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News Briefs: Alec Baldwin Will Continue Yelling at People, Now on MSNBC

Alec Baldwin the former 30 Rock star has teamed up with MSNBC to develop a weekly news series slated to air on Fridays at 10pm. The show will feature a large dose of Baldwin’s liberal and often combative political opinions.  [Mediaite]



… Orphan Black executive producers Graeme Manson and John Fawcett won’t officially confirm that we’ll meet Clone Number 8 during Season 2, but they definitely haven’t said we won’t be coming face-to-face with yet another reason to give Tatiana Maslany all the awards. Of course, with that said, Alison is still the best clone and I’ll fight anyone who even tries to say it’s Cosima. [TV Line]

… Fox has a stage production of Glee in the works. It’s sort of funny when you recall that several members of the cast were Broadway stars before making the leap to TV on the series. I wonder how they’ll feel about this not-at-all surprising turn of events? Glee returns for Season 5 on September 26. [Playbill]

… Michael C. Hall has revealed that he almost turned down the role of serial killer Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s Dexter, a part that has earned him five Emmy nominations. Apparently, he had no desire to do another TV series, let alone one where he once again had to spend a lot of time around fake dead bodies (Six Feet Under had wrapped production a few months before he received the Dexter script). It’s cool, dude, we get it. Dead bodies are creepy. But thank goodness you got over that real quick. [E! Online]

… They say that if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. And NBC is once again trying to say goodbye to Jay Leno. The network announced today that Leno’s tenure as host of The Tonight Show will officially be over as of February 6, 2014. Of course, we all know what happened last time, so I won’t rehash it for fear of jinxing Leno’s exit, but here’s hoping Jimmy Fallon gets to stay longer than nine months. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Isaiah Washington  the former Grey’s Anatomy star told TV Line that his new series, The 100,  is going to take The CW to the next level. And while I’m all for The CW getting some respect—Arrow is fantastic, guys—Washington went on to equate the series with the AMC dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad. While The 100 might have promise, I don’t necessarily think it’s on par with Don Draper and Walter White’s starring vehicles. [TV Line]

… WWE is very proud because it reached a record 20 million viewers in a single week. This is across all WWE programming, from SmackDown to Raw to Wrestlemania 29 to Main Event to something called Total Divas on E!  [Variety]



… Casting is really heating up for M. Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines. On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Greta Lee had joined the project comes the news that Juliette Lewis has also signed on. She’ll play Beverly, a bartender who speaks her mind and doesn’t necessarily trust the town of Wayward Pines.  [Deadline Hollywood]

… Lost alum Rebecca Mader is set to guest-star in the Season 5 finale of Drop Dead Diva, as a dominatrix who hires Grayson to represent her when a client tries to get away without paying. [TV Line]

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