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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy and More!

Spoiler Chat

By now, you’ve seen Revenge‘s season-three trailer by now and we all know that Emily (Emily VanCamp) gets shot on her wedding night. But let’s back up a bit, who exactly is she marrying?

We’ve got some good Revenge info that will shed some light on her engagement timeline in the first half of season three. And we’ve seen the Sons of Anarchy season premiere, and we’re not exactly keeping things buttoned up. This is Spoiler Chat after all. Plus, scoop on How I Met Your Mother, S.H.I.E.L.D., Grey’s Anatomy and more:

Campbell: Is Emily really getting married this season on Revenge? Or is it just a quick engagement fake out type thing?
Daniel and Emily will get engaged right off the bat in season three, and we can tell you that as of episode five, they are still totally moving forward with wedding plans. Emily will be deep in the throes of picking up dresses and flowers, etc, with every intention of becoming a Grayson. Start monogramming those wedding gifts, now! Perhaps a gold-plated Sharpie?

Tamie Q.: Just a bit annoyed with all the Grey’s romance stories floating around….they’re still doctors right? Got anything else on season 10?
You know that rumor about Richard Gere and the hamster? Or was it a gerbil? Either way, one of our unfortunate Grey’s docs will have to deal with that situation in the upcoming season. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Google “Richard Gere” and “gerbil” and you’ll see what we mean.

Ike: Sons of Anarchy new season right around the corner and not a peep out of you guys. What gives?
We’re still trying to wrap our brains around the season. It’s without a doubt one of the most shocking episodes of the series, if not the most shocking. But the silver lining of the season premiere is that jail Tara is kind of a badass. So fans of her characters will enjoy that. Oh, and Bobby has officially gone rogue and is doing something that probably won’t end well….for anyone.

Eliza: Thanks for all the stories you do on Orange Is the New Black! It’s my obsession and now that I’ve burned through season one, I need info on what’s next.
Did you think season one was flawless, save for one minor flaw: not enough Miss Rosa? Well, that’s going to change in season two. Miss Rosa will meet a new friend while undergoing treatment for her cancer, which will allow the audience to get more backstory than ever before on our favorite cancer patient. Besides Walt on Breaking Bad, of course.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERSo excited for How I Met Your Mother to come back, but I’m worried that this Ted and Robin thing will continue in the new season. Can’t they get over each other and just move on?

If you’ve had enough of Ted and Robin’s back and forth, then this photo from the season premiere of Robin and Barney looking blissfully in love might make you feel better. Plus, Ted will definitely make a big attempt in the beginning of the season to completely get over Robin. He’s about to meet his future wife after all!

Van: Cougar Town spoilers, if you please.
Do you think the cul-de-sac crew is ready for international fame? Probably not. But they need to get ready, because in season five: Penny Can goes global. Yes, you read that right.

Tyson: Can you tell us how Coulson faked his death in Avengers to end up alive in S.H.I.E.L.D.?
You must be joking. Joss Whedon and Marvel have cameras in every office of every human being who knows the answer to that. And while we do know how his resurrection is explained in the pilot episode, we also know that there are secrets about his death that even Coulson is completely unaware of. That’s all we can tell you at the moment. Seriously, move along because some of the cameras in our office started zooming in on our computer screens.

Malika: Not gonna lie, Baby Daddy is my guilty pleasure. It makes me laugh every time! Got any scoop on that?
Next season Bonnie will be getting an oh-so attractive new love interest Brad, played by The Young and the Restless’ Peter Porte. We’re super happy for Bonnie, but we’re not sure how long this hot new fling is going to last, especially since he winds up in the hospital. Ruh-roh!

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