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Rena Sofer Joins B&B

May 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Look who’s already getting a mother! Just last week we brought you the news that CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful had hired Emmy winner Darin Brooks (Days of Our Lives) for the new role of heartthrob Wyatt Fuller. Now TV Guide Magazine can exclusively report that another Emmy winner, former General Hospital star Rena Sofer, has been signed to play Wyatt’s mother, Quinn Fuller.

Not a lot of deets yet, except that Mama is as mysterious as Sonny Boy and both have secrets that will rock the soap. Sofer first gained suds fame on Another World and Loving, then went on to win her Emmy as Lois Cerullo on GH. She’s had recurring roles on 24, Covert Affairs, NCIS, Two and a Half Men and Heroes. The actress starts work at B&B May 22 and will hit the air July 12.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Ashley Jones ready to come back for ‘fun stuff’

April 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Ashley Jones is on the verge of making a bold return.

After finishing a seven-years-plus run as Bridget Forrester on the CBS daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful” early in 2012, the actress goes back to the serial this week to begin taping a new stint as the character. Last seen ending her relationship with the married father of her son, Bridget will reappear on the scene in just the way Jones wants.

“I’m only going in for three or four episodes as of right now,” she tells Zap2it, “but there’s some fun stuff with Bridget’s mom (Brooke, played by founding ‘B&B’ cast member Katherine Kelly Lang). I specifically didn’t want to go back for a wedding or a funeral. I feel like this is too cool a character to come back and just sit in the background. That’s not that fun.”

Should “B&B” want her to stay longer, Jones says she’s willing to listen: “I feel like so many things have changed in my journey and career. I know a lot of people have a plan for what’s going to happen, and the reality is that things change every year. And the business has completely changed since I started.

“Someone can do three episodes of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ then turn around and book a primetime show. That’s happening all the time. I did tons of other stuff while I was on [the soap], so I’m so grateful to the show, and they’ve been so good to me. This is a fun character the audience really responds to, so I’m open to whatever they might have in mind for her.”

Jones also is known from Season 2 of HBO’s “True Blood,” on which she played Daphne Landry, and several movies she’s made for Lifetime. As was the case with “Dead at 17″ and “Secrets From Her Past,” she’s both a star and producer of a new one: “A Sister’s Revenge,” casting her as a targeted new mother and premiering Saturday, April 27.

Whatever her re-entry into the soap world holds for her, Jones says she’s encouraged — as someone who also appeared earlier on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless,” and who makes television on both sides of the camera now — to see many peers coming back in the Online Network revivals of the former ABC shows “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” starting Monday, April 29.

“I think that’s the way everything will go, eventually,” she reasons. “When I have my producer’s hat on, I feel that if I could have a Web series, it would be a very smart move in setting up projects for the future. I’m interested to see what it does for the actors, but I don’t think it will hurt them at all. Who knows? It might even end up being a bigger audience.”

CBS Renews The Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk and the Rest of Its Daytime Line-Up

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

CBS has renewed its entire daytime slate for the 2013-2014 season.

That meansThe Bold and the Beautiful will continue like its sister soap The Young and the Restless, which was renewed earlier in a multi-year deal.

B&B averages 3.44 million viewers, up 6 percent from last season.

In addition, chatfest The Talk and game shows The Price Is Rightand Let’s Make a Deal – all of which have seen ratings gains in the past year — received pickups for another season.

“Over the past few years, we have successfully transitioned our daytime schedule to a balance of program genres with new creative energy, while maintaining our ratings leadership,” CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said in a statement. “We are proud of CBS’s history of quality and leadership in daytime, thrilled with our current success and we look forward to more great things ahead from the outstanding creative talent in place at each of the shows.”

B&B Star Files For Divorce

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B) has filed for divorce from her husband Alex D’Andrea, to whom she has been married since 1997. According to TMZ, the actress has cited irreconcilable differences with D’Andrea and is reportedly seeking sole custody of their 15-year-old daughter, Zoe. Lang, an avid tweeter, has not yet spoken out to her fans about the split.

