ansari’s first special made its debut on Comedy Central in 2010; the second bowed online via a $5 download in 2012.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

CSI has cooked up a juicy guest spot for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, TVLine has learned exclusively. He’ll play himself in a Season 14 installment that centers on a food-competition series gone wrong.

• Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Cupid) has joined General Hospital as a man from Sabrina’s past who pops up in Port Charles, Access Hollywood reports. And because this is GH, he also has ties to the city’s seedy underbelly.

• Amy Sedaris (The Good Wife) is headed back to Raising Hope in Season 4, reports, playing Virginia’s (Martha Plimpton) cousin. Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers) is also slated to guest-star as a “quirky prosecutor.”

• UFC star Chuck Liddell is coming to Bones this season. According to, he’ll play a tough mixed martial artist who interacts with Booth during an investigation.

• Andrea Roth (Rescue Me, Ringer) has landed a major recurring role in Rogue‘s second season, per Deadline. She joins the DirecTV drama as an FBI agent who butts heads with Thandie Newton’s Grace.

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Mega Buzz: A Grey’s Catch-22 and New Romances on The Mentalist and Nashville

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Do you have any Cristina-and-Owen scoop on Grey’s Anatomy? — Jasmine

NATALIE: Though Cristina and Owen have broken up, Kevin McKidd says that they’ll still be linked. “I’ve been assured by the writers that what happens with them as far as their relationship status, they’re always going to be connected emotionally,” McKidd says. “So even if they’re not a couple, they’ll always be, in a way, a spiritual couple… and I’ll still get to work with her.” Still, McKidd hopes that Owen will take steps toward his own happiness. “He has put his own needs on the back burner,” he says. “I want him to pursue it to see what happens, but the sad fact is that if he gets what he wants, he’ll lose the person he loves, so it’s a real catch-22.”

Anything good about The Mentalist, preferably about Jane and Lisbon? — Lexi, via Twitter
With the show wrapping up the Red John story line this season, creator Bruno Heller hints that the unresolved sexual tension between the core duo will perhaps move to the fore. “I think they absolutely love each other,” he says. “Have they ever laid there at night and thought about the other one and what that would be like to be a romantic couple? Of course they have, and that’s exactly what they’re going to continue feeling and thinking.” Then again, catching Red John might change those feelings altogether. “They care so much about each other, [but] with the stakes being ratcheted up by Red John being ever-present, it’s a pressure-cooker situation,” Simon Baker says. “They have to lean on each other more, but it’s also going to be easy for them to blow each other’s fuse.”

Got any new info about Nashville? — Janice
Sounds like Rayna is going to be going through several men in the wake of her falling out with Deacon.  We hear that the show is casting a recurring love interest who, like his label-mate Rayna, is a super-successful mega-star. Although Rayna is initially attracted to his humility and warmth toward his fans, it don’t impress her much when he offers her some pretty sexist career advice.

What’s going to happen to Henry on Once Upon a Time? — Melanie
Though the Charmings and their foes are working together to rescue Henry, the real question you may want to ask yourself is what happens to Henry if and when they do save him? Does he go home with Emma, Snow and Charming? Or does the Evil Queen have other ideas about his future? First, though, they’ll have to figure out why Peter Pan even wants Henry. “In the first few episodes, you’re going to start realizing what he wants Henry for, but like any good mystery, you won’t know the whole picture until you watch the whole 11 episodes,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says.

I know it’s early, but do you have any scoop on True Blood? — Brandon
Just because the show jumped ahead six months in the finale, don’t expect to see Sam’s hybrid baby in the flesh next season. Executive producer Brian Buckner explains: “Our 10 episodes [usually] take place over the course of two weeks,” which, even on TV, isn’t enough time to hatch a hybrid. But he stresses that if this is deemed to be the final season, things may unfold a little more rapidly.

Any Vampire Diaries scoop on Damon and Elena? — Kayla
For once they’ll be happy. But their bliss will be foiled — yet again! — by Katherine, who’ll be back to meddle in everyone’s lives. Although Damon says that he’s over her, what will Elena — who’s now off at college — think when she learns that Damon and Katherine have been bunking together at Chez Salvatore all summer long?

The Big Bang Theory scoop, please!  — Jared
NATALIE: When Amy and Bernadette head to a work conference, they’ll be surprised when, even without Penny in tow, men are still hitting on them! “It’s supposed to be Bernadette and Amy talking shop, but they end up talking boys,” Mayim Bialik teases. Too bad they’re both taken!

Anything else you can tell us about Danny’s relationship with Gabrielle on Hawaii Five-0? — Christine
Well, Melanie Griffith is coming to town, and I couldn’t imagine Danno’s mother not having an opinion on who her son is dating. But the couple will have bigger challenges than a nosy parent. Although executive producer Peter Lenkov previously teased that Danny’s daughter Grace could come between the pair, I’m hearing that Gabby will also be forced to choose between Danny and a job.

Any scoop on The Originals? — Sandy
NATALIE: Haley better watch her back! Executive producer Julie Plec tells us that she may not stand a chance once that baby is born. “One of the first things Rebekah says to Haley is that Klaus is the kind of guy who puts his family members in a box, so probably when you give birth you’ll end up in one of your own,” Plec says. Good thing witch Sophie has a trick up her sleeve to keep Haley safe — for now.

I can’t believe that Amber and Ryan might be getting married on Parenthood! How soon could they tie the knot? — Linda
Things will get very complicated for Amber and Ryan when three things happen: 1) Sarah reveals just how she really feels about her daughter’s impending nuptials; 2) Sarah hires Ryan to work as a plumber in the apartment building where she is now the superintendent; and 3) Kristina’s opponent in the mayoral race turns out to be… Bob Little, Amber’s ill-fated fling from Season 3.

