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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Keith David to Voice Cheshire Cat

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Once Upon a Time Wonderland Cheshire CatWell, this is purrrrfect.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has called upon a very cool cat and voice work veteran, Keith David, to voice its Cheshire Cat.

Alice’s feline foil will first “appear” (or, you know, not) in the premiere episode of the Once spin-off’s freshman season.

Elsewhere “behind the scenes,” John Lithgow (3rd Rock from the Sun) voices Wonderland’s White Rabbit, while The Who’s Roger Daltrey is reprising his Once role as the hookah smoking Caterpillar.

In addition to David’s on-camera work on TV series (such as the upcoming Fox comedy Enlisted, The Cape and ER) and on the big screen, his extensive voiceover resume includes the Saints Row and Marvel’s Heroes videogames, narrating History’s The Bible miniseries and Community‘s “Pillows and Blankets” episode, and the animated series Gargoyles and Spawn.

Wonderland premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Promo “The Search Begins” (HD)

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ABC Boss Previews ‘Less Complicated’ Revenge, Defends Nashville Finale, Talks Grey’s Season 11

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Revenge Season 3 ChangesR.I.P. The Initiative.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee conceded to reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Beverly Hills that Revenge “stumbled a bit” in its mythology-heavy second season, adding that new showrunner Sunil Nayar (who replaced series creator Mike Kelley) will “bring to us a slightly less complicated” storyline in Season 3. “The first episode back is a fantastic episode starting with a magnificent hook.”

Other highlights from Lee’s exec session:

NASHVILLE | Lee defended Nashville‘s super-soapy Season 1 car crash climax, calling the twist a “sweet cliffhanger…  There’s an impending doom that leads you toward the car crash that is very Nashville.” In Season 2, Connie Britton’s Rayna will “really drive plot,” Lee added. “That particular rivalry with Connie and Hayden[‘s characters] is coming to a head. We’ve only seen a couple of outlines and a script, but we’re really happy with it.”

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND | On the decision to launch the Once spin-off in the fall as opposed to at midseason as a bridge between the first and second half of Once Season 3, “We just fell in love with it. We were looking to build a real block on Thursday of empowered women… This is Alice like you’ve never seen Alice before. She’s a truly kickass Alice.”

DANCING WITH THE STARS | On Maksim Chmerkovskiy returning for the next cycle, “Maks is part of the family; he may well be back [next season].” As for how the competition series will manage with no more results show, Lee would only say that Monday’s two-hour telecasts would “build to a climax at the end” and still involve some combo of judge and viewer votes.

HAPPY ENDINGS | Lee called the beloved comedy’s untimely cancellation “very upsetting,” but noted that the show failed to “attract an audience on its own” after it moved out of the post-Modern Family slot. “We never found in the places that we put it [that] we could [bring] an audience to it. We couldn’t find its sea legs away from a strong lead-in, so that’s how we ended up on that decision.”

GREY’S ANATOMY | The long-running medical soap is not heading into its final season, Lee maintained. “[Shonda Rhimes] is planning a number of [season’s] out… We would like to see it on the network for many years to come.” Lee declined to comment on the future of original castmembers like Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey (whose contract expire in May), saying, “If I commented on who is coming in and out, I think Shonda would yell at me.”

CASTLE | When asked about Nathan Fillion’s recent unauthorized “day off” from Castle in the midst of a contract squabble with ABC, Lee deflected, “Nathan and Stana [Katic] are fantastic actors. We feel super-optimistic” about Castle‘s future.

SCHEDULING | ABC detailed its split-season schedule for its heavy hitter dramas, revealing that Nashville will return from its winter break on Feb. 26, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal will resume their runs Feb. 27, and Once Upon a Time and Revenge will come back March 9 — with all of the above finishing their seasons with few or no repeats. (Lee told TVLine that midseason programs such as Tricia Helfer’s Killer Women will fill those midseason gaps.) The new reality series The Quest, meanwhile, will at least temporarily replace Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Thursdays at 8) starting Jan. 2, while Resurrection will take over for Betrayal (Sundays at 10) on March 9.

