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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Once, Grey’s, Castle, OITNB, Revolution, New Girl and More!

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Bones Booth Pelant SpoilersWill Pelant cause “big-league” trouble on Bones? Which Once Upon a Time character has a debt to pay? Which Grey’s pair will face “repercussions”? Which Castle cutie is due for a comeback? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Do you have anything on Pelant’s next and last episodes of Bones? –Rachel
It depends on how you interpret the following. Bones will bang out six consecutive episodes this fall before (briefly) turning out the lights for Fox’s post-season baseball coverage — and it sounds like the show is going out with a home run. “We wanted to make sure that we leave that first six with a very big episode,” exec producer Stephen Nathan says of the Oct. 21 outing, which may or may not revolve around menace-to-society Pelant. “I can tell you definitely that Pelant figures in very, very, very, very heavily within the first six episodes,” teases the EP. ” But where he appears and/or vanishes, I can’t really say at this point.”

Is there any news on the future of Grey’s Anatomy’s Jackson Avery and April Kepner? –Emani
Shonda Rhimes echoes that which Sarah Drew shared with us — Jackson wasn’t exactly bowled over by April’s mid-superstorm declaration of love. “He’s been very patient, and she’s the one who sort of walked away from him. And when the finale happened, he was feeling kind of ‘done,’ so her declaration is definitely going to have interesting repercussions,” Rhimes allows. “She’s engaged to somebody else, and he’s with somebody else, and it’s not as if either of them is behaving, I would say, in the most mature manner. They’ve definitely got challenging times ahead.”

Got any scoop on Alex and Jo from Grey’s Anatomy? Thanks in advance! – Burkey
As one could assume, “They are going to be exploring their relationship this season,” (the ridiculously pretty) Camilla Luddington told me at TCA. “I don’t trust Grey’s to make it all go perfectly, but I do know they are crazy about each other and in love.” And since the two-hour season opener picks up continuously, with more superstorm insanity, don’t expect any full-on on-call room nookie anytime soon. “We got smooches [in the finale], that’s all,” Luddington notes with a smile. “So we’ll see where that leads!”

Any fresh Once Upon a Time scoop??? Need something to hold me until the premiere! –@Bezi12
During my long, in-depth Fall Preview chat with the series’ creators, Eddy Kitsis excitedly touted Season 3’s 11-episode trip to Neverland “as its own season, like one giant movie. And like any adventure movie, there’s romance, there are things that are terrifying, and there are things that are heartbreaking. That was always our goal, to have that big, summer movie feel.” Promising a mix of “uplift, romance, action and quieter moments,” Adam Horowitz added, “The best kind of roller coaster is the one that goes through all of that stuff.”

On Once Upon a Time, magic always comes with a price, so did the magic that Robin Hood used to heal Marian come with a price? –Mirza
Damn straight it did. ‘“There’s a price — and a debt,” Adam Horowitz teases of Sean Maguire’s upcoming, Fairytale Land-based arc as the Prince of Thieves.

Do you have any scoop on Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black? I know it’s a year away, but…. –Ziad
As a matter of fact, I just learned that the Netflix hit is casting an older sister for Yael Stone’s Bostonian inmate Lorna. Described as “a little rough around the edges,” Francine has moved back into her and Lorna’s childhood home and lives there with their siblings, invalid parents and her own three kids.

Do you know the song/singer played at the end of this week’s The Bridge, where Diane Kruger steps out of the shower? –Lou
That was “The Lamb,” by Little Scream.

What brings Coach back to town on New Girl? –Andy
Among other reasons, Lamorne Morris surmises, “Happy Endings getting cancelled…?” But seriously, Morris says that Damon Wayans Jr.’s “homecoming” will serve up “a lot of backstory” between Coach and Winston as well as “explain why he left in the first place, and where he went.” As for how Coach’s return affects the other guys, “I think Schmidt is going to be very competitive. while Nick is going to be very happy,” Jake Johnson told me. “Nick and Coach were old friends, so it’s going to be nice for Nick. But I bet Schmidt is going to have an oodle of issues with it.”

Lanie and Esposito are my favorite Castle characters. Is there anything you can tease about what will happen for them this season? –Marine
I finally caught up with Jon Huertas (who was busy the day I was on set), and while he has yet to shoot any such scenes, I am assured that there is Lanie-Esposito stuff coming up this fall. But here’s the possible rub: Castle creator Andrew Marlowe also tells me that Tori Ellis, the tech forensics expert Javy seemed to take a shine to at the end of Season 5, is set for an encore.

I’d like some Revolution scoop on the new actors. –Chris
You will get scoop on one of the new players — and only one. (For now.) With Rachel in a very bad place in the wake of the season finale, Aaron and Miles will bring her to Texas to reunite with her father Gene, played by 7th Heaven‘s Stephen Collins. And “this role is unlike anything Stephen’s ever done before,” says showrunner Eric Kripke. “He’s gruff and pissed off and tough. It’s really fascinating to see Stephen playing this part, all whiskered and haggard. I think people are going to be blown away by the work he’s doing.”

On Parks and Recreation, is Ron really going to be a dad? If so, does that mean Lucy Lawless is a keeper? –Wendy
Yes, and… as far as the casual viewer will know. Show boss Mike Schur says that Lawless will appear in the season opener as well as another of the first eight episodes. And then…? “The normal thing is to grab a person for a six-episode arc, and we want to do that with her, but we’re going to spread them out over the season,” he explains. “She’s going to be the mother of Baby Swanson, so we didn’t want to grab her for four episodes and then never see her again.” So by sprinkling Diane in here and there, “We’ll really get the sense that she’s a permanent fixture in Ron’s life — which she is!”

TVLine becomes my “go to” more and more, so thanks for being here. I am trying to figure out who was fired on The Newsroom, prompting the “wrongful termination” suit that is now happening on the show. Can you help? –Fanne
A few episodes back, we learned that Jim’s replacement Jerry Dantana was bringing the suit against ACN, but in this Sunday’s ep, we get much more detail on what led to the DC-based producer getting the boot. “Institutional failure” is a phrase tossed around quite often, and most of the characters spend some time parrying with Marcia Gay Harden’s Rebecca Halliday during the hour. In flashbacks, we find out how the Operation Genoa story (which, as we all have known since the star of the season, isn’t true) falls apart on a grand scale… and by the end of the episode, three characters offer their resignations to boss lady Leona.

Got any scoop on Sue Heck from The Middle? Maybe a new boyfriend or job? –Amy
Sue, Sue, Sue…. [Sigh] Yeah, so as the season opens, Sue is very much wanting to fancy Darrin as her prospective beau. But a beauty school student named Angel has designs on Darrin, and — Sue carps — not for the best of reasons. Meaning, Angel is bananas for his bod, while Sue is nuts for his noggin.

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Mentalist, New Girl, Castle, H50, Bones, Haven, Teen Wolf & More

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Once Upon a Time Peter Pan SpoilersWhy does Once Upon a Time‘s Peter Pan ruffle Rumple’s feathers so? Who’s new on The Mentalist? Is New Girl going back to school? Which worlds are about to collide on Pretty Little Liars? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’d like some Once Upon a Time scoop — especially about the “Boy Who Never Grew Up.” –Mason
You may be wondering, as I was, why Once‘s Peter Pan is a force “we all should fear”? (Or was Rumple overselling it?) “There’s a history between those two,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz affirms. “There is a big reason why he said if you’re going to be scared of someone, this is the guy to be scared of.” But there is also a degree of professional respect. “When you meet Pan, you’re going to see a very, very, very clever person,” says Eddy Kitsis. “And if there’s one thing Rumple admires, it’s somebody who has game.”

Please help us, we are all dying here! What else can you say about Regina’s new love interest/”special someone” on Once Upon a Time? –Ana
Fine, fine. I doubled back with the boys and Horowitz said that this “someone” “becomes a part of the show very quickly” – within the first five episodes – “but in a way that you don’t expect.”

Matt, is there anything you can give us on the new FBI agents coming to The Mentalist? –Shena
The two series regular roles being cast are Kim Fischer, an intelligent and (surprise!) attractive thirtysomething ex-homicide detective from Dallas who is not afraid to stand up for herself, and Nick Abbott, an African-American West Point grad/Iraq war vet who while calm in a crisis is not a fella to make angry.

Is there some kind of time jump in the Castle season premiere? –Sandra
No, Season 6 opens “right where we left off,” there at the swings, Nathan Fillion confirms. “The only difference, I think, is I’ve had a haircut or two!” But then, once the matters of the marriage proposal and Beckett’s career decision are resolved, “We do jump ahead three or four months.”

Can we please have some Hawaii Five-0 scoop on Kono? Haven’t heard anything much about her this coming season. –clarlee901
Last week at TCA I was sure to ask exec producer Alex Kurtzman about the plan for Kono, who bid the team adieu at the end of last season, and he said, “I can’t reveal that yet, but she is not gone.” And as for the timetable for her return, he deferred, “We’re actually in the middle of that conversation now.”

I just wanted to know if we will see New Girl’s Jess in that new teaching job. Curtis Armstrong and Mary Lynn Rajskub were hilarious last season. –Emily
Jess definitely will have a new teaching job early this season – one that finds her struggling to fit in with a “cool crowd” of fellow educators, including two “mean girl” types who resent her goody-two-shoes ‘tude and one alcoholic science nerd.

Since Brenda Song is on the new comedy Dads, is it safe to assume that Daisy is a no-show in this upcoming season of New Girl? –Andy
Incorrect, sir! “She will come back, I think, for one episode,” Lamorne Morris answers. As for the why, “It’s so I can dump her! No, the writers would never let that happen,” the actor sighs. “They’ll make ME get dumped somehow.

Where’s the Pretty Little Liars love? Anything on Aria/Ezra? –Jeanine
In short, “Their worlds collide” in an upcoming episode, Lucy Hale tells us. “You find out things about Ezra that you never knew about, and he’s let into this secret world of Aria and what she’s been dealing with with ‘A’, which is very exciting for people to get to see.”

I really want Hilarie Burton to come back to Grey’s Anatomy. I find her character more interesting than all the interns combined. Is there any chance? –Cris
As you have since gleaned from Ask Ausiello, Lauren will apparently vanish in the darkness, not to be seen again in the season opener. “It was great to see the response to [Hilarie] — I thought she was amazing and very bold to come in and do the role, and the chemistry was amazing, but [Lauren staying around] wasn’t the plan,” explains show boss Shonda Rhimes. “That doesn’t mean won’t ever see her again, but at the moment that’s not what we are planning.”

I am very intrigued by both Booth’s CIA agent (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.) and priest-turned-bar owner (Mather Zickel) friends, particularly the latter. What will bar owner Aldo’s interactions with Brennan be like? Will he clue Brennan in re: Booth’s secrets? –Amelia
Emily Deschanel sets up the Brennan/Aldo meeting thusly: “I go to this bar looking for Booth, wondering why he’s been going to this place. There, I encounter this man and he figures out that I’m ‘Booth’s girl,’ as he calls me, and he kind of counsels me — in a way Brennan might even be open to hearing from an ex-priest! It’s an interesting conversation that Brennan finds amusing.”

With all the craziness that went down in the season finale, are we going to be seeing a whole new Haven or will it still be Audrey’s story? –Aimee
As Season 4 opens on Sept. 13, the titular town will be “going through some serious growing pains,” EPs Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton tell the Inside Line. “Of course Audrey will be there — Haven and Audrey are inexorably tied — but it’s a ‘difficult’ union. The real questions are: Who is Audrey? Where did she come from? Who does she really love? And we’ll dealing with that big-time this season!”

This is the first time I’m doing this, but any scoop on the last episodes of Teen Wolf [Season] 3A ? –Ellen
As you may have gleaned, Lydia is now a “quasi part of the supernatural pack,” Holland Roden reports. “I’m still part of Team Human — I still have two legs and two arms — but it’s going to be more of a ‘Carmen Sandiego thing,’ as I call it. She’s a bit nicer. But coming up in [Season] 3B, you might see the mean Lydia come back out, for a particular reason.” Before then, Roden teases an Aug. 19 midseason finale that’s a “supernatural sadistic circus” with a “progressive” cliffhanger.

It seems like every episode of Graceland has a major twist at the end. Any scoop? –Jen
As tonight’s episode draws to a close, one of the agents will be left unconscious after a scuffle with Odin. But next week, oh man…. Someone gets wind of Mike’s secret, and the end of the episode leaves someone shot on the beach following a tragic case of “mistaken identity.”

Does Damien Bichir sing the opening song for The Bridge? –Jesse
No, that is Ryan Bingham crooning the haunting tune.

Will Katie Findlay be in Season 2 of The Carrie Diaries? Everything I have been hearing and seeing since filming started doesn’t show or mention her at all. I know the first season ended with Carrie and Maggie on bad terms, since she hooked up with Sebastian. – Gia
Maggie will definitely be back this season, I am assured, but don’t expect her and Carrie to make up anytime soon. Oh, and she may not be steering clear of Sebastian, either….

I’m still not OK with Suburgatory’s midseason scheduling. What do you have to offset the sting? – Marty
How about… scoop? When the underappreciated gem (eventually) returns, George — still in a funk over his break-up with Dallas — finds his pity party interrupted by the arrival of his charming, ladies-man of a father. And the timing of his arrival is no coincidence (yes, we’re looking at you, Tessa).

I would love anything on the new season of The Neighbors! –Bryce
The Neighbors will make fast friends with their new Friday night neighbors, by way of “some kind of Shark Tank crossover,” Simon Templeman shares. As he points out, “Some of those guys on Shark Tank look a little odd to me – maybe they’re aliens too? I mean, look at Mark Cuban close up. Theres a lot going on there.” As for the previously reported dig at Smash, Templeman says it’s more of “an homage” in the wake of netting the ABC comedy netting its own Emmy nod for Original Music and Lyrics. “We know how hard that is to do that every week, so our hearts go out to them.”

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, New Girl, Glee, Castle, Flash, NCIS: LA, Scandal, SVU and More

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 NCIS Spoilers Ziva LeavesWill an NCIS love’s exit rock Tony’s world? How might the NCIS: LA premiere torture fans? What loco antics has the New Girl gotten herself into? What aims The Flash at Arrow‘s world? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

On NCIS, do you think “Tiva” will be together in the end? Or do you think it’ll be a kiss and then she leaves? I don’t think I could handle a depressed Tony if they weren’t together. –Samantha
Michael Weatherly hears your concern, and shares his own hope that Cote de Pablo’s double-episode send-off “is as cathartic and therapeutic for the fans as it was for me shooting it.” As for the oft-promised “appropriate closure,” this is all DiNozzo’s portrayer would tease: “When you want something for so long, and you want and you want and you want, and it almost gets warped because you’ve wanted it for maybe longer than anybody should ever want anything, and it’s sitting five feet from you in an office…. When that is dealt with, a dam breaks and it creates a fresh new and most importantly dynamic element to the show. That eight-year ‘holding pattern’ will be dealt with, but more important than that is what happens next. Where does Tony go after that? And [the answer to that] is the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

I am looking for a job and I am a huge fan of NCIS. Can I take Ziva’s job? It looks like fun and I sure need that in my life! –Cheryl
Sure, just get behind the 50-year-old lady who’s at the head of the line of candidates.