Is there anything you can tell us about Samantha Jones (Lindsey Gort) on The Carrie Diaries? — Emily
“She is Donna LaDonna’s cousin,” executive producer Amy B. Harris teases. Carrie and Samantha “have chemistry, but they’re very different. Carrie’s spent a lot of time nurturing friends, worrying about her sister and her dad, and Samantha comes in with a lot less worries about consequences and helps her open her eyes to letting go of that a little bit.” Looks like Samantha will finally be putting the sex in the Sex and the City prequel.

I’m loving The Bridge. But the guy they arrested last week can’t be the killer, can he? — Teddy
Although the current suspect is plenty crazy, yes, he’s ultimately a red herring.  However, on Wednesday’s episode, Sonya closes in on a new suspect who has ties to several of the victims. Even more shocking — and potentially deadly — is the connection Sonya’s new target has to… Marco.

Adam’s Mega Rave: Am I the only one who thinks that Jane Fonda should play Leona high in all her scenes on The Newsroom?

Natalie’s Mini Rant: We get it, Miley Cyrus; you’re all growed up! Welcome to all the fun, new activities that all adults enjoy — say, humping a foam finger.

Crave scoop on your favorite TV shows? E-mail Adam and Natalie at or drop us a line at

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy and More!

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Spoiler Chat

By now, you’ve seen Revenge‘s season-three trailer by now and we all know that Emily (Emily VanCamp) gets shot on her wedding night. But let’s back up a bit, who exactly is she marrying?

We’ve got some good Revenge info that will shed some light on her engagement timeline in the first half of season three. And we’ve seen the Sons of Anarchy season premiere, and we’re not exactly keeping things buttoned up. This is Spoiler Chat after all. Plus, scoop on How I Met Your Mother, S.H.I.E.L.D., Grey’s Anatomy and more:

Campbell: Is Emily really getting married this season on Revenge? Or is it just a quick engagement fake out type thing?
Daniel and Emily will get engaged right off the bat in season three, and we can tell you that as of episode five, they are still totally moving forward with wedding plans. Emily will be deep in the throes of picking up dresses and flowers, etc, with every intention of becoming a Grayson. Start monogramming those wedding gifts, now! Perhaps a gold-plated Sharpie?

Tamie Q.: Just a bit annoyed with all the Grey’s romance stories floating around….they’re still doctors right? Got anything else on season 10?
You know that rumor about Richard Gere and the hamster? Or was it a gerbil? Either way, one of our unfortunate Grey’s docs will have to deal with that situation in the upcoming season. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Google “Richard Gere” and “gerbil” and you’ll see what we mean.

Ike: Sons of Anarchy new season right around the corner and not a peep out of you guys. What gives?
We’re still trying to wrap our brains around the season. It’s without a doubt one of the most shocking episodes of the series, if not the most shocking. But the silver lining of the season premiere is that jail Tara is kind of a badass. So fans of her characters will enjoy that. Oh, and Bobby has officially gone rogue and is doing something that probably won’t end well….for anyone.

Eliza: Thanks for all the stories you do on Orange Is the New Black! It’s my obsession and now that I’ve burned through season one, I need info on what’s next.
Did you think season one was flawless, save for one minor flaw: not enough Miss Rosa? Well, that’s going to change in season two. Miss Rosa will meet a new friend while undergoing treatment for her cancer, which will allow the audience to get more backstory than ever before on our favorite cancer patient. Besides Walt on Breaking Bad, of course.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERSo excited for How I Met Your Mother to come back, but I’m worried that this Ted and Robin thing will continue in the new season. Can’t they get over each other and just move on?

If you’ve had enough of Ted and Robin’s back and forth, then this photo from the season premiere of Robin and Barney looking blissfully in love might make you feel better. Plus, Ted will definitely make a big attempt in the beginning of the season to completely get over Robin. He’s about to meet his future wife after all!

Van: Cougar Town spoilers, if you please.
Do you think the cul-de-sac crew is ready for international fame? Probably not. But they need to get ready, because in season five: Penny Can goes global. Yes, you read that right.

Tyson: Can you tell us how Coulson faked his death in Avengers to end up alive in S.H.I.E.L.D.?
You must be joking. Joss Whedon and Marvel have cameras in every office of every human being who knows the answer to that. And while we do know how his resurrection is explained in the pilot episode, we also know that there are secrets about his death that even Coulson is completely unaware of. That’s all we can tell you at the moment. Seriously, move along because some of the cameras in our office started zooming in on our computer screens.

Malika: Not gonna lie, Baby Daddy is my guilty pleasure. It makes me laugh every time! Got any scoop on that?
Next season Bonnie will be getting an oh-so attractive new love interest Brad, played by The Young and the Restless’ Peter Porte. We’re super happy for Bonnie, but we’re not sure how long this hot new fling is going to last, especially since he winds up in the hospital. Ruh-roh!

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang Theory, SOA, NCIS, Revenge, Once, Grimm, Bones and More!

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Ask AusielloQuestion: I read that Penny and Sheldon will bond during Leonard’s absence on The Big Bang Theory – do you have any more details on this? —Emily
Ausiello: I can confirm that there will be some hugging (see photo). I can also confirm that there will be an exchange of classified information. “They [share] a couple of intimate secrets about each other,” exec producer Steven Molaro teases of the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 opener.They have some really sweet scenes together.”