The Bold and the Beautiful Chief Reveals Plans for Susan Flannery’s Shocking Exit

October 11, 2012 Leave a comment

We can’t say she didn’t warn us. After 25 years, three Emmys, and several hints that she’s contemplating retirement, Susan Flannery has chosen to exit her role as Stephanie Forrester, the grand matriarch of CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. That has exec producer-head writer Bradley Bell planning a landmark sendoff, one sure to go down in the TV record books. In the episode set to air Friday, Oct. 12, Stephanie learns that her lung cancer, which had gone into remission, is back and now beyond treatment. Come December, the beloved character will die. TV Guide Magazine spoke exclusively with Bell about his plans for this startling and profound story.

TV Guide Magazine: This is huge.
Bell: It is huge. And amazing. I knew this day was coming but I’ve been in denial about it. I’ve been loving and treasuring every one of these last few days we have with Susan. Well, almost every day. [Laughs] You know Susan.

TV Guide Magazine: Was it always the plan to use Stephanie’s lung cancer as a way to write Susan off the show?
Bell: Susan has been talking about leaving us for a while now, but I knew that I could go into the cancer plot and come out of it two ways. Stephanie could survive it, or we could take the story to an unfortunate end. We will try to do justice to the disease itself, playing it honestly and accurately, but the primary goal is to honor both Susan and Stephanie and to give anyone who watches something beautiful to keep with them for a long time to come.

TV Guide Magazine: So Stephanie is told there’s no hope whatsoever?
Bell: She receives the diagnosis that the cancer has spread and that there is no chance for survival. Stephanie has always been a woman of great strength and character and she’s determined to deal with this in her own way. She doesn’t want tears and long faces — she wants a celebration of her life, a blowout to end all blowouts. She’ll definitely be in touch with her mortality, living each day as if it’s her last, and she’s determined to make the most of every moment. After the diagnosis there is some initial shock, but she is quick to create a purpose — the party — and that becomes her obsession. She wants everyone to remember her in peak form. And that’s the way Susan feels, too. She wants to go out on top.

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds a bit like the bucket-list party Stephanie threw after her diagnosis.
Bell: Yes, only much bigger! She’ll be inviting a lot of people to the party but certain people will receive hand-written invitations that will be delivered personally by Stephanie. This is going to play out on air starting Oct. 18 for eight [consecutive] episodes. Each day Stephanie goes to one of the key people in her life — her sister Pam, her son Thorne, her best friend Taylor, her namesake Steffy — and tells them her time is up and that she’s throwing herself a party. Donna will also have a day, as will Brooke, of course. Stephanie and Brooke are the true supercouple of B&B. Each day will be a video tribute to one of Stephanie’s great relationships, with lots of flashbacks featuring the “best of” moments. We’ve even worked out a way to have Stephanie visit with her old pal Sally Spectra [played by the late Darlene Conley], with Fabio as a special guest since he was a part of their story.

TV Guide Magazine: And Eric’s in the loop from the get-go?
Bell: Yes. In a way he’s the ringleader and will be planning more than a few surprises for the big event. This party is going to be Beverly Hills all the way with big-name performers. We’re blowing the budget on this one. It’ll air mid-November over the course of three episodes. It’ll be a real humdinger.

TV Guide Magazine: What about Ridge? How can he not be there to say goodbye his mother?|
Bell: There’s a big question as to whether or not Ridge will show up for the party. He may make a surprise appearance…you never know!

TV Guide Magazine: Might he show up looking just like Ronn Moss?
Bell: [Laughs] You just never know! It’s a possibility. Stephanie’s daughters Kristen and Felicia will also be there. We’re firing up the Forrester living room set for the last time. Emotion will be filling that room.

TV Guide Magazine: And, after that, how much longer until Stephanie dies?
Bell: It will be pretty quickly after that, within a matter of weeks. It’ll happen in December.

TV Guide Magazine: Which, as I recall, was the same time of year you had Stephanie’s mother Ann [Betty White] die.
Bell: Yes it is.We’ll also be seeing Ann in flashback during Stephanie’s day with Pam, who is of course going to fall apart. This is an opportunity to show a lot of different responses to impending death.

TV Guide Magazine: What about Stephanie’s response? Is this a mask? Does she have private moments of fear?
Bell: Oh, definitely. She’s scared. We’d be missing that beat if we didn’t play it. Even though she has platinum armor, she’s very human and the fear of death is strong within her.

TV Guide Magazine: Is there a spiritual aspect to this? I don’t recall Stephanie ever being all that into God.
Bell: She is not.She relies on her friends and family for that. She has always drawn her strength from them and that will continue to be the case until the bitter end. She will look to Eric and to her children and to Brooke in many ways. At the end, Stephanie and Brooke will have some of their finest scenes ever.