I would like these ladies to take Ziva’s place: Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich. –Clinton
What, no love for Cheryl above…?

What can NCIS: Los Angeles fans expect in the season premiere? –Anna
In short, “a great episode of television,” raves Eric Christian Olsen. As he elaborated for me, “This is the darkest and the most honest and the most vulnerable and the most heartbreaking episode for Deeks, but also for the other characters. The best scene that has ever been written for [Deeks and Sam] happens in the premiere; we’ve already filmed it, and [LL Cool J] is so good. And the most honest scene that Deeks and Kensi have ever had together happens in the premiere.” (I think I just gave Anna goosebumps.)

Help! All of us Scandal junkies need a fix! Anything? –Maggie
Here is anything, courtesy of Dan Bucatinsky aka Cy’s guy James. “[The season premiere] will feel seamless in terms of giving people exactly what they love about Scandal,” the Emmy-nominated actor/producer shares. “We come back and relationships are just as rich, and just as surprising, and just as tense. That’s what I noticed about the first script.” As for things between James and the hubs specifically, “It’s much as we left it. We are in a good place.”

Please find out any piece of scoop you can about Season 3 of New Girl! -Kas
Make sure your passport is in order (unlike, ahem, Nick’s), because the Fox comedy is heading south of the border for the season opener. The set-up: Jess and Nick embark on a romantic getaway to Mexico, only to meet mishap and misunderstanding after mishap and misunderstanding, resulting in (way) more than one tazing by a zap-happy security guard — which continues even after Schmidt & Co. come to the “rescue.”

Any new scoop about Castle? –Rachael
Hot off the presses, I’ve got a casting call for the multi-episode role of Frank “Sully” Sullivan, a new NYPD detective in his late 20s/early 30s who’s described as “a guy’s guy.” My question: Is the name Sully a nod to Nathan Fillion’s Monsters University gig?

Law & Order: SVU addict here! Now that we know Mariska Hargitay renewed her contract for Season 15, is Dennis Duffy Dean Winters returning as well? Or will that relationship fizzle out like all her others? –Bernadette
Winters’ Brian Cassidy will be absolutely in the season premiere, which picks up right where the finale left off. In fact, it’s Cassidy who sounds the proverbial alarm when hours turn into days and (abducted) Benson oddly hasn’t returned any of his calls. Guest star Lauren Ambrose also returns in the two-hour Season 15 premiere, airing Sept. 25 at 9/8c.

How many episodes of Covert Affairs will there be this season before the break? –Deb
The original plan to run all 16 episodes straight has changed, I am told, but you have at least seven more to enjoy before any potential midseason hiatus.

When I first looked up details of this season of The Newsroom, I heard that there would be 12 episodes. But now I saw an article that said there would be only nine! What’s the real amount? –Ross
Sorry, I must say nein to that 12 rumor and confirm it is just nine, with the finale set for Sept. 15.

Do you know if the first three episodes of Glee before the hiatus are going to air in consecutive weeks? –Sofia
So many scheduling Qs this week! Yes, Fox boss Kevin Reilly today confirmed  that Glee will open its season with three consecutive episodes, break for postseason baseball coverage, and then immediately return thereafter with as many as seven straight episodes.

I am beyond geeking out over the Arrow/The Flash crossover/spin-off news. Anything more to report? –Charlotte
I’ve got fresh intel on exactly what brings Central City PD CSI Barry Allen to Oliver’s orbit. The would-be speedster travels (not by foot, I assume) to Starling City while investigating a series of brutal slayings that he believes may have a connection to his mother’s years-ago murder — a crime for which his father has been unjustly imprisoned.

Is Rookie Blue‘s Diaz really gone? He can’t be! His character was a great balance for the other characters. Also, it was so nice to have Luke back this past week — any chance he will be around for more episodes this summer? –G.D.
You will definitely see Luke again this summer. As for Diaz… well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what happens to him.

Any scoop on my favorite Rookie Blue rookie, Sam? –Danny
This week marks the introduction of Al Sapienza (Person of Interest) as “the man and the police officer that Sam modeled himself on,” says EP Tassie Cameron, “and to hear some of Sam’s backstory through that relationship, and to watch him in a relationship with a father figure he respects very much, [is] very illuminating for that character.” In fact, you’ll even get a flashback of sorts – but no funky, retro wig — via “an old videotape of Sam conducting an early interrogation.”

I love Copper! Could I please get some Corky spoilers? –Jessica
Yes, but mind you, I am just the messenger: I am hearing that Corky is due to soon experience a devastating tragedy that will alter the trajectory of his life.

After Hallie’s death on Chicago Fire, Casey seemed to be holding it together at work, but it turns out he was falling apart in his personal life. Will he reach out for help or continue on his downward spiral? –Stephanie
The answer may not be as dramatic as you envision. Rather, I’m hearing that Casey deals with Hallie’s death privately, and then moves on.

We now know who’s been cast to play Samantha Jones on The CW’s The Carrie Diaries, but is there any scoop on who will play Carrie’s other Manhattan-based BFF, Stanford Blatch? – Dan
I wouldn’t hold your breath for Young Stanford’s arrival. As CW boss Mark Pedowitz said when asked about meeting other familiar faces, “This is the year that Carrie and Samantha first bond, and we’ll see what happens after that. But this is a year about Samantha.”

I would like any information you may have on Dallas and the upcoming Season 3. –Shonda
Josh “John Ross” Henderson took it upon himself to “announce” via Facebook that Season 3 will premiere in late February and air in two chunks — eight winter episodes, followed by seven in the summer. TNT however declined to confirm that news for me, and then Josh’s posting went MIA. Hmmmm.

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email!

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, Teen Wolf, Walking Dead, Chicago Fire, Glades & More

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Red and ItchyWill The Mentalist‘s hunt get 14 percent easier? Is Teen Wolf‘s Scott a true alpha male? Which Scandal storyline has Kerry Washington cheering? Will TheGlades wedding go off without a hitch? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

What do you know about Season 6 of The Mentalist? –Brooke
Gale Bertram. Ray Haffner. Bob Kirkland. Sheriff Thomas McAllister. Brett Partridge. Reede Smith. Bret Stiles. What I know… by way of series boss Bruno Heller… is that “by the end of the premiere episode, there may be one less suspect” in the hunt for Red John. Who do you think will fall off the list first?

Will Teen Wolf’s Scott become the Alpha before the midseason finale (airing Aug. 19)? –Anonymous_A
“Scott is well on his way to becoming an Alpha,” answers exec producer Jeff Davis. “Whether he remains a True Alpha — one who doesn’t have to kill or steal the power — and who survives to make up his pack, might be the important questions.”

How about some juicy Scandal scoop to celebrate Kerry Washington scoring an Emmy nomination? –Miranda
Are you suggesting that in the course of congratulating Miss Emmy Nominee last week, that I pumped her for scoop? Handled! First, we batted around theories on who ratted out Liv to the press, and Washington believes Mellie is “too obvious” a culprit. (Plus, she noted, “Mellie got [Fitz] back at the end, so I don’t know why she would do that.”) Washington then relayed the cast’s excitement about Scott Foley being upped to series regular, though we both agreed it’d be a shame if Jake stayed in “the hole” all season long. On the topic of the premiere, she was skeptical that it will pick up with Olivia and her dad still in the car, saying, “I really love how the show plays with time and jumps all around, so I hope there’s some of that.” But one of the Season 3 stories that has Kerry most jazzed is this one: “Shonda [Rhimes] has teased that we are going to get more backstory on Harrison” – finally, I say – “and when I heard that, I was jumping up and down in the hair-and-makeup trailer like, ‘Yeah!’”

I was wondering if you knew how many episodes Scandal has this season? Also, are they doing what OUAT is doing with the show running? –Lizzie
Scandal as of now is working off a 22-episode order, and if the second part of your question meant to suggest “airing non-stop”-ish/in repeat-free chunks, I have nothing to report on that. Yet.

Info request: Person of Interest! –Katherine
How will Root extricate herself from the loony bin? And who is the mystery woman Hersh and Terney were reporting to in the finale? If you have a couple minutes to spare, I invite you to watch Michael Ausiello throw hit the cast with such Qs in this Comic-Con video:

The Glades is my favorite summer show!!! Any details on Jim and Callie’s upcoming nuptials? –Kari
As the wedding gets closer and the to-do list continues to grow, so will the list of family and friends that come out of the wood work — some more welcome and expected than others, I hear. That throws a few wrenches in their plans… and potentially ruins Jim’s big surprise for his bride.

Call me crazy, but I can’t wait for The Neighbors to come back this fall. Any scoop for me? –Hailee
1. You crazy. 2. Would you believe those puckish aliens – the ones many of us a year ago predicted wouldn’t last long, let alone beyond a whole season – take a dig at the once-buzzy, now-deceased Smash in the season opener?

I’m so excited for this next season of The Walking Dead — the trailer looks so good! But I’m starting to get scared for the lives of the prisoners. Is there any word of another major character getting killed off? I don’t know who I’d spare first. Maybe Carl… –Rebecca
But… Carl just scored a glossy magazine cover! That’d be just cruel. While I can’t say if we’re due for another major death anytime soon, it’s looking like there will be warm bodies to fill any gaps. For midseason, the show is casting the recurring roles of John Tyler, a rough-around-the-edges and vulgar man with a propensity towards violence; Wayne Kesey, a gent in the 30s/40s whose book smarts are his main tools in survival; and Jordana Barraza, a Latina with a shameful past but a desire to learn right from others.

Considering Cote de Pablo’s (incredibly disappointing) departure from NCIS this fall, does the show have plans to introduce another female agent (as they did when Sasha Alexander departed)? Or are they planning something very different to fill the void? –Cassaundra
While I haven’t heard anything about a replacement for Ziva per se, I do know that — as teased by NCIS boss Gary Glasberg — we will in fact be laying eyes on McGee’s new (and yet-to-be-cast) honey: Delilah, a “perky, smart, eccentric and downright lovable” computer wonk at the Department of Defense. And that role is possibly recurring.

Anything “burning” on the Chicago Fire front? I desperately miss the folks at 51. –Vikki
Here’s something that’s “heating up” – a love life! Blonde beauty Larisa Polonsky, who guested last season as Otis’ Russian cousin Zoya, is set to recur during Season 2, pouring drinks at her cousin’s bar and ultimately “lighting Cruz’s fire,” as a love interest.

Could you please tell me if Jeff Eastin plans to explore more about Neal’s mother on White Collar? – Ellie13
In a word (or three_, not right now. As a note I was just slipped from the White Collar writers room explains: “Having spent time with dear old Dad last season, Neal is done looking backward for now, and will be focused on moving forward in his life for Season 5. But the story of Neal’s mother is definitely a tale we hope to tell down the road.”

On Rookie Blue, will Marlo sharing her secret with Andy keep us from getting “McSwarek”? –Deb
As detailed in Vlada Gelman’s preview for this week’s episode, Andy and Sam already have obstacles. And Marlo’s bipolar secret sure won’t help matters. “This revelation and its repercussions will play out over the season in a way that, I hope, is dramatic for Sam and Andy and Marlo,” says EP Tassie Cameron. “In the immediate present, sharing that news with Andy — the last person she would have wanted to tell — was very, very difficult for Marlo. It’s very private, and something that can jeopardize not only her relationship but her career.” For Andy, too, “It will be a struggle, to know something about your former boyfriend’s new girlfriend like that. And part of what I hope is interesting about the next few episodes is how Andy’s handling it.”

Ioan Gruffudd has to return to Necessary Roughness, right? I mean, that storyline totally hasn’t been wrapped up. –Allie
Alas, Gruffudd’s Nolan Powers is not due back this season, though he could possibly return if the USA Network drama earns a renewal.

Can you share anything about who ends up in the hospital on The Fosters? –Mariana
You can probably already guess who ends up in the hospital from the promo, so let us instead tease that the dire situation opens the door for some touching and emotional flashbacks revealing how Stef and Lena came to create their loving family. Also in the hour: Wyatt does something that should endear him to even the most hardcore Callie/Brandon ‘shippers (who, by the way, will not want to miss this episode).

Love The Bridge. And Demian Bichir’s TV wife is beautiful. Who is she? We need more shows like this and more of this beautiful lady actress –Starvafo
Marco’s Mrs. Is played by Catalina Sandino Moreno, a Colombian actress whose credits include Love in the Time of Cholera, Fast Food Nation and the title role in 2004’s Maria Full of Grace. (And grace is what Alma will need if she ever finds out what her husband did last night!)

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email!

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Scandal, Once, True Blood, Beast, Liars, Graceland, Suits and More

July 19, 2013 Leave a comment

KERRY WASHINGTONWill Once Upon a Time newcomers crowd out the originals? Who is not marked for a True Blood-y death? Will Scandal‘s snitch surprise? Are the Pretty Little Liars heading to prom? Will a Beast be back? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Peter Pan, a new Robin Hood, Lost Boys plural….. Should Once Upon a Time fans be worried that the main cast will be overshadowed by the Season 3 newbies? –Devin
I wouldn’t worry. I mean, we knew Peter Pan was coming, and where theres’ Pan, there are Lost Boys in the background. And Robin Hood, I suspect, will play a role on whats going on in the Fairytale Land That Is, probably impeding Neal’s return “home.” As series cocreator Adam Horowitz told me (after I suggested they’d be giving Belle new friends there in Storybrooke), “There will be some new characters, but for the most part were going to be focusing on our core group of regulars from Seasons 1 and 2. If characters do come in, it will, at least at first, be more akin to how we used Robin Hood in Season 2.”

Do you have any insight as to who might be experiencing the true death on True Blood? –Bobby
Here’s one name I’d venture to rule out, despite how last Sunday’s episode ended: Eric — if only because I hear that he’s busy making a last-ditch effort to save an ailing Nora in the July 28 episode. Unless, you know, it’s his ghost saving her. Or something.