Question: What’s up with Sons of Anarchy? —Robert
Ausiello: Jax won’t be making any conjugal visits to his jailhouse bride when Sons of Anarchy kicks off its sixth season on Sept. 10. In fact, he won’t be visiting Tara, period (although it won’t be for lack of trying on his part). When the unhappy couple do eventually come face-to-face, expect “a deep sense of sadness on both their parts,” shares series creator Kurt Suttter, who describes the reunion as “loving but very sad.” As the SOA boss notes, “They’ve been through so much already, and how many more times can you say, ‘I’m sorry?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’s going to get better?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’ll change?’ It’s almost like there’s a certain amount of resignation that they both are aware of.”

Question: Can I get tapes of the past two seasons of the Sons of Anarchy? —Don
Ausiello: Sure thing. What format do you prefer — VHS, Betamax or 8-Track?

Question: Are there any Beauty and the Beast Spoilers? –Viv
Ausiello: I foresee a helper… and a headache. The show is currently casting the guest-starring roles of Zach, a cocky former soldier who uses a reunion with an old friend (perhaps Vincent?) for vengeance (against, perhaps, Muirfield?), and Beth, a high school pal of Cat’s who is now the hard-charging producer at a news station — suggesting to me that she’ll be the next one to get wind of the beasts now in our midst.

Question: Can you please keep us updated with the latest on Beauty and the Beast? It will be much appreciated! –Carol
Ausiello: Speak of the devil, here is the very, very latest: I can exclusively report that Bryan Dechart (Jane By Design) will debut in Episode 4 as Aaron Keller, a relative of Vincent’s (!) who is a street-smart arson investigator prone to being a (ahem) “hot” head. Hailing from a family of firefighters, Aaron is desperate to make his mark. And there you have the very latest!

Unknown Question: First time asker and I’ll keep it short and sweet — NewsroomNashville or The Originals? I’ll take anything! —Zara
Ausiello: Let’s head to Nashville. According to showrunner Dee Johnson, Peggy is determined to have Teddy’s baby. “She’s not going to run out and get an abortion,” Johnson says, adding that Teddy is “certainly not happy” about the bun in his mistress’ oven and that it’ll take a little while for Rayna to find out that Pegs is expecting. (Though, given everything that happened in the season finale, this whole mess is the least of Rayna’s problems, am I right?)

Question: Can we look forward to any substantial Snow/Emma scenes in Once Upon a Time Season 3? Also, is Snow finally going to get back to her warrior ways? –Christina
Ausiello: Yes, and thus yes. As mom and daughter brave Neverland together while still adjusting to their family dynamic, “In a lot of ways, Mary Margaret may not be able to bond with Emma, but Bandit Snow and Emma have a lot in common,” notes cocreator Eddy Kitsis. Meaning, going up against Peter Pan and his Lost Boys will bring bow-toting Snow to the fore. “David and Mary Margaret last year were saying, ‘We are both,’” Kitsis reminds. “But this year it’s, ‘We need Snow and Charming.’ That’s what this mission requires.”

Question: Do you have any new Bones spoilers for us? —Maria
Ausiello: Booth and Brennan have more than just a wedding to look forward to this season. Per exec producer Stephen Nathan, Bones intends to show the love-struck pair experiencing a number of pre-marriage trappings, including, presumably, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Although the rituals “might not be in the right order,” Nathan teases. “We want to continue to mess up tradition while kind of keeping it traditional at the same time.”

Person Of InterestQuestion: Since Person of Interest announced that Sarah Shahi would be a series regular, social media has been lit up by passionate fans who either love or hate her character, Sam Shaw. Are they sticking by their choice? —Casey
Ausiello: Absolutely — and the thing to keep in mind is that as a result, Shaw isn’t now some full-time member of Finch’s team. As showrunner Greg Plageman explained to Matt Mitovich as part of our Fall Preview Spectacular, Shaw’s betrayal by her own government “informed her opinion about belonging to anything or giving allegiance to anyone right now.” And as such, “She helps us out only when she feels like it.”

Question: Anything new on the NCIS front? –Cheryl
Ausiello: If you are by chance among the McAbby fans who worry that Tim’s new computer geek girlfriend Delilah (played by Big Bang Theory brainiac Margo Hasrhman) will be some ersatz Abby, Gary Glasberg is here to set the record straight. “I’d like to believe that maybe he’s drawn to people like that and is intrigued by women like that, but I wouldn’t say that [Abby and Delilah] are that similar,” the showrunner tells us. “They have their differences, that’s for sure!”

Question: Any scoop on Grimm? –Jordan
Ausiello: The third season of the supernatural drama will feature “alligators in the sewer” and “a reemergence of the Bauerschwein-Blutbad feud,” show bosses James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine. A word to the wise: You might want to DVR the Wu-centric episode – in which the cop comes face-to-face with the Wesen world – and watch it after dinner. The baddie in that hour is “something so creepy that the last thing that creepy was the fly episode,” Greenwalt promises. “This is right on par with that.”

Question: First off, I love your column! I have been reading Ask Ausiello since you were on Entertainment Weekly! Second, do you have any 2 Broke Girls scoop? I’m dying! —Richa
Ausiello: Thanks, Richa, but to be precise, I was in Entertainment Weekly, not “on” it. I’m a stickler for details, oh yes I am. Moving on to your query, showrunner Michael Patrick King tells us that Steven Weber will “probably” be back as Caroline’s pop this season and that “you never know” whether Candy Andy will return to romance Caroline. “We loved Ryan [Hansen] so much,” he says, but acknowledges that Hansen’s casting on CBS’ Bad Teacher complicates things a bit.

Question: Any Rookie Blue scoop? —Holly
Ausiello: The show’s two-part season ender, airing Sept. 5 and Sept. 12, will play out in roughly real time, which exec producer Tassie Cameron says should “give some indication of the urgency and pace.” Also, it’s a good thing ABC’s summer sleeper was renewed since Season 4 ends on a cliffhanger. Teases Cameron with a laugh: “I wouldn’t have wanted to end the show on our finale.”

pennycanQuestion: I know it’s early, but got anything on my favorite show, Cougar Town? —Christopher
Ausiello: Season 5 will answer the burning Q, “What would happen if Penny Can became a worldwide phenomenon?”