TV Guide Magazine: So far, Susan has chosen not to give interviews about her departure. How is she handling this?
Bell: Susan will not allow herself to get sad about this, to be traipsing around the set in tears. Like Stephanie, she is not that kind of woman.

TV Guide Magazine: As dreadful as it is to see Susan go, do you see it as a privilege to write her out your way?
Bell: Absolutely. In a way I feel we’re doing this for the entire soap-opera community. We all know each other and we deeply respect the great actors who play our matriarchs and patriarchs — the ones who made this business — and it’s been sad to see so many of them drop away without getting a proper homage. This is a wonderful opportunity that’s bigger than B&B, a very special and universal thing. I’m so happy to be able to do it this way. And I’m only able to do it because Susan came to me and said, “I’m ready to leave the show, but I will give you the time you need to write out the character.” She also said, “I don’t want to know what you’re going to do. I just want you to do it your way, and I will play it.” So I’m writing it and I can’t wait to see what she does with the material.

TV Guide Magazine: She literally has no idea how you’re going to handle the final days?
Bell: [Laughs] Not at all! But that’s Susan. She’s always been this way. I really, really offered to keep in her in the loop but she always insists on a separation between her performing from my writing. I tried to start the conversation. “What do you think would be the best way…” and she put up her hand and said, “Write it! I’ll play it! I don’t want to know anything!” So, no, she still has no idea where I’m taking this. She reads the scripts right before each episode. It’s been that way for 25 years. Her attitude is, “We don’t know what’s next in life, why should we know what’s next on B&B?”

TV Guide Magazine: As the end approaches, it will be hard on everyone — for you all at the show and for us watching at home. How do you make sure this is something people want to watch? How do you keep it from being one great big bummer?
Bell: By keeping the whole thing in the true spirit of Stephanie and Susan. We take our cue from them. To see how these two great ladies handle this will be very inspiring. Of course, there will be sadness. There will also be a lot of smiling through tears, a feeling so hard to capture but so terrific when you do. But mostly this will be uplifting, with a lot of love and laughs. We are going to pay proper tribute to our dear friend Susan — a brilliant actress and a daytime legend

B&B Alum to Play Anna Nicole Smith

October 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Agnes Bruckner, who daytime fans know as B&B’s Bridget from 1997-99, has been tapped to portray Anna Nicole Smith in the upcoming TV movie biopic THE ANNA NICOLE STORY. “So excited to be a part of this! Cannot wait to start filming!” the actress Tweeted. Bruckner’s other soapy prime-time roles have included a 2009 stint on PRIVATE PRACTICE as Heather and DIRTY SEXY MONEY’s Daphne.

The Bold and the Beautiful Scoop: Is Rick the New Ridge? Lesbians! And More

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

When suds superstar Ronn Moss abruptly quit his role as Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful last month, the show’s exec producer Bradley Bell admits he was taken aback. But he wasted no time regrouping. Not only will Bell recast Moss’s role and already has several high-profile actors in mind, he also plans to move Ridge’s heartthrobby half-brother Rick (Emmy winner Jacob Young) into full Ridge mode.

“Rick is a young man sick of sitting on the sidelines and will finally come into his own,” says Bell. “He’ll become a passionate, sexy, driving force of the show, making a strategic play for Caroline [Linsey Godfrey] and going after Ridge’s position as head of Forrester Creations.”

Is this Bell’s quiet revenge against Moss? If so, he denies it. “This was always my plan for Rick,” Bell says. “It just works so much better now, what with Ridge going off on an extended honeymoon doing God knows what. It gives Rick a legitimate reason to take control.”

Also this fall, look for yet another Emmy-bait plot for the fantastic Heather Tom. Her character, Katie, will discover how evil her hubby Bill (Don Diamont) truly is just as she’s about to give birth to his son. “Katie’s going to have big issues with the guy she’s married to and will wonder whether or not she can share a child with him,” Bell says. “She’s going to have to really draw the line.” Adds the boss man: “Heather may have four Emmys already but this story is really going to test her.”

What about those lesbians? Bell made big news last spring with his same-sex story involving Karen and Dani, played by Joanna Johnson and Crystal Chappell, but after an intriguing start the characters went straight to the back burner. Blame it on Johnson, who grabbed a producing gig at the new CW series Emily Owens, M.D., and hasn’t been available to the soap.