Wonderland Bosses Talk Pilot’s ‘Missing’ Scenes, Solve Scheduling Mystery, Share Mad Hatter Plan

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland PreviewIf you were among those who at last month’s Comic-Con saw the 20-minute “drama presentation” that sold ABC on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, you basically laid witness to the first half of the new series’ premiere.

After Alice breaks out of the asylum into which her father had her committed, “We’re going to actually go [back] into Wonderland” in that first episode, cocreator Eddy Kitsis explained Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Beverly Hills. There, “You are going to meet Jafar (played by Lost‘s Naveen Andrews), get more of the Red Queen (Emma Rigby) and get more a sense of that world.”

Co-showrunner Adam Horowitz meanwhile clarified the scheduling plan for what he and Kitsis dubbed a “psychedelic romance,” seeing as an ABC press release suggested Wonderland would finale by the time the reality series The Quest claims Thursday’s lead-off spot on Jan. 2.

Working off an order of currently 13 episodes, he said, “The plan would be to tell a whole string of episodes in the fall, and then we come back after The Quest to finish up the story for this season.”EMMA RIGBY

Other hot topics from Wonderland‘s TCA panel:

* The plan stands to have Barbara Hershey at some point reprise her Once role as the Queen of Hearts, in flashbacks. As for Rigby’s frosty Red Queen, she will share “an uneasy alliance” with Jafar, seeing as they each have specific reasons for keeping Alice from reuniting with the genie Cyrus.

* In addition to the hookah-smoking caterpillar (again voiced by Roger Daltrey) and the White Rabbit (a series regular character voiced by John Lithgow), “You will see the Cheshire cat in the pilot,” Kitsis shared. Explaining the casting of Lithgow (who replaced Paul Reubens) as the time-conscientious bunny, Kitsis said, “John brings an incredible depth. There are layers to the character and his backstory that we want to reveal.”

* Although Sebastian Stan is in high demand and currently unavailable for an encore on either Once series, Kitsis said, “We’re never going to have a Mad Hatter not played by Sebastian.”

* The EPs explained that the events of Wonderland take place concurrently with original Once — which raises the question of how then Alice can live in Victorian England. “It’s not historical Victorian England; it’s fictional Victorian England,” Horowitz said. As with other realms visited on Once, Wendy Darling’s England, Dr. Frankenstein’s world and such “are lands of story” removed from time.

Peter Gadiot & Sophie Lowe Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Interview

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Naveen Andrews Interview Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Season 1 Preview – Comic Con 2013

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Wonderland @ Comic-Con: Lost’s Naveen Andrews Joins Once Spin-Off as Jafar

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 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Comic-Con Season 1 SpoilersLooks like Alice is about to get a little, er, Lost in Wonderland.

Naveen Andrews, whose last major stateside TV role came on ABC’s Lost, is joining the network’s Once Upon a Time spinoff as genie Jafar, it was announced during the show’s panel on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Andrews — who currently does not appear in the pilot presentation – will debut in the first episode as the “very, very, very evil villain,” shared co-creator Edward Kitsis, adding that their take on Jafar will be “very frightening.”ABC's Reckless Spoilers

“I hope it will be something like you’ve never seen before,” said Andrews.

In other news from the panel…

HOME SWEET HOME | The Con crowd was treated to a preview of the pilot presentation, which kicks off with a familiar, destructive Once Upon a Time scene. Viewers will first meet two Wonderland characters in Storybrooke – and one of them has been there for a bit of time, it appears. “We will find out the Knave’s backstory leads to the Enchanted forest,” teased Kitsis after the screening.

ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER OPENS | As opposed to the mothership series, which is intended as a sprawling, multi-year story, the mission of Wonderland is “to tell within this first season, a complete, close-ended story,” said co-creator Adam Horowitz. “By the end of the Season 1, this particular story will be concluded,” and a new adventure will begin in Season 2 with the same cast. Since there’s only so many episodes to start and finish the story, Wonderland hopes to be “all killer, no filler,” added Kitsis. All of the questions you’re wondering about will be answered, including “why Alice went to Wonderland, who her father is, how she ended up in that insane asylum.”

