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Scene Of The Week – June 22, 2013

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CONTINNUM, “Second Listen”, June 16, 2013, Actors: Erik Knudsen, Rachel Nichols, Luvia Petersen
The Scene: Kiera saves Alec from Garza

Justyna Kubica: Alec is probably my favorite character on the show, so this was definitely a big episode for me. And the best moment was easily Alec’s confession to Kiera and Garza when the two argue over his faith. For the first time he actually admitted how scared he is, how he’s just a teenager who wants to live his life and be with the girl he loves and not fight for the world or be scared of his destiny all the time. I really root for the guy and no matter what choices he makes, I hope they’re gonna end up being the best he could have done. This honest monologue was also a great opportunity to see Erik Knudsen’s acting skills. And he was fantastic here! I’m really excited to see what’s next for Alec.

GOODWIN GAMES, “The Birds of Granby”, June 17, 2013, Actor: Kaitlyn Maher
The Scene: The discovery that Piper did know her grandfather
Klutzy Girl:
I saw it coming, but I still loved the scene where it’s revealed that Piper did know her grandfather and he taught her how to play chess. It was so sweet!

HANNIBAL, “Savoureux”, June 20, 2013, Actors: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen
The Scenes: Hannibal visits Will in prison & Will is down injured and sees Hannibal
Veronika K:
Hannibal visiting Will in prison. The music was the same one they used in the Hannibal 2001 film.
Linda Zoi: The final scene between Hannibal and Will when he says “Hello, Doctor Lecter” and when Will is down injured and sees Hannibal with the deer’s antlers.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, “Turn of the Shoe”, June 18, 2013, Actors: Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson
The Scene: Hanna brings the parrot to Spencer
Jamie Coudeville:
This entire conversation was just so funny. I laughed so hard at Spencer’s “Does it take requests?”

TEEN WOLF, “Fireflies”, June 17, 2013, Actors: Tyler Hoechlin, Adelaide Kane, Tyler Posey, JR Bourne
The Scenes: Derek fights off Cora & The conversation between Scott and Mr.
Argent & Derek holds out his hand to the new teacher
Klutzy Girl:
The scene where Derek is fighting off Cora. You can just tell that he doesn’t want to hurt his little sister so he’s fighting her off as best as he can. He’s broken and it really shows in this scene. I’m looking forward to more scenes with Derek and Cora.
Jamie Coudeville: The conversation between Scott and Mr. Argent – I really started to like him since half way through season 2. I hope we see more of him.
Linda Zoi: When Derek holds out his hand to the new teacher

TRUE BLOOD, “Who Are You, Really?”, June 16, 2013, Actors: Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård, Stephen Moyer
The Scenes: Eric and Sookie say goodnight (and goodbye) & Sookie stakes Bill to save Eric
Justyna Kubica:
Eric and Sookie saying goodnight (and goodbye) won me over this week. These two usually are one of the most entertaining parts of the show and this episode just proves it. Even when they’re not the couple, their relationship is really strong and interesting to watch. It was quite sad to see Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation to her house (especially since he has literally just signed it over to her!) but still, the scene was very well done.
Genevieve Taylor: Eric signing over Sookie’s house and Sookie rescinding his invitation. Sookie and Eric were easily one of the big highlights in this episode and this scene was a big one for their relationship. Their chemistry was palpable and you could absolutely feel how difficult it was for Eric to walk away.
Linda Zoi: Sookie stakes Bill to save Eric.

TWISTED, “Grief is a Five Letter Word”, June 18, 2013
The Scene: The dinner scene
Genevieve Taylor:
Eek, definition of awkwardness. I’m loving how this show isn’t giving anything away about Danny’s innocence/guilt. The tense atmosphere of this scene was great and when Danny saw the photo I thought everything was going to go horribly wrong. What’s going on with that necklace?!