Question: Do you happen to have any news on Revolution to tide us over? —Carolyn
Ausiello: Things are getting darker, and not just because the power is out again. Despite moving to 8 pm, aka the family hour, all the characters will find themselves in “grimier situations,” previews executive producer Eric Kripke. “We wanted to explore more of our world – What does gambling look like? What do hookers look like? What does shadier nightlife look like? – and explore some of those corners.” Which, of course, is where they find Monroe.

Question: I have to say, the more I hear about Revenge Season 3, the more encouraged I become. Anything else you can share? —Melody
Ausiello: The weekly takedowns are back, but with a twist: They’ll play out over multiple episodes. They’ll also be less plot-driven. “We’re going to use them to explore who Emily is a little bit more than we’ve had a chance to in the past,” previews new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “We’re 44 hours into the show now. She’s experienced so many different things, culminating in the revelation of who [really] is to Jack. We’re examining not just who she is and what happiness means to her, but what are the ramifications of her plans are. Because now there’s someone who knows. And that’s going to have an impact on Emily. So the takedowns are still going to be wonderful, but they’re also going to have a deeper meaning and a deeper effect.”

Question: Anything on HIMYM? —Nick
Ausiello: The final season’s ninth episode, titled “Mom and Dad,” will introduce us to Robin’s French-Canadian cousin, Claude, who may or may not have been involved in some shady hockey-related doings. (Ted’s pretty confident he’s guilty as sin.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Megan Masters and Kim Roots)

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TVLine Items: Mekhi Phifer Moves Into House of Lies, Outbreak Gets TV Treatment and More!

August 29, 2013 Leave a comment
 House of Lies Mekhi PhiferMekhi Phifer has found a new home on House of Lies.

The ER alum joins the Showtime comedy’s upcoming third season as Dre, a business mogul who hires Don Cheadle’s Marty to help grow his empire, Deadline reports.

Phifer’s most recent TV credits include White Collar and Torchwood.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• NBC may be headed for an Outbreak. ER executive producers John Wells and Jack Orman are re-teaming on a new medical drama based on the 1995 film, Deadline reports. The project, which has been given a pilot-production commitment at the EPs’ former network, follows a group racing to “contain a lethal virus before it becomes a global pandemic.”

• Lindsey Kraft (Southland, The Mob Doctor) has landed a recurring role on Wayward Pines, Fox’s upcoming M. Night Shyamalan-produced event series, TVLine has learned exclusively. She’ll play Darla, the younger sister of Shannyn Sossamon’s Theresa.

• Will & Grace scene-stealer Leslie Jordan has landed a top-secret role in American Horror Story: Coven. The actor first revealed the casting on his official Facebook page.

• Aussie actor Rick Cosnett has joined The Vampire Diaries‘ fifth season as a biology professor who doesn’t take kindly to Elena and Caroline, reports. Meanwhile, spin-off The Originals’ latest witch will be played by Alexandra Metz (Chicago Fire). Per Deadline, the character has a hidden agenda that will rattle New Orleans.

• Daryl Hannah will guest-star in a Season 4 installment of Hawaii Five-0, reports, playing a shady real estate agent.

• Bravo has renewed its yacht-tastic docu-series Below Deck for a second season.

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl and More!

August 28, 2013 Leave a comment
Connie Britton, Adam Brody, Zooey Deschanel, Matt Bomer

New TV season, new love interests!

On Nashville, one of our leading ladies will be cozying up to a brand new dude, and we’ve got scoop on that steamy storyline. And brace yourselves: is someone getting killed off on a certain CBS drama series?! All that, plus scoop on New Girl, White Collar, Pretty Little Liars and more in today’s Spoiler Chat:

Monica: Nashville is the show I just can’t quit. Will Connie Britton get some lovin’ this season?
Yup! Rayna is getting a hot new love interest, a guest star who might be all famous and fancy-like. His name will be Luke, and he is extremely charming and can sing and play guitar very well. (Adam Levine, anyone?) Expect these two to make some beautiful music, but it probably won’t last more than five episodes. So don’t get your panties in a bunch. Mostly because it’s uncomfortable.

Gemma: No NCIS: LA spoilers in what seems like ages! Help me!
We just chatted with the cast at their 100th episode party, and they shared some scoop that’s actually quite dire. “When we come back Sam and Deeks are being tortured,” Chris O’Donnell tells us, adding that we’ll find out more about Callen’s family and what the hell that “G” stands for. Meanwhile, Daniela Ruah revealed that she heard a character will be leaving at the end of the season! Say whaaa?!

Andrew in Valparaiso, Ind.: So how does Peter get out of prison on White Collar?
Well, we can’t reveal exact details on that, but we can turn it over to Matt “Blue Eyes That Stare Right Into Our Souls” Bomer to tell us about the Peter-Neal relationship in the new season. “I am really excited about this season! It’s all about this Faustian bargain; a deal that Neil makes with the devil in exchange for Peters freedom and it just creates this interesting dynamic on the show because the show is all about trust,” he tells us. “Once again Neil always has the best intentions but it puts him in a very compromising position.” Are you guys also thinking of a dirty joke involving Matt Bomer and the phrase “compromising position”? Just us?

