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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on New Girl, Walking Dead, Glee, Big Bang, Nashville, PLL and More!

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Question: I love the chemistry between Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira on The Walking Dead, but I do not want to see Rick and Michonne get romantically involved. That would be a jump-the-shark moment for sure. Please tell me the show isn’t going there. —Jeremy
Ausiello: Series creator Robert Kirkman says he “wouldn’t necessarily rule a romance out,” but he reminds us that Rick’s “wife did just die in a horrible way, so I don’t think any kind of romance is really on his radar just yet.” Kirkman does, however, concede that the two are growing closer. “They are definitely forming a friendship,” he acknowledges. “They have a very large mutual respect for each other because of their capabilities and their ability to trust one another, and I think that’s a lot of what was growing in the [Season 3] episode where they both went off on a run together.”

Question: Begging you for any scraps of New Girl spoilers. Fat Schmidt, Nick and Jess, a possible Winston/Cece arc — I will take anything! —Sarah
Ausiello: Schmidt will find himself somewhat mojo-challenged in Season 3. “He’s going to slide a little bit and not be so on top of his game,” reveals exec producer Dave Finkel. Adds fellow EP Brett Baer: “He’s definitely on a journey to figure himself out this season. He’s going to be forced to confront himself, and get in touch with the little guy inside of him.” To that end, viewers will likely meet “some of his family members in the second half of the season,” Baer confirms. “You’ll get a vision of what his childhood and homelife were like growing up, the way we did with Nick last year.”

lucy and rajQuestion: Does The Big Bang Theory have any plans to bring back Lucy? I really liked her with Raj and was surprised the show split them up in the finale. —Missi
Ausiello: Exec producer Steve Molaro says “the door was intentionally left wide open” for Kate Micucci to return as Raj’s ex, noting, “Raj said at the end of Season 6, ‘I pushed it too hard. I need to give her some space.’ And he’s still heartbroken about Lucy and sort of picking up the pieces and trying to move forward… But I love those characters together.”

Question: I am dying to know if Nashville is losing either Rayna or Deacon due to the crash! Please, can we at least have a tidbit of a hint? —Anna
Ausiello:  From what executive producer Dee Johnson tells TVLine, it sounds like the crash puts a very definite end to Deacon’s season-finale bender. “God, if this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what would,” she says. “That doesn’t mean he comes out of it singing about sunshine and lollipops, but he definitely feels for what happened and takes responsibility for what happened.”

Question: With the premiere less than two weeks away, what else can you tease on the Bones front? —Rachel
Ausiello: As with the Castle premiere, you’ll be hanging on the next words when Brennan says to her almost-fiancé, “I have to tell you something…”

bones season 9Question: Thanks for that Bones preview! Do you have any more teases on Booth and Brennan? —Rachel
Ausiello: Booth’s priest-turned-barkeep pal (played by Mather Zickel) will serve as “somewhat of a touchstone this season for secrets,” offers exec producer Stephen Nathan, who reveals that both Booth and Brennan will seek his counsel as they attempt to resolve their seemingly insurmountable relationship issues. “He’s a neutral party that Booth can go to and talk freely,” notes the EP. “And when Brennan finds out about him, she feels she can talk freely with him as well.” Holy epiphany, Batman: This dude’s so going to end up officiating the B&B nups later this season! You know I’m right! What do I win if I’m right?!

Question: How long into Grimm‘s new season will it take for the crew to settle the zombie problem and save Nick? —Ole
Ausiello: You remember how Rosalee said she could only cure the zombie problem when the afflicted person was in the rage stage, right? Well, Nick gets there quickly – within the first two episodes of Season 3, creators David Greenwalt and James Kouf say. On a scale where “kitten” is 1 and “Bengal tiger” is 10, “He’s about an 11,” Kouf adds – and it leaves a mark. By the time the credits roll on the season’s second hour, Monroe and everyone will have Nick back – “but there’s kind of residual damage,” the EP says.

Question: Any new details on Glee‘s Finn tribute? Maybe something about song selection? —Jen
Ausiello: Although I don’t have any confirmation of this, rumor has it an iconic track from Glee‘s Season 1 setlist will be revived for the Oct. 10 farewell. Additionally, I hear Santana is featured somewhat prominently in the special episode, the script of which is garnering rave reviews.

Question: OK, I’ll bite: What happens at the start of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 3 that’s so shocking it made your hair stand on end? —Julie
Ausiello: All I’ll say is it involves Donal Logue’s vengeance-seeking lawman. (And for the record, the SOA twist didn’t do that to my hair. The six-hour Labor Day nap I took did.)

the mindy project season 2Question: Hey! Will we be seeing Anna Camp on The Mindy Project at all this season? – Billie
Ausiello: Hey! It’s not looking great for any of Mindy’s girls this season, mostly because rom-coms rely a lot heavier on the “rom” than the “com.” (After all, it’s called When Harry Met Sally, not When Sally and Marie Hang Out and Marie Has That Funny Scene With the Folded-Down Index Cards.) “There are not a lot of plans to see Mindy’s girlfriends,” says EP Jack Burditt. “But I also think we may touch upon the fact that she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her girlfriends, either.”

Question: Any Mindy Project scoop? What kind of time jump are we looking at since the last season? Thanks! -—Mary Kate
Ausiello: Not a huge one – but enough time for [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] to have moved to the [spoiler]s.

Question: I recently became addicted to 2 Broke Girls. Any scoop on Season 3, particularly involving Nick Zano and/or Ryan Hansen returning to woo my favorite broke girls again? –Nikki
When we asked co-creator Michael Patrick King that very question, he said both of the broke girls’ former guys were likely gone for good – or, at least, for the foreseeable future. “My whole thing is, [men] come in and they go,” he said. “At 25, they’re in, they’re out. They’re a memory. You maybe see them. Maybe you don’t.” As for the hot new pastry chef who’ll show up this season, King notes, “At this point, we’re hoping for a different guy who can bring out different things in Max than Johnny did.”

Question: Camp is my favorite summer show! Any news on if it will be back next summer? —Kristen
Ausiello: I’m afraid I have bad news for you, Kristen. According to my spies at A.C. Nielsen, you are the only person still watching the show. So… no. It won’t be back next summer.

Question: I will happily take a Middle scoop off your hands, Aus. —Jordan.
Ausiello: ABC’s stealth hit will celebrate its 100th episode this fall with — what else — a parade, celebrating the Orsontennial and featuring no less than the fourth-best John Cougar Mellencamp impersonator in all of Indiana.

caryQuestion: Can you give me some scoop about The Good Wife? —Ilone
Ausiello: I can. And I will. The law offices of Florrick, Agos and Assoc. will share little in common with Lockhart Garner’s tony digs. “We want to suggest more of a start-up quality to it,” exec producer Robert King says of Alicia and Cary’s fledgeling firm. “Lockhart Gardner has a very polished look. [Florrick, Agos and Assoc] may not be up to the financial standards of Lockhart Gardner’s architecture.”

Question: Is it too early to ask for Pretty Little Liars Season 4B scoop? —Cora
Ausiello: “We will pay off” that top-secret meeting between Mona and Shana in Liars‘ summer finale, executive producer Oliver Goldstick assures. “I’ve always said, Mona is a viscous little dumpling and no one should forget who she was in Seasons 1 and 2 — even if she has ‘redeemed’ herself or ‘absolved’ herself of some of those horrible deeds. She was still capable of them, and that’s important to remember.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kim Roots and Meg Masters)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang Theory, SOA, NCIS, Revenge, Once, Grimm, Bones and More!

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Ask AusielloQuestion: I read that Penny and Sheldon will bond during Leonard’s absence on The Big Bang Theory – do you have any more details on this? —Emily
Ausiello: I can confirm that there will be some hugging (see photo). I can also confirm that there will be an exchange of classified information. “They [share] a couple of intimate secrets about each other,” exec producer Steven Molaro teases of the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 opener.They have some really sweet scenes together.”

Question: What’s up with Sons of Anarchy? —Robert
Ausiello: Jax won’t be making any conjugal visits to his jailhouse bride when Sons of Anarchy kicks off its sixth season on Sept. 10. In fact, he won’t be visiting Tara, period (although it won’t be for lack of trying on his part). When the unhappy couple do eventually come face-to-face, expect “a deep sense of sadness on both their parts,” shares series creator Kurt Suttter, who describes the reunion as “loving but very sad.” As the SOA boss notes, “They’ve been through so much already, and how many more times can you say, ‘I’m sorry?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’s going to get better?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’ll change?’ It’s almost like there’s a certain amount of resignation that they both are aware of.”

Question: Can I get tapes of the past two seasons of the Sons of Anarchy? —Don
Ausiello: Sure thing. What format do you prefer — VHS, Betamax or 8-Track?

Question: Are there any Beauty and the Beast Spoilers? –Viv
Ausiello: I foresee a helper… and a headache. The show is currently casting the guest-starring roles of Zach, a cocky former soldier who uses a reunion with an old friend (perhaps Vincent?) for vengeance (against, perhaps, Muirfield?), and Beth, a high school pal of Cat’s who is now the hard-charging producer at a news station — suggesting to me that she’ll be the next one to get wind of the beasts now in our midst.

Question: Can you please keep us updated with the latest on Beauty and the Beast? It will be much appreciated! –Carol
Ausiello: Speak of the devil, here is the very, very latest: I can exclusively report that Bryan Dechart (Jane By Design) will debut in Episode 4 as Aaron Keller, a relative of Vincent’s (!) who is a street-smart arson investigator prone to being a (ahem) “hot” head. Hailing from a family of firefighters, Aaron is desperate to make his mark. And there you have the very latest!

Unknown Question: First time asker and I’ll keep it short and sweet — NewsroomNashville or The Originals? I’ll take anything! —Zara
Ausiello: Let’s head to Nashville. According to showrunner Dee Johnson, Peggy is determined to have Teddy’s baby. “She’s not going to run out and get an abortion,” Johnson says, adding that Teddy is “certainly not happy” about the bun in his mistress’ oven and that it’ll take a little while for Rayna to find out that Pegs is expecting. (Though, given everything that happened in the season finale, this whole mess is the least of Rayna’s problems, am I right?)

Question: Can we look forward to any substantial Snow/Emma scenes in Once Upon a Time Season 3? Also, is Snow finally going to get back to her warrior ways? –Christina
Ausiello: Yes, and thus yes. As mom and daughter brave Neverland together while still adjusting to their family dynamic, “In a lot of ways, Mary Margaret may not be able to bond with Emma, but Bandit Snow and Emma have a lot in common,” notes cocreator Eddy Kitsis. Meaning, going up against Peter Pan and his Lost Boys will bring bow-toting Snow to the fore. “David and Mary Margaret last year were saying, ‘We are both,’” Kitsis reminds. “But this year it’s, ‘We need Snow and Charming.’ That’s what this mission requires.”

Question: Do you have any new Bones spoilers for us? —Maria
Ausiello: Booth and Brennan have more than just a wedding to look forward to this season. Per exec producer Stephen Nathan, Bones intends to show the love-struck pair experiencing a number of pre-marriage trappings, including, presumably, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Although the rituals “might not be in the right order,” Nathan teases. “We want to continue to mess up tradition while kind of keeping it traditional at the same time.”

Person Of InterestQuestion: Since Person of Interest announced that Sarah Shahi would be a series regular, social media has been lit up by passionate fans who either love or hate her character, Sam Shaw. Are they sticking by their choice? —Casey
Ausiello: Absolutely — and the thing to keep in mind is that as a result, Shaw isn’t now some full-time member of Finch’s team. As showrunner Greg Plageman explained to Matt Mitovich as part of our Fall Preview Spectacular, Shaw’s betrayal by her own government “informed her opinion about belonging to anything or giving allegiance to anyone right now.” And as such, “She helps us out only when she feels like it.”

Question: Anything new on the NCIS front? –Cheryl
Ausiello: If you are by chance among the McAbby fans who worry that Tim’s new computer geek girlfriend Delilah (played by Big Bang Theory brainiac Margo Hasrhman) will be some ersatz Abby, Gary Glasberg is here to set the record straight. “I’d like to believe that maybe he’s drawn to people like that and is intrigued by women like that, but I wouldn’t say that [Abby and Delilah] are that similar,” the showrunner tells us. “They have their differences, that’s for sure!”

Question: Any scoop on Grimm? –Jordan
Ausiello: The third season of the supernatural drama will feature “alligators in the sewer” and “a reemergence of the Bauerschwein-Blutbad feud,” show bosses James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine. A word to the wise: You might want to DVR the Wu-centric episode – in which the cop comes face-to-face with the Wesen world – and watch it after dinner. The baddie in that hour is “something so creepy that the last thing that creepy was the fly episode,” Greenwalt promises. “This is right on par with that.”

Question: First off, I love your column! I have been reading Ask Ausiello since you were on Entertainment Weekly! Second, do you have any 2 Broke Girls scoop? I’m dying! —Richa
Ausiello: Thanks, Richa, but to be precise, I was in Entertainment Weekly, not “on” it. I’m a stickler for details, oh yes I am. Moving on to your query, showrunner Michael Patrick King tells us that Steven Weber will “probably” be back as Caroline’s pop this season and that “you never know” whether Candy Andy will return to romance Caroline. “We loved Ryan [Hansen] so much,” he says, but acknowledges that Hansen’s casting on CBS’ Bad Teacher complicates things a bit.

Question: Any Rookie Blue scoop? —Holly
Ausiello: The show’s two-part season ender, airing Sept. 5 and Sept. 12, will play out in roughly real time, which exec producer Tassie Cameron says should “give some indication of the urgency and pace.” Also, it’s a good thing ABC’s summer sleeper was renewed since Season 4 ends on a cliffhanger. Teases Cameron with a laugh: “I wouldn’t have wanted to end the show on our finale.”

pennycanQuestion: I know it’s early, but got anything on my favorite show, Cougar Town? —Christopher
Ausiello: Season 5 will answer the burning Q, “What would happen if Penny Can became a worldwide phenomenon?”

Question: Do you happen to have any news on Revolution to tide us over? —Carolyn
Ausiello: Things are getting darker, and not just because the power is out again. Despite moving to 8 pm, aka the family hour, all the characters will find themselves in “grimier situations,” previews executive producer Eric Kripke. “We wanted to explore more of our world – What does gambling look like? What do hookers look like? What does shadier nightlife look like? – and explore some of those corners.” Which, of course, is where they find Monroe.

Question: I have to say, the more I hear about Revenge Season 3, the more encouraged I become. Anything else you can share? —Melody
Ausiello: The weekly takedowns are back, but with a twist: They’ll play out over multiple episodes. They’ll also be less plot-driven. “We’re going to use them to explore who Emily is a little bit more than we’ve had a chance to in the past,” previews new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “We’re 44 hours into the show now. She’s experienced so many different things, culminating in the revelation of who [really] is to Jack. We’re examining not just who she is and what happiness means to her, but what are the ramifications of her plans are. Because now there’s someone who knows. And that’s going to have an impact on Emily. So the takedowns are still going to be wonderful, but they’re also going to have a deeper meaning and a deeper effect.”

