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Arrow @ PaleyFest: Talk of Oliver’s Secret, ‘Evil Bruce Wayne,’ Black Canary and a Mystery Guest

March 11, 2013 Leave a comment

The producers and cast of The CW’s Arrow held court at PaleyFest 2013 on Saturday night to reflect on the freshman hit’s recent reveals as well as tease what’s to come in the final third of the season.

For starters, Tommy now knowing his BFF’s vigiliante secret “changes everything,” series lead Stephen Amell told moderator/DC Comics god Geoff Johns. “He saw me in the pilot kill three guys. And Tommy’s a good guy, he doesn’t want to have to reconcile that his friend would do that.” Plus, having Tommy in the know creates too thin of a “buffer” between Ollie’s worlds. “[Tommy] could just roll over in bed and say [to Laurel], ‘Oliver is the vigilante’ — and I don’t want that!”

As for the bombshell Dinah Lance dropped on daughter Laurel’s literal doorstep — that Sara is alive — executive producer Greg Berlanti’s intention was to start paying off notions set up in the pilot, and the sooner the better. “If we hadn’t planted [that] flag in the ground now, by the time you do, the audience wants to pay attention to other storylines.”

And Laurel’s reaction? “As if she didn’t have it hard enough!” Katie Cassidy joked. But seriously, following the initial shock, “She kind of gets sucked in by her mother a bit…. Her mother also has a lot more information than you necessarily think.”

Other topics touched on during the PaleyFest Q&A:

MOIRA VS. MALCOLM | Oliver’s mother, said Susanna Thompson, “is once again between a rock and a hard place,” charged by Malcolm to track down the person who ordered the hit on him — aka her! “Shes making another deal with this particular devil,” all of which she does “for her family.” Shedding a sliver of light on the elder Merlyn’s motivations, EP Andrew Kreisberg said, “In a way, Malcolm is ‘evil Bruce Wayne.’ We talk about that moment in Batman Begins when Bruce goes through the training with Ra’s Al Ghul, and then is told to execute a criminal. In the movie, Bruce doesn’t do it; in our minds, Malcolm did.” Coming up, “You find out a lot more about Malcolm and what’s driving him, and about the very scary-sounding Undertaking.”

WHEN WILL THE CANARY SING? | Noting that it took Oliver five years to turn himself from bad boy billionaire into a killing machine, Guggenheim stressed that Laurel’s corresponding conversion to Black Canary “has to be earned, it has to be real.” (Same goes for Roy Harper/Speedy.) “The inciting incidents have to have dramatic reality to them,” he stressed. “We don’t want to disservice Laurel or Oliver by saying she could have a bad day, put on fishnets and start killing people.”

LOVIN’ DEATHSTROKE | The producers love visiting the island via flashback and hope to have Slade Wilson back as much as Manu Bennett’s schedule permits. But in addition to he and Oliver as a dingy, dynamic duo, “an unexpected third element” will soon be injected into their existence.

A FELICITOUS MOMENT | Every credited Emily Bett Rickards with turning the (almost-)randomly named Felicity Smoake into a fan fave. Warner Bros. TV boss Peter Roth reportedly called the producers to remark, “I love the blonde IT girl!,” while Amell noted to his bosses, “I don’t think my character had cracked a smile” before he first met the computer wonk. David Ramsey, who plays Diggle, welcomes the new blood into the Arrowcave, quipping, “How many sit-ups can I watch this guy do?!”

EASTER EGG HUNT | Guggenheim said that nods to other DC properties/touchstones are typically “the very last thing we do” before locking in a script. Case in point: Naming Episode 6′s bankrobbers The Royal Flush Gang, or erecting a Big Belly Burger in town. Speaking of which….

ROAD TRIPS? | The city of Bludhaven — glimpsed last episode on a sign — will actually be visited this season, though Nightwing “will be out of town that week,” Kreisberg noted. As for other well-known DC Comics cities, he acknowledged, “There are two we will probably never go to — and you can probably figure out which those are.”