Claire: I can’t breathe! The Pretty Little Liars summer finale is almost here and I’m SO excited! What can you tell us?!
First of all we can tell you that you should probably take a few deep breaths. It would be a shame to see you pass out from excitement before getting to watch tonight’s mind-blowing summer finale. That’s right, we said MIND-BLOWING. We had a loooong chat with PLL star Sasha Pieterse and she tells us that this is one hour that you absolutely cannot miss. “They’re calling it world war A for a very good reason,” she says. “I think people are going to get a real shocker but it’s going to be so satisfying because you’re going to get all these answers and you’re going to be able to make sense of it all.”

New Girl

Michelle: More more more Nick and Jess scoop #NEWGIRL
You know what they say about people who ask for more…they usually get what they want so keep it up! Anyway, Nick and Jess have so much crazy chemistry (remember that first kiss? Still reeling), so it’s hard to entertain the idea of them not meshing in certain parts of their relationship. Sex. We’re talking about sex. We’ve already told you that Jess goes to Schmidt for advice on how to please Nick, but what we didn’t tell you is that his advice is terrible. And we get a flashback to college Nick, which is our favorite kind of flashbacks.

Trisha: I heard my one and only Adam Brody is guest starring on The League this season. Do you have any details on his role?
Brody plays one of the out-of-towners in the guys’ fantasy league, and he decides to host a destination draft in his city of Los Angeles. When the guys (and Jenny) arrive, Adam’s character drops a huge bombshell on them. Hint: he has a serious disease. Also in the season premiere: somebody quits the league, a new Sacko trophy is revealed and a celeb who starred in This Is the End makes a hilarious cameo.

John B.: Obsessed with the fact that Tatiana Maslany is coming to Parks and Rec. It’s like my two favorite shows merging into one. Got scoop on that?
We’re calling her arc of episodes Orphan Rec, so if you start doing that too just give us credit. Actually give showrunner Mike Schur credit because he tweeted it first. Anyway, Aziz Ansari, who is the lucky guy who gets Tatiana as a love interest, tells us at the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco that they haven’t shot anything with her yet, but they should be filming her guest spot in the next couple weeks. And since you love this casting so much, better thank Aziz. It was his idea! “We were trying to find someone and she is so good on that show and then I read that she had a comedy background,” he tells our own Marc Malkin. “So I emailed Mike Schur and was like, ‘hey, what about her?'” Best idea ever, Tom.

Want the latest TV scoop? We got it! Tweet your Spoiler Chat questions to @KristinDSantos or email them to!

TVLine Items: Ravenswood Adds Grey’s Medic

August 28, 2013 Leave a comment
 Justin Bruening Ravenswood CastSoap stud-turned-primetime scene-stealer Justin Bruening is putting down roots in Ravenswood.

The All My Children/Grey’s Anatomy alum has landed a mutli-episode arc on the upcoming Pretty Little Liars spin-off, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Bruening joins as the titular town’s high school teacher, a kind and generous educator who enjoys a close relationship with his students.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• To the surprise of no one, NBC and Dick Clark Prods. are looking to bring back Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts of the Golden Globes. Per Deadline, “There are no active conversations between the network and the funny ladies” just yet, but they have received an “informal invitation” to return next year.

Justified‘s Walton Goggins is developing a cop drama with Shield executive producer Adam Fierro for Fox, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Titled Gringo, the project revolves around an American cop who ends up amid cartel wars after moving to Mexico.

• Reeve Carney, who played Peter Parker in Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, has joined Showtime’s eight-episode “literary horror” series Penny Dreadful. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Carney will play Dorian Gray.

• Erstwhile Wonder Woman Lynda Carter will play “a version of herself” in Two and a Half Men‘s upcoming Season 11 (premiering Sept. 26), reports.

• Another mega-star is coming to play in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse: Lady Gaga has been tapped to appear on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

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TVLine Items: SOA Gets an Aftershow, Days Recast, Tori Spelling Solves Crime and More

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 sons of anarchy season 6 blogSons of Anarchy fans, rev your SAMCRO-obsessed engines.

FX has greenlit After Anarchy, a three-episode online aftershow centering on the Kurt Sutter-created biker drama, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Hosted by Chelsea Lately‘s Chris Franjola, the 30-minute series will stream live on FX’s website following Sons‘ Season 6 premiere on the East Coast, as well as after Episode 5 and the season finale.

Sons of Anarchy launches Sept. 10 at 10/9c.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Days of Our Lives will replace departing cast member Chandler Massey effective immediately, Soap Opera Digest reports. According to a show spokesperson, the decision was made “due to current storyline and the timely discovery of new talent that the show feels is the right recast for Will Horton.”

• Speaking of Days: Salem siren Nadia Bjorlin will guest-star on the third episode of CBS’ 2 Broke Girls this season as Pam, a model who shows up at the cupcake shop looking for her lost cat — and Max and Caroline have more than an inkling where the cute kitty might be.

• Bill Murray has been tapped to help David Letterman celebrate Late Show‘s 20th anniversary on Thursday, Aug. 29. The big-screen funnyman was both the series’ first guest when it premiered on CBS in 1993 and the inaugural guest on Letterman’s Late Night on NBC in 1982.

Matt Lucas will reunite with his Bridesmaids co-star Rebel Wilson on the comedienne’s new sitcom Super Fun Night. Per, the Little Britain alum guest stars as Kimmie’s (Wilson) former co-worker.

ABC Family has given the green light to a new pilot exec-produced by and starring Tori Spelling. Titled Mystery Girls, the project centers on an ex-starlet who begins solving crimes with her former costar.

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TVLine Items: True Blood Newbie Upped to Series Regular, Reality Bites for NBC and More!

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 True Blood Cast Amelia Rose BlaireEric’s new progeny is making Bon Temps her permanent home.

Amelia Rose Blaire has been upped to series regular in True Blood‘s upcoming seventh season, Deadline reports.