WAREHOUSE 13, “What Matters Most”, June 17, 2013, Actors: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly
The Scene: Pete’s confession
Klutzy Girl:
The scene where Pete admits his sin and what made him hit rock bottom as an alcoholic. Eddie McClintock knocked it out of the park and that was just an amazing scene.
Justyna Kubica: I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Pete to admit such a painful thing to Myka, but somehow he did. It was a heartbreaking moment but also a great one for Eddie McClintock, who did an amazing job here. Also, what a shocking moment at the end! I’m not naming it my scene of the week, but the revelation about Myka being sick is definitely worth mentioning!

Scene Of The Week – June 16, 2013

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BABY DADDY, “The Wheeler and Dealer”, June 12, 2013, Actors: Chelsea Kane, Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry

The Scene: Riley and Danny kiss
Klutzy Girl:
There were two episodes this week so it’s hard to choose between both awesome kissing scenes (and other hilarious moments) so I’ll go with the kiss in “The Wheeler and The Dealer”, when Riley and Tucker think Danny’s not breathing. She performs CPR and when she’s doing mouth to mouth, Danny starts kissing back. Then she gets knocked out and Danny picks her up!

BURN NOTICE, “Forget Me Not”, June 13, 2013, Actors: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar
The Scene: Michael saves Fiona’s life
A Dahne:
Michael saves Fiona’s life by remembering a conversation they had in Ireland. All of the flashbacks were awesome, but the way they tied those flashbacks into the main scene was even better. Excellent episode.

DEFIANCE, “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”, June 10, 2013, Actors: Graham Greene, Brian J. Smith
The Scene: Rafe talks McClintock out of killing himself
A Dahne:
It was understated but very powerful and ended everything on a hopeful note.

FALLING SKIES, “Collateral Damage”, June 9, 2013, Actors: Moon Bloodgood, Maxim Knight
The Scenes: Matt asks Anne if he can call her “Mom” & The attack on the nuclear power plant
Klutzy Girl:
That was just a really cute scene!
Sharon Seymour: The Attack on the nuclear power plant

GAME OF THRONES, “Mhysa”, June 9, 2013, Actors: Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Rory McCann, Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance
The Scenes: Daenerys frees the slaves & Arya gets a bit of payback & Tyrion and Tywin give Joffrey a verbal smackdown
Jamie Coudeville:
Daenerys frees the slaves and they call her Mhysa – It’s been a long time since anyone has smiled like that on this show.

Darth Locke: The Hound fights Arya’s battle after she confronts a group of people who verbally disgrace her family after their recant gruesome deaths!
Justyna Kubica: As much as I enjoyed the scenes with Arya and Bran, I’m going with Tyrion and Tywin giving Joffrey a verbal smackdown. Just when I start to think that “the king” can’t make me hate him more, he comes up with another horrifying idea to psychologically torture Sansa. Poor girl! And I absolutely could not stand seeing him so happy after the horrors of the last episode. That’s why it was really great to watch him being treated like THIS by his uncle and grandfather. It’s a very good thing that Tyrion tries to protect Sansa, even if he endangers himself (they already tried to kill him in Season 2, so I’m thinking that his recent actions will have some consequences next season). And this might be the only moment when I felt a little sympathy for Tywin, but that did not last long. Not at all.

HANNIBAL, “Relevés”, June 12, 2013, Actors: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Kacey Rohl, Ellen Muth
The Scenes: The last scene between Abigail and Hannibal & Georgia catches fire & Hannibal gives Will exotic bird soup at the hospital
Sharon Seymour:
The chilling last scene between Hannibal and Abigail. (also picked by Veronika K. & DarkUFO)
Diana Mack: Suddenly Georgia catches fire while she’s holding a plastic comb.
Darth Locke: Hannibal gives Will exotic bird soup at the hospital. Although I think there were many great scenes and exchanges between characters, along with more allusions to Clarice Starling in this episode, I chose this simple scene because of two things the soup and the act of giving it conveys: The idea of friendship –something the episode seriously addressed. And: The soup itself didn’t just have exotic bird broth and meat in it, but other natural things like black berries! Berries are things we might associate with that of what a bird would eat, implying not only are they eating the bird, but also what the bird ate—a representation of the food chain! This is crux of Hannibal’s dilemma with Will and possibly Abigail and Bedelia Du Maurier…

