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News Briefs: Billy Bob Thornton Joins FX’s Fargo Adaptation


… FX’s long-gestating adaptation of the Coen brothers’ Fargo finally has a leading man. Billy Bob Thornton will play Lorne Malvo, a troublemaker who makes life for an insurance salesman really tough. The role is similar to the one Steve Buscemi played in the film. FX’s version is planned as a 10-episode limited run that’s inspired by the movie and features new characters and crimes. [FX via press release]



… The feud between CBS and Time-Warner Cable rages on and the losers are YOU. Well, if you’re a Time-Warner Cable subscriber, that is. As of this afternoon, several TWC markets have dropped CBS and its sister channels Showtime, TMC, Flix, and Smithsonian after a dispute over carriage fees. CBS has reportedly demanded a 600-percent increase in fees from TMC, and TMC is saying “No way, Jose.” Spats between networks and cable companies have happened before, but they’re usually resolved quickly when one mega-corporation budges. [Deadline Hollywood]

… What is it with you people and Sharknado!?!?!? After a decent run on television, the Syfy sharksploitation movie was promoted to special single-screening events in Regal cinemas in major cities, and those screenings have now sold out… prompting theaters to add more dates. Though it initially wasn’t a hit on Syfy, the movie, which is obviously about a tornado full of sharks, has increased its viewership in each of its two encore airings. [The Wrap]

… Great TV Alert: The most recent half-season of Breaking Bad is now available on Netflix. The final episodes begin next Sunday, August 11. [Netflix]

… CBS really wants to work with comedian Jim Gaffigan. After passing on Gaffigan’s single-camera family comedy last season, the network wants to redevelop the series and give it another shot. The scrapped plan means that the cast members who were originally slated for the pilot, except for Gaffigan obvs, have been let go. [Deadline Hollywood]

… A sci-fi drama pilot from newcomer writer Mickey Fisher has a bunch of TV types spinning their bow ties with excitement. Extant tells the story of a family with an android son and a possible alien baby on the way. [Deadline Hollywood]



True Blood‘s Janina Gavankar is ditching the sexy vampires of Bon Temps for the sexy vampires of Mystic Falls, and who can blame her? Gavankar, who got butt nekkid on the HBO series as a shapeshifter, will play a character named Tessa who arrives in Mystic Falls ready to re-spark an old love. [TV Line]

… Why don’t you have a seat over here, Chris Hansen? You’re fired. NBC News hasn’t renewed the To Catch a Predator host’s contract, ending his relationship with the network that he’s been part of for 20 years. Now Hansen is free to interview with other outlets [TV Guide]

… Antonio Sabato Jr. will guest-star on an episode of Castle in the series’ spoof on a murder involving a cast member on a Saved By the Bell-type show. Antonio will play the grown-up version of the boy-hunk from a fake series called 2 Cool for School. [TV Guide]

… Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco will be hosted by one of Franco’s good buddies, Seth Rogen. The special will air on Labor Day—Monday, September 2. Sample roast: “James Franco you’re so cool and handsome that you can have any girl or role you want.” Because come on, how do you make fun of James Franco? [Comedy Central via press release]

American Horror Story: Coven, the next incarnation of the FX horror series, will bring back Alexandra Breckenridge. You may recall that she played the sexy young housekeeper who waved her ass in the air in Season 1. [Ryan Murphy’s Twitter]

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