Question: Anything on HIMYM? —Nick
Ausiello: The final season’s ninth episode, titled “Mom and Dad,” will introduce us to Robin’s French-Canadian cousin, Claude, who may or may not have been involved in some shady hockey-related doings. (Ted’s pretty confident he’s guilty as sin.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Megan Masters and Kim Roots)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Once, Bones, Chicago Fire, True Blood, Parks and Rec, Dixie and More!

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blog_aa_8.20.13_v2Question: Any spoilers on Once Upon a Time? —Patti
Ausiello: Matt Mitovich just got off the horn with series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, and they caught us up on some of the backstory gaps that will be filled in via flashbacks during Season 3. Episode 2 is Snow/Charming-centric, covering the time between the former’s awakening from the sleep curse and when they encountered Regina on the battlefield. “How did the queen react to that? And who first told her?” Horowitz wonders.  Episode 3 will relate Tinkerbell’s origin, featuring The Blue Fairy (but not Amy Acker’s Nova) and addressing the question: “What makes a fairy?” Also on tap for fall is a new chunk of Rumple’s past, the tale of how Hook became a pirate and the self-explanatory Episode 6, titled “Ariel” (and yes, Eric is being cast/will not be an existing character).

Question: Any spoilers on one of my favorite Bones couples, Hodgins and Angela? —Ariel
Ausiello: A third party is coming in to stir up some drama between the happily-ish married couple. But it’s not what you’re thinking. “Hodgins is going to have to deal with a new family member,” previews exec producer Stephen Nathan, “and that will impact both Hodgins and Angela and their relationship.” Are we talking a brother? Sister? Cousin once removed and then put back? “I don’t want to say,” he demurs. “The way it comes out is such a surprise; it’s somebody that he wouldn’t know.” Look for the family reunion to take place within Season 9′s first 10 episodes.

Question: Can you please find out the nature of Sweets’ new job on Bones? —Angie
Ausiello: “He’s trying to do something to help people avoid a criminal life,” Nathan reveals of the shrink’s brief professional detour early in Season 9. “He’s working with kids in the inner city.”

Question: Any new Season 5 Good Wife scoop? —Tonya
Ausiello: You may recall that Josh Charles inked a new deal with the show last spring to continue playing Will. You may also recall that said deal was only for one year, which means Season 5 could very well be his swan song. For his part, exec producer Robert King will be kinda-sorta prepared for either outcome. Creatively speaking, “We can turn on, well, not a dime, but a 50-cent piece,” he says of this season’s roadmap. “We can turn things pretty fast if we need to.” Regarding Charles’ unique contract situation (he’s the only Good Wife-r who did not sign a long-term deal), King explains, “It’s what Josh is about. He’s someone who wants to always explore different sides of himself. And how [Season 5] goes helps him decide what he wants to do. That sounds like there’s some contentiousness in our relationship. There’s not. Josh is one of the friendliest and nicest actors I’ve met. Anything that is contractual stays with the agents.”

MODERN FAMILY - "Caught in the Act" - Plans backfire when the kids go to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed on their anniversary, only to catch Phil and Claire in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria's Vegas getaway is thwarted by a brutally honest email that was accidentally sent to Claire, and Mitch and Cam desperately try to get an "in" at the hot new neighborhood restaurant whose owner happens to be a mom (played by Rachael Harris) at Lily's preschool, on "Modern Family," WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/PETER "STONE" HOPPER) ERIC STONESTREET, JESSE TYLER FERGUSONQuestion: Heard a rumor Modern Family will be introducing a sibling for Cam this season. True? False? —Jeremy
Ausiello: You have impeccable sources, Jer. In this season’s fourth episode we’ll meet Cam’s big-boned, very non-glamorous farm girl of a sister, who has something of an explosive personality. Got casting tips? Post ‘em below! (But hurry up, the role starts shooting… in three weeks. OK, so you have a little time.)

Question: Thanks for the great True Blood post mortem. Just one problem — you failed to ask EP Brian Buckner about Pam and Tara! —Cara
Ausiello: Actually, I succeeded at making you think I failed. The fact is, I did ask Buckner about the Sapphic vamp duo — specifically, will their floundering relationship get any airtime in Season 7 — but I opted to hold his answer for AA. (Me = Totally sneaky.) “As the audience heard Pam say in Episode 1, life is long — especially for vampires,” notes the boss man. “She also told Tara that this is not going to be a love story. But I would urge [fans] to be patient. Because if the show delivers on the audience’s expectation every week, that’s not storytelling. Where’s the surprise in that? These [story] threads can be picked up later. I want to be able to tell more interesting, circuitous stories at times and not always deliver on the junk-food promise of the show. “

Question: I’d like some Once Upon a Time in Wonderland scoop, please. —Mason
Ausiello: The Once spin-off will, in its third episode, sic no less than Beowulf‘s Grendel on Alice and The Knave. Envisioned (via an actor in prosthetics) as a “large, warted, ogre-like beast,” the cannibalistic Grendel will pose a mortal threat to its dinner the genie-seeking pair — though in typical Once fashion, there is more to this beast than meets the eye. But don’t go brushing up on your Old English just yet. “It’s a wink-and-a-nod, as opposed to a real deep-dive into Beowulf,” says series cocreator Adam Horowitz of the creature’s clash with Alice.

Question: I’ve burned through Seasons 1 and 2 of New Girl this summer, and now I need a hint about Season 3 — ideally something Nick-and-Jess-related. —Emily
Ausiello: I’ll see your hint and raise you a full-on recap of the Sept. 17 premiere, courtesy of Jake Johnson. Picking up where the Season 2 finale left off, “Nick and Jess find themselves driving straight to Mexico.” Once there, “We get Tazed. I end up in a pool. Some guy watches me go to the bathroom, because he likes the bad smells. Jess goes back and gets the gang to save Nick. There are flashbacks. It’s a lot. It’s a big crazy start.”

ashley-madekwe-leaving-revengeQuestion: Any details on how Ashley will be written off Revenge? —Geoffrey
Ausiello: Despite portrayer Ashley Madekwe’s very public plea that her character “die in a blaze of glory,” showrunner Sunil Nayar tells us that Ash — who will depart in the show’s Sept. 29 opener —will live to see another day. “We’re not killing her,” he reveals. “We’d never do that! She’s too great a character. As sad as we are to bid her farewell at the moment, you’ll see that the way we resolve her storyline now gives her an opportunity to come back with her own revenge agenda.”

Question: Can you tease any good Emily-Victoria moments in the Revenge premiere? —Joyce
Ausiello: I could, but I’m going to let Emily VanCamp do the honors. “We have a moment where we actually band together,” previews the actress. Of course, like most of the truces forged by the sworn enemies, this one is short-lived. “We put up this united front and then, after whatever it is is taken care of, it’s like, ‘OK, I’m outta here,’” VanCamp says with a laugh. “But it’s nice to be able to play something [civil] with Madeline [Stowe] because [Emily and Victoria] are always at odds each other. And I hate it because I love Madeline so much. We’re so evil to each other.”

Question: Do you have any news on Arrow? —Calum
Ausiello: Quite interestingly, the title for this season’s fifth episode, “The Demon’s Head,” is the translation of Ra’s al Ghul — as in Batman’s infamous mentor-turned-adversary. Thus, it kinda sorta makes sense that the hour will introduce the apprentice of a most menacing man — Awwal, a scimitar-wielding protege of Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn.

Question: I know it’s not coming back till November, but that just makes me all the more anxious for some Raising Hope scoop. Got any? –Erick
Ausiello: The Chase family is going on vacation, and according to showrunner Mike Mariano, they’ll wind up on a boat — with one small catch: “There’s no water involved.” Secondly, the installment will feature an appearance by guest star Bernie Kopell — but the former Love Boat doc won’t be anywhere near the aforementioned vessel. “He’s playing the proprietor of a stuffed-animal museum, and he’s very funny” says Mariano. “My reference for Bernie is as Siegfried on Get Smart, so making a Love Boat reference never crossed my mind.”

blog_adam_mindy2Question: Will Adam Pally’s Mindy Project character bear any resemblance to Happy Endings‘ Max? Personally, I want him to be Happy Endings‘ Max. I can’t let go! —Ron
Ausiello: Neither can I! But we must. Particularly since, as cast member Ike Barinholtz tells us, he’s not playing Happy Endings‘ Max. “This is not Max,” Morgan’s portrayer maintains. “He plays a new doctor, kind of the most ‘male’ out of all the doctors. He’s like a big, straight, Dartmouth fraternity, cargo shorts-wearing animal, and he’s going to come on and really shake things up.” Bonus Mindy Project Scoop: The show will introduce Jeremy’s boisterous, judgmental father in Season 2.

Question: Do you have any scoop on one of my absolute favorite shows, Covert Affairs? —Carol
Ausiello: This Tuesday’s episode is tense with a capital T-E-N.  It finds Annie working with a familiar face, FBI agent Vincent Rossabi (Rookie Blue‘s Noam Jenkins), on the murder of CIA agent Seth Newman (aka the one who fell off the bridge). But while the G-man wants to uncover the truth, Annie’s trying to suppress it by swapping out any incriminating evidence. Still, that’s not the story you’ll be talking about after the hour’s end. Let’s just say we haven’t heard the last of a certain secret that someone was keeping from the spy gal.

Question: I’ve got a Q about Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones’ Parks and Recreation exit — do we know why Ann and Chris decide to move away from Pawnee? —Jen
Ausiello: Although the pair don’t depart until Episode 13,  ”The decision that they make that will transition them off the show is made very early,” confirms exec producer Mike Schur. “It’s not, like, in Episode 12 they’re going, ‘Hey, we’re moving to Hawaii.’ It happens in Episode 3, which is the first one after the hour-long premiere. Ann gets an idea in the very first episode after that. It’s dropped into the world very early. So it feels like a very fun, long arc and a big [farewell] to them.”

Question: So many mixed messages about Laura Prepon’s future on Orange is the New Black. Is she or is she not returning? —Lucy
Production on Season 2 is currently underway, and star Taryn Manning tells us, “I haven’t seen her [on set] and I miss her.” However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s off the show completely. “I don’t know what’s going on with all of that,” the actress stresses. “For me, I can’t worry about that. I’m just there doing my job.”

Question: Now that Laura Bell Bundy is on Anger Management, what will this mean for her role as Shelby on Hart of Dixie? —Vanessa
It means you’ll probably see her less. But rest assured you will see her. “We are definitely having Laura back for a few [episodes],” confirms EP Leila Gerstein, adding that Shelby won’t resurface “until a few episodes in.” In other Bluebell casting news, although Claudia Lee is a series regular on Fox’s Surviving Jack, Gerstein remains hopeful that Lemon’s little sis will make an appearance this season, too. And if not? “Well, she goes [away] to boarding school,” laughs the EP.

Question: Chicago Fire was one that grew on me quickly after its so-so pilot. Have any information about its second season? —Marc
Ausiello: Treat Williams will be back as Severide’s dad Benny, and he’s going to be stirring things up for more than just his son. “There’s going to be a firehouse arc between Benny and Bowden, which will further inflame their already touchy relationship,” previews executive producer Danielle Gelber. “More emotionally, there’s going to be layers of Severide’s past that are revealed through Benny and through some unexpected twists.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Megan Masters and Michael Slezak)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Mentalist, SVU, Grey’s, Parenthood, NCIS: LA, Revenge and More!

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Revenge Season 3 Wedding EmilyQuestion: I’m a huge fan of Tina Majorino, and I loved her on Grey’s Anatomy last season. I know she has her own show on TNT now, but do you have any intel on whether she’ll be back for at least one or two episodes this season? I especially like her boss/student relationship with Meredith. —Ingmar
Ausiello: Majorino’s Heather will appear in the two-hour season premiere, which picks up right where last May’s cliffhanger left off. And according to series creator Shonda Rhimes, said opener “will account for Heather’s absence” moving forward, adding, “We loved [Tina], and she is wonderful on our show. But yes, we will account for her absence.”

Question: Hey, you got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop on this season’s fourth episode, aka the show’s 200th? —Sara
Ausiello: Hey, I do. Rhimes says she didn’t “want to do anything crazy,” noting that the milestone hour will center on “a really great” story. “We’re not doing anything insane that’s going to freak anybody out.”

Question: Dying for scoop on NCIS: LA. What’s going to happen now that Kensi and Deeks have kissed? —Leah
kensi and deeks kissAusiello: They’re going to have a serious chat. Per Eric Christian Olsen, the Sept. 24 premiere features “the most honest conversation that Deeks and Kensi have ever had.” Speaking of the opener, it “picks up exactly where we left off, continuous — [Deeks is] mid-torture, Kensi’s in peril,” Olsen reveals, adding that the episode ends on a cliffhanger. “I can’t give it away, but even that is ‘To be continued…’”

Question: How will Van Pelt and Rigsby be written out of The Mentalist? Also, how many Season 6 episodes will they appear in? —Chloe
Ausiello: Let me tackle your second question first. According to sources, Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman will appear in more than a dozen episodes before departing the CBS procedural in the spring. As far as how they’ll exit, series creator Bruno Heller would only say that the conclusion of the Red John chapter this fall will launch The Mentalist — and specifically Jane — on a bold new course. “I’ve always wondered how the show would go on from that,” Heller muses. “Once Moby Dick has  been killed, what happens next? You have to tell the story about how Patrick gets back to shore. He’s been out of sea hunting this creature for so long, I think people will want to know what happens to him after that. Does he live happily ever after? What happens when you’ve been searching for something as long as he has? We are going to get into that. It would be cheating the audience not to tell them what happens after. We have a great story for that saga, because it begins a whole new saga. Where does he go from there? How does he live with what he’s done? Can he find happiness? All of those are big questions we are going to explore.”

Question: What can we expect of Olivia this season on Law & Order: SVU? – Allyson
Ausiello: We know that Olivia will make it out of last season’s cliffhanger alive, but how will her encounter with Lewis affect her emotionally? Executive producer Warren Leight tells us that Benson will have a season-long arc, beginning with the two-hour season premiere (airing Sept. 25), that finds her in bad shape. “Olivia will very much be dealing with and reeling from her encounter with Lewis,” Leight hints. “Her character’s got incredible empathy for others and yet has had a hard time looking out for herself. This is the season where she’s talked the talk to others, but she hasn’t had to walk the walk until now.”

the good wife alicia and graceQuestion: Can you give us some scoop on The Good Wife? —Ella
Ausiello: Prepare to despise Grace a little less in Season 5. “Grace has always been an impediment to Alicia’s advancement, and that’s one of the reasons I think she’s not as embraced by the audience as Zach is,” muses exec producer Robert King of the rebellious teen. “This year is a real attempt at a real change in Grace, to see how she and her mom can reach the same wavelength and not allow her differences to become an impediment for Alicia. [Their story] becomes an exploration of differences.”