“Joanna will definitely be back, if only for a day or two here and there,” says Bell. “And once her [Emily Owens] schedule backs off a bit I want her back for something meaty. We may not see Karen for the time being but we’ll play her as if she’s still around and that she and Dani are still a happy couple. [Laughs] I’m not going to have Dani go off and seduce one of our guys.”

Bell surprised many when the assumed villain in the lesbian story —Karen’s brother Bill — turned out to be okay with her sexuality. Karen stayed in the closet for much of her life fearing what her badass bro would think. How come he turned out to be such a pussycat?

“I originally had it written that Bill would be a real a–hole homophobe and was having a lot of fun with all the bad things he could do,” says Bell. “Then I realized it made him seem really stupid and sheltered. I like that Bill was cool about Karen’s secret, since he’s so horrible about so much else. I liked having him come through at the end.”

Was Bell worried he’d get flack from gay advocacy groups? “Not really,” he says. “I think they would have stuck it out with me. There’s value in having a homophobic character on the canvas to help show the reality of what gay people deal with. We can bring on other homophobes. I just didn’t want it to be Bill.”

Ronn Moss — Why I Quit B&B

August 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Beloved B&B star Ronn Moss (Ridge), who recently quit the show, discussed his departure with The actor explained that a series of signs, including the serious car accident he and his wife, Devin Devasquez were involved in several weeks ago, prompted his decision to leave the soap after 25 years. “You get signs in your life of things that happen that are knocking you on the shoulder, knocking you on the head, and if you don’t listen to them, you’re being silly. We very often go through life and say, ‘Why didn’t I see the sign? Why didn’t I listen to that? Why didn’t I listen to that instinct? Why didn’t I listen to that thing that happened?’ If you start looking at them and realize the different ways that you are being affected, it all adds up to an awareness of a direction you need to go,” he shared. For the full interview, go to…

B&B’s Flannery Staying!

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Original cast member Susan Flannery (Stephanie) reportedly asked to be written out of B&B after 25 years, but the show managed to work out a new deal with the daytime legend. “Susan, for quite some time, was thinking she needed a break or just have some personal time,” Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley P. Bell tells Digest exclusively. “She’s been through a lot personally; we know that she had her own battle with cancer and she’s had such an amazing career that she will continue to have as Stephanie Forrester, but I think it’s not so much as a disagreement between her and the show, but more Susan figuring out where she is right now and what she needs. Now, Susan is going to have an incredible time with a new storyline that we’ve never seen before; something completely unique and interesting.” For more on this story, check out the new issue of Digest, on sale Friday.

Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful After 25 Years

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but…. an original cast member of The Bold and the Beautiful has decided to part ways with the CBS sudser after more than 25 years.

Not two weeks after Ronn Moss announced his own decision to vacate the role of Ridge, castmate Susan Flannery, who plays grand dame Stephanie Forrester, has reportedly given notice as well, sources tell CBS Soaps In Depth.

Per SID, Flannery — who has four Emmys on her mantel, including one from her stint as Days of Our Lives‘ Laura Horton – has inked a short-term deal to stay with B&B long enough for TPTB to pen a proper exit for Stephanie. (Moss’ Ridge, meanwhile, is being written off of the canvas temporarily and then likely recast.)

Flannery, Moss, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric) were known as B&B‘s “core four,” all having been with the show since its 1987 debut. Of the two remaining original players (“The True Two”?), Lang recently shared her plans to keep on keeping on. “I’m very happy to tell you that I have re-signed my contract with The Bold and the Beautiful for two more years,” she said in a statement. “[Showrunner] Brad [Bell] has come up with an exciting new storyline for Brooke that I think the fans are going to love.”