CLOTHED CALL | Berlanti said Arrow‘s cast came together more quickly than with any show he’s worked on, and that it was Amell’s “brilliant” audition — and not his abs — that cinched the gig.  “We did not see him without his shirt,” the EP shared. But once pilot footage started trickling in, Berlanti observed, “The stunt guy is really ripped! And [the director] said,’ No, that’s Stephen!’ And so the salmon ladder was born.”

WHO’S THE MYSTERY GUEST? | Asked by an audience member about the show’s knack for guest-casting genre TV faves like Torchwood‘s John Barrowman (Malcolm) and Fringe‘s Seth Gabel (soon to return as Vertigo), Kreisberg chose his words very carefully to tease, “There is an episode coming up with somebody who is one of the stars of a very popular genre show that you will all recognize and be happy that they’re on our show.” Guesses, anyone…?

Parenthood @ PaleyFest: Scoop on Season 5 Hopes (and Plans!), Sarah’s Choice and More

March 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims, along with 12 of the beloved NBC family drama’s cast members, graced the stage at PaleyFest 2013 Thursday night to discuss high hopes for a fifth season, who’ll be back if the series is fortunate enough to return, Sarah’s controversial romantic twist and much more.

Wasting no time getting to the juiciest question of all, TVLine’s own Michael Ausiello — who moderated the event — grilled Katims on the likelihood of a renewal. The EP, of course, didn’t have a definitive answer, but instead turned it over to Max Burkholder, who enthused: “You can never be sure, but I am definitely crossing my fingers!”

Though Season 5 is not a certainty (yet), Katims did reveal a few things he has up his sleeve should the situation present itself: the first being the return of Matt Lauria‘s fan fave Ryan.

“Let’s say there’s a Season 5: I absolutely loved the dynamic between [Amber and Ryan] and I would love to continue that storyline,” he shared. However, “Matt may or may not be available next year, so we’ll have to see what happens.” (Mae Whitman, for her part, boasted playfully, “Oh, he’s available! He’s one of my closest friends and I really hope he comes back because I love working with him.”)

As for where any Season 5 would pick up, Katims said, “Hypothetically, there will be a time jump, like in real-time or somewhat close to that.”

Other topics touched on during the PaleyFest Q&A:

SARAH’S CHOICE | When questioned about Sarah picking Ray Romano‘s Hank over Jason Ritter‘s Mark in the finale, Lauren Graham had a surprising response. “I saw it differently,” she explained. “I felt that the finale left it open. Sarah made a choice and then Hank’s like, ‘I’m moving to Minnesota,’ so to me there was a lot of energy in both areas. I did not view it as [she] chose one or the other necessarily.” That said, “It was hard” to see Mark get his heart broken because “Jason’s been with us from the beginning” — sentiments the character’s alter ego echoed. “I remember standing in the [class]room and listening to Lauren say those things, and it was like, after all this time it all ends right here?!” Ritter laughed. “It is heartbreaking because you do become invested. This is a real family that’s been created.” Speaking of TV family…

THE GILMORE CONNECTION | “They always trade you in for someone younger, don’t they?” Graham teased when asked about her Gilmore daughter Alexis Bledel playing Ritter’s love interest in a Fox comedy pilot. More seriously, the actress admitted that it truly freaked her out when she learned of the casting “because I have such specific relationship with these people and these characters — it didn’t occur to me that they’d ever meet each other!” However, “three seconds” after processing the news, she realized: “It’s going to be amazing. The two of them will be perfect together… And [as such] I can guarantee you Mark and Sarah will not be back together.” (To even the score, she’s hoping that “Alexis’ old love interests from Gilmore Girls will be Sarah’s new love interest.” Paging Matt Czuchry….)

THE GRADUATE | Don’t expect the college-going Drew to disappear next year in the same way that Haddie mostly did. “Drew is going to Berkeley,” Katims noted, “So, he’s in town.”

