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Producer plotting return of Puberty Blues to the screen

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment
Ashleigh Cummings, Claudia Karvan

Channel 10’s recently departed chief programmer David Mott predicted it, now Southern Star producers John Edwards and Imogen Banks are plotting a second series of Puberty Blues.

“Yes, we are discussing it now. There’s a strong chance, and Imogen and I have been in the plotting room and are well into development ourselves,” Edwards says.

“So for those demanding more, we have high hopes we’ll deliver.”

While the series is still not officially confirmed with Ten, the production duo are well into developing a follow-up to the troubled network’s current best-performing show.

They are envisioning the same cast with a storyline picking up where season one, based on the book, ends.

“We’d imagine fairly much continuing on in the late ’70s with pretty much the stories as we left them, maybe a year further on,” Edwards says.

Puberty Blues has been moderately successful in the ratings, pulling up to 800,000 viewers for Ten after a string of failures, and would probably rate better on another network.

“We have struggled with decent numbers for the lead-in, but we are so happy with our show,” Edwards says.

With just three episodes of Puberty Blues to go, the pair says the penultimate is one of their favourite in which Claudia Karvan plays Jude Vickers.

“Claudia is fabulous as is that whole episode,” Edwards says. “It’s not eligible for this year’s AACTA Awards because it misses the time cut-off, and she’s already agitating to get it in for next year.”

It’s rumoured recent buyers of the house where part of the series was filmed were asked about the possibility of it being available in March next year.

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