Very faithful reader here. While I appreciate all the tidbits you’ve shared this summer, I’m wondering why you’re keeping the Scandal info under wraps? –Kimberly
Hey now, the writers room only reconvened recently. Can’t scoop what doesn’t exist! But this much I’ve gleaned: We will learn, via flashbacks, who it was that ratted out Liv to the press. And I am pretty sure it’s not anyone you’d guess. Also: Prepare to meet Cyrus’ very oppressed, young, male office assistant.

Graceland is starting to grow on me. Have you got any scoops on Briggs? And will we see any love interest for any of the characters? –Marla
This week we learn a huge Briggs secret — and we’re not alone in doing so! As such, expect to soon see his layers peeled back and gain greater insight into why he’s really being investigated. As for love interests, expect things to heat up between Mike and Abby as they go on a double date…with a member of Graceland.

Do you know if ABC Family ordered more episode of The Fosters? — @coolteacher31
They have not. The Aug. 5 episode will be the summer finale — and the final episode until/unless the show gets picked up (which I reckon it will, seeing as it keeps doing solidly in the Nielsens).Playing with Fire

Can you please keep us in touch with the latest on the Beauty and the Beast show? It will be much appreciated. –Carol
I hereby confirm that Sendhil Ramamurthy will be back as Gabe, and for multiple episodes at that. The big question is: Who’s side is he on now? Jay Ryan, for one, believes the secret-keeping ADA owes poor, abandoned Catherine a serious solid. As he puts it, “Gabe has got a lot of making up to do, if he wants to get back in our good books.”

Do you think Cote de Pablo’s departure spells the end for NCIS? With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. rivaling for No. 1, I don’t see NCIS staying at the top without her, and I know many Tiva shippers are leaving the show with Cote. –Mary Catherine
OK, for one, it’s not “the end of NCIS.” TV’s most watched program isn’t abruptly going to crater because one member of a good-sized, top-notch ensemble leaves. Will its numbers get dinged? Maybe. A bit. But it’d have to lose 3 million viewers to fall behind Big Bang Theory and cease being TV’s most watched (non-sports) program. The whole debate is: What fraction of that total viewership has been tuning in just for Ziva, and/or just for “Tiva.”  S.H.I.E.L.D.’s more direct competition, I imagine, is The Originals, as those two first duke it out for the genre-TV-loving eyeballs, before either start eating into CBS’ older-skewing audience.

I just finished reading the newest Pretty Little Liars book (Crushed), and in it the girls are off to prom. That got me wondering: Will they be heading to prom on the show, since it is after all senior year? –Estee
Don’t buy a corsage just yet. This question “is a difficult one,” says EP Oliver Goldstick, “because proms, we all know, usually happen toward the end of the school year, and we are going very slowly through the senior year for a multitude of reasons. We’ll give you other events, but we won’t necessarily give you a prom right away. You’ll [eventually] get one, but unfortunately that would mean they’d be graduating within weeks [of it], and we’re trying to avoid that story point [for now].”

Will we ever find out what Harvey and Donna really do with that can-opener on Suits? – Abdul
I cannot confirm that one way or the other, but EP Aaron Korsh reveals this much: The flashback episode’s title, “The Other Time,” is definitely “a clue” about Harvey and Donna’s mysterious past.

I am incredibly curious about Auggie’s secret on Covert Affairs. Any clues? –Mel
Only that what Annie’s honey is hiding is “a seismic secret that will affect the entire trajectory of the show,” per EP Chris Ord. Only that!

Any Drop Dead Diva scoop to drop on this diva? –Danyelle
Jane may have broken Grayson’s heart in the last episode, but don’t feel too bad for the handsome lawyer. “There’s a hot and heavy romance” coming up real soon for him, teases creator Josh Berman.

Do you know when ABC Family’s Bunheads will start streaming on Netflix? I love the show, and want to watch it again! –Amy
I asked around, and there are no plans at this time for Michelle and the girls to show up on Netflix. Sorry!

Why is Moon Bloodgood no longer billed as a series regular on Falling Skies? Is she leaving the show? –Andy
I am assured that Bloodgood is very much still a series regular, and was only omitted from the credits during her maternity leave. What’s more, I can tease that Anne resurfaces soon, and in an unexpected place (…or two).

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Grey’s, NCIS: LA, HIMYM, Newsroom, Criminal Minds and More

July 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Will Grey’s Anatomy do a “double” take? Good lovin’ for Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen? Who’s returning to NCIS: Los Angeles? And what tune does How I Met Your Mother have on tap? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Anything, I will take anything regarding the new upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy! ANYTHING, please. –Sara
It appears that things refuse to remain sleepy in Shonda Rhimes’ Seattle, seeing as the Season 10 opener will involve a group of firefighters. There may also be a bit of a “two-parter” feel to the ABC drama’s return – heck, maybe it will even turn out to be an actual two-hour premiere a la Seasons 5, 6 and 8 – since several of the guest-starring roles, including one fireman’s fiancé, will span two episodes.

Do you have any Regina-related scoop for Once Upon a Time Season 3? –ZsaZsa
And how! With an eye on the upcoming run, series cocreator Adam Horowitz tells us, “We may find out that perhaps, just perhaps, there is a special someone out there for Regina.” (This is where you play matchmaker in the Comments.)

Do you have any scoop on what The Newsroom will bring us when it returns? —Erica
We now go to TVLine’s Kim Roots, live on the screener-watching scene! “The Tea Party hasn’t forgotten about the ‘American Taliban’ comment Will made in last season’s finale, and ACN takes a few major hits because of it,” Roots reports. “But that’s nothing compared to the huge trouble the network – and News Night, in particular – are in as the season opens. Elsewhere: Maggie’s got a terrible new haircut (with an even more terrible story behind it), a NewsNight staffer gets arrested, Marcia Gay Harden is a lot of fun as a sharp-dressed attorney, Jim spends a lot of time on a bus with Grace Gummer (Smash) and we finally find out exactly what Will said in the rest of his stoned voicemail to Mackenzie.” Thanks, Kim!

Any chance that Peter Cambor will be coming back to NCIS: LA next season? Even briefly? It seems like a great chance to bring Nate back, for the fallout of the finale. –Tracie
You’ve got a bright bean there, Tracie – since I can report that Cambor/Nate will in fact resurface early into Season 5.

I’m in desperate need of some True Blood spoilers, please give me anything you got! –Drew
This Sunday there are exceedingly disturbing goings-on between makers and progeny, and two more characters appear to be about to bite the dust — one of them willingly.

Can you confirm any stars returning for Defiance Season 2? –Sally
I shan’t, but instead will tell you about a new series regular. The Syfy hit is casting the role of Niles Pottinger, a “provisional mayor” installed into office by E-Rep. This 40something gent is described as both “a man of manners who is rarely in public without cufflinks and freshly polished shoes” and a “sociopath.” We’re also going to meet Rafe’s wife Pilar, whom as you know was sent away years ago after almost killing their children during a bipolar fugue.

Do you have anything new on the final season of How I Met Your Mother? – Babar
This just in from Wayne Brady, who is set to recur as Barney’s bro James during the CBS sitcom’s farewell run: “My first appearance of the season will involve me singing a little Kenny Rogers-and-Dolly Parton tune, and it’s going to be really funny.” Assuming we’re talking “Islands in the Stream,” any guesses on the other half of his duet?

What happened to CSI: NY? And CSI: Miami, for that matter? The Finder? Body of Proof? Is Leverage taking on the big networks for another season? Has Graceland left the building? Is Touch in or out? Has Sinbad sailed into enough hearts to stay? Thanks in advance for your insight. –Kevin
Cancelled, cancelled, cancelled, cancelled, no, “too early to tell,” cancelled and one-and-done. And you are welcome!

Will Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler direct any Season 9 episodes of Criminal Minds? –Brigitte
Series boss Erica Messer reports back that yes, both Gibson and Gubler will again step behind the camera this season.

Over the past few weeks on Franklin & Bash, Rob Lowe’s name has been dropped more often than F-bombs on HBO. Any idea if the man will make an appearance as himself on the show? –Anthony
Somehow I, too, missed this news, but apparently the rivalry between Franklin, Bash and Rob Lowe will literally come to a head when the Parks and Recreation star pops up in the Aug. 14 season finale.

With Gregg Sulkin’s pilot not being picked up is there any chance we could see him back on Pretty Little Liars? I love having an extra Fitz around. –Estee
Greg could be back in the future, I am told, but not during this summer season.

Any word on a Men at Work renewal? I really love that show, all those guys are hilarious! –Tedi
There’s nothing official to report yet, but at least one source I spoke to said not to rule it out.

I read that [UPDATED] Marina Sirtis will be reprising her role as Orli Elbaz on NCIS — that’s fantastic! We have news of a returning character that is closely affiliated with Ziva. Now, can we please get some news about Cote de Pablo — preferably good news that she will be returning? –Claire
Given very recent developments, the best we can do is hope that Eli’s Mossad successor isn’t back for a (gulp) funeral.

Will any progress be made in Melissa and Joey‘s relationship in upcoming episodes? –Julia
I am hearing that towards the end of the season, fans such as you should be very happy.

I’ve been completely hooked by The Fosters – a terrific show for all ages. Any scoop? –Lisa
In Monday’s episode, when Liam confronts Callie in a major way, one of the guys in her life tries to defend her. Anyone else bothered by the word “tries”…?

Please tell me that Famke Janssen will be in Season 2 of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. –Fernando
Famke Janssen will be in Season 2 of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove!

Can we please get some scoop on Hawaii Five-0 Season 4? And this is a random question, but has Rookie Blue ever mentioned Frank and Noelle’s baby’s name? I can’t seem to remember or find it online. –Clarlee
I’m dry on H50 at this instant, but will hook y’all up next week, for sure. As for the Rookie baby, no, you didn’t miss her name – but it will be revealed before this season is over.

If one of the new ABC comedies fails quickly, could ABC schedule Suburgatory for a full season? — @chloebates4
As previously Inside Line’d, though Suburgatory at this time has just a 13-episode order, for midseason, that total could in theory be increased – which would be Super Fun, right?

I am trying to find the name of tango music that General Hospital‘s Duke and Anna danced to at Nurses’ Ball, and when Duke danced with Emma. – Anne
The Nurses’ Ball tango was “Tango Apasionado” by Larry Groupe, while Emma and Duke danced to “Tango Bradere” by Brad Hatfield.

I am a TVLine addict, absolutely love your scoops and the pithy tone in which you deliver them. Please, anything on the status of Cooper next season on Southland? –Veronica
Erm, this is awkward…. Though an “addict,” you somehow missed this bit of sadness.

What is your review of the TV series Betrayal ? –Mike
I finally brought myself to pop the new ABC drama into my Sony Watchman D-VE7000S, and it plays like a 40-minute commercial for a perfume called “Infidelity” — and if you happen to know perfume lingo, this one has a base note of vanilla.

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Revenge, Teen Wolf, Under the Dome, POI, True Blood, Suits and More

June 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Will Revenge do the time warp? Will a Teen Wolf life be taken? What’s going on Under the Dome? Will a Person of Interest return? Is a Castle triangle brewing? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Some scoop on what’s to come on Revenge would be nice! I’m burning to find out what’s going to happen next, after that finale. –iMember
Welllll… you might not find out what happens immediately next, since I’m hearing that a five-month time jump will have taken place when Season 3 opens, affording Jack opportunity to process Emily’s bombshell and for Victoria to reconnect some with her long-lost, yet-to-be-cast son Patrick.

Please, please, please — any Teen Wolf scoop? I’ll be your best friend forever. Or at least make you some chocolate chip cookies. – S.
You may want to hold off on getting your sticks of butter to room temperature, since I’m about to drop this on you: The July 15 episode, titled “Currents,” will see the death of a major character.

I have been hooked already by Under the Dome. Can you shed any light on why Barbie killed Julia’s husband? –Cinders
I cannot, but Mike Vogel, who plays the mysterious drifter, can. Sort of. “Tune in to this week’s episode, because it will answer a lot of things. But it’ll also, because of those things, keep Barbie tap dancing even more,” he tells TVLine. “But you’re definitely going to get some answers as to the whole Barbie/Julia’s husband thing.”

Is there any chance Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi might both become regulars on Person of Interest? I just loved the dynamic of that foursome in the season finale, and really like both actresses in their respective roles. Please say it is so! –Caro
Just days after you sent question, Shahi was announced as a series regular for Season 3. As for Acker, we caught up with her Wednesday night at the Saturn Awards, and while she has yet to hear from the show let alone see a new script, she likes Root’s chances for a return. “I was really happy that I got the phone call [from The Machine] at the end,” she said, “so I feel like they have to at least bring me back.” Speaking of the startling phone call, Acker reckons it confirms that “The Machine and Root have a very special connection — at least in her mind. So it’s either perpetuating her fantasies by calling her or [something else]!” As for mixing it up with Shahi’s Shaw some more, Acker effused, “She’s so great, I would love to torture her again any day.”

In the second episode of True Blood Season 6, I sensed a little sexual tension between Sam and the new character, Nicole. Could Nicole possibly be Sam’s new love interest or will he be taking a break from the ladies after the death of Luna? –Rashad
Granted, Luna’s body is barely cold, but yes, things do seem heading that way – especially since Nicole’s current beau runs into some bad luck this Sunday while Sam makes a bold choice to run to the new gal’s rescue when the wolf pack runs amok. Oh, and there’s this: The official logline for the July 7 episode reads: “Sam and Nicole make a connection.” Case closed!

Any news on what’s ahead for Castle’s Esplanie? –Alyssa
Remember how series boss Andrew W. Marlowe told me he wants to deliver “some hallmarks” for the Espo/Lanie romance in Season 6? You can imagine how delighted Tamala Jones was when we relayed the scoop. “Amen to that!” she responded with a laugh. Offering up some “hallmark” ideas, she went on to say, “I would like to see them have a steamy romance that’s hidden once again from everyone, and somehow they get busted kissing in a closet at work or something. But we’ve teased fans enough. Andrew’s very genius when it comes to ‘putting a little leg out’ and taking it back in, but we’re ready for the leg to come back out now.” Then again, maybe a third party could get involved, seeing as how Javy was eyeballing the cute computer tech gal at season’s end. “He was all up on her, wasn’t he?” Jones remarks. “As a fan, I didn’t like that. And I know Lanie wouldn’t like that either!”

Have you heard anything yet about the Continuum finale? –Rory
Asked to tease the Season 2 finale, which airs Stateside in late August, Lexa Doig, who plays Liber8’s Sonya, shared, “We all got very good at miming. And that’s all I’m going to say.” In the more immediate future, Doig previewed the arrival of The Freelancers (a group that will “raise a lot more questions” and provide “an extra ingredient into the soup that messes everything up”) and teased, without naming names, “a guest performance that is absolutely out-of-this-world amazing.”