Question: So, Bones creator Hart Hanson recently said that there were significant developments for the Sweets character in the upcoming season’s first half or so. Other than his guilt over Pelant’s actions, and an upcoming sabbatical that the 04/30 Ask Ausiello referred to, do you have more scoop on what else we are to expect from Sweets this season? —Ed Z
Ausiello: Season 9 will find the head shrinker questioning whether he “wants to keep doing what he’s doing at the FBI,” previews portrayer John Francis Daley. “No matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t feel like he’s making enough of a difference in the world. Profiling criminals wasn’t the reason he got into his profession in the first place. So this season will definitely explore that inner monologue that’s going on with him.” And as teased in that aforementioned AA column, Sweets’ soul searching takes him away from the Jeffersonian in search of greener pastures. “There’s an opportunity for him to do something completely different, and he tries it out,” Daley confirms. “And somehow it leads to a lot of guns being shot and a lot of drama in the interrogation room. It’s chaos!”

Question: I need some scoop on my favorite (and miraculously alive) summer show Drop Dead Diva! Grayson and Jane are endgame, right? I’m sure this is the last season and it just doesn’t seem to be heading that way. —Rebecca
Ausiello: Yeah, Sunday’s summer finale — in which Jane was about to confess her feelings to Grayson, only to see him macking on new GF Nicole — certainly seemed like a setback for the unrequited pair. Moving forward, series creator Josh Berman says the challenge for Jane will be deciding “how much can she meddle” in Grayson’s new romance. ”It’s one thing when the object of your affection is engaged to somebody else — you kind of just say, ‘OK, I give up,’” he explains. “But with a new relationship right outside your office, and Jane’s going to be witnessing it, the question is: When does Jane jump in? When does Jane proclaim herself? And will she? Will Jane throw down the gauntlet and say, ‘I love you. Pick me. Love me’? Those are issues we deal with in the fall. We packed a lot of juice into the fall season.”

Question: Will Haddie be making any appearances on Parenthood this season? —Erin
Ausiello: According to a Braverman insider, there are no current plans for Sarah Ramos’ college sophomore to pay a visit. However, my gut tells me we’ll see her at least once or twice during the show’s 22-episode fifth season (especially if it’s the last season). Also: My gut is never wrong. Ask anyone. It’s true.

orphan black season 1Question: After catching up on Orphan Black in two days, it quickly turned into my favorite new show of the year. Got any scoop on what’s ahead in Season 2? —Jack
Ausiello: Two new recurring characters, for starters. The first one, Cal, will be introduced in Episode 3 and is described as a ruggedly handsome, adaptive and extremely well connected woodsman who possesses the heart of a lover. (Boyfriend for Felix, perhaps?) The other, more sinister-sounding newbie, Pastor Johanssen, debuts in Episode 2 and is the mercurial leader of a radical faith based “Prolethean” sect “who is fervently anti-science and views GMO’s and synthetic biology as a modern affront to God’s work.” (Um, Big Bad, much?)

Question: So is it too soon to ask about the upcoming season of Boardwalk Empire? —Denise
Ausiello: Not too soon! I screened the first two episodes of Season 4 (bowing Sept. 8) over the weekend and here’s what I can share: [Spoiler]‘s whereabouts remain a mystery, [Spoiler] developed a major drug problem, and Jeffrey Wright makes a solid and rather unsettling first impression as Chalky’s quietly intense new nemesis, Valentin Narcisse.

Question: Any new scoop on The Mindy Project? —Flo
Ausiello: James Franco’s new MD is going to be adored by everyone… except Mindy. “Usually there’s a character where the girls love him and the guys don’t, but we played him as straight popular,” explains star/EP Mindy Kaling. “He becomes the new ‘Dr. L,’ because his name is Paul Leotard, and my character [Mindy Lahiri] is very hurt and upset by that. And we become very competitive.” Of course, the line between loathing and loving is a thin one. “Mindy has to admit some attraction to him,” adds Kaling, who promises Franco’s arc will feature, “sex and intrigue and secrets and lies.”

Question: Can’t believe Dexter‘s almost over. Any scoop on the final episodes? —Claire
Ausiello: Deb’s fixation on removing Hannah from Dex’s life (and, by extension, her own) comes to a head this Sunday. (Warning: No matter your feelings about Dexter’s poisonous former flame, you might actually find yourself siding with her as Deb’s relentless pursuit escalates.)

Question: Anything on New Girl? Will we see Merritt Weaver this season? Is there a time jump? —Megan
new girl season 2Ausiello: Yes, Weaver’s Elizabeth returns. No, there isn’t a time jump. “The fans will find out what happened after the wedding,” confirms Hannah Simone, who says Schmidt is forced to “make some decisions” re: Cece vs. Elizabeth. “It’s up to Schmidt now. Cece is pretty self-explanatory and so is lovely Elizabeth, so he has a hard choice.”

Question: I’m so excited for Season 3 of Revenge — any scoop? —Simona
Ausiello: The words “The Initiative” — aka the symbol for everything that went wrong with Season 2 — will be uttered once in the Season 3 premiere. And then NEVER. AGAIN. “Conrad sort of said in the season finale that it never really existed in the first place,” notes new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “So we’re going to embrace that reality and go forward that way.” Nayar, meanwhile, confirms that the first episode will flash forward to Emily’s wedding day, although it won’t be immediately clear if it’s Daniel she’s marrying. “You’re going to see something spectacular happen,” he teases, “and we’re going to [build toward] that in the first half of the season.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s, Scandal, Bones, Revenge, Sons, NCIS, Arrow, Once and More

August 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: I’ve been dying for some Bones spoilers. Do you know when and how Booth and Brennan will get married? —Anne
Ausiello: No, but series creator Hart Hanson does, and here’s what he’s willing to share: “Like most things we do on Bones, the wedding will happen in a way you don’t expect and a time you don’t expect.” And what that, Mr. Cryptic McObscureson strikes again!

Question: First off I want to say that when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I say “a writer for TVLine.” I’m wondering if you can spill any scoop on Justin Hartley’s character, Patrick, on Revenge? I know he’s Victoria’s son but that’s pretty much all I know. —Daniela
Ausiello: He is really, really, really, really, really loved by his mom. Like, really loved. During the time-jump, mother and son “spent a lot of time together building a relationship, one that almost seems inappropriate when we first see them,” teases Emily VanCamp. “She’s just so in love with her son. It’s very bizarre.” Their close bond will make it tough for Emily to drive a wedge between them, which, as VanCamp reminds, is her character’s MO:  ”The ultimate goal for Emily with Victoria is to turn her children against her. She’s successfully managing it with Daniel. You’ll start to see that she’s not so successfully managing it with Charlotte. And Patrick is the wild card. He’s going to be a very tricky person to turn, if she even can.”

revenge season 3Question: Can you clear up some confusion surrounding Barry Sloane’s involvement in Revenge in Season 3? I read that we will only see Aiden briefly in flashbacks. —Gina
Ausiello: You misread. Or you correctly read information that was wrong. Either way, it’s not true. Not only is Sloane a full-fledged series regular in Season 3, but his alter ego is moving front and center. “Last year he was very much a ninja on the periphery,” notes new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “And now we get to inject him into the world of the show. It’s reconception of the character and a real growth. The stories we told last year barely scratched the surface of what Barry is capable of doing as an actor and what the character is capable of doing on screen. He has such a rich history with Emily.”

Question: Any other hints on Ziva’s exit on NCIS? —Cheryl
Ausiello: Her send-off will be a love letter to Tiva ‘shippers. “We’re going to deliver everything the Tiva fans would want,” assures exec producer Gary Glasberg of Cote de Pablo’s two-episode swan song. “There’s tremendous romance and tremendous heart and pathos, and I hope fans enjoy it. We’re going to do our best.”

Question: Do you really think that Kenya is dead on Defiance? Or has Stahma squirreled her way somewhere so they can keep up their lady-loving ways? –Cinders
Ausiello: Let’s just say that production on Season 2 starts Monday, and a certain someone’s name is MIA (as in Kirshner) from this returning cast list: Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Graham Greene, Jesse Rath, Dewshane Williams, Trenna Keating, Justin Rain and Nicole Munoz.

Question: I’d like to know what Eric is up to in the True Blood finale. So far no one knows anything. Be the first to let us know! —Lorraine
Ausiello: Sadly, I’m going to have to be the latest to tell you that I don’t anything either — unless the last line of HBO’s official logline for the Aug. 18 closer pertains to Mr. Northman.

Bill discovers that salvation comes at a price; Jason senses a vampire attraction firsthand. Sookie examines her future with Warlow, while Bon Temps braces itself when a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires.

Question: I’m having Grey’s Anatomy withdrawal! Have any scoop on Season 10 to get me through? —Molly
Ausiello: For those wondering if Webber made it out of the finale alive, Sarah Drew invites you to continue wondering. “The sad little Chief is still face-down on the [basement] floor,” she tells my colleague Matt Mitovich of the premiere. Meanwhile, on the romance front, Drew hints that April and Jackson may be driven further apart by the ”challenging” situation her character created. “Jackson proposed to her and she said yes, but then basically said no, and all of the sudden she just accepted a proposal [from EMT Matt, played by Justin Bruening]. But then Jackson almost dies and she decides now she wants him? Put yourself in his shoes — that’s gotta feel a little crappy!” Yep, just tried on his kicks — kinda crappy.

HILARIE BURTONQuestion: Do you have any news on Lauren (Hilarie Burton) returning to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 10? I heard they will pick up right where they left off, so I’m assuming Lauren can’t disappear like that, especially during a super storm, right? —Khair
Ausiello: Yet disappear the homewrecker will. “We don’t have any plans for her to return at this time,” series creator Shonda Rhimes tells me. “But we loved her; she was great.”

Question: I’d like to know more about the new season of Once Upon A Time! –Joe
Ausiello: Lost fans just might get a sense of Season 4 deja vu when the Jolly Roger drops anchor in Neverland, and its passengers ultimately face the decision of who to follow. “You’ve got five people on a ship who all think they’re leaders, so we’ll have to see how they react when they face their first obstacle,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis hints. Adds Adam Horowitz, “There’s certainly some friction, but there’s also a shared goal they have to achieve” — finding Henry. “The question is: Will they achieve it together, separately or at all?”

Question: We Gladiators will take what Scandal scoop we can get! —Miranda
Ausiello: Asked to describe the state of Fitz and Mellie’s marriage when the ABC hit returns next month, series creator Shonda Rhimes demurs, “That’s going to be really tough to answer without giving it away.” But after mulling it over for a few seconds, Rhimes delivers a most intriguing tease, allowing that first couple “are still together” and “Mellie is in caretaking mode.”

Question: Please can you spare some scoops on Sons of Anarchy? —John
Ausiello: Incarcerated Tara’s inner Pit Bull — which viewers first met last season when she went to town on Wanda De Jesus’ unhinged madam — will rear its ugly head again in the Sept. 10 season premiere. Also making a cameo in the super-sized opener: Charlie Hunnam’s naked arse.

Question: What are the odds Ryan and Amber will actually get married on Parenthood this season? —Rebecca
Ausiello: They were excellent, right up until I heard the show is adding the recurring character of Zack, a “funny and charming” drummer who figuratively charms the pants off Amber at his band’s recording session at the Luncheonette.

Question: I feel like we’re due for a juicy blind item. —Brandon
Ausiello: I feel like I agree with you. A recurring character on a show that gets a ton of (proverbial) ink in Ask Ausiello will bite the dust this fall, and I’m going to go out on a limb and predict few tears will be shed.

arrow island season 2Question: Just wanted know about anything on Arrow season 2. —Dana
Ausiello: If you ever wondered how Oliver’s island existence, seen in flashback, could have been any worse, here’s a short answer for you: pirates. (Or is it pilates? My source’s note was smudged. But I’m going with pirates.)

Question: How ’bout some new intel on The Good Wife‘s 100th episode? —Ms. J
Ausiello: This season’s Civil War theme will leave footprints in the landmark episode, as will the ongoing “Will/Alicia difficulty,” according to series cocreator Robert King, who promises an “explosive” episode.

Question: Got any Chicago Fire dirt? —Sara
Ausiello: Casey will have attained “some peace” about his girlfriend Hallie’s death when the Season 2 premiere picks up a month after the tragedy, star Jesse Spencer tells TVLine. The firefighter “develops a relationship with a couple of kids that he has to look after, and they help him through some difficult times, and he helps them. It’s nice. It’s an appropriate ending to the Hallie story.” Meanwhile, don’t look for Dawson to mend Casey’s broken heart — at least not in the short term. “They have a mutual understanding between each other,” explains Spencer. “There’s an attraction, but there’s a professionalism. They kind of put it to bed. You know as well as I do it’s going to resurface at some point — and probably sooner rather than later. [But] right now, they’re just friends.”

Question: I am desperate for some Parks and Recreation news. Please share any scoop you have! —Alyssa
Ausiello: Pawnee mayor Walter Gunderson will be played by… Bill Murray. Or no one. “We’re still holding out for Bill,” exec producer Mike Schur tells me of the reclusive actor. “And if we never meet the Mayor, I won’t be sad. We never met Vera on Cheers. We never met Tim Allen’s neighbor on Home Improvement.”

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on NCIS, Grey’s, Mentalist, Nashville, Castle, Good Wife, Homeland and More

July 31, 2013 Leave a comment


Question: Any news on a replacement for Ziva on NCIS? —Cathy
Ausiello: Yep, and pretty big news at that. As exec producer Gary Glasberg revealed to Matt Mitovich Monday night, it’s going to be “a little while” before a full-time agent is brought in to fill the void left by Cote de Pablo. But in the meantime, the show — taking a page from Bones‘ squintern playbook — will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors. “The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” Glasberg notes. “And then in the third episode we introduce, for instance, a woman in her 50s who is a few days away from retirement and just needs to fill the desk time. She, in theory, knew Gibbs all the way back to the days of Mike Franks. So we’re going to bring in people like that and have some fun with different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.”

Question: Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about Derek and Meredith? —Toni
Ausiello: The two-hour Season 10 premiere will delve into the “aftermath” of Mer’s turbulent delivery, teases Grey’s consulting producer (and Scandal Emmy nominee) Dan Bucatinsky. “She had a rough birth. We’re going to see them in the hospital together and juggling their roles in a major way.” The super-sized Sept. 26 kickoff is alternately “dramatic, emotional and exciting,” the actor-writer-producer adds. “Also, we’re going to watch these new interns become part of the fabric of the hospital. That’s going to be part of what’s fun and fresh about this season. We’re going to get to know them better.”

