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Alexis Denisof Joins Grimm, Reunites with Former Angel Boss David Greenwalt

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grimm alexis denisofGrimm cocreator David Greenwalt has recruited his former Angel charge Alexis Denisof to join the NBC thriller’s Season 3 cast for an arc, TVLine has confirmed.

Denisof will play Viktor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf (say that three times fast), the cunning first cousin to James Frain’s Renard.

Additionally, Graceland‘s Manny Montana is set to guest star in the role of David Florez, an ex-marine hothead returning from Afghanistan with PTSD.

Grimm‘s third season launches Oct. 25.

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“Grimm” Season 3 Preview – Comic-Con 2013 – TVLine

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Silas Weir Mitchell Grimm Interview Comic Con

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Bree Turner Grimm Interview Comic Con

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Claire Coffee Grimm Interview Comic Con

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Grimm Season 3: Monroe and Rosalee Will Wed!

July 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Blutbad?

Grimm‘s Monroe and Rosalee are goin’ to the Wesen chapel in the NBC series’ upcoming third season, TV Guide Magazine reports.

Expect the happy pair — whose romance simmered in the background throughout Season 2 — to have a hard time convincing their parents that a wolf-like Blutbad and a foxy Fuchsbau can make a go of it.

Executive producer David Greenwalt tells the site that Monroe’s folks aren’t as evolved as their son, and “They think Fuchsbau like Rosalee are for eating, not for settling down with.” (Should make for an interesting reception, at least.)

Meanwhile, Greenwalt and co-EP James Kouf preview that Nick’s zombified time in the box will make him quite “dangerous,” that Wu will be rattled in the extreme by a Wesen encounter and that Hank will fall for his otherwordly physical therapist.

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Grimm 2×21 Promo | “The Waking Dead” [HD].

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Grimm 2×20 Promo | “Kiss of the Muse” [HD].

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NBC Renews Revolution, Grimm, Parenthood, SVU, and Chicago Fire

April 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Stupid wordplay time! The Revolution will be televised again, things are looking Grimm for NBC, congrats on your Parenthood NBC, and uhhh, something about Law & Order: SVU and Chicago Fire. NBC has renewed all five of those shows for new seasons. All of them will get 22-episode runs for 2013-2014, which is particularly good news for the perennial bubble show Parenthood, which hasn’t had a full season since its sophomore year in 2010-2011.

Though many of these shows were considered bubble riders, none of the renewals are too surprising. NBC’s bar was always going to be low given its current wasteland of successful programming, and the network needs SOME returning dramas for its 2013-2014 schedule. The numbers these shows are putting up wouldn’t’ve given them a chance five years ago, but hey, this is the new era of network television! Glaringly absent is Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, which has received enough critics’ praise and steady ratings in its early going to warrant at least a long look for a second season. Deception and Smash will almost certainly be canceled.

NBC says this was the drama round, so there’s no word yet on Parks & Recreation, Community, Whitney, Guys with Kids, or anything else I may have forgotten. Look for those announcements to trickle out in the coming weeks.

Grimm Season 2 Episode 19 Promo – Endangered [HD]

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NBC Dumps Ready for Love, But Promotes Grimm to Tuesdays

April 20, 2013 Leave a comment

NBC’s reality dating experiment Ready for Love, in which three single, sexy guys were paraded out in front of a trough of women, is NOT the next new television phenomenon. NBC has pulled the show from its schedule effective immediately, and has not decided where or when the remaining episodes will air if they even surface at all.

But out of Ready for Love‘s ashes rises a sapling of good news for another show. Good old Grimm will move from Fridays to the plush Tuesday-night 10pm slot where Ready for Love‘s currently resides. That leaves Grimm in the enviable slot behind The Voice. Grimm has been NBC’s duct tape as of late, taking long breaks or jumping around the schedule whenever NBC sees fit.

Dateline will replace Grimm on Fridays starting April 26.

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Grimm 2×18 Promo “Ring of Fire” (HD)

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Grimm 2×17 Promo “One Angry Fuchsbau” (HD)

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Grimm 2×16 Promo “Nameless” (HD)

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Grimm 2×15 Promo “Mr. Sandman” (HD)

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Grimm Magazine Now On Sale

March 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Last fall, NBC’s Grimm became one of the surprise hits of the season, overcoming a Friday timeslot and developing a loyal following almost immediately. The show followed Portland Detective Nick Burkhardt, a seemingly normal man with a seemingly normal life – he had a live-in girlfriend, a friendly relationship with his partner, and a job that he enjoyed and did well at. That was all before his aunt came to town and let him know that he was descended from a long line of Grimms, hunters put in charge of keeping the balance between humanity and mythological creatures of the world known as Wesen.