NCIS starts shooting in a few weeks. Any info on whether Cote de Pablo will be with us for Season 11? I’m really starting to stress out about this. –Emily
You and me both. I gotta be honest, I’ve been working the phones and the cone of silence surrounding this sitch is growing… conspicuous. After all, it’s not like Ziva was left dangling from the ledge of a skyscraper and it’d be a massive spoiler to say De Pablo was on board to return. Then again, show boss Gary Glasberg did say (way back in April), “I’m confident that things will work out” with her deal. We shall see!

I’ve heard the next episode of Switched at Birth is not to be missed — and that gets me worried. Anything to spoil? –Diane
“There’s some crazy twist ending in the next episode,” Katie LeClerc told us at the Saturn Awards. “One that turns the family on its head.”

Any Drop Dead Diva scoop? –Lori
Just this casting vittle: Dallas Cowboys cheerleader-turned-actress Abigail Klein (CSI, 90210) will guest star in Episode 7 as a beauty pageant contestant who sues the pageant’s owner.

Can we please get more Louis backstory this season on Suits? –Brandon
“As I see it, Louis is such an open book that any story involving him involves some element of backstory,” answers series creator Aaron Korsh. “However, as far as specific Louis information, there are facts about his life peppered into the season.”

Do you have any scoop on the upcoming Suits season (premiering July 16)? So excited that it’s starting up again! –Melissa
What if I told you that a character you didn’t know was gay, is?

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Grey’s, Suits, Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars, NCIS and More

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Is Castle prepared for (gulp) complications? Has Orphan Black‘s bad girl truly lost the clone war? Has a Grey’s Anatomy doc’s incendiary affair flamed out? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I take any scoop you have for Castle. — M.F.
I give scoop for Castle! In speaking with TVLine about the season-ending proposal, Nathan Fillion said that while he has no idea what’s ahead (and truly, conspiracy theorists, it seems he doesn’t), he “absolutely” is looking forward to what Andrew W. Marlowe has teased is a “complicated” Season 6. “That’s one of the things that Andrew has done very well, in that it’s very realistic that two people who really ought to be together maybe don’t see it. Or the timing isn’t right,” the actor said. “These are things that happen in real life. That life gets complicated. That it can never be easy. This is something, I think, that we can all relate to. It’s a truth in that everyone is comfortable with.”

Is Orphan Black‘s Helena really dead? –Jack
OK, first of all: Spoiler! (I’m only on Episode 7.) Secondly, though series lead Tatiana Maslany at first hedged when we brought that burning Q to her, ultimately she opined, “Yeah, I think she is [dead].” And while the actress noted that “in Orphan Black style, it could all change,” for now she’s in mourning. “I will miss her entirely…. There’s this emotion in her, this depth of love, that she can’t show because she has been conditioned to be aggressive and to kill. For me, finding the humanity in a character like that is really exciting.” (Helena gave me the creeps; I’m all about Allison.)

Please give me some Pretty Little Liars scoopage on when we will find out the identity of the body found in the woods! And please say it isn’t Jason!!! –Amanda
Oh, you’re going to have to sit tight at while longer on that reveal. And: Jason?! I can confirm it is definitely not Jason.

Do you have anything — and I mean anything — on the Pretty Little Liars spin-off? –Gina
Here’s a curious comment from exec producer I. Marlene King. Explaining the one confirmed cast member crossover, she says, “It was always thought [behind the scenes] that Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn) would move over to Ravenswood. And when our audience gets to know what Ravenswood is, they’ll understand why it was the right choice for him to take us into that world.” (Me: Ravenswood’s a gym?)

I really want Hilarie Burton to come back to Grey’s Anatomy. I find her character a lot more interesting than all the interns combined. Is there any chance she will come back ? –Cris
If you know me at all (raise your hand if you remember the time Hil tried to slow dance with me on the Tree Hill set?), you know it pains me to report that, after snooping around some, I’m seeing no signs (yet) that lustful Dr. Lauren will be back.

When Suits returns, is there going to be a huge fallout with Harvey and Jessica? –David
Oh my lord, the way those two go at each other in the season premiere is ferocious and relentless. Suffice to say, the chip on Harvey’s broad shoulders is bigger than ever, and he sees right through most every ploy/bit of underhandedness by Jessica to “smooth things over” — and ends the July 16 premiere by revealing his most audacious move yet. But dare I say, the rift between Harvey and padawan Mike is just as formidable — and might only be mended if the latter succeeds in his plan to literally construct a “time machine.”

I am counting down the days until Suits comes back, I’m so excited about it. Any scoop on what’s in store for Donna this season? Remember, it is Donna, and “she knows everything”! –Jared
Indeed, Donna does — especially when she lays her peepers on Mike after his first (and apparently prolonged) ravaging of Rachel. Alas, that all-knowing quality of hers could stand in the way of Mike getting back in Harvey’s good graces.

Is the final season of Burn Notice being split up or airing all at once? – Drew
Save for a pre-emption on July 4, all 13 episodes will air this summer, with the series finale set for Sept. 12.

I was very happy with the new element of Amanda Callaway on White Collar this year, and was wondering if she would be returning? –Erin
If Emily Procter returns — and that’s a huge if — it won’t be anytime soon, and certainly not in the first slew of Season 5 episodes.

Have you heard anything new on the Scream TV series? –Salva
There are no major updates to report, but an MTV rep assures me the pilot is still in the pipeline.

I’m happy to see Longmire back on A&E. Any hints on what’s on the horizon for Walt & Co.? –Jen
I’m a week behind on the series, so forgive me if any of these teasers have reached their expiration date: “Vic’s past starts to catch up with her…. Lizzie returns with a surprise for Walt…. Secrets will be revealed about what happened with Walt and Henry in Denver…. And the election results will soon be in!”

Does NCIS plan on continuing the storyline regarding McGee’s father having Stage 4 cancer? –Jeannie
Show boss Gary Glasberg was “really pleased” with that March episode, “Squall,” and how it built to “an understanding — and a resolution — between the two characters.” That said, and though it’s too soon to tease Season 11, he says the storyline “is certainly something that we’ve left open and that we’d like to revisit, not only dealing with the admiral’s health issues, but in terms of what their relationship is moving forward.”

What happened to the new NCIS spinoff? Are they going to do it, or did it die and nothing has been said? –Lori
NCIS: Red be dead. Granted, we never reported that outright during the madness of Upfronts, but it’d take an epic poem to detail every pilot that did not make the cut. Sometimes you need to just read between the lines.

Please how do I get the complete series of Season 2 Arrow? –Smith

How many episodes is Gloria Reuben in for this season of ‪Falling Skies? Loving this season so far! — @mspenn1013 via Twitter
I’ve watched through the June 30 episode, and she is very much still around. In fact, you could say her role as “President” Tom’s No. 1 there in Charleston is soon to become even more critical.

I just finished watching the season premiere of Necessary Roughness, and I’m really not happy with all of the changes. I really enjoyed the show the way it was. Was this a USA Network mandate to get their renewal? –Lynda
I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a “mandate,” but if NR has suffered from anything its first few seasons, it’s been a lack of heat, a dearth of buzz. It was likely believed that they needed a “name” to put more fannies in the seats, and John Stamos is an inarguably familiar (and not unattractive) face.

In Once Upon a Time’s flashbacks, Rumple has a rotted, monstrous appearance. Shouldn’t he have that same appearance now, since Storybrooke has magic? –Michael
This is an oldie but goodie – your question fell behind the couch, sorry — but the answer has been burning a hole in my pocket, so here goes. “There’s a difference between the memories being restored and the physicality. It’s why Billy the Mechanic didn’t turn back into a mouse,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz explained to me. “The characters need to exist within the framework of the realm they’re within.” Besides, on a more practical level, “Rumple made a deal with Regina that he wanted to be here and have a good life and be taken care of,” Eddy Kitsis notes. “That means not walking around Main Street with gold reptilian scales.”

I’ve been wondering if we’ll ever actually see Philip Stroh on Major Crimes? –Estee
This is a very good question. And when I reached out to TNT about this myself, I thought, “Surely, Billy Burke can come back for a trial scene or two.” But then it hit me: If they’re going to show us even a second of the Stroh trial, it’d be glaringly conspicuous(/disappointing) if Brenda herself didn’t pop up, and that simply isn’t going to happen. In other words: I won’t be surprised if they write around Stroh’s “reappearance.” P.S. This coming Monday’s episode is a goodie, especially if you’ve warmed up to Rusty and/or are a fan of Ben Feldman (Mad Men‘s Ginsberg).

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With reporting by Meg Masters, Vlada Gelman and Scott Huver)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Covert Affairs, NCIS: LA, Sons of Anarchy, Defiance and More

June 14, 2013 Leave a comment

How will NCIS: Los Angeles mark a milestone? Will Once Upon a Time revisit a resurrection? Which Covert secrets will be uncovered? Which Defiance resident isn’t what they seem? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

First, allow me to tell you that your work is very appreciated and each new article brightens our day! Is it too soon to ask if you have any spoilers on NCIS: LA‘s 100th episode? –Emma
With an intro like that, you get to go first this week. Not only is it not premature to ask about No. 100 (aka the fourth episode of Season 5), show boss Shane Brennan teases, “I already know what the last episode is for next year!” But let’s not get that ahead of ourselves. Brennan says that while the aforementioned milestone hour “may play with the show’s format a little,” it will for certain “kick off an arc that runs right through the end of the season,” which he also said will be a “watershed” one for both Deeks and Callen.

Does Once Upon a Time plan on telling the current stories of the characters in Storybrooke, or will Season 3 focus on Neverland and the Enchanted Forest? –Ellie
In case my previous scoopage on this subject did not reassure you that, as the headline said, “Storybrooke will not be forgotten,” I just confirmed that Emilie de Ravin is still a series regular for Season 3. Thus, it sounds like Belle will certainly have Maine events of her own to deal with back home.

Will Once Upon a Time explain how Mulan and Aurora helped Phillip get his soul back from the wraith? –JJ
Series cocreator Adam Horowitz confirms that yes, that burning question will be addressed during Season 3 — and likely on the sooner side, I reckon, since Jamie Chung and Sarah Bolger have midseason pilots (NBC’s Believe, ABC’s Mixology) to get to!

How is the Covert Affairs premiere?! Can you give us any scoop on it, pretty please? — Rachael
As Christopher Gorham previously shared, Auggie and Annie are very much a couple now — as the opening sequence makes “nakedly” clear. (Fact: I swore off carbs for the summer after those scenes.) Likewise, when Kari Matchett told me there are “interesting things” on tap for Joan and Arthur, my lord, she was not kidding. All told, while I didn’t 100 percent follow the case at hand — Annie and Auggie “vacation” in Colombia to covertly dig into Arthur’s past while dodging the local CIA station chief (played by new series regular/CSI: NY alum Hill Harper) — the episode is chock-a-block with exposed secrets (one of which I did not see coming at all) and a final scene that promises to shake up the pecking order.

When will Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy be available on Netflix? –Gerry
All I am able to confirm at this point is “in the fall” — but as compensation, I give you series star Charlie Hunnam promising “a tumultuous time” ahead for Jax and Tara, especially now that Jax has abandoned the idea of ever “getting out.” “I think at this point he realizes that he’s in it for life,” Hunnam says. “Last season was a real process of him embracing that and throwing himself into it with both feet, to cement the fact that he’s a lifer.”

Does the abbreviated final-season order for Warehouse 13 mean we won’t see another Christmas special again? –Lisa
Sorry to hand you a lump of coal in June, but yes.

If anyone can find the answer to this question, I’m sure it is you, Matt: Is there any chance that we will see Chelsie Hightower return as a pro on Dancing With the Stars? –Lindsey
I perhaps have not watched an episode of DWTS since Kelly Monaco’s Season 1, but I’m game to take this one on. I am told that since Chelsie is still under contract with the ABC series (and last season popped up in some of the “pro dances”), there is at least the possibility she will be part of the Season 17 cast — though we won’t know for sure until late August.

I love ABC’s new show Motive. What is its future? When will it be back on after basketball and for how many episodes? –Judy
The 10 remaining episodes will begin to unspool June 27, running through early September.

Defiance‘s Stahma and Kenya…. I have no words. So, do you have scoop? — Julia
Right? And people thought H.G. Wells/Myka would be Syfy’s Sapphic supercouple. There’s a passing moment in the wedding episode (airing June 24) where Stahma comments to someone about the Need/Want proprietor’s “amazing touch.” Elsewhere in that hour, you’ll lay witness to a Castithan bachelor party (which frankly varies little from anything you see at Scores), get some movement on the Irisa/Tommy front, discover that [SPOILER] saved Datak’s life some years ago and learn that someone in town is concealing a massive, shocking secret. There’s also the death of two characters who’ve been with us from the start.

Any good scoop on our favorite Rookie Blue couple, Sam and Andy? Is there hope for a reconciliation this season? – Whitney
Hmm, I must speak cryptically here…. Let’s just say that Sam and Andy have a bond that can never really be broken, and you’ll see that illustrated in a few different ways by the end of this season.

Is Vikings skipping ahead in time [with the Bjorn recast]? What happened to the little blond kid playing Ragnar’s son? –Dee
Not to worry, you likely will see young Nathan O’Toole again — at the beginning of Season 2, at least, before a time jump kicks in.

I saw something on Twitter about Lisa Kudrow’s previously cancelled ancestry show, Who Do You Think You Are?, coming back this summer on TLC. Do you have any info on that? –Francine
WDYTYA, as the kids call it, will air Tuesdays at 9/8c starting July 23. Among those ready to climb their family trees for TLC are NCIS: LA‘s Chris O’Donnell, Up All Night‘s Christina Applegate and New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel (SPOILER: She has an actress sister!).

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Psych, White Collar, Rizzoli, Covert Affairs, Scandal and More!

June 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Will NCIS fill in the blanks? Will a White Collar romance heat back up? Are things getting “Harry” on Psych? Which Monday Mornings doc copped a role on Rizzoli & Isles? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I know Gary Glasberg has mentioned we will see the events that led up to the cliffhanger with Gibbs in the NCIS finale. But will we also get to see what McGee, Tony and Ziva have been doing in their four-month absence? I’m eager to see how they adapted to life outside NCIS and without Gibbs’s rules (particularly Rule No. 12). –Cheryl
If I’m any good at reading between Glasberg’s lines, viewers will be made privy to at least some of that when Season 11 arrives. “The season opener is going to take us from where we left off all the way up to the point where we’re seeing Gibbs [behind a rifle],” he says, As for Tony, Ziva and McGee in particular, “There will be a portion in which they’re still resigned, and then it’ll develop from there. I don’t want to give too much away about the opener yet, but we’ll learn what happened with Tony and Ziva and McGee, I promise.”