Question: Please tell me if you have any Grey’s Anatomy news on Christina/Owen. They seriously need to be over and done with. It’s time for them to move on for good. —Abdul
Ausiello: How do you really feel Paula (that is your first name, right?). Sadly, I have no news for you on “Crowen,” unless the new recurring character the show is adding figures into their fractured relationship somehow. The newbie, Bill, is a likable jazz musician in his 50s who has been “somewhat ravaged by drug abuse.” He’s slated to appear in roughly five episodes of Season 10.

nashville willQuestion: I need some fall Nashville scoop. – Titan
Ausiello: Well, when you ask in such a polite fashion, how can I say no? A new thirtysomething character, Trey, is going to be hot, rich, charming, confident, self-deprecating and European — which narrows his romantic pool to Juliette, Scarlett, Zoey, Will or anyone with a pulse.

Question: What’s going to happen with my favorite (almost) couple Jane and Lisbon on this season of The Mentalist? —Bethany
Ausiello: The conclusion of the Red John mystery later this fall will have a profound impact on their relationship — for better or worse. “Up until now, they’ve been tied by this professional dynamic and this mission they’re on,” notes series creator Bruno Heller. “And that held their personal relationship in suspense. Once the Red John saga is done, how do they find a new way to relate to each other? The chemistry has always been there bubbling up. But he now has other priorities and other agendas and other pressures.” The arrival of a major new female character — a series regular! — in early 2014 will serve as an added complication. “When you’re as good a detective as Jane is, it’s very hard to walk away even when you want to walk away,” Heller teases, cryptically. “Some people wont let Jane walk away from what he’s so good at. And our new female lead has something to do with that.”

Question: I’m sure you’re getting a ton of these emails, but I’m so heartbroken about Cory Monteith’s passing. Any more info on what the initial Season 5 episodes of Glee will look like? –Ellen
Ausiello: No doubt, Ryan Murphy and the show’s cast and crew have a difficult road ahead, as they navigate their own grief while trying to pay tribute to their fallen colleague — and still produce an entertaining season of television. The Glee writing team had already penned the first two Season 5 installments — built around the music of the Beatles — back in May, which gives everyone a leg up in advance of the Sept. 26 kickoff.  And to that end, the show is casting five roles (to either replace or augment the three parts we told you about earlier this month) for the premiere, only one of which calls for a young actor. (Hrmmm.) The lineup of new characters — the first three of which are recurring — includes: Roderick Easton, a talented, theatrical fortysomething with a big ego; Jim Elliott, a handsome, smart academic in his mid-40s or 50s; Jurgen, another fella in his mid-40s or 50s, who’s either German or Austrian, with a definite accent; an unidentified, not-gender-specific, fortysomething “School Board Member”; and finally, “Nerdy Girl,” age 18 or thereabouts, who’ll likely wind up in the halls of William McKinley High (albeit with only a single line of dialogue). After Beatlemania hits the Glee-verse, expect one more episode — a tribute to fallen Finn — before the show takes its fall hiatus.

Question: So I spent my weekend watching Homeland, from pilot through Season 2. I’ll say this as kindly as I know how… GIMME SPOILERS. Please and thank you with a Snapple-sized Smurf on top! —Paige
Ausiello: Let’s play a game. I’ll throw some literal data your way from the first two episodes (both of which I’ve seen and thoroughly enjoyed) and you have to decipher the meaning. All of the following figures are referenced multiple times throughout the first two hours. Ready, set, translate:

* 219 People
* 14 hours
* 6 miles

elementary joanQuestion: I can’t wait for Elementary to come back this fall. Do you have any Season 2 scoop for me? — Céline
Ausiello: A skeleton will come tumbling out of the closet early into Season 2 when we meet “someone from [Joan's] past,” EP Rob Doherty tells TVLine. “We’ve alluded to a mistake she made when she was a surgeon that cost a patient his life. We’re going to meet someone, like a very real connection to that patient, and explore Joan’s feelings of guilt. At what point do you tap your guilt and give yourself permission to live a life?”

Question: Parenthood tidbit, please? —Dakota
Ausiello: Look for Max to become an apprentice to Ray Romano’s returning Hank “in the world of photography,” previews Max Burkholder, who reminds, “At the end of the fourth season, Hank gave Sarah an old camera to give to Max. So he’s been fiddling around with that during the time jump.”

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming plot lines involving returning Good Wife guests America Ferrera and Gary Cole? —Beth
Ausiello: Cole’s McVeigh and Christine Baranski’s Diane are “still on the brink of getting married,” reveals exec producer Robert King. “So we’ll see if Diane will sacrifice [that relationship] for the judgeship or go with him.” Ferrera’s Natalie, meanwhile, “brings a case to Alicia’s law firm about immigration, and who should cross paths with her but [former crush] Eli. So all these feelings are brought up again and we see a re-sparked relationship. There was a lot of chemistry there. And we never felt like we explored it to its fullest because we couldn’t get America for more than three episodes; we’re going to try to return to that now.”

Question: Is The Good Wife really naming Ben Rappaort’s character Carey? Even with the extra “e” I have to imagine there will be plenty of confusion. —Michelle
Ausiello: Turns out, that’s the point. “That confusion helps us on one or two plot points,” notes King of Rappaport’s “Carey with an ey” and Matt Czuchry’s Cary.  ”The very fact that they have the same name and they’re young men adds an [interesting] dynamic between them and Alicia [at Florrick Agos & Associates*]. Triangles are difficult, because there’s always a power between two people and someone is left out. So who’s going to be the person left out?”

* confirmed name of new firm

Question: Consider this a request for some general, non-specific Vampire Diaries intel. —Missy
Ausiello: The show is doing the time warp again. Exec producer Caroline Dries tells us that Episode 3 will be a flashback episode. “It is a decade we haven’t seen before,” she shares. “It’s going to be very good.”

Question: Any scoop on Grimm? – Larry
Ausiello: Gypsies are known for their nomadic nature, but Queen Estefania is staying put… at least for now. Executive producers James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine that Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo will appear in at least a few episodes of the NBC drama’s upcoming third season.
Neighborhood Watch

Question: Can you give as any news on when or how Deeks’ mother will appear on NCIS: LA? –EcoSarahFans
Ausiello: At some point during the upcoming Season 5, Eric Christian Olsen assures, “You’re going to meet his mom and get into his past” — which as any fan knows wasn’t idyllic. “We already know a little about the dysfunctional and catastrophic relationship with his father, but we’re going to find out a lot more about what makes this guy tick and how it affects, obviously, the relationship with Kensi and his inability to make that work.”

Question: I’ve been wondering what the people at Criminal Minds have in store for Hotch next season. For example, will we find out more about his past? –Rachel
Ausiello: At this point early into the Season 9 writing process, showrunner Erica Messer says, no new backstories are on tap for any of the characters outside of JJ, but that could quickly change when the actors get invited to weigh in on what they’d like to see. (That dialogue between cast and scribes is how Garcia came to play the ukelele in one episode last year.) But this much known about Hotch as the show returns: He’s been filling in as section chief for a few months, and yes, he’s still with Beth.

Question: I would love some scoop on Beauty and the Beast. The show ended with a ton of cliffhangers and the fans are holding their breath, waiting for some clues. –Donna
Ausiello: Not only will Sendhil Ramamurthy be back for Season 2, but “Gabe has a great arc. It’s awesome,” raves exec producer Sherri Scooper. As fellow EP Jennifer Levin elaborates, “We saw that he was shot to pieces [in the finale], so if he’s back, that would affect his point of view on life. He could be ‘born again.’”

lindsey-gort-as-samantha-jones carrie diariesQuestion: I’m very excited about the arrival of Samantha on The Carrie Diaries. Anything you can share regarding her storyline? –Joyce
Ausiello: How about deets on her first conquest? The show’s producers are currently casting the role of Paul Haltom, “a genuine and kind Midwesterner who performs as a ninja at a Japanese Cultural Festival.” A grad of the Iowa State Gymnastics team, brown-eyed, twentysomething Paul moved to New York City to be an actor, and ends up sleeping with the young Samantha (played by newcomer Lindsey Gort). In the meantime, I’ll be taking bets about whether the legendary Ms. Jones drops a double-entendre featuring the term “corn-fed” or “katana.” Look for the Samantha-Paul cahoots to happen in Episode 3.

Question: Any Castle tidbits you can give us? —Stephanie
Ausiello: The show is about to stage a kinda-sorta Saved By the Bell reunion. In an upcoming episode titled “Need to Know,” the cast of an early-’90s sitcom called 2 Cool For School is reassembling for a new movie when — egad! — its version of Screech is offed! (This never would’ve happened on Miss Bliss’ watch! Just sayin’… )

Question: What’s new on the How I Met Your Mother front? —Dave
Ausiello: Three more (mostly uninvited) guests have RSVP’d for Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, and they include Knight Templar, a spooky fella (think Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) who passes judgement on pretty much everyone and everything; Robin’s horny old college roommate Sophia, who shows up at the wedding in heat; and Grace, Barney’s new assistant who’s hot, personable and dumb. BONUS SCOOP:  For those keeping track at home, the title of Episode 5 is “The Poker Game,” Episode 6 is  ”No Questions Asked” and Episode 7 is “Knight Vision.”

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, HIMYM and More!

July 24, 2013 Leave a comment
 The Walking Dead Season 4 The GovernorQuestion: The new Walking Dead trailer looks crazy good, but it was decidedly Governor-lite.  How big a presence will David Morrissey have in Season 4? —Cris

Ausiello: Well, I can tell you that he’ll have a major presence in at least two Season 4 episodes, both of which are being unofficially billed as ”standalone Governor” installments. No specific intel on when those episodes will air, but I hear they’ll likely fall in the first chunk of eight (premiering Sunday, Oct. 13).

Question: After watching your awesome Comic-Con interview with the cast and producers of How I Met Your Mother, I’m much more encouraged about this season’s “wedding weekend” structure. Any news on special guest stars? —Christopher
Ausiello: There’s a very good chance the Sept. 23 premiere will feature a Game of Thrones crossover. Of sorts. “We haven’t locked the cut yet, but there is a Game of Thrones reference in the season premiere that I hope stays in,” reveals exec producer Craig Thomas. “We reveal that in the same way that Barney is a big fan of Billy Zabka in The Karate Kid, Barney may or may not be a big fan of King Joffrey.”

Question: I missed Stephen “Little Birdie” Nathan at the Con this year! Did you at least get scoop from his Bones partner in crime, Hart Hanson? —Amelia
Ausiello: I did! Hanson — who dropped by TVLine’s interview suite (see video, below) — elaborated on the ex-priest character being introduced at the start of Season 9, describing him as Booth’s “ex-confessor when he was a sniper in the Rangers.” The new guy, whose name is Aldo Coulter, resurfaces because, as Hanson pointed out, “We left Booth with a terrible secret that he can’t tell anyone, which is that Pelant is not letting him marry Brennan. And that, in effect, is a lie for a Catholic like Booth every time he’s talking to Brennan. So he finds himself seeking out his old spiritual advisor, who now runs a bar, to talk things out. They have a very close relationship. As Coulter points out to Brennan in the premiere, he knows Booth better than she does.”

Question: So, the Bones crew made a really big announcement at their Comic-Con panel: Booth and Brennan are getting married! Do you have any idea when the wedding will be taking place during Season 9? —Maria
Ausiello: I tried mightily to get an answer out of Hanson, but he wouldn’t budge. “I’m not telling you when,” he protested, before adding with a laugh, “That’s my one shred of self dignity.” I did succeed in getting HH to cough up an extremely vague detail about the type of wedding they will have, as well as an update on the possibility of a 10th season. Oh, and the show’s dreaded move to Friday night? Not necessarily happening! Press PLAY below for the complete Q&A.

Question: I was just wondering how Maggie Lawson’s role in ABC’s new comedy Back in the Game will affect her status on the new season of Psych? —Jackie
Ausiello: As James Roday maintained to me at Comic-Con, there will be a “strong Juliet presence in Season 8, no question,” despite Lawson’s new extracurricular activity. Added exec producer Steve Franks: “We found a fun way to make it work… She’s in a good chunk of the episodes. It certainly creates interesting challenges, but I think we worked our way through it.”

Question: Any Parenthood scoop on Ryan and Amber? —Kelly
Ausiello: They’ll be scouting wedding locations early in the season, so it seems like they’re pretty serious about this marriage thing.

Question: Since Comic-Con ended, that means you’ve gotta have some scoop on the best summer show ever, Under the Dome. Is it coming back for a second season? —Phillip
Ausiello: Yes. Although nothing’s official, rest assured there will be a second season of Under the Dome. The only question is whether CBS will hold it until next summer or bring it back in-season (i.e. next spring). In the meantime, in case you missed it, Rachelle Lefevre lightly spoiled the Season 1 finale, telling me at Con, “The last five minutes will contain a very, very large moment of whether or not [Barbie and Julia] have come far enough in our relationship to help one other out of a very difficult situation.”

UnknownQuestion: OK, there’s only two episodes left of The Killing‘s third season. Can you tell us if the killer is Becker, Henderson, Reddick or somebody totally out of left field? (It’s Becker, right?) —Murray
Ausiello: Oh, Murray, spilling the identity of the culprit in a serialized crime drama breaks Rule No. 2,714 of The Spoiler Code. But I can give you three clues about Sunday’s very intense “Six Minutes.” 1) All the action takes place inside the prison where Seward is awaiting his death sentence. 2) Holder shows up with a case of beer in his car. 3) The pas de deux between Linden and Seward covers almost every color in the gamut of human emotions. (Yes, have your Kleenex handy.)

Question: I need something on The Fosters, like, now. Obsessed. —Vona
Ausiello: The Aug. 5 finale features resolution for a number of “love triangles and love squares,” teases co-star Maia Mitchell, who adds, “There’s [also] a huge cliffhanger to do with my character. Something pretty big happens. And something big happens between Lena and Stef, too.”

Question: Is there any chance Covert Affairs will bring back Eyal this season? I just love his character so much. —Ashley
Ausiello: There’s a rock-solid chance, actually. Exec producer Matt Corman tells TVLine, “It’s safe to say [Oded Fehr's spy] will return, it’s just a question as to when. And we want that to kind of be a secret.”

Invasion2Question: Grey’s Anatomy started production on Season 10 last week, so I’m guessing you have some scoop for us, right? —Danielle
Ausiello: Can’t get anything past you, Dani. Noted extraterrestrial magnet Veronica Cartwright (Alien, The X-Files, Invasion) will appear in Grey’s Anatomy‘s two-hour season premiere on Sept. 26 as… beats the bejesus out of me. But she joins a guest star roster that also includes Bobby Campo (aka Max on Syfy’s Being Human) and Heather Hemmens (Hellcats).