BABY LOVE? | Not exactly. Dax Shepard and Joy Bryant revealed that when they both read that Crosby and Jasmine were having a baby, they thought: “Nope. Not gonna happen.” Their big hope: “Our baby’s going to sleep a lot.”

ABORTION ISSUE | “This one was a particularly difficult one,” Katims said of the choice to have Drew’s girlfriend Amy terminate her pregnancy. “It’s a tricky subject matter, but I felt in my gut that it was a story I wanted to tell. We set out in a way to make sure we were accurate, but to also be very sensitive. I didn’t want to politicize it… We wanted to get underneath the story and tell them in a way that we feel is as real as possible.” The showrunner went on to reveal that he “was blown away by Miles [Heizer’s] performance in particular.”

TEXAS FOREVER | Will we ever see more Friday Night Lights vets come through Parenthood? Katims hopes so. “I have loved bringing these actors on,” he shared. “The process would start with a character that we come up with, and then [one of the writers] suggesting” an FNL alum.

A TIME FOR PRIDE | Fielding a fan Q about when/if a gay character would be introduced, Katims said candidly, “It is something I would love to find a way to do. The “tricky part,” he explained, is that a majority of the characters are established already, so an organic genesis for that storyline needs to exist. Fun fact: Whitman admitted to trying to get the show to make Amber gay a few seasons back, but it never stuck.

CHATTY CAST-Y | Love it or hate it, the cast of Parenthood is notorious for talking over each other in scenes — but why? Detailed Katims: “I’d just done Friday Night Lights and I wanted to bring some of that style to Parenthood…. We shoot with three cameras, both sides of the scene at once, which allows the actors to react to each other and exist in the moment — and what happens in those real moments would never have otherwise been discovered. So many of the greatest moments of the show have come from that process… The actors are now so in-tune and know how to do it that I think it elevates the scene and makes it seems much more lifelike.”

Community @ PaleyFest: Scoop (and a First Look!) at the Big Puppet Episode

March 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Community executive producers David Guarascio, Moses Port, Russ Krasnoff and Tristram Shapeero joined several cast members of the NBC comedy at PaleyFest on Tuesday to make an announcement: A puppet episode is coming later this season!

The story finds the study group taking a wild balloon ride that crash lands in the woods and forces them to spend a little time with a friendly mountain man (played by Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander). The gang gets immortalized as puppets when Dean Pelton encourages them to talk about their adventures.

Also on tap for this season: More paintball fun, a Freaky Friday tribute and, in this Thursday’s ep, the introduction of James Brolin as Jeff’s dad and Adam DeVine (Pitch Perfect) as his brother.

“It is quite intense between Jeff and his dad,” previewed Joel McHale. “Thank God for Gillian [Jacobs] and Adam, who knock it out of the park. It gets pretty heavy.”

As for whether the identity of Jeff’s dad makes him half-brothers with Castle‘s titular writer, whose dad is also played by Brolin, McHale joked, “Let’s just say, if there is a Season 5, we end up on Serenity.”

Other topics touched on during the PaleyFest Q&A:

SWITCHING PLACES | The Oscar-winning writer who brings Dean Pelton to life, Jim Rash, penned “an episode with Troy and Abed that I think is one of the best we’ve ever done,” raved McHale. Added Rash: “It was an awesome and stressful process. … It’s sort of a Freaky Friday homage with a little body switching, and it’s very important” to the boys’ friendship.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN | An upcoming origins episode will reveal how the superhero-like study group “really came to be,” teased Guarascio.

UNLIKELY LOVE | What does the future hold for the odd pairing of Britta and Troy? The romance is “not doomed,” said Guarascio. “A lot of the year is the resurrection of Britta. … Who knows, maybe that will lead to something we’re not quite expecting.”