I’m curious as to your thoughts on NCIS‘ baiting of “Tiva” fans without delivering. This season, especially, saw the showrunner pushing the notion of the couple becoming a reality, yet once again it did not happen. Even worse, [the finale] found them calling each other “friends,” the same label they applied to each other in Season 9′s “A Desperate Man.” Do you as a reporter find it difficult to see these things teased, when they never come fruition? Or do you think it’s just part of the game and “business as usual”? In addition, do you feel that at some point this bait-and-switch will impact viewership? –Dee
A very sound question, because as you note, I have long witnessed this to-and-fro as well. Quite honestly, I think NCIS and show boss Gary Glasberg face a tremendously difficult juggling act with this (would-be) couple because it is TV’s most watched program, and like a game of Jenga, you can’t be quite sure which slight move could send things toppling. Is NCIS No. 1 because it metes out exactly 25 milligrams of romance every third episode, and never a bit more? Is there a fear that going all-in with Tiva will soap up the show too much? If one out of three is against the coupling, does that confirm the show would risk disenfranchising some 5 million viewers? (And if you do put them together, will the outcry nonetheless continue if “not enough” intimacy is displayed, a la Castle, presenting a no-win scenario?) All I can do on my end is press for some semblance of concrete evidence behind any loaded quotes (about any topic), then trust the show will follow through to some degree.

White Collar’s Jeff Eastin had said the Neal/Sara faux engagement would “factor into the new episodes in a crucial way” and that “signs point to yes” in terms of seeing Sara again. With Bridget Regan being cast as Neal’s new love interest, I’m starting to worry about my favorite couple! Is there any news on if/when Hilarie will return? –Julie
When I spoke to Hilarie Burton last month (in the midst of her rabblerousing Grey’s Anatomy arc), she admitted to having “no idea what’s going on” with Sara’s possible return. That said, she agreed that we — and Neal — may need to miss Sara some in order to give her next appearance enough oomph. And the actress is always game for another go-round. “I talked to Matt [Bomer] and Willie [Garson] and Tiffani [Thiessen] over their hiatus and they really are the loveliest bunch of people,” she effused. “I never take that for granted.”

I know that there’s nothing new on the Castle front, so I’d love some scoop for Rizzoli & Isles. –MafaEmily_Swallow
Well, if you’re a fan of TNT dramas in general, I can share exclusively that Monday Mornings alum Emily Swallow (aka Dr. Michelle Robidaux) will guest-star in an August episode as Elizabeth Keating, the parole officer for someone involved in a deadly drag race on Paradise Road.

Have we seen the last of Eion Bailey (Ben) and Anne Dudek (Danielle) on Covert Affairs? I really loved the chemistry that both of them had with Piper Perabo. –Johnny
Most likely not. As EPs Matt Corman and Chris Ord tell the Inside Line, “Both Ben and Danielle are extremely important figures in Annie’s life. We definitely haven’t seen the last of them.”

Do you know something about Castle or Scandal? This hiatus is killing me! –Martina
I’ll, um, play it safe and go with…. Scandal. If you suspect that, given the roller coaster events of the season finale, newly minted U.S. Attorney David Rosen has turned in his Gladiator card, you’d be right. Sharing his “personal theory” on the matter, Joshua Malina says, “Having spent the time he has with [Pope & Associates], he has newfound respect for them… and he went to school on them. Because he learned that if you really want to be effective – and that’s the sad story of his for the year – pure white hat-edness only gets you so far.” So although Rosen discovered that “getting down in the gutter and fighting dirtier” can get the job done, “I think he considers himself apart from — and possibly above” — Olivia, Abby et al. (Dem’s fighting words, right?)

Can anyone at shed a little light as to what’s going on in this Psych photo? Dule Hill posted it [on Facebook] and I’m very curious now. –EsteePsych_Season8_GusDespShawn
You bet your expecto patronum I’ve got light to shed. You see, the guys are going to “London” at some point in Season 8, so naturally Gus would find a reason to be in a Harry Potter costume, naturally Despereaux would show up (as we already scooped for you), and naturally there will be lots of action (hence the green screen behind them).

When is Arrow Season 2 coming out? –Tanya
When does Season 2 of Beauty and the Beast start? –Nichole
When will Season 3 of Once Upon a Time start? –David
Do you know when ABC’s Scandal will return ? –Stacie
Yeah, so…. The first network to cough up fall premieres dates last year didn’t announce until June 14; and in 2011, it took until June 20. So I’d say we have at least another week until I start bulindg one of these.

Of the pilots you have seen, is there anything you really seem keen on? –Brad
I’ve gotten to about six drama pilots thus far – and none of ABC’s, mind you (not that S.H.I.E.L.D. or Wonderland are available yet) – and thus far NBC’s The Blacklist (starring James Spader) and CBS’ Hostages (Toni Collette, Tate Donovan, Dylan McDermott) are topping that list. (Fox’s Sleepy Hollow was shaping up to possibly be a guilty pleasure until its final act uncorked a whole lotta brain-hurting hooey.) And out of the 10 comedies I have screened, Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine (with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher) and ABC’s Trophy Wife (starring Malin Akerman and Bradley Whitford) look strongest, while the jury’s out on how good CBS’ The Crazy Ones will be sans the “name” client (McDonald’s) and heavily used guest star (Kelly Clarkson) featured in the pilot.

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Matt’s Inside Line on NCIS, True Blood, Once, Revolution, Rookie Blue, Burn Notice and More

May 31, 2013 Leave a comment

How is Revolution fortifying its ranks for Season 2? Who might Once Upon a Time‘s pirate captain Hook up with? Is True Blood‘s Sarah in for a surprise? Is a new NCIS romance ahead? Will Rookie Blue get a blast from the past? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Revolution | The Season 1 finale has yet to air, and already NBC’s freshman hit is busy recruiting reinforcements for the battles yet to come. Season 2 casting calls have gone out for the possibly series regular role of Gene, a folsky, 60something doctor from a small Texas town, as well as the recurring characters of Cynthia (a religious single mom), Annabeth (a femme fatale who runs an entertainment “mecca” of sorts), Titus (a slightly psychotic professor) and a handsome sheriff in his 30s. As for Monday’s season-ender itself, Elizabeth Mitchell assures us, “Forces collide…. Forces most definitely collide!”

And now, reader questions answered….

Longtime reader, first-time question-asker. Would looooove some scoop on Burn Notice‘s final season! –Maia
Welcome to the jungle — and thank you for asking about the season premiere I screened earlier today (and airing June 6). Though the action picks up nine months after the events of the finale, there are flashbacks to explain exactly why Michael re-upped with the agency that burned him — even if it meant ostracizing friends, family and one fab femme. We then in short order meet Adrian Pasdar’s character, a terrorist that lands in Michael’s crosshairs, as well as catch a few glimpses of Fi’s new beau/partner in bounty hunting (played by General Hospital‘s Stephen Martines). All told, the opener is — save for one boffo boner by Ma — quite solid, washing away any bad taste left by the so-so Season 6 finale. Then, in Episode 100 (June 13), you’ll get flashbacks that are sure to top the mornin’ of many a Michael/Fi fan.

Is it just me, or do you think Hook has feelings for Emma on Once Upon a Time? Any scoop on them would be awesome! –Kelley B
You know my stance on the whole Emma thing: What guy wouldn’t? But where Hook is concerned, seeing as he’s now on a journey with two eligible bachelorettes, the Jolly Roger might transform into the Love Boat. “It’s probably about time he sort of found another love in his life,” Colin O’Donoghue shared with me at season’s end. “But if it was a toss-up between [traveling companions] Regina or Emma, I’m not sure exactly who he’d go for.” Given that Emma is currently reeling from the loss of Neal, “Maybe he’ll have fun with Regina, while he’s waiting for Emma,” the pirate’s portrayer ventures. “Who knows!”

I’m so excited that Anna Camp is returning to True Blood. Any scoop on how Sarah is going to react to Steve coming out of the closet? Or maybe she already knew he was gay all along? –Rashad
God-loving Sarah resurfaces in this season’s third episode and wastes no time tearing into her ex — but it’s his vampiric orientation she seems to have the bigger issue with.

I was wondering if Suburgatory still has a 22-episode order, seeing how it’s been pushed to mid-season. –Stefan
Because it did wind up as a midseason entry, Suburgatory was renewed for just 13 episodes, I am hearing — though with success ABC can always add to that order.

Got any NCIS scoops, particularly on McGee? –Marla
As revealed in the season finale, Tim’s got himself a new honey. And though show boss Gary Glasberg has yet to decide what “type” the mysterious Delilah is, viewers will eventually get to lay eyes on her. “I’m hoping to pick [that storyline] up and explain more — and hopefully, at some point, we’ll get to meet Delilah, as well,” Glasberg says.

Rookie Blue is back!!! And I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am!! I’m wondering if Luke is going to be a part of this season at all, or have they totally phased his character out? — Allison
Luke (played by Eric Johnson) will definitely be back for a few big episodes this season — including an intense mid-season case featuring one of the ABC drama’s past (and most dangerous) villains.

I love the dynamic between Rizzoli & Isles‘ Jane and Casey. Can you please give us some info on what’s going to happen to them? –Tracie
The June 25 season premiere has a scene (or several) to make you smile… followed by one that will furrow your brow, as it does Jane’s, when Casey reveals an itinerary that will take him out of town, and then some. “Trying to work out whatever it is [they have] — Jane’s not really ready to settle down, and he kind of is — is incredibly difficult to do while he’s back in Afghanistan,” notes Angie Harmon. As for the season a whole, the actress enthuses, “We’ve gone back a bit towards the pilot, as far as going more dramatic. The playful banter is still there, but the cases are a lot more serious — which I’m excited about.”

Are there any scoops yet on the long-lost Season 2 of Unforgettable (premiering July 28)? –Chris
Yes, and this is a fun one: A casting call has gone out for an actress who bears “a strong resemblance” to series lead Poppy Montgomery, to have dinner with me/maybe catch a movie play an elite thief. My guess: Carrie is called on to pass herself off as the burglar on the eve of a major heist.

I know this is being picky, but on Smash who won the Tony Award for best director? Did they even announce it? –Brantley
The acceptance speech played in the background of another scene, but a show rep confirmed for me that neither Tom nor Derek grabbed the trophy in that category.

I’ve seen a few promos for Major Crimes but none have shown Rusty. Is he still around? –Estee
Though the character was the target of some backlash during Season 1 — perhaps a scapegoat for TV’s trend at the time to inundate us with petulant teens — Rusty is back for Season 2. In fact, his fate looms large in the premiere, as Deputy D.A. Emma Rios (played by new series regular/My Name Is Earl alum Nadine Velazquez) vigorously preps the lad for his sure-to-be-difficult/dicey testimony in the Stroh case — and Ms. Rios’ demeanor is not improved a lick when she learns with whom her No. 1 witness has been living!

If there’s a summer or fall show you’d like the Inside Line on, email!

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Castle, Psych, NCIS: LA, Covert Affairs, Suits, Beast and More!

May 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Did NCIS‘ Ziva (gasp) “Friend” Tony? Which Castle couple is due for more lovin’? Which NCIS: LA agent will get a blast from the past? Who’s conspicuously silent in Psych‘s musical episode? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

NCIS | To Inside Liners Nisha, Joyce and others, this is for you. With many “Tiva” fans fretting that the pair’s season-ending heart-to-heart essentially landed Tony in the dreaded Friend Zone, showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains that over the course of Season 10, “We made huge strides. Their relationship has evolved, has changed. They’re a little more open with each other and a little more emotionally connected, certainly more than where we were at the beginning of the season.” With that same passionate group of ‘shippers having been vested in “The Year of Tiva” (a mantra initiated by, I believe it was, Michael Weatherly), Glasberg admits the couple’s closeness “may not be the big leap that a lot of people would like it to be, but I also feel like we’re enjoying the pace at which this is happening. That’s not to say we’re not headed in the direction  everyone would like to go, but I think we’re getting there.” As the EP explains, “It’s very complicated when two agents who are working together get into a relationship, and that’s something that [Tony and Ziva] would be very conscious of. So I think they would tread lightly, which is why, in theory, we’re treading lightly and being very careful about the steps that we take.” (As for Cote de Pablo’s contract status for Season 11, as of Wednesday night, Glasberg had no update to share: “I wish I had information for you, but I don’t.”)

Casting About | Before we dive into the reader mailbag, a few casting calls that have floated across my desk: MTV’s Awkward will close Season 3 with the introduction of Bailey, a “smart, very sarcastic and funny” freshman underdog – or, Jenna: The Next Generation? … On Necessary Roughness, the therapy-needing baseball prospect to be played by Entourage’s Jonathan Keltz is getting an increasingly concerned father…. And Californication Season 7 is casting a pair of TV stars: an African-American named “Hashtag Black,” and Amy, a pretty wit who’s heard a lot about Hank from her pal/Season 4 character Sasha Bingham.

And now…. Real questions, real answers!

I’m down on my knees here begging you for any and all info you might be in possession of on Psych! I’ll bake cookies, or send you a pineapple. Just please give me something! –Melinda
If you’ve longed to hear Arnie Becker let loose with a tune, the USA series’ musical episode — a two-parter set to unspool on one night in November or December – will not fill the bill. “I must tell you the truth, I don’t sing — and that’s probably why I only speak three words” in the much anticipated outing, Corbin Bernsen tells me. The pipes boasted by the rest of the cast, however, are “extraordinary,” Henry’s portrayer raves. “It sounds like Broadway stuff — the sort of stuff that I can’t do.”

Got any Castle or Suits scoop to help me through finals? –Christina
Suits up! At the USA Network upfront event, I asked Gabriel Macht what sets the stage for the new season’s flashback episode, which dives 10 years into the past. “The DA played by Gary Cole in the first season is brought back, so we’re going to see the origin episode of why Harvey left the DA’s office,” he shared. And what surprised him most about this latest bit of time travel? “It was interesting to find out where Harvey gets the value of not sleeping with the people he works with.” On a related note, Macht says the issue of where “Scottie” (played by Abigail Spencer) lands – New York or London – “is explained in the premiere, [airing July 16], so she’s back for that episode.”

