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FX’s The Americans Promotes Two for Season 2

Clark’s bride will have plenty of opportunity to keep on blushin’ — and maybe start to realize she’s secretly wed to a Russian! — now that The Americans has promoted Alison Wright to a series regular for Season 2.

FX also announced on Tuesday that Annet Mahendru, who plays gorgeous triple-agent Nina, also has been upgraded for the retro spy drama’s sophomore run, which will premiere in January 2014.

“Annet Mahendru ta20130111_073has been a revelation as Nina, bringing the character to life with a rich and subtle depth that keeps you guessing as to what’s really percolating under the surface,” exec producers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields shared in a statement. “And Alison Wright’s portrayal of Martha is heartbreakingly real at every turn. We are thrilled to add them to our outstanding company of actors.”

Previously, The Americans made Susan Misner (aka Stan Beeman’s increasingly estranged wife Sandra) a series regular effective with Season 2.

The Americans marked Wright’s TV debut, while Mahendru’s previous credits include 2 Broke Girls and Big Time Rush.

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Scene Of The Week – May 5, 2013

1. Show: CASTLE
Episode: “Still”
Date: April 29, 2013
Actor: Stana Katic
The Scene: Flashback – “We speak for the dead”

This was such a beautiful episode, I loved it! Definitely exceeded my expectations. So many great scenes to choose from. And I’m guessing most of the fans is gonna pick the “I love you” part, but as sweet as it was, I liked the scene right after it much, much more!
The moment when Kate comes to terms with the fact that she’s dying, we can see her entire life’s story. The most important parts. She remembers Cpt. Montgomery’s speech about the dead (probably my favorite one in the entire show!). She thinks about her struggle, her constant efforts to find her mother’s killer, all the death and pain in her life, her loneliness and never feeling safe. And then she remembers the last time when she was very close to death and the person she was thinking about back then: Castle. At this point all the good memories of her time with him, the one she loves the most, mix with the sense of dying, the feeling of fading away. And these happy moments make her stronger, let her accept that she’s almost gone. And that’s where the scene ends. I love flashbacks like this one! So beautiful! Kudos to not only amazing Stana Katic but also people responsible for editing these clips and the composer of the gorgeous melody that we can hear in the scene. It makes this moment perfect.

Episode: “Zero Day”
Date: May 2, 2013
Actors: Michael Emerson, Amy Acker
The Scene: Finch and Root talk about the Machine

It was absolutely incredible episode, breathtaking and easily one of the best of the entire series. Simple proof can be the fact that pretty much every scene from the episode can be called “Scene of the Week”, even the opening one. Who would have thought the sequence (or maybe lack of it) at the beginning of the episode could be so great? But yes, it definitely was.
The moment I’ve chosen as my favorite is the discussion between Root and Finch about the “humanity” of the Machine and its lost memories. First of all, one of the things I love the most about the show is this connection between Harold and his creation. Here, he tells Root just how deep it was, how the Machine actually started to look after him, altering its own code to protect him, starting to act more like human. And what he had to do to stop it, to make the Machine focus on its main goal, which is saving innocent people from the acts of terrorism, for the greater good. And in order to do that, he took away its memories, forcing them Machine to be reborn every single day. What’s truly amazing in the scene is Root’s reaction to Harold’s story. You don’t expect to see someone like her to be so heartbroken about it, to actually stand up for the Machine and decide to fight for it. Absolutely remarkable job by Michael Emerson and Amy Acker here, kudos to these two wonderful actors!

Episode: “The Colonel”
Date: May 1, 2013
Actors: Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, Noah Emmerich
The Scene: Philip saves Elizabeth

I’ve already written my review of the episode, so if you read it, you know how much I enjoyed watching this season finale, especially the last 15 minutes, it’s so thrilling and absolutely engaging!
My favorite part starts when Philip and Claudia realize that Elizabeth is in danger and he immediately runs to help her. The entire sequence where he tries to get to her on time and the FBI quietly waits to confirm that Elizabeth is the one they’re looking for is brilliantly done. And then Philip arrives and saves his wife from being arrested, and the car chase begins. He’s a really great driver, by the way! I rewatched this scene at least a couple of times and it still keeps me in suspense. Especially knowing that Stan manages to shoot Elizabeth after she gets in the car. Didn’t see this one coming! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen in season 2, really glad that in the end the main couple gets back together (“Come home”). I missed them together, they’re much stronger when they work side by side.