CRAZY SHIRLEY | “We’re going to see her house in the Thanksgiving episode,” previewed Yvette Nicole Brown. “Shirley likes really weird wallpaper.” Viewers will also “find out why Shirley’s the way she is,” and it has something to do with her in-laws. The actress also offered up this cryptic tease: “There’s something bigger coming than Malcolm-Jamal Warner playing my husband.”

GRADUATION DAY LOOMS | Will the Greendale gang be leaving school behind at the end of this year? Unlikely. “Everyone’s on their own pace as is often the case in community college,” said Guarascio. “So stay tuned.”

MORE COMMUNITY TALES? | Will the beloved, but ratings-challenged comedy be back for a fifth season? “It’s one of things where no one ever lets you know those things in advance,” replied McHale. “Believe me, I hope so.” As for stepping in as showrunners this season following creator Dan Harmon’s exit, Guarascio admitted that it was “hard” for him and Port. But “the cast is just so fantastic and the heart and soul of the show becomes the people who are performing it,” he continued. “We really need to listen to them because they’ve been doing the show the past three years and they know it inside and out.”

Revolution @ PaleyFest: Scoop on the Blackout (Answers Soon!), Georgia’s ‘Badass’ Boss & More

March 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Revolution executive producers Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau joined the cast of their hit NBC series at PaleyFest on Saturday to to drop a bombshell: “We reveal why the power went out — and we do it early,” Kripke shared at the top of the panel discussion.

In fact, the answer will come as soon as Episode 13 of this season (which resumes March 25 with Episode 11). And while it might seem like that’s too quick to give away one of the show’s biggest mysteries, the EP said they couldn’t keep skirting around it since “Rachel would know” the answer and has no reason not to tell the others.

“It opens the door to a bigger story and a bigger mystery,” Kripke teased, adding that drama will have a “much more epic scope” as the revolution against Monroe really heats up. “The fights get bigger, the emotion gets more fraught,” he continued.

Other topics touched on during the PaleyFest Q&A:

SO MANY ANSWERS | The reason behind the blackout isn’t the only mystery to be solved. “Every question that has been asked, at least certainly in the first 10 [episodes], we answer it before the end of the season — and still allow for a lot more questions and interesting developments to happen,” previewed Kripke. Among the enigmas explored: “Why did Rachel slap Miles? What is their history about? Where’s Grace right now? What’s Randall want from her? What turned Miles and Monroe against each other?”

GOING ABROAD | When the show explores the world outside of the Monroe Republic, the freedom fighters will find that not everyone is living under harsh conditions. “Georgia is influenced by factors like climate,” explained Kripke, so there are more crops and well-fed citizens. The land is also ruled by Leslie Hope’s President Foster, who is “badass, She’s really steely and strong and has her own management style that is quite different from Monroe’s.” In exploring the other republics, Kripke liked the idea of a “Game of Thrones influence, with different politics and aspects of these societies clashing against each other.”

CAN MONROE BE SAVED? | “The question of redemption is a bit more murky for someone like Monroe,” said his portrayer, David Lyons. “There’s a void in him that can’t be filled with all the power in the world and that’s a dangerous situation. He’s a broken man, and the question is: Can he be mended? I’m not sure.”

MAMA, WHY’D YOU GO? | Charlie will have “a lot of anger and resentment” toward her mother, previewed Tracy Spiridakos. Making matters worse, Rachel (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) doesn’t really have any answers for her daughter about why she had to leave her behind. So for Charlie, it’s about finding “her way in [with her mother] without getting burned.”

FATHER/SON FIGHT TIME | JD Pardo counts an upcoming confrontation between Nate and Neville — in which the youngster “stands up for himself” — as one of his favorite moments.

THE EX RETURNS | When Aaron reconnects with the wife he abandoned, “They’re able to work out their issues,” teased Kripke. “Now he’s found his strength, so what does that mean for them?”