I really hope to see more “Esplanie” on Castle next season. Anything you can tease so far? – Marine
Know who else hopes to see more Esposito/Lanie scenes? Andrew W. Marlowe, that’s who. Acknowledging that things are “complicated” between the detective and the M.E., (“I think that Lanie isn’t sure about wanting to commit “), the series’ creator says, “There is much more going on in that relationship than we have had time to show. There’s some great storytelling that we’ve talked about, but to give it the real breadth we want to, we need a bit more time. So we’re going to have some hallmarks next season on that front.” So I in turn ask fans: What hallmarks would you like to see?

What is new TV series/movie of the Jensen Ackles? –Emma
If there is a God: My Bloody Valentine 4D.

Can you tell us more about what’s coming in the second season of Beauty and the Beast? –Sakran
Presumably in addition to Catherine’s biological father, “We’ve got some new people joining us [for Season 2], which is going to amp things up,” Jay Ryan says. “Fresh blood!” As for the show’s sophomore run as a whole, Vincent’s portrayer has these expectations: “I think we’ve found our footing, as far as what the tone of the show is — and we can only grow bigger and better from there.”

Does Hart of Dixie’s Scott Porter think George and Zoe will finally be more explored in Season 3? And what would be his dream storyline for George Tucker? –Stephanie
What if I told you that his dream storyline does not involve Zoe…? Porter told me his No. 1 Season 3 wish is that “George is single, for most of the year. That we get to see him more fleshed out and go on some solo adventures as opposed to always being tethered to a relationship.” The actor noted that in Season 2, George “was single for one episode, and then had a revolving door of women coming through his life, and I want to see George outside of that.” As such, this storyline in which George shutters his law practice for a bit to indulge his musical leanings has a good ring to it. “There’s a part of George that is a little bit more wild — and he needs to start letting that side out.”

On NCIS: Los Angeles, will we ever meet Kensi’s ex-fiance Jack? –Lauren
No sooner did I utter your question to show boss Shane Brennan did he respond, “Yes.” But was that a yes as in sometime soon-ish…? “I answered you pretty quickly,” Brennan smiled, “so perhaps it’s something we are already thinking about.” As for what Jack might be like, Brennan isn’t locked into a type just yet, though he did venture: “Kensi likes Deeks, so maybe he’s a Deeks lookalike, another ‘shaggy dog’?”

Does Neal/Bae come back in Once Upon a Time Season 3, or is he really dead?? –Jessica
Judging by this bit of exclusive goodness (318 comments and counting!), he sure seems to be alive. (Unless he has another identity, that of Casper the Friendly Ghost.)

Covert Affairs is back filming and @ChrisGorham is tweeting cryptic teases. Any info on the upcoming season? –Janice
Gorham already dropped some juicy teases in Ask Ausiello, so I instead give you Kari Matchett sharing a taste of the tempestuous times ahead for the USA drama’s resident marrieds. In addition to the budding Annie/Auggie romance, she said, “There are some really interesting personal things going on [in Season 4] that inform the professional life in a bigger way for Joan and Arthur. I can say there is a very serious breaking point that comes up. I can’t tell you what the outcome is, but there is a very, very serious breaking point.” (Could Matchett’s real-life pregnancy play into this relationship drama? “Viewers will have to tune in and see,” I am told.)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Grey’s, Scandal, Smash, Five-0, Castle, Falling Skies and More

May 10, 2013 Leave a comment

What is Grey’s Anatomy‘s big finale secret about? Why is Kerry Washington worried about Scandal fans surviving the hiatus? Will Smash go out on a high note? Does Falling Skies have a killer in its midst? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Grey’s Anatomy | As we enter this final stretch — the Season 9 finale airs next Thursday — here are a few teasers and/or merely interesting anecdotes. For one, you know how Shonda Rhimes famously tweeted that she scrapped her original finale plan for one that gives us a “superstorm”? Well, she says that a bit of bad weather was always coming Seattle’s way, “But it definitely wasn’t going to play out the way that it does now.” Then there was her tweet about having to whisper something to a director during the filming of a finale scene. Rhimes tells us that the top-secret exchange involved a bit of dialogue that was kept out of the script pages, yet was coming up in the scene. (“I just walked down to the set, told the director what we were going to do, and then he did it.”) On a related note — or not — I have this vittle for TVLine reader Jessica, who’s wildly curious about what the finale has in store for Meredith, Derek and the birth of their baby. “It is probably the exact opposite of any situation that anybody would want to go into labor in,” Rhimes says, “but it’s also works exactly how we want it to.” The show boss describes the storyline as “fairly intense,” adding that Ellen Pompeo “did beautiful work.”

And now, a flurry of reader questions….

Fitz choosing Olivia has the Olitz/POPUS shippers over the moon. How long before Scandal ruins the honeymoon? –Mandy
My advice would be to savor the POPUS/Olitz goodness while you can, because big things are brewing for season’s end. As Kerry Washington shared with me, “The end of the season finale is so shocking that at the table read I almost couldn’t get it out of my mouth. You can’t imagine how you’re going to live through the hiatus.”

When Falling Skies returns on June 9, how much time has passed on screen between the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere? –@jacobsjj
I will go out on a limb and say that seven months have passed — if only because about a dozen different characters mention in the Season 3 opener that seven months have passed. (So exposition-y!) As such, Tom and Ann are thisclose to birthing their baby, which will, all things considered, present out-of-this-world complications. I can also share that the premiere has a wowza cold open in which the rebels kick some ass… until they don’t; Hal is somehow paralyzed, yet still finding ways to rendezvous with an ever-creepy Karen; and a murder mystery plays a big role in at least the first episodes.

Hi, Matt! I would love to get scoop on the Hawaii Five-0 finale — more specifically on the Kono and Adam storyline. Thank you! –Clarisse
Showrunner Peter Lenkov wants you to know, Clarisse, that come May 20, “Kono has to make the hardest decision of her life — choosing between Adam and her Five-0 family.” Your prediction?

I know it’s a little early for next season questions, but any chance we’ll see Dane Cook on Hawaii Five-0 again? –Sarah
Yes, it is a little early for next season questions.

Who is coming back next season on Criminal Minds? –Sandy
Who, indeed. Though our sister site Deadline said that holdouts such as A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Shemar Moore had until close of business this past Tuesday to accept CBS/ABC Studios’ “final” offer for Season 9, last I checked, there had been no movement,

Now that Smash‘s Karen told Jimmy that she loves him, will they be getting back together anytime soon before the series finale? And will Jimmy tell Karen that he loves her? –Kristina
Let’s just say the would-be couple has a “moment” in the finale airing Sunday, May 26. You’ll also see the entire cast singing “Under Pressure”; Karen and Ivy will reteam for a musical number; and Eileen’s bad boy squeeze Nick (played by All My Children‘s Thorsten Kaye) will resurface.

I’ll take any (and I mean ANY) scoop regarding Castle‘s season finale! Monday cannot come fast enough! –Martina
Awesome, because I have ANY scoop: Chuck alum Mekenna Melvin, we knew, guest-stars in Monday’s ep. I can now add that she’s playing Talia McTeague, a well-off Harvard student who shares a connection with the Victim of the Week.

Any news on the Man In the High Castle miniseries from Syfy? My husband is really excited about it. –Saralyn
Your spouse is in good company — the cabler got a very strong reaction to that announcement — but it’s still in the development stage at this time, I am told.

In one of your interviews with Revenge showrunner Mike Kelley, he said that he “tabled” Conrad’s son for the latter half of Season 2. Has Victoria’s abandoned son taken the place of that storyline? –Andrew
Not necessarily; last we checked in with Kelley, the Conrad’s son story had been pushed all the way to Season 3 — which, of course, Kelley won’t be overseeing any longer. So… who knows?

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email!

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Grimm, Once, Castle, Criminal Minds, The Following and More

Will an NCIS mystery soon be solved? Is Grimm about to get hungry for brains? Will a Castle “couple” reunite? Who’s doing the deed on Defiance? Will Once Upon a Time find a missing person? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

When will Season 2 of The Following start? –Elsie
If you mean, “When does Season 2 premiere?,” that’s a premature question; check back in June. But if you meant when does Season 2 pick up, Kevin Bacon predicts a modest time jump. “My discussions with [series creator] Kevin [Williamson] about next year have been in very broad strokes… but I do know that the things that I really respond to, that he’s brought up to me, are the ideas that when you see [Ryan] at the beginning of next season, he’s in a very different place in his life,” the actor shares with TVLine. “So, the idea is that we may jump ahead in time.” But will Claire be along for the ride…?

On behalf of all of us Criminal Minds fan fiction writers on Facebook, any word on who’s losing their life in the season finale? –Jekkah
Show boss Erica Messer wasn’t about to spill on the confirmed fatality, so I went with this angle: Is the Replicator’s target the same as the finale’s eventual victim? Her intriguing response: “There’s one of each — we have a target, and we also have a victim.”

What is Gibbs building in his basement on NCIS? Will we find out before the season ends? –Joyce
“Your question is perfectly timed,” showrunner Gary Glasberg answers. ” Don’t miss the season finale (airing May 14) and you’ll see what Gibbs has been slowly working on in the basement for months. It’s going to be a terrific new addition for our family.” Hmm. “Addition”? “Family”? It’s a big ol’ crib!

I saw CBS advertising “the last three episodes” of NCIS. Does this mean “ever,” or this season? They did not specify. –Sharon
I answer only because I received a stupefying amount of questions about this cruel CBS promo. Rest assured, NCIS was renewed for Season 11 some time ago. (We’re just still waiting on Cote.)

Any Suits tidbits? –Megan
Midway through the coming season, we’ll meet Harvey’s yet-to-be-cast father Gordon, in an origins flashback to when Harvey was working at District Attorney’s office and he caught his boss Cameron burying evidence on his cases. Of note during the father/son chat: They bring up two family members that have been hinted at only a little thus far, Harvey’s cheating mother and his little brother Marcus.

We’re three episodes into Defiance and Irisa doesn’t even seem to like her dad. Will this change? –@justinmwykes
Alas, save for one fleeting scene, Irisa is MIA in next week’s episode. (In fact, I hope they shot the scene during a busier day for poor Stephanie Leonidas, lest she spent hours in makeup to not say a word!) What you do get this Monday is a wonderful (and then suddenly intense) scene between Amanda and Stahma, and some sexytime for Nolan and Kenya (interrupted, amusingly, by madame mayor). There’s also a tiny mythology dump (what’s up with that golden gizmo McCawley’s ill-fated son discovered?), and you’ll learn the Bioman’s first (only?) name.

When will Malibu Country Season 2 start? –Joyous
The same day as The Following Season 2. (No, that’s just me making a cheeky callback. Reba’s ABC com needs to get renewed first.)

The penultimate episode of Grimm Season 2 is called “The Waking Dead,” a clear connection to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Are there any possibilities that there will be zombies in the two final episodes, considering Reg E. Carthy appears as Baron Samedi, probably based upon Haitian Loa of Death? –Oliver
Keen observation, Ollie. And I can confirm that there will indeed be zombies — with a twist. (Maybe they have porcelain-like skin?)

Loving all the Banshee coverage on TVLine. Got any fresh scoop on Season 2? —Noel
This one is hot off the proverbial presses: Harrison Thomas — who appeared in the final shot of Season 1 as Jason, the son of the real Lucas Hood — has closed a deal to appear in at least three Season 2 episodes.

Is there any word on a possible Chris/Gail romance in Season 4 of Rookie Blue? –@Chyler_Obsessed
The season opener (airing May 23) does feature a good Chris/Gail scene, but by all appearances thus far, it seems the show is going back to Gail and… Nick.

I’m in serious need of some Emma/Neal scoop on Once Upon a Time! Do you have anything? –Meredith
This Sunday’s episode very well may be everything you’ve ever wanted (and more), when the exes finally have a heart-to-heart. As Michael Raymond James previews, “Neal still feels some guilt” for bailing on his love 10 years ago, “but he felt he didn’t have a choice in the matter. I mean, we’re talking about her saving a townful of people that he grew up with, people from Fairytale Land. So in Neal’s mind, he jumped on a grenade in the name of the greater good.”

Are we ever gonna see Greg/Owen’s dad again on Once Upon a Time? I can’t say I’d be shocked if being locked up somewhere in Storybrooke post-curse hasn’t aged him a day. –Estee
Kurt Flynn resurfaces this Sunday. And… that’s all I got.

Any scoop on Castle? Are there any scenes coming up with Alexis or Martha, or Lanie with Kate? –Valentina
I like your thinking, that as Kate gets to wondering about her and Rick’s future, she might consult with her gal pal. So I am happy to confirm that we will get another of the all-too-rare Kate/Lanie scenes before this season is over.

Will the Castle ‘shippers that have a vested interest in the Caskett relationship be happy or angry at the end of the season finale, “Watershed”? –Gary
The Castle ‘shippers that have a vested interest in the Caskett relationship will… have a very strong reaction at the end of the season finale, “Watershed.”

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Mentalist, Good Wife, NCIS, Bones, Castle, Once, Vikings and More!

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Who on The Good Wife will stir up bad blood? How will The Mentalist surprise Lisbon? Will an NCIS mystery be quickly solved? Is New Girl about to get very naughty? What comes out of left field for Castle? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

The Good Wife | As interesting as what does happen on CBS’ acclaimed drama – in Sunday’s finale, for example, Colin Sweeney resurfaces (though far from a courtroom), while Cary makes a surprising enemy while forming his upstart firm – is what doesn’t. For example, the April 14 episode was set to revisit the Vampire Diaries fan fiction scandal that nearly upended Diane’s Supreme Court bid, but the scene didn’t make it into the episode. (In the lost sequence, Florrick campaign operative Jim Moody opened up to Diane about his own obsession with the CW soap.) “I’m kicking myself now because the episode was so long we had to cut it,” laments exec producer Robert King. “We will get it online or something. It was a [great] shout-out to Kevin Williamson.”

Elementary | All roads lead to Moriarty…? On next Thursday’s episode, titled “A Landmark Story,” exec producer Rob Doherty shares, “We start with Moran (played by Vinnie Jones) in prison [when] he comes across something on the news that would seem to suggest Moriarty is up to no good in New York City. He reaches out to Sherlock to try to convince him that Moriarty may be here and making trouble.” But while it may not be time to bust out the M-word quite yet, “Moriarty is quite present in this last batch of episodes,” Doherty promises. “He won’t make an appearance until the two-hour finale [airing May 16], but we’re really getting onto his trail in earnest in the [May 2] episode.”