THE PAST UNCOVERED | Like with Once, flashbacks will reveal the characters’ backstories, including that of newbie the Knave of Hearts and The Red Queen, who makes a brief but memorable first impression in the pilot presentation. Her use of magic “makes me wonder if she spent any time with the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland,” hinted Kitsis.

ALICE, ACTION HEROINE | Remember how take-action Snow White was in the Once pilot? Alice might give her a run for her money. Kitsis had this to say about a particularly buttkicking scene: “Was anything cooler than when she took that guy down with his legs and broke his neck?” Yes, this girl doesn’t need any help taking care of herself.

FAMILIAR FACES | “I would be disappointed if we didn’t see the Queen of Hearts at some point,” said Kitsis. However, her cohort the Mad Hatter might be harder to get back because of his portrayer Sebastian Stan’s busy movie schedule. Joked Kitsis: “I hear he’s going to be here [at Comic-Con] for 20 minutes, and there’s a part of me that wants to kidnap him and bring him back to Vancouver.” After a fan asked if we’ll see the March Hare or the Doormouse, Kitsis replied, “I have a feeling we might see both of those people or at least hear about them.”

“Feel The Love” Once Upon A Time In Wonderland New Promo

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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Trailer ABC HD

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Once Upon a Time’s Wonderland Spinoff, Glee Star’s Comedy and 7 More Picked Up by ABC

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Once Upon A Time, Sophie Lowe

And the ABC pickups continue!

After ordering Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to series, as well as Rebel Wilson‘s comedy Super Fun Night, the network has also picked up a bunch of new series for next season, including the much-buzzed-about Once Upon a Time spinoff, which will be set in Wonderland.

Also included in the pickups are a mind-bending drama starring Christian Slater, as well as a sitcoms starring James Caan, a Glee star, Malin Akerman and more…


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: The buzzed about Once Upon a Time spinoff centers on Alice, played by newcomer Sophie Lowe, the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) and Alice’s love interest Cyrus (Peter Gadiot). Oh, and John Lithgow voices the White Rabbit! The anthology series hails from OUAT creators Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Jane Espenson.

Back in the Game: James Caan and Psych‘s Maggie Lawson star as an estranged father, who is a former baseball star, and daughter who movie in together after her nasty divorce. Soon, she starts coaching her son’s little league team, allowing herself to be drawn back into the sports world.

Mind Games: Steve Zahn and Christian Slater play two brothers who run an agency that uses the real science of human motivation and manipulation to help solve their clients’ problems. Awake‘s Kyle Killen serves as executive producer.

Betrayal: Hannah Ware stars as an unhappily married photographer who begins an affair with a lawyer, who ends up defending a murder suspect who her husband is prosecuting. Stuart Townsend and James Cromwell also star.

Lucky 7: Based on the British drama The Syndicate, the series centers on seven service station employees whose lives are changed when they win a lottery jackpot.

Resurrection: Based on a novel by Jason Mott, the drama centers on deceased loved ones returning from the grave in the town of Arcadia. Omar Epps, Devin Kelley, Matt Craven and Samaire Armstrong star in the series from Criminal MindsAaron Zelman.

Mixology: From the writers of The Hangover, this high-concept sitcom centers on a group of singles looking for love in a Manhattan bar and is set over the course of a single night. Ryan Seacrest serves as an executive producer with Glee‘s Vanessa Lengies and The Following‘s Adan Canto set to star.

Killer Women: Battlestar Galactica fan favorite Tricia Helfer plays Molly Parker, the only woman in the Texas Rangers in this drama based on the Argentine series Mujeres Asesinas. Buffy‘s Marc Blucas also headlines the drama, which Sofia Vergara is executive producing.

Trophy Wife: Malin Akerman stars as a reformed party girl who finds herself as part of an instant family when she falls for Brad (Bradley Whitford), who has three children and two crazy ex-wives. Marcia Gay Harden also stars in this project from Private Practice‘s Emily Halpern.

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