Question: I know it’s super early, but is there anything you can tell me about the next season of Mad Men? I really want Peggy and Don to come to some kind of understanding. – Hayley
Ausiello: And I really want Megan to take a gig in a Siberian summerstock production of Waiting for Godot 2: Waiting… and Waiting… and Waiting…, but we can’t always get what we want. After all, as Elisabeth Moss tells TVLine, the end-of-the-season scene where Peggy calls her mentor a “monster” was pretty tough. “We’ve had so many arguments, Peggy and Don. We’ve been through a lot. There’s been a lot of ups and downs,” Moss says. “But that moment, to me, was her lowest with him. Whatever they’ve been through, this thing really broke her heart. She really sees him for who he is in that moment and really is incredibly disillusioned for the first time.” Which means Don probably isn’t getting a World’s Best Boss mug when the series returns for Season 7.

Question: Mad Men! Anything! Give it to me! – Derek
Ausiello: How about this? Emmy nominee Linda Cardellini was as surprised as you were about the way Bob Benson’s storyline played out. “I wouldn’t let [show creator and executive producer] Matt Weiner show me the [last two episodes] or tell me about [them],” Cardellini tells TVLine. “He invited me to the read-throughs, and I said, ‘No, I don’t want to know what happens.’” So… what did she think? “The amazing thing about it is, it all makes sense, but it was never in a million years what I would have predicted. And I thought James [Wolk] as Bob Benson – he was so great, because he did nothing but be affable and nice,” she says, laughing. “And nobody trusted him!”

jakeariaQuestion: How about some Pretty Little Liars scoop on Jake and Aria? —Jasmine
Ausiello: Jake “rides back into Rosewood” in next week’s episode, confirms exec producer Oliver Goldstick, “and their romance heats up by the latter half of the season.” He adds that the Ezra/Aria/Jake imbroglio is “a real triangle by the finale. There will be a turn of events in Ezra’s life, too, that may change his relationship with Aria. We’re editing the penultimate episode right now, which I wrote, and in it you’ll get to see Ryan Guzman show his fancy dance moves. We have a great Footloose/Urban Cowboy episode where he gets to let loose. You’ll see why Aria’s drawn in that direction.”

Question: On The Newsroom, will we be seeing any follow-up to the site hacking/death-threats-against-Will storyline from last season?  My guess is the loss of the board from last week is connected to it, but there’s a distinct lack of Terry Crews… so will we learn why? —Tom Charles
Ausiello: Possibly, but not in the next two episodes. The question you should be asking, though, is: Why should I care about Neal’s silly Occupy Wall Street storyline? And the answer to that one is: It ties in (in a surprising way) to this season’s overarching “Operation Genoa” storyline.

Question: How much time will have passed when Orphan Black‘s second season starts? —Geoffrey
Ausiello: Not much. “We pick up very quickly from where we left off at the end of Season 1,” exec producer John Fawcett tells TVLine. “Kira has been taken. It’s very difficult to not go, ‘OK, what do we do next? Kira’s gone!’ The presumption is we have to begin right there.” Adds fellow EP Graeme Manson: “There’s no ‘Two Years Later’ and Sarah’s living a bucolic life on a farm.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, HIMYM, NCIS, Nashville, Castle, True Blood, Glee and More

July 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: I will take anything you have on Bones. The little I have heard about the season has me truly intrigued.  —Cassidy
Ausiello: The first Bones Season 9 spoiler has arrived — and it’s an Ask Ausiello exclusive! According to a little birdie, the Sept. 16 opener is titled “The Secrets in the Proposal.” What does it mean?!?! Allow Stephen “Little Birdie” Nathan to explain: “We want to continue exploring how Booth and Brennan adjust after their ill-fated proposal and the secret Booth is forced to keep. Secrets will be a theme we keep alive — and dead (we are a murder show after all) — in the episode.”

Question: Any scoop on what season 5 of Glee will bring? —Alicia
Ausiello: At least three new female recurring characters, including African-American McKinley newbie Ruby, and twentysomethings Julie and Ryan. Interestingly, actresses auditioning for Ryan must be able to sing and play guitar. Potential portrayers of Julie just need to be cute and quirky.

Question: How sure are you about “The Locket” being the title of the How I Met Your Mother season premiere? –Babar
Ausiello: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so sure and 10 being exec producer Carter Bays has since released a photo of the premiere script with the words “The Locket” emblazoned at the top confirming my earlier scoop, um… I’ll give it a 10.

Question: Got anything How I Met Your Mother-related for us? —Rebecca
Ausiello: Episodes 2 and 3 are titled “Coming Back” and “The Broken Code,” respectively. (And yes, Babar, I’m sure.)

Question: I am so thrilled that Falling Skies wound up renewed! Any scoop to add to my celebration? –Chelsea
Ausiello: Try this casting item on for size: Jennifer Ferrin (The Following) guest-stars in the July 21 episode…. as Tom’s wife. Also, are you eagle-eyed enough to spy Doug Jones in the same episode out of his Cochise get-up?

Question: As a desperate White Collar fangirl could you please tell me any scoop about it? —Ellie13
Ausiello: Prepare to hose yourself down, because if you ever wanted to see Neal dressed as a fireman, this season’s sixth episode will satisfy your… curiosity.

TBQuestion: I saw the Ben/Warlow twist coming a mile away on True Blood, but I’m still intrigued by the storyline. Any intel on this Sunday’s episode? —Cathy
Ausiello: This week, you’ll learn a whole lot more about exactly how the rare fairy vampire came into existence. Plus, it will make a bit more sense why Sookie waited until after she and her latest suitor were half naked before revealing that she knew his true identity.

Question: Any scoop you can give us on Pam and Tara’s love/hate relationship on True Blood? — Ashley
Ausiello: Oh, c’mon. Even though the language they use is often hateful, you know their relationship is really more of a love/love sort. And in this week’s episode, Tara makes a biiig sacrifice that proves it yet again.

Question: Any NCIS tidbits to share on the new season? —Cheryl
Ausiello: There’s some serious WTF?! buzz surrounding the CBS smash’s Sept. 24 premiere, and here’s why: The episode is titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.” (Trend alert: This is the third instance in recent memory of an hour-long drama using this expression as an episode title, following Scandal and The Good Wife.) Maybe the title is a nod to the insane workload dropped on the desk of the I.T. department’s newest hire Ozzy, a towering figure who’s tasked with digging up information on an intruder and tracking down a potential hacker.

Question: Any news on whether or not Lana Parrilla will be on Once Upon A Time panel at Comic-Con? –Callie
Ausiello: Speak of the devil.. er, Evil Queen. Though Parrilla was not among the first batch of RSVPs, I have just learned that thanks to a bit of “hocus pocus,” she will materialize at the panel after all.

Question: Any details on when and how Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah will resurface on Dexter? —Caroline
Ausiello: Dex’s killer ex returns around midseason in what exec producer Sara Colleton calls “a very interesting way,” adding, “These two people were like magnets, and sometimes that can be attractive, sometimes that can be repulsive. But it will definitely be part of Dexter’s emotional journey to experiencing what being a human being is all about.”

Question: You’ve been conspicuously quiet about Castle Season 6. You holding out on us? —Charlie
Ausiello: Me? Never. The show is casting a handful of new agents detectives who I’m guessing will be Beckett’s new D.C.-based colleagues in the U.S. Attorney General’s office. One of them — a character named Matt, who’s intelligent and driven — will recur, so either Kate’s putting down roots in the nation’s capital or this guy’s going to follow her back to the Big Apple or… I’m talking out of my ass. It’s one of those, I swear!

hookQuestion: Are the rumors true about Once Upon a Time introducing Tinker Bell? —Bonnie
Ausiello: I’ll answer that question by describing to you the new character of Violet and letting you draw your own conclusions. How about that? Vi is a mischievous twentysomething whose penchant for troublemaking belies the heart of a true survivor. (Interesting side note, especially for Hook if she is Tinkerbell: She never lets a slight go unpunished!)

Question: Mistresses isn’t going to waste Gary Dourdan’s hotness by relegating him to a generic “insurance investigator” role, right? —April (not the Mistresses character)
Ausiello: First, the bad news: The former CSI star’s latest alter-ego won’t suddenly reveal he’s moonlighting as a hired assassin or a highly paid gigolo — so “insurance investigator” will have to sate your appetite. The good news, however, is that Dourdan’s Anthony Newsome will try to shift his relationship with Karen from professional/adversarial to personal/friendly (ahem). All he’ll need is a floodlight, a security camera and a glass of wine. As for whether she’ll be game for his affections…we’re talking about Karen, summer’s hottest TV mess. You do the math.

Question: Thanks for the Nashville scoop last week. I’m a greedy bastard, so please gimme more! —Tara
Ausiello: We almost lost Rayna! It’s true. We’ll learn in the season premiere that she nearly perished in the finale’s cheesetacular car accident, but the silver lining is the near-death experience sent her album sales soaring. Jump ahead several months to the opener and her career’s still on an upswing and she’s the apple in the eye of her label’s new top exec, the very good looking and incredibly charming Jeff. You thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking these two crazy kids are going to mix in a little pleasure with their business.

Question: Any scoop on Hart of Dixie? —Cornelia
Ausiello: The premiere, titled “Southern Comfort Zone,” will introduce two new recurring characters. One is Joel, a quintessential New York artist who passes through Bluebell to get some inspiration for his latest book and becomes enamored with the small town’s charms. The other’s Lynly, Lavon’s spoiled, cluless cousin who arrives to town in the hopes of mending her broken heart. News flash: Girlfriend’s not as dumb as she lets on.

Question: Production of Season 5 of Vampire Diaries officially started this week. I realize its a tad early but is there a way we can find out how much Delena sexiness is shippers can expect in the premiere!? —Ana
Ausiello: Can’t help you on the Delena front, but there’s buzz that the show is casting a male doctor who knows alllllll of Damon’s secrets.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Parenthood, Nashville, Once, Walking Dead, Girl Meets World and More!

July 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: Do you have anything on Season 5 of Parenthood? —Austin
Ausiello: A third party is going to create some tension in Julia and Joel’s marriage, and — shocker! — it’s not one of their irrepressible demon spawn! (I josh, I josh. I love those fire-breathing monsters… like a cold sore.) When the action picks up (after a somewhat sizeable time jump), Joel is in the midst of working on a two-year project with a fireball of an architect named Meredith (new recurring character alert!). Everything’s copasetic until Mer joins Joel and Julia for dinner and inadvertently makes former legal eagle Julia feel crappy about being a stay-at-home mom. What’s more, Julia starts to view her hubby’s new work wife as a threat. (I think we all know where this is going… ) In other Parenthood news, Sarah is going to pull an Amanda Woodward and become the manager of an apartment building, and Matt Lauria’s back as Ryan — at least in the Sept. 26 premiere — when Amber visits him at an Army base.

governorQuestion: Is there any chance there will be flashbacks showing the Governor’s origin story on The Walking Dead? And if so, might Milton make an appearance? I’m really heartbroken over his death. — Jessenika 
Ausiello: The Governor’s origin story, which I imagine would have to include his former ally Milt, seems like a golden story opportunity for new showrunner Scott Gimple — especially since David Morrissey is back as a regular in Season 4. But I honestly have no idea if it’s in the cards. The show could just as easily wind up being too busy with new recurring characters like Laura, a single mom and ex-nurse who isn’t quite as strong as she first appears; Melody, a “just one of the guys” kinda gal in her 20s; and Don, who sounds like Hershel, if Hershel were crankier and two-legged.

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? Will Tyler be back this season? Thanks! — Mary Kate
Ausiello: Tyler who? There’s nothing like a cute older college boy to make you temporarily forget the show’s MIA hybrid hunk. That’s what happens when Caroline meets Jesse, a hot, smart, confident and disarmingly sweet upperclassman at Whitmore. Among the other fresh faces in the season opener: smartypants Megan, who attends Mystic Falls High’s 1950s dance and attempts to charm the pants off Jeremy, and Eastern European beauty Nadia, who crosses paths with Matt and Rebekah at a Prague bar — and comes on to both of them?! — before delivering an ominous warning to Stefan about The Originals.

Question: Will you make this holiday weekend even better with a scoop on Melissa & Joey? I’m thinking something might finally happen between them in the coming weeks! –Brigid
Ausiello: I hear things get “cozy” between them as they visit Joe’s family in the July 31 season finale and have to share a room. Get your mind out of the gutter; they’re probably just gonna bump nasties.

grimmQuestion: I assume you collect your information through a secret army of Smurf spies. You can deny it all you want, but have any of your adorable blue minions learned whether Nick’s mom will return in Grimm‘s third season? I’ll send them a special treat (discreetly, of course) for any intel on the subject. —Abby
Ausiello: Per TVLine’s new editorial assistant, Spoiler Smurf, the show is trying to reel Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio back in, but the busy actress-mother isn’t biting. Not yet anyway.

Question: Do you have any info on who will be Peter Pan in next season’s Once Upon a Time? —Wolf
Ausiello: As we previously reported, the producers are hoping to keep the casting of Peter Pan under wraps — maybe with an eye on a big Comic-Con reveal? But while on the subject of Neverland, the ABC drama is also filling the heavily recurring role of Rufio, aka the teenage leader of the Lost Boys. The character, per lore, is described as forever youthful, mischievous and harboring a penchant for clever games — but behind his playful façade lurks a petulant child twisted enough to destroy anyone who crosses his path. King Joffrey, call your agent!

Question: Plz plz plz let me know when Once Upon a Time Season 3 starts! I’m addicted to this series and can’t wait to find out what happens next. –Logan
Ausiello: ABC — the last broadcaster to announce its fall premiere dates — isn’t in any rush to do so, so instead can I placate you with a plum piece of  scoop? Sources tell me that Robin Hood will resurface in Season 3, but will be played by a different, yet-to-be-cast actor, seeing as Tom Ellis (Merlin) isn’t available for a recurring run. Who’s your pick to “rob” Ellis of his role? Anyone know what Matt Smith’s up to these days?

Question: Any chance Fred will put in an appearance this season on Drop Dead Diva? —Christy
Ausiello: Exec producer Josh Berman says he’s trying to “make that work,” adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him again.” In the meantime, Berman teases that the angel’s ex, Stacy, “may find someone that [fans] love even more than Fred… I think you’ll be surprised where Stacy’s life goes this season.”

nashvilleQuestion: Any hints on Nashville Season 2? —JJ
Ausiello: How about some intel on two new females bound for Music City? The first, Zoey, is Scarlett’s childhood best friend who wants to make it as a singer. She’ll take the blonde’s old waitressing gig at The Bluebird. The second, Layla, is the winner of an American Idol-type music competition who’s so driven to be a country star that she downplays her Northeastern roots, high level of education and stable family life. This youngin’ (she’s about 20) comes across as sweet at first, but her darker side will show itself over time. Both roles are heavy recurring… which makes me think Juliette might want to release her follow-up single real fast.