Major Crimes | Adama, call your agent! TNT’s offshoot of The Closer will introduce in Season 2 Jackson Raydor aka (yep, you guessed it) Captain Sharon’s estranged, not-quite-ex husband. Jackson is described as a “charming and devilish rascal” on hiatus from his career as a lawyer to pursue his main passion: gambling. But you can bet on major awkwardness — or sparks? – when Jackson grabs a gig as a public defender, temporarily crashes at Sharon’s place and fast becomes a buddy to ward Rusty.

And now, reader questions answered, via Inside Line’s shiny new email address:

Anything new on The Mentalist‘s finale? Thanks! – Luiza
As promised, the first Q that landed in the new emailbox gets an answer. So, Luiza, you probably heard how Jane is going to narrow down the Red John suspect pool to seven people in the May 5 finale. Well, wait until you see Lisbon’s reaction when he gives her the first name!

Welcome to your new email address! I’m still reeling from the NCIS cliffhanger. What else can you tell us about the upcoming episodes? –Cheryl
And congrats to you, Cheryl, for being the one of 100-plus NCIS emails I chose. This much I can share: Next Tuesday’s episode picks up right where we left off, with Tony and Ziva in the crashed car; no time-jump into a hustling-bustling hospital ER room here. Also, viewers won’t have to wait long to find out who it was that Michael Vaughn’d their vehicle.

Tell us Castle and Beckett are not breaking up in the finale! OK, I know you can’t answer that, but give us something to make us feel better? –Rida
Hmm. Would it make you feel better to have insight into how Andrew W. Marlowe decided wherever it is that Kate and Rick end up at 10:55 pm on May 13? When first planning a finale, the series creator explains, “You have a great map, but it’s like driving through fog a little bit – the closer you get, the clearer it gets. So about seven or eight episodes out, I knew ballpark where I wanted to land.” And versus yet another capper tied to Beckett’s mother’s murder, “I wanted a quieter, more emotional finale, without the fireworks,” he says. “In this one, something comes out of left field that both characters have to wrestle with, something that would be a challenge to any relationship.”

You pick the show, I will take scoop on any! New Girl, Smash or Scandal. –Jackie
Eenie, meenie, miney… Schmidt! Next Tuesday’s New Girl, which reveals how the characters lost their virginity, is filled with expectedly hilarious awkwardness (and braces for Nick!). At the risk of sounding like SNL‘s Stefon, you have prostitutes, a kids’ castle, a dead hobo, tears and a whole lotta lube involved. While Jess’ prom night with Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O’Brien doesn’t go exactly as planned, Cece loses her V-card in a very model way and Nick plays an (unwilling!) role in Schmidt’s first time. And yes, that big Nick/Jess moment that Jake Johnson teased is indeed huge.

So happy to hear Autumn Reeser will be back in the Hawaii Five-0 season finale! Any scoop on what’s going on with her and Danny? –Sarah
While we scoop-hunters may be in the loop, rest assured that for Danny, after being apart most of the season, Dr. Asano’s return is most unexpected.

Greetings from Spain. Got any scoop on Once Upon a Time? –Mundo Magico
Mais oui! (I failed French class.) In an upcoming TVLine Q&A, Lana Parrilla has plenty of wonderful things to say (and tease) about the final three episodes, including how the May 12 finale features “a very sobering moment, where the audience will be very surprised to see some characters have to come together, to work together, to save one another.”

How will Royal Pains handle Hank’s medical situation when the show returns in June? Last we saw, he had suffered a stroke-like emergency from the explosion at Shadow Pond. Will the show pick up with his recovery? –Laura
I have four words that may point you in the right direction: Five. Month. Time. Jump.

From what Bones‘ Emily Deschanel and executive producer Stephen Nathan said over the past week, it seem that Sweets is going to be impacted in a major way by Monday’s season finale. Care to elaborate? –Ed
It’s hard to say more without spoiling the season ender, but yes, Sweets plays a pivotal role in this episode — in that the buttons Pelant is pushing this time around belong to him.

The Nikita writers wouldn’t do anything as obvious as killing off Michael in a finale titled “Til Death Do Us Part…” would they? –Lora
“We have some pretty big deaths coming up,” EP Craig Silverstein spilled in out May Sweeps/Finales Scoopapalooza. And the finale itself, he added, uncorks “one of the most WTF shocks” of the season.

Can you please get info on Vikings? –Lyn
Oh, I’ve got tons, and it’s all coming your way soon. But until then, I shall taunt you with this context-free quote from series creator Michael Hirst, that despite what happens in Sunday’s finale, “I’m very happy to reassure audiences that Lagertha will continue to be a very, very important and major character in the show, for a very long time.” All together now :-O

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, NCIS, Arrow, Smash, CSI, Mentalist, Defiance, Once and More!

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Who on Bones has a bad bug? What truth is Arrow‘s Tommy going to share? What is NCIS agent Ziva’s tie to the new Mossad boss? Will a secret Smash relationship be outed? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Bones | “The stakes are incredibly high” in this Monday’s episode, Emily Deschanel shared with TVLine this week, when a viral outbreak jolts the Jeffersonian. “One of our own” — Arastoo — “is affected and faces possible death,” the actress previews. “And since Cam, who we are so close to, loves him and is facing losing him, it’s incredibly terrible to think about.” As Brennan and her team race to crack the case at hand (as a means to developing an antidote that will squash the bug), Booth struggles with being shut out of the process. “We kind of go into lockdown mode, so even though he is very concerned and is threatening to show up, he’s not going to be let in.” Instead, the G-man does anything he can “from outside the Jeffersonian,” Deschanel says, “because we won’t be able to solve the case without him.”

Smash | With only six episodes left in Season 2, expect to see a number of story arcs crescendo toward their inevitable conclusions. Bombshell, for starters, has its official Broadway bow in this Saturday’s episode (now airing at 8/7c), and showrunner Josh Safran says that the musical’s “critical fate will be revealed” by the end of the hour. Meanwhile, you can expect to see more of Jimmy’s erstwhile drug dealer Adam skulking around the Hit List stage door — but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect. “The relationship between Jimmy and Adam is more complicated than has been revealed,” adds Safran, who teases that the connection between these characters will be clarified in this weekend’s ep. Oh, and if Jaime Cepero’s one-time-only, “gah!”-worthy cameo as the nefarious (and naked!) Ellis wasn’t enough Season 1 nostalgia for you, the executive producer promises that another former cast member will show his or her face in Episode 12.

Arrow | An Angel (alum) will descend upon Starling City next week, Home Invasionin the form of J. August Richards playing a hit man dubbed Mr. Blank. Per showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, “He’s a very cool new villain to add to our rogues gallery” — and one that almost was lifted from DC lore. “Originally, we were going to try to do Onomatopoeia, a villain from Kevin Smith’s run [of New Earth comics], but Kevin apparently said in an interview that there was no way to bring that character to television and film — and after a while we agreed with him!” (Ono’s shtick was the ability to mimic sounds.) Instead, with Mr. Blank, Arrow gets a tantalizingly “innocuous assassin, somebody who has strength and power but is just sort of there in the background. That’s how we came up with the name, because he’s not really anything or anyone.”

And now, even more Arrow scoop, plus many other reader questions answered….

Do you have any scoop on Arrow and the remaining episodes this season? What will happen between Laurel and Tommy? –Karen
Did you hear that in the May 1 episode, “Tommy stuns Laurel with a truth”? Because I did, so I promptly invited EP Andrew Kreisberg to elaborate. “People should be wondering what that truth is…,” he answered, before adding: “Not every truth is about the plot; sometimes these truths are emotional, and they can be just as powerful as the mechanics of what’s happening in the episode.”

Anything you can tease about Defiance‘s Nolan and Amanda? Their scenes during the pilot were so cute and hilarious. –Angel
Agreed, there’s a bit of a Han-and-Leia vibe there. In Episode 2, though Amanda is still recuperating from injuries suffered during the Volge battle (“Battle of the Volge”?), she joins Nolan on a trip to the bowels of what used to be St. Louis. Alas, by episode’s end, a bold if well-meaning act by Nolan’s wild-child ward Irisa will force madam mayor to make a call that agitates not just Datak Tarr but perhaps the entire Castithan race.

Matt, please, you’re our last hope. We’re dying to know a spoiler for this year’s season finale of The Mentalist. –Danny
I recently spoke to exec producer Daniel Cerone, who penned the April 28 episode that reveals the contents of LaRoche’s Tupperware (!), and while he had no direct hand in the May 5 season finale, I coaxed this tidbit out of him: “Put it this way: By the end of the season and into next season, the hunt for Red John becomes real. And names will be named.”

On CSI, Morgan has a thing for Hodges, yet he’s marrying Elisabetta — but Greg has a thing for Morgan. What is going to come out of that storyline? –Danny
I ran your query by executive producer Don McGill, and he had this response: “We’re excited at the interest sparked by the heat between Hodges and Elisabetta. Fans can expect more intrigue between our unlikely couple when a surprise visitor from Italy and a surprising revelation about Elisabetta’s past surface at a day spa where Elisabetta finds herself a witness in a murder investigation.”

Where is Dracula on NBC’s summer schedule? –Bender
Rest assured, production is underway on the Jonathan Rhys Meyers-fronted series — Episode 2 is filming as we speak, I hear – but any details on where/when it will “stake” a claim on NBC’s schedule won’t be revealed until the network’s May 13 Upfront presentation.

Please tell me the names of the guest stars on the April 17 show on NCSI. –Suzan
If by “the April 17 show on NCSI” you mean “the April 30 episode of NCIS,” which has yet to release a guest cast list, I can confirm that that hour marks Oded Fehr’s first episode back as the elusive Ilan Bodnar.

Is it too late to ask for more NCIS scoop? That promo for next week’s episode has me very excited to see the finale arc kick off. –Cheryl
Ever since I broke the news of Marina Sirtis’ casting as new Mossad director Orli Elbaz, several have wondered if Eli David’s successor is familiar with his feisty daughter. “There is a lot of history between Ziva and Orli,” show boss Gary Glasberg confirms. “We discover something at the end of the [April 23] episode, a nice little twist and a surprise that absolutely will inform us moving forward about the two characters. There is more to [their relationship] than meets the eye.”

More scoop on Once Upon a Time! Thank you! –Laurel
No, thank you for this generic request that allows me to plop in whatever nuggets I wish. “We said at the beginning of this season, ‘Magic is coming and it always has a price’ — and we’re going to see that at the end of this season,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis told me. Leading up to that in these final four episodes, “We’re going to see a new chapter in the Rumple/Belle story that we’ve never seen… we’re going to see an Evil Queen and Snow White story that we’re excited about… and we’re going to get some backstory on Baelfire and Captain Hook. You’re going to see all the core characters front and center.” And just to be crystal clear about Tamara/what I shared in last week’s Spoiler Alert! webisode, here are Eddy’s actual comments on the matter: “She is a person from this world. She is from America. She is not going to be revealed to be someone else,” he attested. “For us what was interesting was, with the curse gone, what happens when the outside world comes? Who has been looking for this place?”

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds, Scandal, W13 and More

April 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Is an NCIS agent out for blood? When will Scandal roll out the voting booths? Will Criminal Minds‘ Reid ever catch a break? What’s up with Once Upon a Time‘s new “prince”? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

NCIS | Now that we have a new, “out of this world” Mossad director in place — and given that the synopsis for the April 9 episode says, “Tony suspects that Ziva is planning a risky move to avenge her father’s death” — it looks like TV’s most watched drama is poised to pick up the thread of Eli David’s murder and his badass daughter’s calculated (proportional?) response. “I hope everyone’s ready, because the sprint to the end of season starts now,” showrunner Gary Glasberg affirms. “Ziva is about to uncover a clue trail that will lead straight to her father’s killer, put the integrity of the team at risk and bring her closer to Tony in ways we never saw coming.” Thus raising the burning question: Does the same clue trail lead to Cote de Pablo re-upping with NCIS, for Season 11…?

Scandal | If, especially ever since the 10-month time jump, you’ve wondered when ABC’s ultra-buzzy drama will need to uncork a re-election storyline (Defiance, we’re watching you!), I secured a firm answer from series creator Shonda Rhimes: “[Re-election] is pretty much whenever we need it to be.” (I have a funny definition of firm, yes.) Rhimes went on to more specifically say, “Technically, it’s probably another year away, based on the math of our show. But whenever we decide it needs to happen, it’ll happen.” What are your  predictions, Gladiators? February sweeps 2014? Leading to a Season 3 cliffie?

And now, some excellent reader Qs, with excellenter As:

Is Spencer Reid ever going to catch a break on Criminal Minds? There has got to be some happiness for him out there somewhere! –Diana
I hereby present a sliver of hope, courtesy of Shemar Moore, who fancies Morgan as Reid’s “big brother.” Currently still reeling from girlfriend Maeve’s cold-blooded murder, “Reid finds closure, but it’s tough,” Moore told me. “Hopefully, all of us in life have had that one love that got away but you still hold true, and you learn so much from and you become better because of it. So, yes, Reid’s cracked a bit, but he will not break. It’s a process, but you’ll have happy, goofy Einstein pretty boy Reid back in the saddle before the end of the season.”

Do you have any scoop on The Americans? I love that show! –Elena
If you are worried that FX’s drama, like its high-caliber cable brethren, is going to end its freshman run on May 1 with a humdinger of a bombshell that leaves you screaming at the TV and cursing every day until Season 2 arrives (in January 2014), don’t be. “I don’t think this is a show about cliffhangers or urgent plot devices,” EP Joel Fields tells us. “So where we look toward the end of the season is teasing where we may go with the characters and the relationships. But it’s not about some crazy plot twist or cliffhanger.”

I about died when I saw the beautiful Tom Ellis (The Fades, Merlin) in the Once Upon a Time promo. Do you have any scoop on his Robin Hood character? –Sandi
While Adam Horowitz says that Ellis is “amazing” in the role and Eddy Kitsis teases that he figures into “a very fun scene with Rumple,” the series’ creators stress that the Rumple/Belle-centric episode (airing April 21) will not also deep-dive into the Prince of Thieves’ backstory. “It’s done in the spirit of what we did a lot in Season 1 — bringing in a character and mashing him up with our story without having to do ‘the Robin Hood story,’” says Kitsis. “But now there is a character in our universe who, should the time arise, we would love to delve into further.”

We were given a hint about a connection between Once Upon a Time’s Neal and Hook in Neverland. Do you have any scoop about what their history might be? – Stef
I kinda sorta do, and I share it in the next episode of Spoiler Alert! But until that goes live, I can share that allll the dots will be connected in this season’s penultimate episode, “Second Star to the Right.”

I know I’m one of the few people who care, but any idea when 666 Park Avenue comes back this summer? –Erin
Lucky for you, I have a source who is one of the other few people who care, and the unconfirmed, unofficial buzz is that the remaining episodes will see the light of day starting in June, and likely on Saturday nights.