MAD MEN, “Favors”, June 9, 2013, Actors: Jon Hamm, Kevin Rahm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser
The Scenes: Peggy and Pete drunk at diner with Ted & Ted helps Don out
Max Conte:
Peggy & Pete drunk at diner with Ted
Darth Locke: Ted helps Don out by giving him a contact so that the Rosens’ son can escape going to Vietnam.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, “‘A’ is for A-l-i-v-e”, June 11, 2013, Actor: Janel Parrish, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale
The Scenes: Mona reveals the identity of the Queen of Hearts & The girls get a text from A at the funeral
Linda Zoi:
Mona reveals some secrets as the identity of the Queen of Hearts.
Jamie Coudeville: The girls get a text from A at the funeral – The song was perfect. They’re right back where they started only with more secrets and an 5 liars instead of 4.

TEEN WOLF, “Chaos Rising”, June 10, 2013
The Scenes: Derek sees his younger sister Cora for the first time & Dr Deaton enters into Isaac’s brain & The dialogue between Isaac, Derek and his uncle & The classroom scene & Peter and Stiles riff off of each other
Klutzy Girl:
Derek sees his younger sister Cora for the first time. The look on his face and the way his voice cracks is heartbreaking. He’s broken and I don’t think he’ll ever recover, but maybe this will help a little bit.
Diana Mack: Dr Deaton enters into Isaac’s brain while he’s in trance, thanks to a special hypnosis into a tank full of ice water.
Linda Zoi: The initial dialogue between Isaac, Derek and his uncle.
Jamie Coudeville: The classroom scene – This scene just made me realize how much I love the coach. He’s absolutely hilarious!
A Dahne: Peter and Stiles riff off of each other before figuring out the crucial piece of information. Peter and Stiles are the two snarkiest characters so to have them alone in a scene together gave the episode some of its best lines.

TWISTED, “Pilot”, June 11, 2013, Actor: Avan Jogia
The Scene: The last one
Linda Zoi:
The final scene when we see that Danny has the dead girl’s necklace.

Scenes Of The Week – June 2, 2013

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BABY DADDY, “I’m Not That Guy”, May 29, 2013, Actors: Derek Theler, Chelsea Kane
The Scene: Danny shows up to help Riley out
Klutzy Girl:
He just loves her so much and despite getting his heart broken repeatedly, he keeps doing it.

CONTINUUM, “Second Opinion”, May 26, 2013, Actor: Rachel Nichols
The Scene: Kiera lets go
Justyna Kubica:
I really liked the entire episode, so choosing just one specific scene wasn’t easy, but I decided to go with Kiera’s “goodbye” to her son. Kiera breaking down was a chance to see how great Rachel Nichols can be in these emotional moments. And this heartbreaking scene when her character has to accept the fact that she may never see her beloved son again is definitely one of her best performances on the show. I can’t imagine the pain a mother must feel losing her child, but it all felt very real to me.

HANNIBAL, “Buffet Froid”, May 30, 2013, Actors: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Ellen Muth
The Scenes: Georgia walks in on Hannibal in the doctor’s office & Will gets attacked by the woman under the bed
The scene where Georgia (Ellen Muth) walks in on Hannibal as he is doing his kill. He calmly gives her the scissors and walks out. A very creepy scene.
Sharon Seymour: Will gets attacked by the woman under the bed when he thinks he’s dreaming and rips her arm skin off – YUK!
Diana Mack: The whole episode was amazing, so it’s hard to chose. I’d pick for the last scene: Georgia finds Hannibal in the doctor’s office, she’s confused, she doesn’t recognize him. Then Hannibal gently gives her the scissors he used earlier to kill the doctor.

MAD MEN, “The Better Half”, May 26, 2013, Actors: Elisabeth Moss, Charlie Hofheimer
The Scene: Peggy accidentally stabs Abe (Darth Locke)

ORPHAN BLACK, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, June 1, 2013, Actors: Tatiana Maslany, Natalie Lisinska
The Scene: Allison lets her neighbor choke to death
Darth Locke:
Allison lets her neighbor, Aynesley Norris, choke to death when she gets her scarf caught in the garbage disposal.
Orphan Black has to be one of the best new series of the year! It’s season finale was no exception with lots of twists and turns. It was hard to pick a scene, since there were lots of good moments. Tatiana Maslany is FANTASTIC! I picked this scene, because coming from Alison, it was the most shocking.