Walking Dead @ PaleyFest: Scoop on Andrea’s ‘Vagina Warfare,’ Rick Vs. Carl, Daryl/Carol & More

March 2, 2013 Leave a comment

The Walking Dead executive producer Robert Kirkman and several cast members took the stage at PaleyFest 2013 on Friday to sneak-peek upcoming scenes, ponder the personality clashes that have arisen among the survivors in Season 3 and preview Rick’s dire need to step up and be a great leader again.

Then Dead panel livened up straight away with fresh footage from this Sunday’s episode, in which Rick finally softens toward Michonne a bit (though he tells Carl it’s just conditional). Rick’s group also encounters a crazy, booby-trap-filled new town.

The episode also features the aftermath of Carl calling out his father on his “new,” un-leaderlike mindset. “[Carl] needs a firm hand,” Andrew Lincoln said with a laugh. “He has a point, though. Rick has been making some terrible calls [and] after that scene it puts him into a different gear. Something happens this week that really holds a mirror up to Rick and he realizes he’s got to step up.’

Addressing the Grimes boy’s ‘tude, Kirkman said, “Carl really is one of my fave aspects in the comic and the show… Where we’re going to go with this kid are some pretty exciting places.” This season, he stressed,  is “just the beginning” of Carl’s journey.

Other topics touched on during the PaleyFest Q&A:

FOLLOW THE LEADER…? | “To push one of the central characters off the cliff’s edge is really bold,” Lincoln said of Rick’s deteriorating sanity. ” Even if it means conjuring ghosts? “That’s quite a common thing,” Lincoln noted. “His brain’s short circuiting [from] guilt.”

IS THERE GOOD IN THE GOVERNOR? | “The Governor and Rick are both facing the same problems,” said EP David Alpert. “For the Governor, there is something in him that’s good…. But the darkness has allowed him to grow and prosper.”

DOES THE GOV’ STILL GET ANDREA’S VOTE? | “She did [have feelings for him] until she went back to the prison,” said Laurie Holden. But “at this point, [she thinks he’s] a bad man. When she goes back and sleeps with him, that’s not because she thinks he’s handsome,” she explained with a laugh. “She thought she could follow through with Carol’s ‘vagina warfare’ plan.”

A NEW HITCH | Danai Gurira said the scene where Michonne and Rick coldly (yet understandably) blew off a hitchhiker was “a brilliant moment because it’s so real and so brutal… It’s like a war zone, so you can’t trust people easily.” With the hitchhiker storyline continued this Sunday, “You could squeeze all those scenes together and it’s a perfect short film for their mental state,” Lincoln observed.

THE FEMALE FEUD | “Here’s the deal: Andrea and Michonne are two adult women who wanted different things,” Holden said of the BFFs’ estrangement. “Andrea didn’t choose a guy over her; she chose a life and community.” Nonetheless, Gurira chimed in, “In Michonne’s mind, it’s got a lot to do with loyalty.”

CAN MERLE BE TRUSTED? | And no, it’s not a rhetorical question. “[Daryl] knows there’s good in his brother — but then again he’s tried to kill half the people on this stage,” Norman Reedus said. “But I think he hopes.”

ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? | Surveying the never-easy Glenn/Maggie relationship, Steven Yeun said, “He’s young and that love is young. And a love like that is hard to keep down. So he’s coming at this [situation] very selfishly and I think that’s very appropriate for what a 20something would do.” Meanwhile, on the Daryl/Carol front, Reedus opined, “I like these two damaged people gravitating toward each other. If it happens, it might happen. I don’t want to make the first move!”

PaleyFest 2013 Announces Panelists

February 6, 2013 Leave a comment

PaleyFest’s schedule has been known for a bit, but know we know who the panelists are going to be!

Keep reading for the tentative list of talent coming to PaleyFest 2013!

