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Family Guy Crossover Will Introduce the Griffins to The Simpsons in Fall 2014

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 Family Guy Simpsons EpisodeCowabunga, dude!

We thought we we’d never live to see the day that Family Guy’s Griffin family met Bart’s bunch from The Simpsons, but that day is rapidly approaching. TVLine has learned that in a fall 2014 episode of Family Guy, Peter & Co. pay a visit to Springfield, where they’ll be befriended by Homer & Co.

It doesn’t matter in the least to Homer that Peter is (in his jaundiced eyes) albino — in no time, the plus-sized pals are drinking brews and debating whether Duff or Pawtucket is the better beer. Meanwhile, Stewie is charmed by Bart’s old-school mischief; Lisa makes it her mission to find Meg’s talent (good luck with that!); and Marge and Lois become bosom buddies.

Fox Pulls Sunday’s Family Guy and American Dad Due to Newtown Elementary School Shooting

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Fox has yanked Sunday’s original episodes of Family Guy and American Dad in the wake of Friday’s elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn. that left 20 children dead, TVLine has confirmed.

Although the network has not released an official statement, it’s believed the episodes were pulled because they featured potentially sensitive content.

The holiday themed installments — Family Guy‘s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph! and American Dad‘s “Minstrel Krampus — will be replaced with encores “Grumpy Old Man” and “Wheels & The Legman and The Case of Grandpa’s Key,” respectively, per The Futon Critic, which first reported the news.

Additionally, Fox has jettisoned a 7/6c Cleveland Show encore, “Die Semi-Hard,” and replaced it with another repeat, “Menace II Secret Society.”

The news follows Syfy’s decision to pre-empt Friday’s penultimate Season 3 episode of Haven, which dealt with fictitious violence at a high school.

Sofia Vergara to guest on ‘Family Guy,’ ‘Cleveland Show’

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Sofia Vergara is about to be romantically linked to… Peter Griffin? The Modern Family star will cameo as his fantasy love interest in an upcoming episode of Family Guy, EW has learned. In a cutaway gag featuring Peter as a telenovela lothario, Vergara voices his sassy (and, yes, buxom) lover. And that’s not her only role in the episode; she plays a woman selling roses in a restaurant where Quagmire is “wooing” Peter so that Peter will do him a big favor.

In addition, Vergara will pop up this season on another animated Fox comedy, The Cleveland Show. She’ll be voicing a character named Tia Sofia, who tries to talk Cleveland into hosting a quinceañera for Cleveland Jr.’s 15th birthday.

FAMILY GUY – Comic-Con 2012: Panel

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FAMILY GUY – Comic-Con 2012: Press Room “Hentamann Callaghan Interview”

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FAMILY GUY – Comic-Con 2012: Press Room “Henry Borstein Interview”

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