PSYCH, “No Trout About It”, May 29, 2013, Actors: James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall
The Scene: The last one
Justyna Kubica:
Here comes the cliffhanger! Hate the fact that Chief Vick lost her job, but the moment when she says goodbye and Shawn hugs her was just so very sweet. Always loved the scenes between these two. Also, everything is changing with Trout taking over Vick’s position. This guy! Not even gonna pretend that I like him (Lassie!). Psych just ended one of the show’s best seasons and I can’t wait what’s gonna happen next! “It’s ON!”

REVOLUTION, “Children of Men”, May 27, 2013, Actors: Elizabeth Mitchell, David Lyons, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth
The Scenes: Neville and Aaron insult each other & Rachel forces Monroe to admit to the murders he has committed & The explosion
Sharon Seymour:
Monroe’s men getting blasted one at a time with the EMP guns and exploding in a bloody mess.
Klutzy Girl: Neville insulting Aaron and Aaron insulting him right back was one of my favorite moments of the episode. Aaron standing up for himself was just awesome and it was a pretty hilarious moment.
Darth Locke: Rachel forces Monroe to admit to the murders he has committed, including her son, Danny’s, while the two are locked into a safe room on level 11 of The Tower together.

ROOKIE BLUE, “Homecoming”, May 30, 2013, Actors: Missy Peregrym, Peter Mooney, Matt Gordon
The Scenes: Andy walks into the Penny & Oliver tells Andy not to give up
Sharon Seymour:
Nick’s face when Andy walks into the Penny.
Klutzy Girl: Oliver tells Andy not to give up. Based on prior episodes, he really ships Andy and Sam and wants them to be happy together.

Scene Of The Week – May 26, 2013

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Here are our favorite scenes this week (in alphabetical order):

BATES MOTEL, “Midnight”, May 20, 2013, Actors: Nestor Carbonell, Jere Burns, Vera Farmiga
The Scene: The Sheriff confronts and kills Jake Abbernathy

Darth Locke: Norma thinks she’s secretly hiding behind crates at the dock, when Sheriff Alex Romero unexpectedly shows up to confront and kill Jake Abbernathy. When it was over, Alex reveals he knows Norma is also there, as he casually says, “You can go home now, Norma.”

CRIMINAL MINDS, “The Replicator”, May 22, 2013, Actors: Thomas Gibson, Jayne Atkinson
The Scene: Aaron holds Erin as she dies
Klutzy Girl:
Aaron holds Erin as she dies. It was just a sweet gesture and I wish the death had never happened, but it was still a nice, amazing moment.

DEFIANCE, “Brothers In Arms”, May 20, 2013, Actor: Grant Bowler
The Scene: Nolan tells his friend that he can turn him in
Klutzy Girl:
Nolan tells his friend that he can turn him in, but to tell them that Irisa is dead. Daddy!Nolan is my favorite and I love his and Irisa’s relationship so much. This scene meant a lot.

GAME OF THRONES, “Second Sons”, May 19, 2013, Actors: Maisie Williams, Rory McCann
The Scene: The Hound tells Arya he’s taking her to her family
Justyna Kubica:
I’m pretty sure I’ll remember this episode as the most awkward episode of the series, or maybe generally on TV. As much as I loved everyone’s performances, watching most of the scenes this week felt pretty uncomfortable, so I can’t really call them my favorites. But, quite unexpectedly, I enjoyed seeing Arya and the Hound travelling together. Very strange duo, but maybe that’s what makes them so interesting. So, as one of my favorite scenes this time, I’m choosing the moment, when they’re riding a horse and the Hound tells Arya about Sansa and then reveals their destination. The smile on Arya’s face and the hope in her heart are just so rare, that’s why I really appreciate those moments, no matter how briefly (or not?) they last. Besides, there are no words to describe how much I’d love to see Stark family (or at least some of them) reunited!