I have been waiting for Warehouse 13 to air the back half of season 4. Any scoop on what’s going to happen? –BrendanWarehouse 13 - Season 4
I’m going to be honest: Not a fan of the midseason finale. It was clunky, and the cliffhanger was only slightly better than what turned out to be the Alphas finale. (Which isn’t saying much.) That said… the resolution to all that Artie/Chinese Orchid hullabaloo plays out satisfyingly when the Syfy series returns April 29. Among the teasers I can slide your way: Leena resurfaces in an interesting way (as do the likes of Dr. Calder and James Macpherson); you’ll see the warehouse like you have never seen it before; Saul Rubinek turns in a heartbreaking performance; Caprica’s Polly Walker makes quite an impression; and James Marsters is pretty damn terrific in the guest-starring role of an expert on somethingoranother, playing “drunk” in the first stretch of scenes and taking part in a Buffy shout-out that will have you rolling.

I have never asked for spoilers but I am asking in my nicest, chattering-teeth way to sink your teeth into BBC America’s Orphan Black and give your readers some info. –Jen
Wowza, that was quite the request. How about an answer to the age-old question: Will Sarah start to develop real feelings for her clone Beth’s boyfriend? “Initially, Sarah doesn’t have any sense that she’s going to stick around long in this life, so there are no ties being made to anybody in Beth’s life,” says series star Tatiana Maslany. ”But the more she steps into this life, the less she’s able to get out without causing trouble. So she does start to become very linked to all the people in Beth’s life.” OK, but: Paul included? “An interesting dynamic between Paul and Sarah starts to develop,” the actress hints. ”Things definitely get more complicated.”

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email and maybe it’ll get love the next time around! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Scandal, Red Widow, Once, Grey’s, POI, Beauty and the Beast and More

March 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Will a Scandal secret-keeper be “exposed”? Can Red Widow solve a coke problem? What twists does Beauty and the Beast have on tap? Has Person of Interest‘s Finch met his distaff match? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

You’ve got Qs, and I’ve (usually) got As! On with the show….

My crystal ball – or one of Kerry Washington’s tweets – told me there is at least a steamy Jake/Olivia sex scene in Scandal’s future. In which episode will that scene be featured, and will it involve shirtless Scott Foley? – Patrick
I cannot seem to track down this alleged/supposed/rumored KW tweet, but I nonetheless will assure you this: A well-placed source confirms that “a very hot shirtless Scott Foley scene” is a-coming. (Brace yourself, Felicity!) The precise when and why, though, I must leave you to ponder.

Any spoilers for NCIS: LA? Pleeeeze!!!! –lgnyc1
If only because you went with the non-traditional “z” spelling of “please,” I give you show boss Shane Brennan talking up the season finale (airing May 14). “It is incredibly powerful, and I can tell you it involves Sam and his wife and the story arc that we’ve been playing so far over the season,” he shares. “It’s a fantastic finale. We’re coming home very strong, we feel.”

Please give us some Beauty and the Beast scoop! Thanks! — Lindsey
What if I told you that secrets about Cat’s family will start to unravel… and they might not be about whom you think? (That’s just me being coy: They will not be about whom you think.) Watch for those twists to trickle out soon and continue to do until the very last second of the season.

I’m hooked on Red Widow! Any spoilers? The show keeps getting better I can’t wait for the next episode. –nkristel
I have, alas, no spoilers. Unless you count an exclusive clip from this Sunday’s episode a “spoiler.” If so, then yes, I have “spoilers”:

How about some Person of Interest scoop? Like, will there be any more Zoe this season? – Shawn
There is still no news on the Zoe front, with Paige Turco busy off shooting her CW pilot. Instead, I can A) remind that Sarah Shahi is due back as the similarly kick-ass Shaw on April 4, and 2) reveal that the just-renewed CBS drama will introduce in its Season 2 finale (airing May 9) the recurring character of Mrs. Penn, a powerful, intelligent and wry 50something femme who never flinches in the face of danger.

If Once Upon a Time‘s Tamara basically has been lying to Neal about everything, then she also possibly lied about Hook. Any scoop on him? –@onceuponamirror
Your hypothesis would seem to be sound, about lying liars and the lies they tell and all. As for scoop on Hook himself, I can promise you’ll never guess where he next turns up. BONUS SCOOPLET: This just in from Deadline: Brit Michael Socha (aka Tom from the UK’s Being Human) has been cast as The Knave in the Wonderland-centric Once spin-off.

How can I sign up to be on the show Stranded? –Mark
Rest assured you are one of many readers who have asked/are asking about going on a ghost hunt. Alas, I am told that production on Season 1 of the Syfy freshman is already wrapped, so… cross fingers and hope it scares up a renewal?

Do you have any info if April will be taking her boards again on Grey’s Anatomy? – Babar
As a matter of fact, I brought your inquiry to Sarah Drew herself. “She brings it up again in [an upcoming episode], but she still has not taken them,” the actress answered. “I don’t know if that’s going to happen before the end of the season, or if it’s not happening until next season.” Asked to account for the hold-up, Drew ventured, “I think she’s just been pretty preoccupied, and hasn’t had a chance to do the studying and prep in the way she needs to.” Oh, sure, blame it on the hunky guy named Matt. Typical.

[Tonight] is the two-part season finale of Raising Hope, and those two episodes are the 21st and 22nd ones of the season. I’ve read on other sites (like The Futon Critic) that the show has a 24-episode order, so what’s the deal? –Nicolas
The “deal” is that those “missing” two episodes were in fact shot but are being banked to air as part of the already-ordered Season 4.

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Supernatural, Once, Smash, Grimm, Grey’s, NCIS: LA and More

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What tribulations (if not Trials) await Supernatural‘s Dean? What’s the story behind Smash‘s controversial coupling? What’s the status of Grimm‘s big, bad mother? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Smash | We lead off this week with the answer to a musical mystery — namely, why is Karen Cartwright giving moody newbie Jimmy the time of day? “I know that some people have said that they find Jimmy sort of unlikable,” showrunner Josh Safran acknowledges. “Our goal was to create a complicated character that pushes everybody away that he cares about, and acts out, and is a little bit of sort of loud and reactionary. The journey for him this season is coming to grips with who he is and trying to let people in, much like Billy Bigelow [in the musical Carousel] — and hopefully people who stayed with the show will see Jimmy learn his lessons and crack open.” As for the way the wannabe Hit-maker treats Ms. Cartwright, Safran notes, “I don’t think it’s specific to Karen” but simply the way he is with everyone. “Right now, she’s sticking around because she finds him incredibly talented, and she’s drawn to him.” That said, “She knows he’s very clearly not a healthy individual, and that comes in to sharp focus very soon.”

Grey’s Anatomy | Just a quick casting nugget: If you are an All My Children fan of any duration, KYLE SILVERSTEIN, KEVIN MCKIDD dahling, know that grande dame Jennifer Bassey (aka Marion Colby Chandler) is set to guest-star in two episodes (starting with No. 21) as the grandmother of a little boy whose parents are both critically injured in an accident. (Owen takes said lad “under his wing” during the difficult time, at least until Grams arrives. Hmm….)

And now, diving into the reader mailbag….

Will we ever get a glimpse of Deeks’ childhood on NCIS: LA? Or of his mother? –Laura
“Yes,” show boss Shane Brennan answers, “but not this season. Next season we’re going to learn more about Deeks, including some insights into his past, his relationship with Kensi and his future with NCIS.”

Any news on what Supernatural‘s Dean will be doing while Sam is dealing with the Trials? –Sue
I turned your query over to exec producer Jeremy Carver, and his response was: “I can’t say much about the Trials, but when it comes to what might be in store for Dean, I have one word: Tron.” (Could that be, as I suspect, a reference to a certain casting notice that circulated last month?)

Do you have any news on when Nick’s mother (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) will show back up on Grimm? –Amanda
I do not — and apparently I am in the best of company in that respect. “Truth be told, we have absolutely no idea,” the NBC drama’s producers say in a statement to Inside Line. “Hopefully next season!!”

There’s conflicting information out there about whether or not the whole cast of The Vampire Diaries has been filming scenes in New Orleans for the back-door pilot episode, or if it’s just the Originals cast. Can you confirm which one is true? – Audrey
I am assured that TVD regulars definitely appear in the planted pilot, but the exact and complete RSVP list is a well-guarded secret – including who appears in New Orleans, in Mystic Falls or in both settings.

I’m waiting for Alfred Molina’s character to get called to the podium on Monday Mornings. Who would be able to do that, though? –TP
Will the officious Dr. Hooten ever himself be the target of an M&M grilling? Jennifer Finnigan aka Dr. Tina Ridgeway notes that in exec producer Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book, that twist does take place, “But in Season 1 [of the TNT show], no.” As for who would put the screws to Hooten in such a sitch, Finngan says that in the novel, “[Dr. Sydney Napur] is actually vying to replace him when he retires. So who knows if that’ll be a twist for Season 2?” Short of Hooten being summoned to his own 311, Finnigan reveals, “In the season finale (airing April 8), he is challenged. The doctors stand up to him and really question him.”

Now that Mr. Gold is alive and well on Once Upon a Time, what will happen to the relationship between him and Neal? –Margena
“Gold, he’s such a flawed character, so he’s trying to do the right thing but he doesn’t really know how,” says Robert Carlyle. Meaning, above and beyond that wacky offer to turn Neal into a teenager again, “He doesn’t know how to take that further, so it’s going to take a while to get any kind of resolution on that. But in Episode 21 or 22, something happens which changes [their relationship] forever.” For the better…? “Maybe,” Carlyle teases.

Once Upon a Time fans were given a hint about a connection between Neal and Hook in Neverland. Do you have any scoop about what their history might be? –Stef
For now, I’ll just say that one particular rumor making rounds as of late absolutely will not pan out.

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Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, NCIS: Red, Once, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Scandal and More

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What is up with the back end of NCIS Season 10? Is big news brewing on Castle? What brand of evil is Once Upon a Time‘s Regina now serving? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

NCIS | On the short-term spoiler front, I’ve got Pauley Perrette teasing a bit of high drama on March 19, when the NCIS team swings into action to… help Vance hire a nanny for his kids. “But Vance is such an independent person that all the help from the crew is not making him happy,” the actress says of the Michael Weatherly-directed episode. “He’s kind of like, ‘I love you, but leave me alone!’” Now, looking in the general direction of the Season 10 finale, show boss Gary Glasberg has been telling his cast, “‘The last half of this season is going to be unlike any season’ — and I’m not sure what that means, to be honest,” Brian Dietzen reports. “All of us are on pins and needles, like, ‘What are we going to do? What does that really mean?’ But he’s not giving anything away!”

Once Upon a Time | As previously previewed, Regina is most definitely out for blood, having realized that Mary Margaret orchestrated Cora’s death. But how exactly will the Evil Queen go about exacting her revenge? “I honestly can’t say — it’ll just give away too much,” Lana Parrilla (sorta) tells us. “But I think she’s going to ‘rely a little bit on the universe’ and let things unfold as they’re meant to be.” Said differently: “She’s going to stalk her for a little bit, and then try to take her down.” (Psst, more Once scoop below.)

Castle | First, there was the Valentine’s Day jewelry jumble. Then, during Alexis’ kidnapping, Gates urged Kate to do whatever is necessary to help Rick. Was the latter a sign that the captain is wise to the workplace romance? “Do you know what that [line] came after? Seeing or not seeing them hug,” Penny Johnson Jerald reminds. “In fact, I remember the director saying, ‘I want you to turn around,’ and I go, ‘I don’t think I ever look at [Beckett]. ‘Cause I always think it’s about [Castle].’ So that was a good call.” Jerald can’t say if Gates in fact is onto the lovebirds, but in her mind, “It’s not whether she knows or not; it’s how she’s going to handle to truth.” BONUS SCOOP: Seamus Dever tells us that by Episode 18 (airing March 25 and revolving around Ryan’s past), we’ll know if his detective is gonna be a dad.

The Big Bang Theory | Speaking with EP Steve Molaro at the CBS hitcom’s PaleyFest 2013 event, we asked if the matter of Penny proposing to Leonard will be revisited this season. “We addressed that pretty well and won’t be hitting it any time soon,” he answered. “But when that springs back around, we know whose court the ball is in.” As for the show’s newest coupling, Simon Helberg shared that as Howard’s bestie Raj dates Lucy, “He discovers some stuff on the Internet about her.” (Insert :-O emoticon.) As Raj processes this finding, “Howard tries to help give him some tips,” Helberg says, “which is always a double-edged sword!”

Beauty and the Beast | As the show returns from its midseason break, Nicole Gale Anderson says the death of Heather’s beau Darius presents “a huge shift for the show. They start a whole hunt for the beast, to vindicate that death, and [Darius' brother] Joe takes this huge turn…. It changes all the relationships at [the precinct].” Vincent meanwhile will hunt down the thugs who set in motion Darius’ killing, “Not only to clear his name but because he knows what it’s like to lose brothers,” Anderson explains. “He definitely is dealing with a lot of guilt and this whole complex of ‘Am I still human or am I turning, slowly, into this monster that I am?’” Lastly, tonight’s arrival of Sendhil Ramamurthy as a vigilante-hunting ADA presents “a huge twist,” the actress teases. “Just when you think something is going to go a certain way, he comes in and changes everything.”

And now, we finish with a few reader questions….

On Once Upon a Time, does Neil’s fiancée possibly have a fairytale background? –Tedi
Ooh, I like this question. Let me say this: Soon enough, you won’t be wondering who Tamara might be so much as wondering what the [bleep] her agenda is.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming NCIS: LA spin-off? –Ali
Though Daniela Ruah doesn’t share many scenes with the “Red” team, she did share this observation with us: “There’s a lot of tension going on between Callen and the female lead” aka Agent Paris, played by Kim Raver. They’re just throwing more wood in a fire.” (Reminder: The two-part planted pilot kicks off March 19.)

Can you feed my Scandal addiction and give me some spoilers? — Nicole
Given your name, howzabout I drop this bit on you, regarding Fringe alum Jasika Nicole’s mysterious guest-starring role: Her character has a deep connection to an existing character.

Pretty Little Liars! I’ll take anything, except if anyone is dying. I hate it when someone dies. –Elke
Though I cannot vouch if any of the following pertains to death, you’re getting it nonetheless. Exec producer Oliver Goldstick gave us this three-word tease for Tuesday’s season finale: “Haunting. Mind-blowing. Smoldering.”

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email and maybe it’ll get love the next time around! (With reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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