Question: Do you have anything for Girl Meets World? —Sefket
Ausiello: Will Freidle is returning… maybe. The Biggest Show in Disney Channel History is casting a cousin for new leading tween Riley, and the smart money is on Cory’s big brother Eric being the parent.

Question: How long until Sarah reunites with Jason on True Blood?! ‘Cause I know it’s going to happen! —Terry
Ausiello: Twelve days to be exact. In the July 14 episode, Anna Camp’s much-missed Ms. Newlin “reconnects” with her ex-lover, per HBO. In that same episode, Sookie seeks Lafayette’s help in summoning her dead parents, and Eric and Tara go to desperate, drastic lengths to rescue Pam.

Question: What’s the latest on a possible Dexter spin-off? I’m not ready to let go! —David
Ausiello: The latest is it’s not happening at the moment. “We are so focused on finishing the series up before we overstay our welcome that spin-offs are the very last thing on anybody’s mind,” exec producer Sara Colleton tells TVLine. “We just want to use every bit of emotional and physical energy [on the final season].” Bonus Scoop: The Shield‘s Kenny Johnson makes his debut as formidable U.S. Marshall Cooper in dexterEpisode 8. “I can’t really tell anything because it will tip stuff that starts happening,” Colleton says of his character, who is hired by Sean Patrick Flanery’s P.I. Jacob Elway to hunt down an infamous criminal. “We were so thrilled that we were ever able to get an actor of his caliber for this three or four-episode arc. He’s fabulous, and it’s a wonderful [role].”

Question: Anything on Dexter?! How will it end? —Deb
Ausiello: With a trip to the hospital. According to sources, the penultimate episode features a slew of medical personnel, including an emergency room doctor, a surgeon, two nurses, two paramedics and a hospital security guard. A major character’s life would have to be in jeopardy to warrant hiring seven guest stars, right? (Somewhere Laguerta’s like, “All I got was an effen’ bench!”)

Question: For the love of Snapple, Smurfs and that is all holy, where is the Rookie Blue scoop? —Tia
Ausiello: ‘Memba Mitovich telling you in Inside Line about a big episode coming up later this season featuring the return of one of the ABC drama’s past (and most dangerous) villains? Well, per leading man Gregory Smith, Charlotte Sullivan’s Gail figures smack dab in the middle of it. “It’s an incredible episode for Gail,” he previews. “It’s a very traumatic experience for Gail, where she really has to rise to the occasion.”

Question: Hey, fairy good father — have you any info on the remaining episodes of Under the Dome? —Karim S
Ausiello: First off, how dare you call me a father? Secondly, according to the so-handsome-it-hurts-my-self-esteem Mike Vogel, “By Episode 11 vogelit starts getting deep. It’s a town in turmoil. The dome is a device; it’s a fishbowl. You put a bunch of fish in the bowl and you start banging on the glass to see how they react, you’re going to have fish that eat other fish, you’re going to have fish that protect those about to eaten, and while all this is happening, there’s a whole world on the outside. Barbie thinks he’s off the hook on some things, and then another can of worms gets opened up. They’ve done a great job putting the pedal down and driving it all the way through the end of the season. Each of these last few episodes that we have just get crazier and crazier.” Bonus Scoop: If you’re hankering for Angie to break free from Junior’s clutches… bad news. The episodic photos for July 7 show her very much still in captivity. (Ugh)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on HIMYM, Criminal Minds, Mad Men, Dexter, Psych, True Blood and More!

June 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: I am dying for some scoop on How I Met Your Mother. I’ll take whatever you can give me. —Steph
Ausiello: Rumor has it the ninth and final season premiere is tellingly titled “The Locket,” and will introduce a potentially new female character with ties to… Marshall! Camille, described as an African-American or Latina female in her 30s or 40s, is seated next to Lily’s other half on a flight from Minnesota > NYC. She becomes so annoyed with Marshal’s erratic behavior that a confrontation ensues and they are both escorted off the plane prior to take-off. My question for you guys: Who’s this Camille chick, really, and what does she want with Marshall?

Question: Do you know if you’re moderating any Comic-Con panels yet? You always do a great job at moderating. Your interviews at the TVLine suite are also awesome. —Cassidy
Ausiello: Sadly, there will be no moderating for me this year. There’s simply not enough time. My duties roaming the convention floor in a Papa Smurf costume at the TVLine interview suite preclude me from partaking in many extracurricular activities — save, of course, for my annual Aushole gathering (the details of which will be forthcoming and awesome). Speaking of Comic-Con, check out our handy master list of all the TV shows making the trek to San Diego next month. Bookmark it and refresh it at least 32 times a day.

Question: I want a Dexter spoiler in Ask Aussielo today! —John
Ausiello: And you think by butchering the spelling of my name you’re going to get one? [Sigh] Before Dexter signs off for good later this summer, viewers will see a whole new side of Masuka. “He gets visited by his past,” previews his portrayer, C.S. Lee. “It’s a very interesting premise.” Elsewhere, TVLine’s Megan Masters ran into Yvonne Strahovski at last week’s Dexter premiere and lightly grilled her about Hannah’s mysterious return. “Basically, I’m allowed to tease nothing,” the Chuck MVP demurred, before going on to tease pretty much everything. “But the question is, how and in what fashion does Hannah come back? And what method does she use to reintroduce herself into Dexter’s crazy life? And what motivates her? Is it going to be love or revenge?”

Question: I’m curious — will The Originals‘ premiere be a new episode or a reworked version of the planted pilot? –Maki
Ausiello: Those attending the Vampire Diaries spin-off’s San Diego Comic-Con panel will get to see a slightly different cut of the planted pilot, but the Oct. 15 series premiere is very much an all-new episode.

The PactQuestion: Do you by any chance have any scoop on the upcoming season of Criminal Minds? I’ll take anything! Thanks! —Rachel  L.
Ausiello: To quote Indiana Jones, why did it have to be snakes? In “The Inspiration,” the kickoff to the two-part season opener, our heroes chase down a serial killer whose obsession with his ex results in abduction, torture and murder. Even worse, his day-to-day involves not only the worst mother this side of Norma Bates, but snakes and/or praying mantises (praying mantii?). Bonus Scoop: Minds is casting a “tough as nails” female police sergeant to lead the manhunt for this psychopath.

Question: Any Downton Abbey scoop? —Billy
Ausiello: The Season 4 finale/Christmas special will be “very different” from the tragic Season 3 climax that felled poor Matthew, per exec producer Gareth Neame. “The [Season 1 finale] was really different from the second, and the second one was very different [from the third],” he adds. “What we have planned for this year is a very different scenario.”

Question: Do you think the final shot of this season’s Mad Men finale means that Don is finally going to tell his children the whole truth about who he is? —Aubrey
Ausiello: That’s a tough one; Draper bringing his kids to the cathouse where he was raised is one thing; confessing that he’s essentially a criminal is another. And series creator Matthew Weiner isn’t much help on the topic. He acknowledges that the children’s lack of information on their dad – highlighted by Sally’s family-tree project and the Grandma Ida break-in – “has always been a tension in the show.” He adds, “Even if he tells Megan his secret and Betty knows it and Pete knows it, those children don’t. At what point are they going to ask? And will he ever tell them?” And then, much like his main character, Weiner pulled a Don Draper and clammed up on the subject.

Question: I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. The highlight of Saturday Night Live‘s season for me was when they did the GoT sketch and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau showed up. Any chance he’ll host in the near future? – Aaron K.
Ausiello: If he does, he won’t go in cold – the actor once hosted a similar sketch comedy show in his native Denmark – but he notes that the Studio 8H experience “was quite something to see” and that he was honored by the Westeros-themed game show skit. “The whole sketch came out of [the writers] being huge fans. They were poking fun at themselves, which was cool.” His one regret? Not surviving the sketch without cracking up at host Zach Galifianakis. “In all the three rehearsals we had before, I didn’t make it through,” Coster-Waldau says, laughing. “And I only had two lines!”

Question: I was wondering if you had anything on Rookie Blue? —Gina
Ausiello: The July 18 episode, titled “Poison Pill,” ranks among Gregory Smith’s all-time favorites. “It’s classic, vintage Dov, trying to think three steps ahead and missing Step 1 and getting himself into a lot of trouble,” Smith tells TVLine. “It’s a really fun storyline and a great episode all around.” Further down the line, the actor promises that the summer sleeper’s two-part finale — the first hour of which he directed — “is going to blow people’s minds.”

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Welcome to Briarcliff -- Episode 201 (Season Premiere, Wednesday, October 17, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: Lily Rabe as Sister Eunice -- CR: Michael Yarish/FXQuestion: I would love some scoop on American Horror Story: Coven if you have any. With that many talented actresses in the mix, there have to be character details by now! —Kevin
Ausiello: All Lily Rabe would divulge is that her new alter ego is 1) “nothing like Nora or Mary Eunice from the first two seasons,” and 2) she’ll definitely be working with Kathy Bates. (“I’m a big fan of hers,” she raved. “I can’t wait.”) She also dropped this mind-blowing* morsel: “She’s not a nun.”

Question: Do you have absolutely anything on Maggie Lawson’s involvement in Season 8 of Psych? So excited for Back in the Game but knowing she might be absent in some episodes makes me both sad and curious to how they are playing it out! —Lyss
Ausiello: As of now, she’s committed to appearing in at least five of Season 8′s potential 13 episodes — the key words there being “at least.” That number could very well increase, particularly if it turns out to be Psych‘s final season.

Question: So I’m really getting into Mistresses, and went to do a little cast research on IMDb. Well, Alyssa Milano is only listed for six episodes while the rest of the main ladies are listed for 13 episodes. Is she only doing a six-episode stint? —Stephanie
Ausiello: Pshaw… was the sound exec producer Rina Mimoun made when I forwarded her your email. “No, Alyssa’s in all 13,” she quickly wrote back, adding, “We would never deprive the world of more Milano!”

Question: The previews for next week’s Mistresses show Joss in the shower with Alex. Is that a fantasy sequence? Also, after those kitchen scenes, is it weird that I kind of want Joss to hook up with her hot brother-in-law? – Marnie
Ausiello: Let me put it this way: Joss’ bathroom isn’t filling up with steam all by itself next Monday. In other words, the Joss-Alex pas de deux is real — and it’s spectacular for both parties. As for the second (and deeply twisted) half of your question, sometimes a giant cucumber is just a giant cucumber. (Except for when Joss is using it to make suggestive gestures at Harry.)

Question: Do you have any Drop Dead Diva scoop on my favorite lawyer non-couple Jane/Deb and Grayson? —Tiffany
Ausiello: Series creator Josh Berman says the truth about Jane/Deb is fast becoming a moot point for the still-in-the-dark Grayson. “I don’t know if he even cares anymore that Jane is Deb in the sense that I think he’s falling for Jane as Jane, not Jane as Deb,” notes DDD‘s boss. “That being said, there may be some twists and turns coming up that will shock him.” Also, if you liked last Sunday’s premiere then you’re going to love this week’s second episode, which brings the Old Jane-New Jane rivalry to a head. “It’s my favorite episode I’ve ever written and maybe one of the best ones we’ve ever executed,” declares Berman. “They actually have to work together to save someone’s life. It’s so fun watching the body swapping at its best with these two people. Two souls that really have nothing in common except that they have each been in the same body. Watching them interact is so much fun.”

true bloodQuestion: Two episodes into True Blood‘s new season, and there’s no sign of Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin. What gives? —Jonathan
The bitch is back this Sunday and has a “very tense” reunion with her estranged gay vampire ex Steve, teases his portrayer Michael McMillian, who says viewers “will get some insight into what happened in their marriage during Seasons 3 and 4… They have some unfinished business.” Bonus Scoop: Back on June 6, Camp tweeted from the True Blood set that she was in the midst of the “craziest day of work I’ve ever had… and I projectile vomited in Pitch Perfect.” Well, I hear things got so nuts that the actress ended up in the hospital with a bruised noggin! It was just a precaution and she’s totally fine, but still… Makes me wonder what the hell was going on.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Orphan Black, Glee, The Americans, Parenthood, Bunheads and More!

June 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: Thrilled about Tatiana Maslany’s Critics Choice win! Any chance you coaxed some Orphan Black scoop out of her (and don’t tell me you didn’t speak to her — I’m armed with evidence that says you did.) —Missy
Oh, Tat and I had a nice long talk Monday night (yes, we’re at the stage in our relationship where she lets me call her Tat. Deal with it.) Our chat mostly consisted of me gushing about her work and finalizing details of our cross-country road trip in August. I left the scoop-hoarding to TVLine’s Vlada Gelman, who grilled the native Canadian on the red carpet about one of Orphan Black‘s most enduring mysteries: Why the heck did Sarah abandon Kira in the first place?I think she left because she didn’t know how to be a mother,” explains Maslany. “She just can’t handle that responsibility. For her, she’s always hustled and manipulated. That’s what she knows. And to have a little baby who’s reliant on her is the scariest thing that could ever happen to Sarah. I think she was in a relationship that led her down a road she wanted to get away from.” Speaking of which, who’s the daddy? Teases the actress: “[That] is a mystery still to be solved.”

masters of sex reviewQuestion: Thoughts on Showtime’s Masters of Sex? Really looking forward to it.—Carol
Ausiello: Loved it. Best pilot since Mad Men. I didn’t want it to end. Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are sensational. Set aside the evening of Sunday, Sept. 29 now. Trust me. I’ve never led you astray.

Question: Please tell me Bunheads will be back for a second season. The pins and needles are starting to hurt. —Amanda
Ausiello: Breaking news directly from consulting producer Dan Palladino: The show’s still on the bubble. “There’s no official word,” AS-P’s other half tells me. “But if Bunheads is not renewed, Amy and I are going to force Sutton Foster to work with us again, at gunpoint if necessary.”

Question: Considering Vanessa Lengies’ ABC pilot Mixology got picked up, safe to assume we’ve seen the last of Sugar on Glee? —Kendall
You know what they say about people who assume, Kendall — they’re usually right. Except in this instance. “Glee‘s going to start back at the end of July and Mixology starts filming the end of August, so there’s a window where Sugar can come back for a bit,” Lengies tells TVLine. “Who knows what the schedule will look like later? It’s really not up to me. But if it was, I would love to do both. I love Glee so much. It’s such a fun opportunity for me to be crazy and weird.”

white collarQuestion: Is there anything concrete yet about Hilarie Burton returning to White Collar? Not that I don’t love the idea of Bridget Regan wooing Neal, too! —Lanie
Ausiello: A White Collar source tells me “there’s discussion about bringing Sara back” but nothing is 100 percent official just yet. My gut says there will be something official in the next couple weeks.

