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What to Watch Sunday: True Blood and 2 Other Finales, a Devious Plan, Copper Laid Low & More

 true-blood-s6-finale-300On TV this weekend: True Blood’s finale looks to the future, Devious Maids turns to blackmail, the past comes back to haunt Breaking Bad and Big Brother targets two.

8 pm Big Brother (CBS) | Two contestants are nominated for possible eviction (and I continue to hope that someone, anyone will end the reign of McCranda).

8 pm Chopped (Food Network) | Chefs with connections to the food-truck business cook with a variety of strange ingredients.

9 pm True Blood (HBO) | Season finale: Sookie examines her future with Warlow, and Bill discovers that salvation comes at a price. (Yep, renewed.)

9 pm Whodunnit (ABC) | Season finale: A final game of speed and memory determines the winner — and the identity of The Killer — at Rue Manor.

9 pm Crossing Lines (NBC) | Two-hour season finale: Louis and his wife rely on Dom, who discovers new information that may lead to the capture of the Russian. (Not yet renewed.)

9 pm Breaking Bad (AMC) | Skyler’s past catches up with her; Walt works to cover his tracks. (Step 1: Don’t leave any more major clues on top of the toilet.)

10 pm Copper (BBC America) | Reeling from his loss, Corcoran is supported by all of Five Points, and Morehouse fights to ensure that his past is hidden.

10 pm Devious Maids (Lifetime) | Evelyn blackmails Rosie, and Marisol discovers some new information about Flora.

10 pm Low Winter Sun (AMC) | The DPD searches McCann’s house; Frank finds game-changing evidence.

10 pm Ray Donovan (Showtime) | Ray, Terry and Bunchy toast the anniversary of their sister’s death.

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