B&B Says Farewell To Moss

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The cast and crew of B&B said good-bye to Ronn Moss (Ridge) yesterday when the actor taped his final scenes. As previously reported, the actor decided to leave his post at B&B after 25 years, shocking his legions of fans. Jacob Young (Rick) told Digest, “I know he’s worked hard for all these years. He’s taken the show to the level it has become and he made it what it is. There comes a time when everyone needs a little time off. I don’t know if this means forever for him or not.” Many other B&B players took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the actor’s departure. Here is what they’re saying: Scott Clifton (Liam). “Yesterday at B&B, we said farewell to Ronn Moss. Such a genuine, funny, humble, and wise human being. I’ll miss him. “ Linsey Godfrey (Caroline): “@Ronn_Moss is one of the most generous and amazing actors I’ve gotten the pleasure of working with and I am going to miss him so much!!” Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke): “A lovely evening with Ronn Moss after taping scenes. What a day. We love u @Ronn_Moss. A part of my heart is missing:( ” Brandon Beemer (ex-Owen): “@Ronn_Moss(aka 1 of the kindest ppl on this planet) @BandB_CBS will never be the same without you. So hard to believe this news. #speechless”

Bold and the Beautiful Boss Bradley Bell Reacts to the Sudden Exit of Ronn Moss

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Ronn Moss’ decision to end his 25-year run as Ridge Forrester on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful — reportedly over salary issues — is quite the industry shocker! It also comes as a major disappointment to the guy’s massive fan base. What went haywire in his contract negotiations? A personal rep for Moss says the actor plans to make an explanatory announcement within the next few days. In the meantime Moss — one of the true gentlemen of the soap world — has taken to Facebook and urged his fans to not be “sad, angry, disappointed…It’s been a great run and all good things end eventually. As this door closes, others are opening.” What will B&B do without him? Will the role of Ridge be recast? TV Guide Magazine got the answers in this exclusive interview with the soap’s executive producer-head writer Bradley Bell.

TV Guide Magazine: It’s long been a point of pride that you’ve been able to hang on to B&B‘s original core four — Katherine Kelly Lang [Brooke], Susan Flannery [Stephanie], John McCook [Eric Forrester] and Ronn Moss. So how big a blow is this? 

Bell: It’s huge. And it came out of the blue. I only found out last Thursday [Aug. 9] about Ronn’s decision not to renew. So I’m very sad but also very grateful for the 25 years we did have with him. Ronn is a wonderful man and a great actor and he’ll be sorely missed.

TV Guide Magazine: This came totally out of the blue? You had no inkling?

Bell: Well, I did have a plan in place because when it’s contract time you have to be prepared. It’s always possible things won’t work out but I did not think Ronn’s departure was probable. There was a point in the negotiations where I was not hearing back from him, so just in case I went ahead and wrote a wedding for Ridge and Brooke — a real retrospective sort of wedding that honors the characters’ 25-year relationship — and then I have them take off on a honeymoon. I’ve been in this business long enough to know I have to protect my show. The worst thing happened but at least I was prepared.

TV Guide Magazine: What can you say about the money you were offering him? Was it a big cut?

Bell: I will just say that I’m very proud of the offer we made to Ronn, especially in this day and age of daytime television and what’s going on in our industry.

TV Guide Magazine: If the offer was fair, it seems like there’s a piece missing here. 

Bell: Well, Ronn has an announcement to make and that will be interesting for everyone, including me. I don’t know what he has in mind.

TV Guide Magazine: Should we expect more such departures when other B&B biggies hit contract time?

Bell: No. I think Ronn’s circumstances are unique. What happened here will not be widespread.

TV Guide Magazine: When is Ronn off the show?

Bell: Tuesday, Aug. 14 is his last day with us at the studio and he will make his exit on air Friday, Sept. 14.

TV Guide Magazine: What are your plans for Ridge? Death? Presumed death? How does a guy disappear during his honeymoon without a damn good excuse?

Bell: Right now I can only tell you this: Ridge will not be dead or presumed dead. He will just not be in the picture. I don’t want to do a presumed death because I don’t want the story that follows to be all about Ridge. This will be a Brooke story. Ridge is a pivotal part of the show and he will be back in a matter of time…and probably not all that much time. I will continue writing for the character. I’m looking at this in two phases, really. There will be a period of time without Ridge, which is where some new, interesting avenues for Brooke will come into play. But at some point it will be necessary for Ridge to return to the show. Who will be playing the role at that point remains to be seen.

TV Guide Magazine: So for all we know it could be Mr. Moss if he changes his mind? He wouldn’t be the first mega-soap star to quit and return in record time.

Bell: It could be Mr. Moss or it could be someone else.

TV Guide Magazine: If you recast, would you take advantage of the situation and cast a younger actor? Not that Ronn, at 60, doesn’t put most 30-year-old soap heartthrobs to shame.

