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What to Watch Tonight: Arrow, American Horror Story, and Nashville

What to watch on Wednesday, November 28…

8pm, The CW
Tonight the Arrow TV universe incorporates even more of the original comics when The Huntress arrives in Starling City as the daughter of local mob boss Frank Bertinelli. Because stone-cold hotties tend to enjoy each other’s company, Oliver will immediately become smitten with the sexy lady, but will her dark secrets make her seem slightly less sexy to him? Probably not, but maybe!
9pm, ABC
The love lives of Nashville’s finest continue to twist and turn tonight in “Lovesick Blues”: Teddy must come clean to Rayna about what’s up with Peggy, plus Scarlett attempts to deal with her separation from Avery by staring longingly at Gunnar’s face a ton (fair enough). Also Rayna and Juliette will be pressured into performing a duet, which will go perfectly and they’ll become besties! Or not at all in any way. Who knows?
9pm, NBC
SNL Christmas
If all else fails programming-wise, you can always turn to NBC for this two-hour showcase of Saturday Night Live‘s finest holiday-themed sketches culled from the past four decades. Not trying to tell you how to live, but this is kind of a sure bet, right? You know, if you like holidays and/or laughing.
9pm, The CW
In “Hunteri Heroici,” Castiel helps the bros investigate a case in which a man’s heart explodes clean out of his chest. As it turns out, it’s just the latest in a string of cartoon-influenced deaths plaguing the town! So, yeah. It’s one of those kinds of episodes.
10pm, FX
American Horror Story: Asylum
Picking up from last week’s episode, “Dark Cousin” will fill us in on just how bad Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s honeymoon will get from here on out. Plus Sister Mary Eunice will detect an “evil presence” at the asylum (besides herself), plus Kit will attempt to get himself re-institutionalized somehow. Also lots of imagery that you should not view while eating and certainly not immediately before bedtime. Sweet dreams!
10pm, MTV
The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons
America’s finest television program somehow carries on tonight after the shocking dismissal of two of Cancun’s finest. But will the prominently featured Team San Diego repair the rift that formed between hunk-behemoth Zack and handsome socipath Frank? And will a poolside fight between Frank and Las Vegas’s Dustin result in a bloody eviction from the game? Life is full of mysteries, you guys.

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