Question: Any plans for Jack McBrayer’s Dr. Goodwin to return to The Middle next season? —Dave
Ausiello: Yes, indeed. Exec producer Eileen Heisler says the 30 Rock vet will be back for “four episodes at least” as Frankie’s new boss. Heisler also assures us that even though Axl is going off to college, Charlie McDermott will “still be around” in Season 5. “It gives us a lot of fun storylines with how Brick and Mike deal with [his absence], with how Axl deals with it.”

Question: Do you have anything on next season of Parenthood? I’m dying to know what’s going to happen next for the Bravermans. – Austin
Ausiello: Critics Choice victor Monica Potter suspects Season 5 will find a cancer-free Kristina in a much happier place. “I’m going to try to cry a lot less,” she says with a laugh. “[EP Jason Katims] and I talked a little bit. All he said was that it’s going to be another exciting year for Kristina. So that’s a good thing.”

Question: I’m addicted to Mistresses, primarily because the cast is so nice to look at. Please tell me Karen’s psychiatrist colleague Jacob will rear his handsome head again. —Dennis
Ausiello: ABC brass would need their heads examined — though maybe not by the increasingly unhinged Karen — to waste an actor with a jaw as square and eyes as penetrating as Matthew Del Negro (Rizzoli & Isles, United States of Tara) on a throwaway role. Lucky for you (and everyone else), Jacob returns next week to party with three of our four central ladies. And would it shock you to hear that after a cocktail or two, he winds up uttering the line, “Let’s spend the night together”?

Question: How long will April freeze out Savi on Mistresses? I really dig the female camaraderie more than any other aspect of the show, so I’m hoping the fight doesn’t drag on too long. —Jasmine
Ausiello: First, the bad news: That baby-mama drama involving April’s late hubby isn’t going away, and her potential romance with hot dad Richard is about to hit another snag. The good news: When life hands you lemons, sometimes you need to get together with your BFF and make a batch of very strong lemon drops (or, OK, if it’s getting too close to bedtime, a nice pot of tea with fresh lemon). In other words, expect an April-Savi truce before the credits roll on Episode 3.

hayley the originalsQuestion: Klaroline shipper here. Please assure me that we’re not going to be forced to endure a full-fledged Klaus-Hayley romance on The Originals. —Kim
Ausiello: Why don’t I let exec producer Julie Plec assure you instead: “Hayley is, by no means, the Cinderella in the Klaus love story. Hayley is a girl who’s pretty tough, fiery, independent … a survivor in her own right who got drunk, had sex and got knocked up. She’s going to have her own journey. She’s not really meant to be a threat to Klaus’ love life.”

Question: Switched at Birth! Scoop! Go! —Val
Ausiello: Sounds like Daphne’s new love interest, Barista Jace, is going to be a bit of a slow burn. “They start off a little hesitant,” Katie Leclerc tells us. “We haven’t fully developed our relationship yet. There’s just been sort of a, ‘Oh, you’re cute.’ ‘Oh, you’re cute.’ Sparks fly.” As for Noah, he hasn’t popped up in the summer vacation episodes yet, but as Vanessa Marano points out, “He still goes to [Carlton High],” so a return is possible once class is back in session.

Question: I’d love anything you have on Pretty Little Liars. —Estee
Ausiello: Expect to see a lot more of the ‘rents this season. As exec producer Marlene King previews, “‘A’ decides that he or she has not been able to divide and conquer the Liars as desired. So, in addition to targeting them, ‘A’ is really going to put targets on the backs of their parents. They’re all under A’s thumb because of it. A big part of the mystery revolves around the Marin family.” Bonus PLL Scoop: The show is casting the recurring role of Travis, a high school-aged gas station employee who possesses a “reserved and rugged” quality and a “solid and moral” center. Which gal do you think will ding his bell?

Question: So I’ve been diggin’ The Goodwin Games. But it’s DOA, right? Fox has buried it in between repeats. I’m disappointed. —Jill
Ausiello: Yep, totally dead. And I agree with you Jill, it’s an amusing little show. It’s certainly not as bad as the pre-debut buzz seemed to suggest. (Note to Fox: Feel free to use that quote in commercials when promoting the final episodes.)

Question: What’s this I hear about Community not being on the Emmy ballot for best comedy series? Get to the bottom of this, Aus! —Greg
Ausiello: A Sony rep assures me that the omission was just “a little tech glitch,” one that has now been corrected — the show’s back on the ballot. (Spoiler Alert: This will prove to be a moot point come July 18.)

Question: I’m a diehard fan of True Blood and I have one very burning question: Is this in fact going to be the final season of the show? ‘Cause all the promotion seems to suggest it will be. —Kenn
Ausiello: It’s absolutely, positively not the final season of the show. It’s got one, maybe two more seasons left in it.

the americans season 2Question: Any scoop on The Americans? I know it’s early, so I will literally take anything you have. —Jessica
Ausiello: Elizabeth and Phillip will face a major homegrown threat in Season 2 — as in literally inside their home. “There’s going to be a lot of Paige in Season 2,” teases exec producer Joe Weisberg of the couple’s teen daughter, who was last seen closing in on her parents’ secret. “That [moment] was not just a one-off. It’s not just ‘Paige got suspicious and looked in the basement.’ There’s going to be a lot of Paige thinking about her parents, and parents thinking about Paige.” And in case there was any question, Elizabeth and Phillip will once again be living under the same roof when the show returns. “He’s moving back in,” Weisberg confirms. “Elizabeth said in the finale, ‘Come home.’ And he’s been waiting for her.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Megan Masters and Michael Slezak)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, PLL, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Carrie Diaries and More!

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: Help! I need a Season 6 Castle scoop! —Marine
Ausiello: And I need you to dial it back a notch! Although Season 5 — Rick and Kate’s first as a couple — hit such memorable milestones as their first Christmas together and Valentine’s Day, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe tells TVLine, “There are a couple of really, really big, juicy and interesting moments” he was not able to get to, but still hopes to cover. Without detailing said moments, he explains, “We feel like next season is the proper time to tap them, if we’re going to be honest and true to this relationship and the complications that often come into play.”

Question: If Beckett takes the job in D.C. on Castle, what happens to our favorite precinct guys, Ryan and Esposito? —LEP
Ausiello: They’d stay put. ”The precinct doesn’t go [with her],” Tamala Jones, who plays Lanie, notes. “I think [Kate] would still help from D.C., or wherever she was. But I hope she doesn’t take the job. What’s Lanie going to do without Beckett in the same [city]? I don’t think Lanie would like that!”

Hell on WheelsQuestion: I don’t recall ever seeing Hell on Wheels mentioned in your column, but there are some people (like me) who really like it. So… got any Season 3 scoop? —Maggie
Ausiello: Sounds like someone didn’t bother reading the June 5, 2012 edition of Ask Ausiello. (Awkward!) Anywhoo…. the POTUS is joining Season 3 for a multi-episode arc! The show is currently looking for a “name” actor to portray former general and future president Ulysses S. Grant. The cagey politico comes to town to make Cullen (Anson Mount) an unexpected offer.

Question: Got anything on The Carrie Diaries? —Eugene
Ausiello: Carrie‘s going to be looking a lot Sexier in Season 2 now that the show is introducing a pre- Kim Cattrall Samantha, who is described in the casting breakdown as ballsy and confident with a wicked sense of humor and a don’t-screw-with-me attitude. When we meet her she’s working the velvet rope at a downtown nightclub. Oh, and the role will be a series regular, so Sammy Jo is sticking around.

Question: Where in the world are Game of Thrones‘ Brienne and Jaime? After what happened last week, I’m gonna need them to be in Sunday’s season finale. – Art
Ausiello: We recently asked Nikolaj Coster-Waldau what was up with his alter ego, and though he stayed true to the cast’s cagey nature regarding future plot points, he was damn charming while doing it. “After the bear, [Gwendoline Christie and I] had to take a breather,” he joked. “That took too much out of us.” And when we pressed about whether he could say if Jaime would be in King’s Landing by the end of the season, he replied, “I guess I can….” But he singlehandedly (see what I did there?) won us back when he confirmed that Season 4 of the HBO epic will begin shooting next month.

Question: Any news on The Walking Dead? —Sebastian
Ausiello: Next season’s fourth episode is titled “Indifference” and will introduce us to two new survivors, Jack and Erin. Both are in their 20s and described as easygoing and “extremely thin.” Jack’s a bit of a joker, while Erin walks through life with rose-colored glasses.

suitsQuestion: I am so excited for the new seasons of Suits and Covert Affairs, and was hoping for any spoilers on Mike/Rachel, Mike/Harvey or Annie/Auggie. –Tiffany
Ausiello: I choose Column A! Mike and Rachel’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner-esque sit-down with her parents, which Meghan Markle first told us about, will come with all the requisite awkwardness and grilling one might expect. But just how uncomfortable is it? I’m hearing that race and dead parents are brought up! Thankfully, Rachel’s mom is there to play peacekeeper — and to ask her daughter if she loves Mike. (Two guesses on Rachel’s answer?) Bonus Suits Scoop free-of-charge: The show is on the prowl for an actress to play mom to Gina Torres’ Jessica. Mrs. Pearson is beautiful, strong and powerful, but much warmer and much more accessible than Jessica. (We will come to learn that Jess gets her chilliness from her pa.)

Question: I’ve been wanting Sookie and Alcide to hook up on True Blood for a long time. It almost happened last season, but it didn’t end so well. Is there any chance they will get together in season 6? —Rashad
Ausiello: First off, here’s the reason it didn’t end so well. Secondly, Sookie’s going to be otherwise engaged this season with this guy. Bottom line: The Sookie-Alcide ‘ship has sailed, methinks.

Question: I’m not ashamed to admit it: I really enjoyed Mistresses. The one question I had as the credits rolled, though, was how in the hell Alyssa Milano has managed not to age over the last decade? If you can’t answer that I’ll just take some scoop. –Violetta
Ausiello: Because some secrets are strictly between a woman and her dermatologist, I’m jumping right to the scoop: Next Monday’s episode finds Milano’s guilt-ridden character Savi  – who ended the series premiere in the midst of a scorching tryst with coworker Dominic — making a heartbreaking confession to her hubby. Before you go jumping to conclusions, however, please bear in mind that the contents of said confession might not be what you’re expecting. (See how Savi being besties with a psychiatrist can yield dividends!)

Question: If I set a series recording for Mistresses, does it make me a philistine? Also: Can I get some scoop on what’s next for Jes Macallan’s hilariously lewd Joss? –Grady
Ausiello: First of all, big words like “philistine” have no place in a discussion of Mistresses. Secondly, you know that old adage about not mixing business with pleasure? Well…apparently Joss hasn’t heard of it. And I’ll give you three clues about where this is all heading: Hot lesbian client Alex (Shannyn Sossamon). A dresser drawer in a recently listed property. And “Japanese bondage rope.” (Uh-huh, put the kids to bed! I said “Japanese bondage rope.”)

MICHAEL AUSIELLO, DANA DELANYQuestion: Just wanted to say that I caught you on screen last week in the Body of Proof finale! They really get you doing the craziest things! —Joann
Ausiello: I hope some of the “bonus material” we shot makes it into the DVD. The unbelievably awesome Dana Delany (who went out of her way to  ensure all the items on my perk rider were accounted for make me feel comfortable) and I were having all kinds of fun with that empty coffin between takes. Get your mind out of the gutter; we mostly just had sex in it.

Question: I usually can’t stand cheaters, but I love Switched at Birth‘s Bay and Emmett so much. Any hope on the horizon? —Dakota 
Ausiello: Unfortunately, Emmett is giving Bay her space in Monday’s premiere, an episode that also finds Daphne and Bay shaking up their living situations (the result of which may give viewers a little taste of what’s to come in the “What If?” hour later this season).

Question: I’m desperate for anything you have on Pretty Little Liars. —Estee
Ausiello: It looks like Emily is taking her swimming career to the next level. In next season’s ninth episode, aptly titled “Into the Deep,” the wannabe Missy Franklin crosses paths with a prolific swimming coach who’s famous for sending his students to the Olympics. He’s also famous for being something of a drill sergeant, so let’s hope Em doesn’t get in over her head. Swimming puns! Woo-hoo!

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS, Suits and More!

May 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: With Go On cancelled, any chance Matthew Perry will return to The Good Wife next season? —Kim
Ausiello: Not only does exec producer Robert King want Perry, he tells TVLine he plans to do “whatever we can to get him.” The ground is particularly fertile for a Mike Kresteva comeback in the wake of the Florrick campaign’s ballot-tampering cover-up (a scandal that could reverse the election results in Kresteva’s favor). “If we get Matthew, he will be involved with that,” King notes. “There are too many options there. What’s lovely about the [Kresteva] character is I recognize him in [real] life — the person who lies with such conviction that he convinces everybody, even the person who knows they’re being lied about. And yet, he has a [legitimate] issue [now], which is there was vote corruption.”

Question: Any Good Wife intel regarding Will and Alicia? —Jen
Ausiello: Alicia’s decision to join Cary’s makeshift firm is going to bring out Will’s inner pissed-off Siamese cat. And that’s precisely why she did it. “That was something that Alicia realized might be a repercussion from the decision to go with Cary,” says King. “When she said, ‘I’m in,’ she knew this was going to throw a real monkey wrench into [their] relationship.” Bonus Scoop: King hints that there are “a lot of surprises” in store for Kalinda-Cary fans.

Question: I’m going through serious Suits withdrawal. Please say you have a scoop! —Emily
Ausiello: I have a scoop! The July 16 premiere finds Mike and Rachel trying to “navigate a relationship,” reveals Meghan Markle. “There is an episode that is sort of like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, where Mike comes to the Zane household, which will be pretty great to shoot.” Rachel, meanwhile, is still coming to terms with Mike’s big Harvard bombshell. “It’s a lot to take in,” Markle acknowledges. “And also, you have to think, Donna knew about it, so that really challenges Rachel and Donna’s friendship, that she wouldn’t reveal that to her. This season is a lot of Rachel trying to determine who has been truthful with her and if she can forgive them.”

Bridget regan sons of anarchyQuestion: Longtime reader and fan. Is it too early to ask for some Sons Of Anarchy scoop? I will take anything you got. —Rachel
Ausiello: Here’s what I got: Beauty and the Beast head-turner Bridget Regan has signed on to appear in a relatively minor multi-episode arc, sources confirm to me exclusively. There are zero details on her character, but Kurt Sutter previously told us Season 6 would delve deeper into the escort world so I’m thinking maybe possibly she’s playing what my Aunt Joan still refers to as a streetwalker?

Question: Anything on Glee Season 5? —Gerald
Ausiello: Only a rumor that the first two episodes will share a common (and potentially very cool) theme.

