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Lyndsy Fonseca Interview Nikita Comic Con 2013

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The CW Puts Flash on Fast Track, Hits Pause on Wonder Woman, Lets Fly With Big Arrow Spoiler

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The CW Flash Superhero SeriesThe DC Comics hero Flash is, fittingly, on the fast-track to get his own series on The CW, it was announced Tuesday morning at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour.

“We plan to introduce… the origin story of Dr. Barry Allen” — one of Flash’s multiple alter egos across DC lore — during Season 2 of Arrow, network boss Mark Pedowitz explained. Hoping to firm up The CW’s footing in the DC universe, “We felt this was a very organic way to get there.”

Pedowitz noted that since it’s an origin story — and given Arrow‘s own grounded nature — Barry Allen “may not come in with superpowers.”

Wonder Woman, in the meantime, will have to cool her invisible jets, as the prequel series Amazon is “on pause right now. The script isn’t where we want it,” Pedowitz admitted. With Black Canary being introduced on Arrow and the Flash character also on the way, he said, “It’s better to wait and get it right.”

UPDATE: Also in the Arrowverse, Pedowitz revealed that Season 2 newcomer Caity Lotz (The Pact) is (spoiler alert!) in fact playing Laurel’s presumed dead sister Sara. “I hope it brings a certain amount of conflict,” he shared. As for what was previously revealed about Lotz’s storyline, he clarified, “I don’t know if this character is … or is not the Black Canary, but it is an origin story. Remember, Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in the DC Universe.”

SUPERNATURAL INSTINCTS | Pedowitz reiterated the plan for a Chicago-based spin-off about hunters and monsters, noting that no currently recurring characters are expected to migrate to the offshoot. As for the original, now long-running drama, “I would love Supernatural to continue as long as it could continue,” he said. “From what I’ve read and seen so far, [showrunner Jeremy Carver is] creating arcs that could go longer [than the upcoming season]. As long as the fan base is there, there’s no reason it couldn’t continue.”

FUNNY BUSINESS? | The summertime success and Season 2 renewal of Whose Line Is It Anyway? “gives us a strategic piece now” to look into developing half-hour comedies, Pedowitz said.

LA FIN NIKITA | Pedowitz dismissed a rumor that Nikita‘s final six episodes will be burned off in three two-hour batches. “The game plan … is individual episodes,” he maintained, “though we may end up doing a two-hour finale after we’ve run the first four episodes singularly.” The spy drama’s goodbye tour is currently expected to kick off in mid-November.

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Shane West Interview Nikita Comic Con

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“Nikita” Cast Interview – Comic-Con 2013 – TVLine

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Noah Bean Nikita Interview Comic Con

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Nikita Season 4 Official Trailer Comic-Con 2013/2014 HD Sizzle Reel

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Nikita – Til Death Do Us Part Clip

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