GRIMM, “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm”, May 21, 2013, Actors: David Giuntoli, James Frain, Reg E. Cathey
The Scene: Nick is turned into a zombie and locked in the coffin
A Dahne:
Baron Samedi turns Nick into a zombie and Prince Eric puts him in a coffin with the intention of shipping Nick back to Europe with him.

MAD MEN, “The Crash”, May 19, 2013, Actor: Jon Hamm
The Scene: Don thinks he’s found The Campbell Soup Ad
Darth Locke:
Don thinks he has found what he has been looking for in the archives: The Campbell Soup Ad.
This episode put things from it’s season 6 opener back into perspective, as another trippy exploitation leads Don to open, shut, and walk through many doors, thinking about connections between past and future, as he finally is doing some soul searching, but sadly for Don (and Peggy), he misses the real connection.

MODERN FAMILY, “Goodnight Gracie”, May 22, 2013
The Scene: Alex sets off fireworks for her grandmother
Justyna Kubica:
I think this is the most memorable scene I’ve seen this week. The one where everyone gets together to honor a dearly departed member of their family. The beautiful narration, the lovely view of fireworks and everyone watching them – all of these things make this moment special and very sweet. And I really enjoyed the story told in the letter to Alex. The love story of Phil’s parents. Family bonds mean a lot to me so this is probably one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

ORPHAN BLACK, “Unconscious Selection”, May 25, 2013, Actors: Tatiana Maslany, Maria Doyle Kennedy
The Scene: Sarah learns the truth about Helena
Darth Locke:
Sarah finds out Helena isn’t just her clone, but her identical twin sister!

Scene Of The Week – May 12, 2013

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Episode: “Risk Management”
Date: May 9, 2013
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Natalie Dormer
The Scene: Sherlock and Joan find Irene alive

This show just keeps getting better and it looks like the 2-hour season finale next week is gonna be an episode (or rather two) not to be missed. I absolutely love the relationship between Holmes and Watson and that’s true in every version of this story. Here we have two friends, who understand and respect one other and are always there for each other when they’re needed. Like in this scene, Joan follows Sherlock to the address he got from Moriarty and makes him realize that she knows what she’s doing and she’s very well aware of the danger of their job, but she’s his partner and her place is right there, with him. At this point, they both enter the building and a moment later, they find none other than Sherlock’s (presumed dead!) former lover, Irene Adler. What’s more, she doesn’t appear to be in danger, she’s just painting like nothing happened. And now, to the main reason why I chose this scene, Holmes’ reaction. It’s really hard to describe all the pain, shock, fear and love he feels when he looks at her, yet Jonny Lee Miller portrayed it with the absolute perfection. Heartbreaking expression on his face, his voice and body language at this exact moment are worth all of the awards.

Episode: “God Mode”
Date: May 9, 2013
Actors: Michael Emerson, Jim Caviezel, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, Jay. O. Sanders, Boris McGiver
The Scene: Confrontation in the “nuclear facility”

Just like last week, there were so many amazing scenes in the episode, but my favorite is the one taking place in the facility, where the Machine was supposed to be kept. After Reese and Shaw arrive there just in time to save Finch from Root, they learn the truth about the virus. It turns out that after Ingram’s death, Harold realized the Machine may be in hands of the wrong people, so he made sure that, when one day someone will decide to act in order to take control of the Machine, they’ll do it using his own code. Finch hid the virus inside the virus, sending the Machine signal to start operating on its own, he set it free. At this point some people from the Government also arrive to the facility and things get even more interesting. What I liked the most about this scene is the part when Special Counsel talks to Finch and makes him a proposition to help them locate the Machine or rebuild it on his own terms, but Harold looks him in the eyes and says: “You gave my friend your word. And you killed him.” And then tells the others they’re leaving and no one even tries to stop them. I just really enjoyed seeing him mention Nathan there and coldly refuse the offer. Team Machine definitely came out strong here and won this confrontation, so this scene made me feel really proud of them. Such an powerful moment in a truly remarkable episode.

