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Mega Buzz: A Grey’s Catch-22 and New Romances on The Mentalist and Nashville

Do you have any Cristina-and-Owen scoop on Grey’s Anatomy? — Jasmine

NATALIE: Though Cristina and Owen have broken up, Kevin McKidd says that they’ll still be linked. “I’ve been assured by the writers that what happens with them as far as their relationship status, they’re always going to be connected emotionally,” McKidd says. “So even if they’re not a couple, they’ll always be, in a way, a spiritual couple… and I’ll still get to work with her.” Still, McKidd hopes that Owen will take steps toward his own happiness. “He has put his own needs on the back burner,” he says. “I want him to pursue it to see what happens, but the sad fact is that if he gets what he wants, he’ll lose the person he loves, so it’s a real catch-22.”

Anything good about The Mentalist, preferably about Jane and Lisbon? — Lexi, via Twitter
With the show wrapping up the Red John story line this season, creator Bruno Heller hints that the unresolved sexual tension between the core duo will perhaps move to the fore. “I think they absolutely love each other,” he says. “Have they ever laid there at night and thought about the other one and what that would be like to be a romantic couple? Of course they have, and that’s exactly what they’re going to continue feeling and thinking.” Then again, catching Red John might change those feelings altogether. “They care so much about each other, [but] with the stakes being ratcheted up by Red John being ever-present, it’s a pressure-cooker situation,” Simon Baker says. “They have to lean on each other more, but it’s also going to be easy for them to blow each other’s fuse.”

Got any new info about Nashville? — Janice
Sounds like Rayna is going to be going through several men in the wake of her falling out with Deacon.  We hear that the show is casting a recurring love interest who, like his label-mate Rayna, is a super-successful mega-star. Although Rayna is initially attracted to his humility and warmth toward his fans, it don’t impress her much when he offers her some pretty sexist career advice.

What’s going to happen to Henry on Once Upon a Time? — Melanie
Though the Charmings and their foes are working together to rescue Henry, the real question you may want to ask yourself is what happens to Henry if and when they do save him? Does he go home with Emma, Snow and Charming? Or does the Evil Queen have other ideas about his future? First, though, they’ll have to figure out why Peter Pan even wants Henry. “In the first few episodes, you’re going to start realizing what he wants Henry for, but like any good mystery, you won’t know the whole picture until you watch the whole 11 episodes,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says.

I know it’s early, but do you have any scoop on True Blood? — Brandon
Just because the show jumped ahead six months in the finale, don’t expect to see Sam’s hybrid baby in the flesh next season. Executive producer Brian Buckner explains: “Our 10 episodes [usually] take place over the course of two weeks,” which, even on TV, isn’t enough time to hatch a hybrid. But he stresses that if this is deemed to be the final season, things may unfold a little more rapidly.

Any Vampire Diaries scoop on Damon and Elena? — Kayla
For once they’ll be happy. But their bliss will be foiled — yet again! — by Katherine, who’ll be back to meddle in everyone’s lives. Although Damon says that he’s over her, what will Elena — who’s now off at college — think when she learns that Damon and Katherine have been bunking together at Chez Salvatore all summer long?

The Big Bang Theory scoop, please!  — Jared
NATALIE: When Amy and Bernadette head to a work conference, they’ll be surprised when, even without Penny in tow, men are still hitting on them! “It’s supposed to be Bernadette and Amy talking shop, but they end up talking boys,” Mayim Bialik teases. Too bad they’re both taken!

Anything else you can tell us about Danny’s relationship with Gabrielle on Hawaii Five-0? — Christine
Well, Melanie Griffith is coming to town, and I couldn’t imagine Danno’s mother not having an opinion on who her son is dating. But the couple will have bigger challenges than a nosy parent. Although executive producer Peter Lenkov previously teased that Danny’s daughter Grace could come between the pair, I’m hearing that Gabby will also be forced to choose between Danny and a job.

Any scoop on The Originals? — Sandy
NATALIE: Haley better watch her back! Executive producer Julie Plec tells us that she may not stand a chance once that baby is born. “One of the first things Rebekah says to Haley is that Klaus is the kind of guy who puts his family members in a box, so probably when you give birth you’ll end up in one of your own,” Plec says. Good thing witch Sophie has a trick up her sleeve to keep Haley safe — for now.

I can’t believe that Amber and Ryan might be getting married on Parenthood! How soon could they tie the knot? — Linda
Things will get very complicated for Amber and Ryan when three things happen: 1) Sarah reveals just how she really feels about her daughter’s impending nuptials; 2) Sarah hires Ryan to work as a plumber in the apartment building where she is now the superintendent; and 3) Kristina’s opponent in the mayoral race turns out to be… Bob Little, Amber’s ill-fated fling from Season 3.

Is there anything you can tell us about Samantha Jones (Lindsey Gort) on The Carrie Diaries? — Emily
“She is Donna LaDonna’s cousin,” executive producer Amy B. Harris teases. Carrie and Samantha “have chemistry, but they’re very different. Carrie’s spent a lot of time nurturing friends, worrying about her sister and her dad, and Samantha comes in with a lot less worries about consequences and helps her open her eyes to letting go of that a little bit.” Looks like Samantha will finally be putting the sex in the Sex and the City prequel.

I’m loving The Bridge. But the guy they arrested last week can’t be the killer, can he? — Teddy
Although the current suspect is plenty crazy, yes, he’s ultimately a red herring.  However, on Wednesday’s episode, Sonya closes in on a new suspect who has ties to several of the victims. Even more shocking — and potentially deadly — is the connection Sonya’s new target has to… Marco.

Adam’s Mega Rave: Am I the only one who thinks that Jane Fonda should play Leona high in all her scenes on The Newsroom?

Natalie’s Mini Rant: We get it, Miley Cyrus; you’re all growed up! Welcome to all the fun, new activities that all adults enjoy — say, humping a foam finger.

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