The Americans 1×12 Promo | “The Oath” [HD] .

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The Americans 1×11 Promo “Covert War” (HD)

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The Americans 1×10 Promo “Only You” (HD)

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The Americans 1×09 Promo “Safe House” (HD)

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The Americans 1×08 Promo “Mutually Assured Destruction” (HD)

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Americans Ups Susan Misner to Series Regular

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The Americans has promoted Susan Misner to series regular status, effective with Season 2, which was greenlit two weeks ago.

On the FX drama, Misner plays Sandra Beeman, the wife of FBI agent Stan (played by Noah Emmerich).

Misner currently also recurs on The Following (as Kevin Bacon’s TV sister), Person of Interest (as Reese’s deceased-but-flashback-friendly girlfriend Jessica), The Good Wife (as Michael J. Fox’s Mrs.) and, imminently, ABC’s Nashville (where she’ll offer Deacon an alternative to Rayna).

She has come a long way from drowning at the Buchanans’ summer house.

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The Americans 1×07 Promo “Duty and Honor” (HD)

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The Americans on FX – Marathon Promo (HD)

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The Americans 1×06 Promo “Trust Me” (HD)

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The Americans 1×05 Promo “Comint” (HD)

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The Americans 1×04 Promo “In Control” (HD)

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The Americans 1×03 Promo “Gregory” (HD)

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The Americans Interview – Matthew Rhys Talks Keri Russell and Brothers & Sisters – TV Line

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Video: Keri Russell Opens Up About That Felicity Haircut, Her Frantic Call to Scott Speedman, and Star Wars Hopes; Plus — Americans Spoilers!

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It’s my guest in this bonus episode of Spoiler Alert! that puts the special in “special edition”: Dame Keri Russell, the ass-kicking leading lady from FX’s hot new Cold War drama, The Americans, my former Felicity co-star and (potentially) a key member of the Star Wars VII cast!

Over the course of eight magical minutes, the Golden Globe winner not only explains why she considers herself to be “the most boring” of her new series’ ensemble, she also reveals which blue showbiz legends she hopes will eventually guest on the show. She also fesses up about why she looks back at her days as Felicity “angrily,” recalls how former leading man Scott Speedman recently talked her down off the ledge, and yes, there might be some chatter about the likelihood of her reteaming with J.J. Abrams on a certain surefire movie blockbuster.

So no more dillydallying: Press PLAY below, then hit the comments!


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The Americans 1×02 Promo “The Clock” / This Season on The Americans (HD)

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The Americans (FX) First Look

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FX’s Americans Wants You to ‘Root For the KGB’

January 10, 2013 1 comment

The big question at the center of FX’s forthcoming cold war drama The Americans: Who are viewers supposed to root for — the U.S. government or the undercover married Russian spies played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell?

“We want you to root for the KGB,” exec producer Joe Weisberg told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena, before nodding to Russell and Rhys, “Don’t you want [Elizabeth and Philip] to succeed?”

Weisberg adds that the series benefits from being set in the ’80s. “I think if you tried to tell a story like this right now about Al Qaeda, it’d be completely impossible,” he reasons. “I think enough time has passed that people are willing to look into their hearts and see them as real people.”

Other key takeaways from the panel:

* Rhys said Russell’s dance background “lent itself perfectly to kicking a man’s head through a wall,” referring to one of the premiere’s more violent sequences. He later admitted that her character “scares the s–t out of me.”

* The ’80s cars “are fine as long as you start turning [the wheel] a good week before you have to turn,” laughed Rhys.

* Flashbacks, which are a big part of the first two episodes, will be inserted “as the story dictates,” notes Weisberg. Adds fellow EP Joe Fields: “It’s an opportunity to explore character-deepening stuff.”

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The Americans – Season 1 – Cast Promotional Photos

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