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A&E’s “Longmire” To Get Even Longer

Following a very successful summer launch, A&E has just opted to renew their original crime/mystery drama Longmire for a second season.

Based on a series of novels by author Craig Johnson, Longmire is a modern day set drama with western overtones. The style is a bit reminiscent of current FX drama Justified, but Longmire quickly carves out its own path through the TV wilderness.

The plot follows Sheriff Walt Longmire, head lawman of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt’s wife recently passed away, and he’s returning to work as the series begins. His daughter Cady, deputy Vic, and best friend Henry all offer support to Longmire as he attempts to solve a series of major crimes happening in his jurisdiction. Fighting crime isn’t Longmire’s only worry though, as he must prepare for an upcoming election against Branch, a challenging young opponent who desperately wants Walt’s job.

Featuring stars Robert Taylor (in the title role), Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, and Lou Diamond Phillips, Longmire has quickly ascended to the crown of top rated scripted series on A&E. Granted, A&E really doesn’t have that many scripted series, but it’s still an accomplishment. There are still six more episodes left to air in Longmire’s ten episode debut season, and look for the second season to begin airing next summer. The number of episodes ordered for season two has yet to be announced.

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    word to a&e network- “Longmire!

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