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Saying Goodbye – 30 Rock Highlight

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Tina Fey Interview: Talking Mean Girls Musical, Muppets Sequel & 30 Rock Finale

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Saying So Long – 30 Rock

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NBC Comedy Thursday 12/6 Promo – The Office, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreations (HD)

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Mushy Montage – 30 Rock

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30 Rock Wedding: Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon Is Getting Married!

November 16, 2012 Leave a comment
Tina Fey, James Marsden, 30 Rock

What the what?! Get ready for a 30 Rock wedding ya’ll because Liz Lemon is getting married!

Tina Fey‘s unlucky in love character is going to make an honest man out of Chris Chross, played by the oh-so-handsome James Marsden. Looks like Liz is getting the last laugh by marrying such a slammin’ hottie. We just got a faux save the date that has some spoilery details for an upcoming episode:

30 Rock, Save the Date

“Miss Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon presents herself to be married to Mr. Crisstopher Rick Chross on Thursday the 29 of November, 2012, at eight/seven central in the evening. But not in a creepy way that perpetuates the idea that brides and virgins are virgins and women are property. She’s 42. Whatever. It’s no big whoop. Bring your own snacks.”

Who bets that Liz wears sweats down the aisle and gorges on hot dogs from Chris’ food truck post-ceremony?

Must admit, we’re a little bummed that Dennis Duffy doesn’t end up being the dummy in Liz’s life, but beggars can’t be choosers.

What do you think about her impending nuptials?

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Hello Ryan Lochte – 30 Rock

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