The actress joined the HBO drama’s last season as Willa Burrell, the dastardly Governor’s daughter who happily joined Eric and Pam’s ever-expanding family of vamps.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• NBC is developing a half-hour series based on the cult hit movie Reality Bites, Variety reports. Exec-produced by Ben Stiller — who starred in the big-screen flick — the project centers on a recent college grad trying to make her way in early ’90s, “recession-plagued” Houston.

• Michael Ian Black has been upgraded to a series regular on Fox’s new comedy Us & Them. The actor-comedian-Burning Love host, who plays uncle to Alexis Bledel’s Stacey in the series, appeared as a guest star in the pilot.

• Erstwhile View hostess Elisabeth Hasselbeck is slated to make her Fox & Friends debut on Sept. 16.

• Jerry Springer will guest-star in The Neighbors‘ Season 2 premiere (airing Sept. 20), reports, playing a “virtual moderator,” á la iPhone It Girl Siri.

• The Rachel Zoe Show is no mo’. “We’ve done five [seasons],” the celeb stylist tells Capitol File magazine. “I think it’s time to probably move on.”

• Is Garth back on Supernatural duty? Jared Padalecki’s recent tweets with DJ Qualls would seem to suggest so…

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Parenthood and More!

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Monica Potter, Jason Segel, Lea Michele, Jensen Ackles

Leave it to the newbies to stir things up!

In today’s Spoiler Chat, we’ve got some juicy scoop on how newcomers will be bringing the drama on your favorite shows come this Fall TV season, including a theatrical egomaniac on Glee, Sherri Shepherd on How I Met Your Mother and a new love interest for one of the Winchesters on Supernatural! Plus, a familiar face will be returning to Parenthood as a foe for a beloved character. And that’s not all; we’ve also got spoilers on The Carrie Diaries, Orange Is the New Black

Thomas L.: Thanks for all the Teen Wolf scoop lately! I’m excited for the Kitsune to come in, but can we expect any other monsters to be introduced in the new season?
Executive producer Jeff Davis, take it away: “You may see others, but it revolves around the Kitsune myth. You’ll see, but we have some great new bad guys this season that we’re excited about.”

Maude: HIMYM me up baby!
We don’t know what base that is, but it sounds dirrrrrty. So OK, How I Met Your Mother is apparently doing a lot with Sherri Shepherd in season nine because she goes from casual acquaintance sitting next to Marshall on a plane in the premiere to recurring character whose daughter we will also meet. Both women are fiesty and tell it like it is, so you just know they’re gonna convince Marshall to join Lily in Italy for some Eat, Pray…no wait. Eat, Eat, Eat action living abroad. (Our bet anyway.)

Christian: Glee scoop would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
So kind and courteous, give your mom a pat on the back for us! Now, onto business: The Fox hit is currently looking for a big and bold actor to take on the fun, fun, fun role of Rodrick Easton, a talented and theatrical man who has a huge ego. Hm…sounds like a Broadway star to us! Fans can expect to see the character throughout the season, so we’re guessing someone (coughRachelBerrycough) landed a gig…

Maddie: Any scoop on Dean on Supernatural? Love me some Jensen Ackles?
If you didn’t love you some Jensen Ackles we’re pretty sure you’d be banished by the TV Gods, just saying. As for Dean, fans will get to meet Robin, an attractive waitress at a diner she inherited from her father who happens to have shared a sweet puppy love-style romance with Dean almost two decades ago. All together now: Awww!

Lindsey Gort, The Carrie Diaries

Shania: Love The Carrie Diaries and can’t wait to meet Samantha Jones as a teenager! Got any more scoop on the trouble she’ll be causing in season two?
hile Samantha is a man-eater, there’s one guy she won’t be going near anytime soon: Gort tells us she’s yet to work with Austin Butler aka Sebastian Kydd aka the guy who recently broke Carrie’s heart. As per the deal they’ll eventually make, men don’t matter, they’re soulmates. (Nostalgia, it burns so good!) Gort did spill some co-stars she’l be sharing some screen time with: Bustiers, acid wash denim and leather. Lots of it. We can’t wait for the ’80s rock-chic eye candy!

MaggieR: So obsessed with Parenthood…and what’s next for Kristina. Scoop?
Monica Potter is our sun and moon and top pick for ridic Emmy snubs. (We are pouring one for ya, gurl!) It will be a much lighter season for Kristina as she puts all that cancer awfulness behind her (thank god, we have no lore tears), and runs for mayor. Oh, and guess who’s going to be running against her? Bob Little! Yep, Mae Whitman‘s old flame is going to be in a heated battle with her aunt Kristina, and we’re kind of hoping they rekindle their old flame and get busy all crazy style a la Olivia Pope and President Fitz behind the scenes.

Amy: You guys are severely lacking in the Falling Skies scoop department. Any season four teases? 
A major new recurring character will be introduced in the season four premiere: Mira, a young East Indian girl who is being brain-washed with Espheni propaganda, but has a bit of a rebellious streak in her. Expect to see her team up with Matt and a few other kids in order to fight back.

Gina in Los Gatos, Calif: So is Lauren Prepon returning to Orange Is the New Black or not?? I need to know!
Taylor Schilling sure thinks so, because as she told us recently, Alex is “one of the great loves of Piper’s life, if not the great love.” And that great love is a story that needs time to be told. “Any time you have a bond like that, it never really ends. It continues to play out,” she says. “It’s like layers of an onion. I’m curious also to see where the writers take that relationship.” For our full exclusive interview with Schilling and fellow castmember Danielle Brooks, check back later today!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

Want your TV questions answered in our next Spoiler Chat? Email them to or tweet at @KristinDSantos!