Episode: “Red John’s Rules”
Date: May 5, 2013
Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Emmanuelle Chriqui
The Scene: The last scene – “Seven Suspects”

After 5 years of no real progress in the Red John’s case, we finally get to learn his name. Sort of. It’s one of the seven suspects, whose names (with photos) Patrick shares with Teresa in the last scene. As if this part wasn’t enough of the game changer, through the video message from Red John (read by the deceased Lorelei Martins, his former accomplice), we also learn that the serial killer knows all the names from Patrick’s list and because Jane changed “the game”, he decided to change the rules, meaning, he’s going to kill more people, often, until either Patrick catches him or the other way around. Chills! The scene was very powerful, scary, revealing and definitely a great example of how to end the season and make everyone really excited to come back this fall to see what’s gonna happen next, not just in the premiere, but the entire season 6.

Scene Of The Week – May 5, 2013

1. Show: CASTLE
Episode: “Still”
Date: April 29, 2013
Actor: Stana Katic
The Scene: Flashback – “We speak for the dead”

This was such a beautiful episode, I loved it! Definitely exceeded my expectations. So many great scenes to choose from. And I’m guessing most of the fans is gonna pick the “I love you” part, but as sweet as it was, I liked the scene right after it much, much more!
The moment when Kate comes to terms with the fact that she’s dying, we can see her entire life’s story. The most important parts. She remembers Cpt. Montgomery’s speech about the dead (probably my favorite one in the entire show!). She thinks about her struggle, her constant efforts to find her mother’s killer, all the death and pain in her life, her loneliness and never feeling safe. And then she remembers the last time when she was very close to death and the person she was thinking about back then: Castle. At this point all the good memories of her time with him, the one she loves the most, mix with the sense of dying, the feeling of fading away. And these happy moments make her stronger, let her accept that she’s almost gone. And that’s where the scene ends. I love flashbacks like this one! So beautiful! Kudos to not only amazing Stana Katic but also people responsible for editing these clips and the composer of the gorgeous melody that we can hear in the scene. It makes this moment perfect.

Episode: “Zero Day”
Date: May 2, 2013
Actors: Michael Emerson, Amy Acker
The Scene: Finch and Root talk about the Machine

It was absolutely incredible episode, breathtaking and easily one of the best of the entire series. Simple proof can be the fact that pretty much every scene from the episode can be called “Scene of the Week”, even the opening one. Who would have thought the sequence (or maybe lack of it) at the beginning of the episode could be so great? But yes, it definitely was.
The moment I’ve chosen as my favorite is the discussion between Root and Finch about the “humanity” of the Machine and its lost memories. First of all, one of the things I love the most about the show is this connection between Harold and his creation. Here, he tells Root just how deep it was, how the Machine actually started to look after him, altering its own code to protect him, starting to act more like human. And what he had to do to stop it, to make the Machine focus on its main goal, which is saving innocent people from the acts of terrorism, for the greater good. And in order to do that, he took away its memories, forcing them Machine to be reborn every single day. What’s truly amazing in the scene is Root’s reaction to Harold’s story. You don’t expect to see someone like her to be so heartbroken about it, to actually stand up for the Machine and decide to fight for it. Absolutely remarkable job by Michael Emerson and Amy Acker here, kudos to these two wonderful actors!

Episode: “The Colonel”
Date: May 1, 2013
Actors: Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, Noah Emmerich
The Scene: Philip saves Elizabeth

I’ve already written my review of the episode, so if you read it, you know how much I enjoyed watching this season finale, especially the last 15 minutes, it’s so thrilling and absolutely engaging!
My favorite part starts when Philip and Claudia realize that Elizabeth is in danger and he immediately runs to help her. The entire sequence where he tries to get to her on time and the FBI quietly waits to confirm that Elizabeth is the one they’re looking for is brilliantly done. And then Philip arrives and saves his wife from being arrested, and the car chase begins. He’s a really great driver, by the way! I rewatched this scene at least a couple of times and it still keeps me in suspense. Especially knowing that Stan manages to shoot Elizabeth after she gets in the car. Didn’t see this one coming! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen in season 2, really glad that in the end the main couple gets back together (“Come home”). I missed them together, they’re much stronger when they work side by side.