Bell: I might go a little younger but we’ll be true to the age range that’s been established. I do have people in mind in terms of a recast — some very interesting people.

TV Guide Magazine: So this is a good thing for KK Lang?

Bell: Once I got over the initial shock and disappointment of Ronn’s decision, his departure almost immediately opened my mind to story ideas I would never have considered otherwise. What happens with Ridge will send Brooke down a new and exciting path. She and Ridge have been through so much over the 25 years of the show that I’ve felt an obligation to keep them happy and maintain them as a supercouple. But now that’s coming to an abrupt ending and Brooke will have an important new man enter her life — the first important one since Nick [Jack Wagner]. This is going to be a full-on relationship.

TV Guide Magazine: Man, you move fast! And you’re confident the reason for Ridge’s exit will make sense?

Bell: Perhaps some people will say, “Ridge would never do that!” But word is out and the fans know I’m in a bind. Hopefully, they’ll cut me a little dramatic license.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s backtrack to those negotiations. Was this purely financial? Ronn, like pretty much everyone else on B&B, has taken a back seat to the Liam-Steffy-Hope triangle. It’s been your only plot all summer and every character, including Ridge, has been bizarrely, unheathily obsessed with those three kids. Was Ronn’s nose out of joint about it? If so, can we blame him?

Bell: I do not think this situation was purely financial. Ronn is a musician and an artist who really wants to explore what makes Ronn Moss tick. I can see the allure of wanting to spend more time with his music, and to really hone himself as a musician. He’s a good, decent, very spiritual guy and he felt the spirit calling him in a different direction. It’s hard to negotiate against that. You’d have to ask Ronn about his feelings about the [Liam-Steffy-Hope] story. Liam has become the front-and-center male on B&B, a spot long held by Ridge. Was that a frustration for Ronn? I don’t really know. I do know that it’s my job to keep B&B going forward. It’s my job to use this situation to enhance Brooke and Taylor [Hunter Tylo] and Bill [Don Diamont] and especially Rick [Jacob Young] who is going to make his move on Ridge’s company. The show must go on and I’m psyched — not because Ronn is going away but psyched because of how the fall of 2012 is now looking for B&B. If there was ever a good time for something like this to happen, this is it.

Soap Opera Digest News B&B Cast Reacts To Moss Exit

August 14, 2012 Leave a comment

On the heels of Ronn Moss‘s (Ridge) decision to leave his beloved daytime role after 25 years, the actor reached out to his fans on his Facebook page this morning. “I want to make sure, without any doubt, that you guys all know how much I love you,” he wrote. “Your support during this time and hopefully beyond is everything. I can’t say anything yet, but soon will explain. Hang in there with me, We have a wonderful new journey ahead of us. Try and not be sad, angry, disappointed.. It’s been a great run and all good things end eventually. As this door closes, others are opening. I want you all to come with me through these new doors of opportunities and experience how cool it’s going to be. Have faith, be strong, Know I’m eternally yours.” Several of Moss’s B&B castmates also spoke out about his departure. Hunter Tylo (Taylor) wrote on Twitter, “Hope U got my message: Had no idea this was coming :-/ You know I wish you & your family the best in this world and eternity. Will miss U.” Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) echoed the sentiment by responding to fans’ outcry via Twitter. “I am crying, too! I hate this!” In other B&B news, on August 9, the show had put out a casting call for a new contract male role that was described as “Caucasian. 25-28 years old. Heart throb. Very Masculine. Edgy. Not afraid to get the job done. Bit of a cad.” However, the call was canceled after news of Moss’s exit broke.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Original cast member Ronn Moss exiting after 25 years

August 12, 2012 Leave a comment

After more than two decades on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ronn Moss is leaving the CBS soap where he’s played fashion magnate Ridge Forrester since the show’s 1987 inception, EW has learned exclusively.

The exact details are unclear, but an insider tells EW that Moss elected not to renew his contract over salary issues. Moss could not be reached for comment.

Production company Bell Phillip Television confirmed the exit. “Ronn has spent an amazing 25 years with B&B,” a rep for Bell Phillip said in a statement. “We will always consider him family, and we wish him only the best in all of his future endeavors.”

Moss was one of the so-called “core four” on Bold, referring to the foursome of original actors still on the show, including Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester, John McCook as Eric Forrester, and Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan.