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Once, Grey’s, Castle, OITNB, Revolution, New Girl and More!

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Bones Booth Pelant SpoilersWill Pelant cause “big-league” trouble on Bones? Which Once Upon a Time character has a debt to pay? Which Grey’s pair will face “repercussions”? Which Castle cutie is due for a comeback? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Do you have anything on Pelant’s next and last episodes of Bones? –Rachel
It depends on how you interpret the following. Bones will bang out six consecutive episodes this fall before (briefly) turning out the lights for Fox’s post-season baseball coverage — and it sounds like the show is going out with a home run. “We wanted to make sure that we leave that first six with a very big episode,” exec producer Stephen Nathan says of the Oct. 21 outing, which may or may not revolve around menace-to-society Pelant. “I can tell you definitely that Pelant figures in very, very, very, very heavily within the first six episodes,” teases the EP. ” But where he appears and/or vanishes, I can’t really say at this point.”

Is there any news on the future of Grey’s Anatomy’s Jackson Avery and April Kepner? –Emani
Shonda Rhimes echoes that which Sarah Drew shared with us — Jackson wasn’t exactly bowled over by April’s mid-superstorm declaration of love. “He’s been very patient, and she’s the one who sort of walked away from him. And when the finale happened, he was feeling kind of ‘done,’ so her declaration is definitely going to have interesting repercussions,” Rhimes allows. “She’s engaged to somebody else, and he’s with somebody else, and it’s not as if either of them is behaving, I would say, in the most mature manner. They’ve definitely got challenging times ahead.”

Got any scoop on Alex and Jo from Grey’s Anatomy? Thanks in advance! – Burkey
As one could assume, “They are going to be exploring their relationship this season,” (the ridiculously pretty) Camilla Luddington told me at TCA. “I don’t trust Grey’s to make it all go perfectly, but I do know they are crazy about each other and in love.” And since the two-hour season opener picks up continuously, with more superstorm insanity, don’t expect any full-on on-call room nookie anytime soon. “We got smooches [in the finale], that’s all,” Luddington notes with a smile. “So we’ll see where that leads!”

Any fresh Once Upon a Time scoop??? Need something to hold me until the premiere! –@Bezi12
During my long, in-depth Fall Preview chat with the series’ creators, Eddy Kitsis excitedly touted Season 3’s 11-episode trip to Neverland “as its own season, like one giant movie. And like any adventure movie, there’s romance, there are things that are terrifying, and there are things that are heartbreaking. That was always our goal, to have that big, summer movie feel.” Promising a mix of “uplift, romance, action and quieter moments,” Adam Horowitz added, “The best kind of roller coaster is the one that goes through all of that stuff.”

On Once Upon a Time, magic always comes with a price, so did the magic that Robin Hood used to heal Marian come with a price? –Mirza
Damn straight it did. ‘“There’s a price — and a debt,” Adam Horowitz teases of Sean Maguire’s upcoming, Fairytale Land-based arc as the Prince of Thieves.

Do you have any scoop on Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black? I know it’s a year away, but…. –Ziad
As a matter of fact, I just learned that the Netflix hit is casting an older sister for Yael Stone’s Bostonian inmate Lorna. Described as “a little rough around the edges,” Francine has moved back into her and Lorna’s childhood home and lives there with their siblings, invalid parents and her own three kids.

Do you know the song/singer played at the end of this week’s The Bridge, where Diane Kruger steps out of the shower? –Lou
That was “The Lamb,” by Little Scream.

What brings Coach back to town on New Girl? –Andy
Among other reasons, Lamorne Morris surmises, “Happy Endings getting cancelled…?” But seriously, Morris says that Damon Wayans Jr.’s “homecoming” will serve up “a lot of backstory” between Coach and Winston as well as “explain why he left in the first place, and where he went.” As for how Coach’s return affects the other guys, “I think Schmidt is going to be very competitive. while Nick is going to be very happy,” Jake Johnson told me. “Nick and Coach were old friends, so it’s going to be nice for Nick. But I bet Schmidt is going to have an oodle of issues with it.”

Lanie and Esposito are my favorite Castle characters. Is there anything you can tease about what will happen for them this season? –Marine
I finally caught up with Jon Huertas (who was busy the day I was on set), and while he has yet to shoot any such scenes, I am assured that there is Lanie-Esposito stuff coming up this fall. But here’s the possible rub: Castle creator Andrew Marlowe also tells me that Tori Ellis, the tech forensics expert Javy seemed to take a shine to at the end of Season 5, is set for an encore.

I’d like some Revolution scoop on the new actors. –Chris
You will get scoop on one of the new players — and only one. (For now.) With Rachel in a very bad place in the wake of the season finale, Aaron and Miles will bring her to Texas to reunite with her father Gene, played by 7th Heaven‘s Stephen Collins. And “this role is unlike anything Stephen’s ever done before,” says showrunner Eric Kripke. “He’s gruff and pissed off and tough. It’s really fascinating to see Stephen playing this part, all whiskered and haggard. I think people are going to be blown away by the work he’s doing.”

On Parks and Recreation, is Ron really going to be a dad? If so, does that mean Lucy Lawless is a keeper? –Wendy
Yes, and… as far as the casual viewer will know. Show boss Mike Schur says that Lawless will appear in the season opener as well as another of the first eight episodes. And then…? “The normal thing is to grab a person for a six-episode arc, and we want to do that with her, but we’re going to spread them out over the season,” he explains. “She’s going to be the mother of Baby Swanson, so we didn’t want to grab her for four episodes and then never see her again.” So by sprinkling Diane in here and there, “We’ll really get the sense that she’s a permanent fixture in Ron’s life — which she is!”