This season, Nick has become more comfortable with his role as a Grimm, though the deeper he dives into Wesen mythology and the true underpinning of the Grimm world, the more he realizes that he might be in more danger than he thought. To help parse out the intricate world that Grimm has developed over the last 35 episodes (and counting!), Titan Magazines has issued Grimm Magazine, a comprehensive look at the world developed by Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt, and Jim Kouf. In its 148 pages, Grimm Magazine features exclusive interviews with the cast, as well as insight from the producers regarding the direction the show will be heading and secrets straight from the writers of one of NBC’s most popular scripted shows.

Additionally, the first issue (available here) features a look at what it takes to create the distinct look that Grimm has managed to hone during its season-and-a-half, including information about those responsible for the show’s special effects, costuming, stunts, and production design. The first issue is now available on newsstands and in specialty comic book stores in the U.S., and will be available in the U.K. on March 21 and Australia & New Zealand on April 27. The second issue will be released this summer.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9:00 on NBC.

What have you thought about the second season of Grimm thus far? How has having a strong team behind him helped Nick’s assimilation into the Wesen world? Will the alliances formed in the spring premiere blow up before the end of the season?

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Grimm 2×14 Promo “Natural Born Wesen” (HD)

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What to Watch Friday: Grimm Scares Up New Episodes, Nikita Teams With Amanda (!) and More

March 9, 2013 Leave a comment

On TV this Friday: NBC brings Grimm tidings (back) to you, Fashion Star returns with a small makeover, Nikita must deal with the Devil and Banshee‘s Rabbit refuses to rest. Here are 10 programs to keep in your radar.

8 pm Fashion Star (NBC) | Season 2 features celeb mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, while fashionista Louise Roe now hosts and Express joins Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue as possi-buyers.

8 pm Nikita (The CW) | When Ari’s son Stefan’s bodyguard manages to capture both Nikita and Amanda, the two adversaries must work together to escape. Meanwhile, Owen is furious after Michael assigns Alex as Nikita’s back-up instead of him.

8 pm Last Man Standing (ABC) | Mike hires a private soccer coach to help Eve’s chances for a scholarship, only to see the ladies in the  household — especially Vanessa — swoon over the swarthy hire.

8:30 pm Jessie (Disney Channel) | While Zuri tries to get back a childhood toy of Jessie’s that she traded to a collector, Luke and Emma teach Bertram Salsa dancing so he can join a contest with his crush.

9 pm Grimm (NBC) | Midseason premiere: After Nick learns about Juliette and Captain Renard, he must deal with the consequences — ‘cept things grow more complicated when he is called to investigate his own crime. Elsewhere, the search for the key intensifies as Renard makes a surprising alliance, and Monroe informs Nick that, with Rosalee’s help, they might be able to stop Renard and Juliette before it’s too late.

9 pm Golden Boy (CBS) | Temporary time slot: Arroyo threatens to go public with evidence that Clark gave a criminal informant confiscated money. (Vegas takes over this time slot in April, after the NCAA Tourney.)

9 pm Touch (Fox) | When Lucy’s fury peaks and she takes matters into her own hands, Calvin offers an unthinkable deal for Amelia’s return. Looking for Lucy, Martin and Jake enlist Breakwire’s Trevor to help.

9 pm Cult (The CW) | New time slot: A surprise visitor in Nate’s apartment tells Jeff about a dangerous on-campus game that Nate had been hosting, involving role-playing scenes from past “Cult” episodes. On the show-within-the-show, Kelly confronts Billy.

10 pm Banshee (Cinemax) | As Rabbit closes in, Carrie flees the hospital in a desperate attempt to collect her family and get them out of town; Kai introduces Rebecca to the business world and sends Lucas a message about fooling around with his niece.

10 pm Blue Bloods (CBS) | An off-duty cop is disarmed by the “Bonnie and Clyde” bank robbers who wound a bystander, and Frank considers getting romantic with a woman from the ACLU (24‘s Sarah Wynter)… who happens to be Erin’s acquaintance.

10 pm Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street (Fuse) | Season finale: Billy Eichner tests Kristen Johnston on her knowledge about 3rd Rock from the Sun co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Syfy will unspool Merlin‘s final five episodes starting May 3.

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A Helping Hand – Grimm

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A Sore Subject – Grimm

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