Friday, March 1: Opening Night Presentation: The Walking Dead (7:00 pm)

Moderator: Chris Hardwick: Host, “The Talking Dead”


·         Robert Kirkman: Executive Producer

·         Gale Anne Hurd: Executive Producer

·         Dave Alpert: Executive Producer

·         Greg Nicotero: Executive Producer

·         Andrew Lincoln: “Rick Grimes”

·         David Morrissey: “The Governor”

·         Danai Gurira: “Michonne”

·         Laurie Holden: “Andrea”

·         Lauren Cohan: “Maggie Greene”

·         Steven Yeun: “Glenn Rhee”

·         Norman Reedus: “Daryl Dixon”

·         Scott Wilson: “ Hershel Greene”

·         Chandler Riggs: “Carl Grimes”

Saturday, March 2: Revolution (7:00 pm)

Moderator: Michael Schneider, LA Bureau Chief, TV Guide Magazine


·         Eric Kripke: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Billy Burke: “Miles Matheson”

·         Tracy Spiridakos: “Charlie Matheson”

·         Giancarlo Esposito: “Major Tom Neville”

·         Daniella Alonso: “Nora Clayton”

·         JD Pardo: “Jason Neville”


·         Elizabeth Mitchell: “Rachel Matheson”

·         Plus additional guests to be announced


Sunday, March 3: Once Upon A Time (1:00 pm)

Moderator: Matt Mitovich, Editor-At-Large,


·         Edward Kitsis: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Adam Horowitz: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Ginnifer Goodwin: “Snow White”/ ” Mary Margaret Blanchard”

·         Jennifer Morrison: “Emma Swan”

·         Robert Carlyle: “Rumplestiltskin”/ ”Mr. Gold”

·         Lana Parrilla: “Evil Queen”/ ”Regina Mills”

·         Josh Dallas: “Prince Charming”/ ”David Nolan”

·         Colin O’Donoghue: “Captain Hook”


Sunday, March 3: The Newsroom (7:00 pm)

Moderator: Piers Morgan, Host, Piers Morgan Tonight


·         Aaron Sorkin: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Alan Poul: Executive Producer

·         Jeff Daniels: “Will McAvoy”

·         Emily Mortimer: “MacKenzie McHale”

·         Sam Waterston: “Charlie Skinner”

·         John Gallagher, Jr.: “Jim Harper”

·         Alison Pill: “Maggie Jordan”

·         Thomas  Sadoski: “Don Keefer”

·         Olivia Munn: “Sloan Sabbith”

·         Dev Patel: “Neal Sampat”

·         Plus additional panelists to be announced


Tuesday, March 5: Community (7:00 pm)

Moderator: Michael Schneider, LA Bureau Chief, TV Guide Magazine


·         Russ Krasnoff: Executive Producer

·         David Guarascio: Executive Producer

·         Moses Port: Executive Producer

·         Joel McHale: “Jeff Winger”

·         Gillian Jacobs: “Britta Perry”

·         Yvette Nicole Brown: “Shirley Bennett”

·         Danny Pudi: “Abed Nadir”

·         Alison Brie: “Annie Edison”

·         Jim Rash: “Dean Pelton”

·         Plus additional guests to be announced


Wednesday, March 6: The New Normal (7:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Ryan Murphy: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Ali Adler: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Dante Di Loreto: Executive Producer

·         Andrew Rannells: “Bryan Collins”

·         Justin Bartha: “David Murray”

·         Ellen Barkin: “Jane Forrest”

·         Georgia King: “Goldie Clemmons”

·         Bebe Wood: “Shania Clemmons”

·         NeNe Leakes: “Rocky”

·         Jayson Blair: “Clay Clemmons”


Thursday, March 7: Parenthood (7:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Jason Katims: Executive Producer

·         Peter Krause: “Adam Braverman”

·         Lauren Graham: “Sarah Braverman”

·         Dax Shepard: “Crosby Braverman”

·         Erika Christensen: “Julia Braverman-Graham”

·         Monica Potter: “Kristina Braverman”

·         Sam Jaeger: “Joel Graham”

·         Mae Whitman: “Amber Holt”

·         Jason Ritter: “Mark Cyr”

·         Joy Bryant:  “Jasmine Trussell”