TVLine becomes my “go to” more and more, so thanks for being here. I am trying to figure out who was fired on The Newsroom, prompting the “wrongful termination” suit that is now happening on the show. Can you help? –Fanne
A few episodes back, we learned that Jim’s replacement Jerry Dantana was bringing the suit against ACN, but in this Sunday’s ep, we get much more detail on what led to the DC-based producer getting the boot. “Institutional failure” is a phrase tossed around quite often, and most of the characters spend some time parrying with Marcia Gay Harden’s Rebecca Halliday during the hour. In flashbacks, we find out how the Operation Genoa story (which, as we all have known since the star of the season, isn’t true) falls apart on a grand scale… and by the end of the episode, three characters offer their resignations to boss lady Leona.

Got any scoop on Sue Heck from The Middle? Maybe a new boyfriend or job? –Amy
Sue, Sue, Sue…. [Sigh] Yeah, so as the season opens, Sue is very much wanting to fancy Darrin as her prospective beau. But a beauty school student named Angel has designs on Darrin, and — Sue carps — not for the best of reasons. Meaning, Angel is bananas for his bod, while Sue is nuts for his noggin.

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and More!

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment
Emily Vancamp, Revenge  Scott Porter, Hart of Dixie Ed Weeks, Mindy Project Nine Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

How much danger is Emily really in on Revenge? According to Emily VanCamp, quite a bit.

After watching the chilling promo for season three, we had to get scoop from Emily Thorne herself and her sidekick Nolan (Gabriel Mann) about what’s really happening when the show returns in the fall. And for you Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) shippers, you might want to take a peek at some info we’ve stumbled across. All that, plus Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, Mindy Project and more in this edition of Spoiler Chat:

Phoebe: Clearly, Emily is faking her own death this season of Revenge, because there is no way they would kill off the star, right?
We wouldn’t be so sure about that. Emily VanCamp did tell us that this season is “the beginning of the end of Emily Thorne.” Ominous, no? True, it’s a long shot that ABC would ever get rid of their leading lady, but it sounds like the writers do have some old tricks up their sleeves. “It’s going back to season one,” VanCamp says, adding that the love square or “rhombus” is back in full force. “It refocuses her conflict with the Graysons,” she reveals. As for Nolan, Gabriel Mann tells us that his character’s new trend this season will be “orange for prison jumpsuits.” Orange Is the New Nolan? We dig it.

@iStanforSmolder1h: Some #Delena scoop? #tvdS5
Something will affect their relationship big-time in the first half of the season. And it’s not a supernatural element getting in the way of Delena happiness.

Kia: I’ll get to the point. Mindy Kaling is my hero, so I’d love some spoilers on her show.
We don’t blame you. And we anticipate that the new season of The Mindy Project will be better than ever. Here are some tidbits we know about season two. Jeremy will still be holding on to some of those extra pounds, and a certain someone will not let him hear the end of it. That someone is his father. Yep, we’ll be meeting Jeremy’s dad in the beginning of the season, and he will not be able to resist poking fun at his son’s soft midsection. Parents! They’re the worst, right?

Teen Wolf MTV

Keegan: Any romance scoop on Teen Wolf?
Anyone else shipping Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski? ‘Cause we are! And yes, executive producer Jeff Davis is aware that fans want to see BFF Scott’s and Stiles’ parents get together. “We have talked about that. We’ve talked about it a lot in the writers’ room,” he tells us. “We’re not sure yet. though. I can say maybe, maybe not. If the chemistry builds and it’s there, who are we to stop it?” What’s that sound? It’s the sound of the wind hitting that ship’s sail, hey-o!

@Reneebrown84: What is going to happen in Hart of Dixie, Parenthood or Castle? Ahhhh, withdrawals going on! #spoilerchat
Eenie, meenie, miney… Hart of Dixie! By episode five, we’ll be meeting a number of new Bluebell residents, including Maisie, a gossipy tween who less interested in school and is more interested in Zoe and George’s love lives. There’s also a new member of the Belles sashaying into the group, tulle and all. Sadie is a bubbly yet quick-witted southern sweetheart who takes her position as one of Bluebell’s elite very very seriously.

Angela: Anything Pretty Little Liars-related will make my day!
Red Coat may still be on the loose, but that’s not the only problem that the liars will be facing when the show returns in January. It’s easy to forget, but in between their text-message tormenting, our pretty little foursome are still in their senior year of school. And who is feeling the brunt of the scholastic pressures? Spencer, of course! Cue Brenda, an academic overachiever with a dirty little secret for her success. She’s willing to share of course, but only for a hefty price. Let’s just say that soon Emily won’t be the only Rosewood student with a history of popping pills.

@Coffee2Go_Girl2m: Any White Collar scoop would make me happy! (Anything on Peter getting out of prison would make me VERY happy!)
You would think that Peter would be giving Neal the silent treatment for that whole murder charge thing, but we hear by the middle of the season at the latest, Peter will not be in prison and the guys will be back on speaking terms. Those speaking terms might be of the angry and pissed off persuasion, but speaking terms nonetheless.

Chloe: That teaser you guys shared for Ravenswood was soo good! I can’t wait to finally see how creepy that town really is! Any scoop to tide us till October?
According to Ravenswood creator Marlene King, the mysterious new cast is gearing up for their first official day of filming for the highly anticipated pilot, but we’re already focusing all our attention on the second episode! Why, you ask? Brace yourselves, PLL fans, because it looks like Ravenswood is going to be a billion times darker than those silly antics we’ve been following in Rosewood. Prepare to meet Olivia and Luke’s mother, Rochelle Matheson, a once confident woman who is now the main suspect in her husband’s murder. Damn! They’re really not messing around in Ravenswood

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