Scene Of The Week – April 28, 2013

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Episode: “And Now His Watch Is Ended”
Date: April 21, 2013
Actors: Emilia Clarke, Ian Glen, Ian McElhinney, Dan Hildebrand, Nathalie Emmanuel
The Scene: Daenerys gets her army

There are some scenes we can call great and then there are some that truly deserve to be called epic. Guess which one is that. For starters, I should say that I rewatched these last minutes of the episode a lot of times. I was so impressed with just how powerful, how breathtaking this scene was! And to be honest I don’t really consider myself the biggest fan of the show, I like it, but there are some aspects of the series that just aren’t really my thing, like for example the extreme brutality or the frequent nudity scenes. So when I say that I absolutely loved this moment, it means a lot.
Daenerys is a really intriguing character. She can be a very sweet, innocent person and then there are times when she seems more powerful and strong willed than most of the characters on the show and can actually be quite scary. In the scene I’ve picked she reveals that she could speak High Valyrian all this time, never needed a translator and heard all the insults directed toward her. She takes the control of the army of the Unsullied, broken, invincible slaves and orders them to kill all their masters. She also uses her beloved dragon to double cross and kill Kraznys, the cruel slaver she despises. And she doesn’t even end there. After the fight, she chooses to free the Unsullied and only asks to stay those who wish to serve her voluntarily. And once everyone decides to stay with the brave heiress, she leads her army toward the unknown. The view that’s definitely hard to forget. Fantastic job by Emilia Clarke and her co-stars and also kudos to all the creators, they did incredible work with this scene!

2. Show: NCIS
Episode: “Berlin”
Date: April 23, 2013
Actors: Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo
The Scene: Tony and Ziva in the car

This was such a fantastic episode, especially for all the fans of Tony and Ziva. They had a lot of great moments, like the talk in bed, the dance (“One day you will dance with a man who deserves your love”) and many more. But the one that you just can’t miss happens right at the end of the episode.
In this very lovely moment (at least at first) Ziva tells Tony a story from her past about the reason her parents split up, about the new director of the Mossad, Orli and the influence she had on her, wondering whether she could have been a different person without ever knowing this woman. And Tony assures her that he’s very grateful for the person she is now. Then they are holding hands and with the smile on their faces move forward on the road. And just when Ziva’s about to say something (possibly significant or at least sweet), another car hits them. Hard. It doesn’t look good for the two. We are left with the heartbreaking picture of Tony’s bloody hand trying to reach Ziva. The shock I’m sure we all experienced watching the scene is pretty overwhelming. All we can do is hold on tight and hope both Tony and Ziva will be okay. And say what a wonderful work the writers, creators and the talented Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo have done here!

Episode: “Pac-Man Fever”
Date: April 24, 2013
Actors: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Felicia Day
The Scene: Charlie says goodbye to Sam and Dean

I absolutely love Charlie! She’s just such a fantastic character, really seems like a little sister the Winchesters never had. And I adore her relationship with both Sam and Dean. She has something in common with each of them and has no problem with getting on with the boys very well. The three of them had a lot of great, funny (the montage!) and emotional scenes in the episode but it’s the one near the end that I enjoyed watching the most. I think it was just so nice of her to try to reassure Sam that he’s gonna be fine and that if there’s anyone that can get through the trials, it’s him. And then with Dean… I could say so much about these two! Absolutely lovely duo and their talk about holding on and letting go was so very like them. Charlie accepting the changes in her life and Dean never giving up on his little brother, hoping for the happy ending this time. But it’s the “I love you. I know” that got me the most. Not only beautiful quote, but a really cool reference. As always fantastic Jensen and Jared are joined here by also very talented Felicia Day. I hope to see more of her!
Also worth mentioning, I love the change in this season with Dean hugging everyone, here in the scene Charlie and then just a moment later, Sam. It just makes him seem a little more hopeful, more emotional in the best possible way. And I love these little moments every single time!

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