Moss will shoot his final scenes for The Bold and the Beautiful this Tuesday, Aug. 14, and his last episode will air on a yet-to-be-determined date in September. (As a bit of hope for you fans out there: Big soap stars can — and sometimes do — return after leaving.)

It’s no secret that times have been tough for the genre lately, as just four daytime soaps — Bold, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital — remain on network television. Moss’ pay issue undoubtedly goes back to the stark reality that, as daytime viewers continue to choose alternatives like cable programming and talk shows, soap operas don’t attract the same kind of audience they once did. For the week ending Aug. 3, Bold drew 3.1 million viewers, putting it in second place behind genre leader The Young and the Restless. Still, Bold is considered to be the most profitable sudser in daytime because of its success internationally, with 26.2 million worldwide viewers.

That huge international audience has made Moss a star around the world, exemplified by his second-place finish on Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars in 2010 and an orange juice television advertisement in Australia, where he is particularly popular.

Covert Affairs: The Bold and the Beautiful Alum to Befriend Annie

July 3, 2012 Leave a comment

The Bold and the Beautiful alum Agnes Bruckner will guest-star on Covert Affairs this season, has learned exclusively.

Bruckner will play Zarya, a café owner in Moscow who befriends Annie (Piper Perabo) during one of her missions. She will appear in the 10th and 11th episodes of the upcoming third season.

Bruckner got her big break playing Bridget Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful in 1997. She has also recurred on 24 and Private Practice.

Season 3 of Covert Affairs premieres Tuesday, July 10 at 10/9c on USA.

The Bold And The Beautiful: Ronn Moss Gets Personal

June 30, 2012 Leave a comment

B&B favorite Ronn Moss (Ridge), who started out his career as a musician in the band Player, is now host of his own online show called “Ronn’s Garage”, which is currently available for viewing on his Web site Fans get an inside look at the actor’s home as he chats with some of his closest friends. “Come and hang out in my garage!” Moss explains on the site. “Ronn’s Garage will be a place to see me interview artists, musicians, actors, models and people I find interesting to share with you. Each month I will give you sneak peak into my home and an up close and personal interview. So sit back, relax and visit me in my garage often.” The first installment of Ronn’s Garage features an interview with his pal Lorenzo Lamas (ex-Hector, B&B), who also shows off his cooking skills in the kitchen with Moss’s wife and Cookin’ Cajun author, Devin DeVasquez.

Soap Alums Head To Lifetime

June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, AMC) and Ashley Jones (ex-Bridget, B&B) will appear as guest stars in Season 4 of the popular series DROP DEAD DIVA, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. The episode featuring the daytime faves will air in August.

Don Diamont Weds

June 14, 2012 42 comments

After making the rounds at the 52nd Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival earlier this week, B&B’s Don Diamont (Bill) and his fianceé Cindy Ambuehl were married yesterday, June 12 at the Chateau de la Chevre d’ in Eze, France. Several of his daytime pals were in attendance including Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), Scott Clifton (Liam), Kim Matula (Hope), Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) and Eva LaRue (ex-Maria, AMC) who tweeted, “At the most gorgeous wedding of one of my best friends Cindy, to Don Diamont (for soap fans-Y&R).We are in the city of Eze,France- Magical!!” Congrats to the happy couple!

Jon Hensley Back To B&B!

June 14, 2012 Leave a comment

ATWT fave Jon Hensley (ex-Holden), who popped in to B&B back in May as Dr. Meade, Steffy’s doctor in Aspen (who is really from L.A.), is returning to the fold beginning July 19. “Just wrapped my week on B and B, did 5 shows!” Hensley tweeted on June 8. According to online whispers, the good doc might be paired up with Steffy or Katie.

B&B Star Welcomes Son

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Congratulations to Dan McVicar (ex-Clarke, B&B), who welcomed a son on June 3. “We are overjoyed to welcome Pietro Alberto McVicar, born 12:51 p.m., June 3rd in Torino, Italy,” said the actor in a statement. “Little Pietro weighs in at a healthy 3kg or 6.6 lbs and his mamma Virginia is doing well.  The whole family is thrilled, including Pietro’s big sister Maisy, Pietro’s grandparents and the extended family on both sides of the ocean.” In January, 2011, McVicar’s son, Hank, was killed in an auto accident, weeks shy of his 23rd birthday.


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