·         Miles Heizer:  “Drew Holt”

·         Max Burkholder: “Max Braverman”

·         Plus additional guests to be announced


Friday, March 8: The Mindy Project (7:00 pm)

Moderator: Rob Moynihan, LA Correspondent, TV Guide Magazine


·         Mindy Kaling: Creator & Executive Producer / “Mindy Lahiri”

·         Matt Warburton: Executive Producer

·         Chris Messina: “Danny Castellano”

·         Ed Weeks: “Jeremy Reed”

·         Zoe Jarman: “Betsy Putch”

·         Ike Barinholtz: “Morgan Tookers”

·         Beth Grant: “Beverly Janoszewski”


Saturday, March 9: Nashville (1:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Callie Khouri: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Dee Johnson: Executive Producer

·         R.J. Cutler: Executive Producer

·         Connie Britton: “Rayna Jaymes”

·         Hayden Panettiere: “Juliette Barnes”

·         Plus additional guests to be announced


Saturday, March 9:  Arrow (7:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Greg Berlanti: Executive Producer

·         Marc Guggenheim: Executive Producer

·         Andrew Kreisberg: Executive Producer

·         Stephen Amell: “Oliver Queen”

·         Katie Cassidy: “Laurel Lance”

·         David Ramsey: “John Diggle”

·         Susanna Thompson: “Moira Queen”


Sunday, March 10: Dallas (1:00 pm)

Moderator: Will Keck, Sr. Editor & Columnist, TV Guide Magazine


·         Cynthia Cidre: Executive Producer

·         Michael Robin: Executive Producer

·         Patrick Duffy: “Bobby Ewing”

·         Linda Gray: “Sue Ellen Ewing”

·         Jesse Metcalfe:  “Christopher Ewing”

·         Josh Henderson: “John Ross Ewing”

·         Jordana Brewster: “Elena Ramos”

·         Julie Gonzalo: “Pamela Rebecca Barnes”

·         Brenda Strong:  “Ann Ewing”


Monday, March 11: New Girl (7:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Elizabeth Meriwether: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Brett Baer: Executive Producer

·         Dave Finkel: Executive Producer

·         Jake Kasdan: Executive Producer

·         Zooey Deschanel: “Jess”

·         Max Greenfield: “Schmidt”

·         Jake Johnson: “Nick Miller”

·         Lamorne Morris: “Winston Bishop”

·         Hannah Simone: “Cece”


Wednesday, March 13: The Big Bang Theory (7:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Chuck Lorre: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Bill Prady: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Steven Molaro: Executive Producer

·         Johnny Galecki: “Leonard Hofstadter”

·         Jim Parsons: “Sheldon Cooper”

·         Kaley Cuoco: “Penny”

·         Simon Helberg: “Howard Wolowitz”

·         Kunal Nayyar: “Raj Koothrappali”

·         Mayim Bialik: “Amy Farrah Fowler”

·         Melissa Rauch: “Bernadette Rostenkowski”


Thursday, March 14: 2 Broke Girls (7:00 pm)

Moderator: TBA


·         Michael Patrick King: Creator & Executive Producer

·         Kat Dennings: “Max Black”

·         Beth Behrs: “Caroline Channing”

·         Garrett Morris: “Earl”

·         Jonathan Kite: “Oleg”

·         Matthew Moy: “Han Lee”

·         Jennifer Coolidge: “Sophie”


Friday, March 15: Closing Night Presentation:  American Horror Story: Asylum (7:00 pm)

Moderator: Tim Stack, Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly


·         Ryan Murphy: Co-Creator & Executive Producer

·         Brad Falchuk: Co-Creator & Executive Producer

·         Dante Di Loreto: Executive Producer

·         Frances Conroy: “Dark Angel”

·         Evan Peters: “Kit Walker”

·         Lily Rabe: “Sister Mary Eunice”

·         James Cromwell: “Dr. Arthur Arden”

·         Plus additional guests to be announced

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