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NBC Is Developing Four Miniseries, Including One About Hillary Clinton

Everyone is getting on board with the miniseries nowadays, even NBC! Yeah, pretty much everything NBC puts on the air has a limited run (miss you, Do No Harm), but the network has announced four new projects that are actually supposed to have short lives.

Leading the charge is Hillary, a four-hour miniseries starring Diane Lane (Unfaithful) as former First Lady and recent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The series will follow her life from 1998 to the present, which should cover everything from when her hubby Bill got Lewinsky’d to her run for presidency to the Benghazi debacle. That should bring in the young viewers.

Next up is a four-hour miniseries adaptation of the classic horror book and movie Rosemary’s Baby. The story follows a young couple (NBC’s version will take place in Paris) who move into a new apartment complex and strike up a relationship with their kooky elderly neighbors. Oh, one more small detail: the elderly people are Satanists.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome has done well in ratings, so why not push more King out? NBC is adapting King’s 1987 book Tommyknockers for television. In the novel, people in a small Maine town (where else?) think an alien spacecraft has landed near by. NBC offered zero details on how long the series would be, so hold tight.

Finally, NBC is also developing Plymouth, which the network is calling a “limited series.” What that means, who knows? Plymouth will detail the rough ride of the Pilgrims as they crossed the Atlantic and settled in New England. The series is another Mark Burnett joint.

NBC previously announced a follow-up to Burnett’s hugely successful History Channel miniseries The Bible called A.D.: After the Bible.


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