Question: Any scoop on True Blood Season 6? —Soso
Ausiello: I carved a few hours out of my holiday weekend to watch the first two episodes, and here are a few highlights: There’s a pivotal death, a threesome, a Hoyt shout-out, all kinds of fancy new anti-vampire weaponry and a horrifying glimpse into the future. Also, if you’ve been dying to know what Friday Night Lights‘ Jurnee Smollett-Bell will be up to this season, I can now confirm that she will be playing an activist with the Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) by the name of Nicole who sets her sights on [spoiler].

Question: I’m curious about NCIS‘ four-month time jump in the finale — will the show flash back to those intervening months when it returns this fall? —Jacob
Ausiello: Not sure if we’ll get actual flashbacks, but exec producer Gary Glasberg promises that “everything that happened that led up to Gibbs looking through that rifle will be explained,” adding, “All the pieces will fit together.”

Question: I’ve been hearing rumors of a possible Comeback revival for years – any developments on that subject? Valerie Cherish has been gone for far too long. —Sarah
Ausiello: Funny you should ask. With TV resurrections all the rage these days (see also: Veronica Mars, Arrested Development), Scandal co-star Dan Bucatinsky — who served as an EP on the late, great HBO comedy alongside Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King — admits a Kickstarter-driven Comeback continuation has “definitely” crossed his mind. “It feels like the kind of show that would have the kind of groundswell of support, so it’s an exciting prospect,” he says. “It’s something that crosses all of our minds… But you do not want to come back just for the sake of coming back, because people want you to have something [new] to say that it pushes things even further. So, it would just be a matter of all of us coming together and being on the same page about what is the next chapter, or the next couple of chapters, for Valerie Cherish. I have a very hard time believing that we could go on too many more years without seeing her again. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. I’m just saying we all would love it to.”

Question: With so many Vampire Diaries peeps migrating to the Originals spin-off, what kind of new characters can we expect to populate the show next season? —Warren
Ausiello: Prepare for a rush of college kids! “We’re definitely going to be entering an entire new world at Whitmore College, so we’ll get to meet new friends and new enemies,” reveals exec producer Julie Plec. “There’ll be a lot of new people entering our universe that we’ll get to know well — and then also maybe some new romantic interests for some of our characters.”

Question: You guys posed a good question last week in your weekly Burning Qs column — will there be any other men in American Horror Story: Coven besides Evan Peters? —Joy
Ausiello: Yes! There will be at least one more. The show is currently casting the role of Hank, the handsome, blue-collar husband of one of the witchy women (given his thirtysomething age, I’m guessing either Lily Rabe or Sarah Paulson).

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Psych, Revenge, Covert Affairs and More!

May 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: For the love of a Happy Ending, any word on whether or not USA Network will right a terrible wrong? —Tiera
Ausiello: No news is, in this case, pretty good news. Negotiations continue between Sony and USA, which tells me that the cabler remains seriously interested in giving the show a fourth season. Meanwhile, if the talks collapse — bite your tongue, Ausiello! — it’s an inevitability that Damon Wayans Jr. will find himself back on New Girl next season in some capacity. (You’ll recall Wayans appeared in the New Girl pilot, but was forced to drop out when Happy Endings earned a surprise second season; Lamorne Morris’s Winston was brought in to fill the void.) Jake Johnson, who’s currently shooting the comedy Let’s Be Cops with Wayans in Atlanta, says he’d be thrilled to “welcome [Wayans'] Coach back to the loft,” adding, “I would be surprised if he doesn’t come back for a while” should Happy Endings fail to find a new home. “There would be such funny episodes with the Coach seeing what’s happened in the past two years since he’s [been] gone.”

Question: Do you have any more Bones scoop on Season 9 and/or Booth and Brennan’s situation? Everything will be resolved by Christmas if they are already planning to have that big episode with both Booth and Brennan’s families, right? —Amelia
Ausiello: By Christmas-ish. Exec producer Stephen Nathan previously hinted that the current Pelant crisis will be wrapped up “within the first half of the year.”

Question: I bet if you put your finger to your head and I send you a pineapple you could give me scoop on Psych. —Vicki
Ausiello: How ’bout I save you the postage and just tell you that Psych‘s musical episode finds Lassiter and Shawn hitting the dance floor. Together. Meaning, with each other. “James [Roday] and I have a tango and it’s rather romantic,” Timothy Omundson tells TVLine’s Matt Mitovich with a laugh. “We sing and tango with each other. So let’s just say this: It takes [our] relationship to a whole new level.”

Question: Is Cristin Milioti going to be a series regular on How I Met Your Mother next season? —Nick
Ausiello: Your answer is here.

Question: Good day sir! Long time reader, first time asker. Will we see the final slaps in Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother? —Andrew
Ausiello: Yes.

ryanQuestion: I’m almost scared to ask, but is there any hope of Nikita getting more than the initially-ordered six final episodes next year?  —AJ
Ausiello: Not a chance in hell. But here’s something you can hold out hope for: A prominent role for Division-less Ryan right up until the end. “Ryan’s talents when we met him [involved] peeling back the layer of a grand conspiracy — and there is no more grander conspiracy than the one we have for Season 4,” teases exec producer Craig Silverstein. “So, he’ll be instrumental is spotting the patterns and forming their front against The Shop and what they’re trying to bring about.” (BTW, Silverstein says the entire cast will be back for the farewell season, and that includes Devon Sawa’s Owen/Sam.)

Question: Anything you can share on Nikita‘s shortened final season? —Jordan
Ausiello: If Noah Bean (the actor behind the aforementioned Ryan) has his way, “The final moment is going to be a Mexican standoff where we’ve all got guns pointed at each other. And then a car backfires and everybody fires their gun — and we’re all dead!” The question is, will Noah Bean get his way?!

Question: Do you know if Revenge will be doing a time jump between seasons? —Jeremy
Ausiello:  Sounds like there’s one on the drawing board. A little birdie who happens to be a staff writer on Revenge shared some preliminary Season 3 intel with Nick Wechsler (Jack), and a flash forward was involved. “If it happens — and that’s a big “if” because it hasn’t been run by anyone else — we would pick up later,” shares Wechsler. ”[If] it’s months later or a year or more, I don’t know. But it would pick up later.”

Question: Please tell me Zoe is going to go back to Wade after she takes some time for herself on Hart of Dixie? —Amanda
Ausiello: Wilson Bethel says a full-fledged Zoe-Wade “scenario” in Season 3 “seems pretty logical,” although he believes it was smart for the show to end the season with Zoe pulling a Kelly Taylor. “It’s probably good that there’s a bit of anticipation about what she will do” heading into the fall.

Question: Jack Bauer is coming back to TV! Surely you have a 24 scoop for us? Can you at least tell us if fan favorites Chloe and Tony will be back alongside Jack? —Fin
Ausiello: Mary Lynn Rajskub is being eyed to return as Chloe, but my gut tells me you shouldn’t hold your breath re: Carlos Bernard/Tony.

Question: What’s in store for Jeremy next season on The Vampire Diaries, now that he’s back among the living? —Chloe
Ausiello: As EP Julie Plec notes, “Nobody knows the truth” about his resurrection — specifically, that Bonnie essentially sacrificed her life for his. As a result, “There’s going to be some explaining to do and it’s not necessarily going to make his return to his old life very easy.”

Question: Will Claire Holt (Rebekah) appear in any Vampire Diaries episodes next fall? Or is she going straight to The Originals? —Justine
“We do have the ability to use Rebekah on either show in the beginning,” says Plec. ” We will see when we start writing how much of her we’ll see before she heads off to New Orleans.” One scenario has the new season of TVD picking up at the tail end of Rebekah and Matt’s European vacation. “When we get back, we might see [them] still on their trip,” shares Plec, adding, “When Matt gets back to Mystic Falls, his whole world will have changed. I can’t wait to see what comes out of that adventure and how he re-adapts to life at Mystic Grill.”

Question: So inquiring minds want to know —how will Kate respond to Rick’s proposal on Castle? —Rita
Ausiello: Sources confirm to me exclusively that she will say yes… or no… or something in between. Molly Quinn (Alexis) is pulling for a yes, arguing, “Castle is the best man out there and absolutely loves her and is devoted to her.” Should an engagement and wedding come to pass, don’t expect a certain three-letter word to ever come out of Alexis’ mouth. “I don’t think that Alexis will ever see her as a stepmom because a stepmother has authority,” explains Quinn. “There’s no way that Alexis would be OK with that. She’s used to running the house. And not even her dad has that much authority. So she would see Beckett as an equal and she would totally appreciate [her]. But I don’t even think Beckett would ever try to [parent]. Alexis is an adult now. She’s 20. If this had happened when Alexis was 16, that would have been a totally different story. I’m very glad that it didn’t happen because that would have been a lot of rebellion and a lot of trouble.”

Question: I’m bummed Downton Abbey isn’t returning until January 2014. (Was hoping the new season would air simultaneously with the UK run in the fall.) Any scoop to tide me over? —Connie
Ausiello: The bitch is back. Exec producer Gareth Neame tells TVLine that former Ice Queen Mary will freeze back over in the wake of Matthew’s death. “She mellowed with Matthew [and] opened up a lot more,” he notes. “But I think [after losing Matthew and Sybil], she would be just so devastated that I think it would lock her down and [she would] go back into a lot of the traits that she had before – that very difficult to read characteristic she’s got. I think we’ll see a lot of those very dark and complex things about Mary.”

Grimm - Season 2Question: Got any Grimm scoop in advance of this week’s season finale? —Derek
Ausiello: Sgt. Wu’s got a first name and David Giuntoli claims he “knows what it is.” Um…. How ’bout a hint, DG? “I’ll just say this,” he adds. “It rhymes.” What’s the over/under on DG punk’n us?

Question: Do you have anything on Covert Affairs? —Allyson
Ausiello: The USA hit is moving full steam ahead with Annie and Auggie. In the wake of the pair’s season-ending smooch, “Annie and Auggie start Season 4 in a relationship. Yes, we go there,” reveals Christopher Gorham. “We really explore how that works and what that is. It plays into what I think is the theme of the year, which is secrets, because everybody’s got one, or two. Joan’s got a secret, Arthur’s got a secret… Everybody! Auggie’s got a whopper of a secret, and when they all start eventually coming out, it creates some great, great drama.”

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Vamp Diaries, SVU, Grey’s, Big Bang, Veronica Mars & More

May 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: Do you have any spoilers for Law & Order: SVU? There’s loads of rumors going around that Olivia might die in the finale. —Kayley
Ausiello: OK, so… apparently Mariska Hargitay has not yet inked a deal to return next season, despite my earlier assertion to the contrary. (In my defense, this is the only time I’ve ever been wrong about anything ever in the history of everything.) So, that little development, coupled with Kelli Giddish’s promise that the May 22 finale is “insane,” makes me wonder if the rumors might be true. “I cannot believe they ended it this way,” Giddish adds. ”I gasped, myself, when I finished reading it. The fans are going to go nuts. It’s jarring and emotional, because so often our detectives never, ever let the perp get the upper hand, and that happens in this episode.” The episode opens with the detectives enjoying “a day off,” elaborates co-star Danny Pino. “It’s a very unusual way to go into an episode, where we’re all relaxing, doing our own things. And then it does this slow descent into a very dark place. It’s probably one of our darkest. And by the end of it… I mean, I really don’t know how we’re going to get out of it. I feel like the writers have really painted themselves into a corner.” As to whether Benson makes it out alive, all I can tell you is what Warren Leight tells TVLine: that the finale is “a struggle for survival between Benson and [a perp nicknamed] the Beast… I guess it can go one of three ways, you know?” Not exactly comforting, is it?

Question: The Big Bang Theory closes out its best season yet this Thursday. That warrants a scoop! —Charlie
Ausiello: No matter how many times I rework my calculations on the white board in my office, I can’t alter this probability: Breakup rumors are swirling around one of the show’s couples.

Question: Whatever happened to ABC airing the remaining episodes of 666 Park Avenue?  I need some closure here. —Matt
Ausiello: The remaining four episodes will unspool Saturday nights beginning in June, and Rachael Taylor is giving the final episode two very enthusiastic thumbs up. “I love the ending,” she tells TVLine. “Everything gets completely flipped on its head, and it was very fun for me to play. My character is very different in the last episode. I’m really looking forward to people seeing the end, because s—t gets crazy.”

Question: I’m a TVLine addict who is terrible at writing. How can I have your job? OK, I’ll settle for Breaking Bad scoop. —Sara
Ausiello: First off, Sara, I’d say you need to work on your cover letter. Here’s a little Bad intel to mull while you’re crafting your next draft: The series finale is “amazing,” raves Betsy Brandt. “It’s the perfect ending for that show.”

Question: Is Heather Morris leaving Glee? That finale sure seemed like Brittany’s farewell. —Donna
Ausiello: All indications are that Morris will be back in some capacity, but probably not until the first part of 2014 at the earliest (Morris’ baby is due in the fall). But don’t expect Santana to wait around for her ex to resurface. Word on the street is she’s getting a serious NYC girlfriend in Season 5.

Grimm - Season 2Question: Any word on when Nick’s mother might be returning to Grimm? —Amanda
“There will be references” to to the Woman in Black in next Tuesday’s finale, per David Giuntoli. “There will be communiqués involved. I’m not sure in what capacity she’ll be back next season, but I’ve been ‘hearing things.’” (I have too; she’ll be back). Speaking of the finale, Giuntoli offers up the following teases: “There are going to be zombies; one of the main characters kinda-sorta dies and may or may not be coming back; and Nick and Juliet – romance!”

Question: 90210 pretty much wrapped up everyone’s storyline with the exception of Silver’s. It was kind of cruel just to leave things hanging on that cancer diagnosis. Was there supposed to be more to the story? —Tammy
Ausiello: Yes, but the 11th hour cancellation precluded the show’s brass from telling it. “It was a bit of a struggle not knowing where the series was headed,” admits co-showrunner Patti Carr. “We thought we would have more time to tell the end of it. It’s our apology to the fans if some of the storylines feel like they weren’t where you thought [they'd] end up — and I think Silver’s is one of them.”

Question: Any hints about who takes the cure in the Vampire Diaries finale? —Kate
Ausiello: Three, actually. 1) It’s not who I thought it would be. 2) Julie Plec is a genius. 3) Julie Plec is a genius.

Question: Any intel on Once Upon a Time‘s casting of Peter Pan? —George
Ausiello: The role of Peter Pan will be played by… a dude! “I can confirm that it will be a male playing the part,” exec producer Adam Horowitz tells TVLine. Beyond that, “Anything to do with that casting we don’t want to talk about, because that would be a big spoiler. Our approach to Peter Pan is one we’re super-excited about. Since Season 1, the Peter Pan mythology was something we wanted to do, but we couldn’t because of the rights issues. Once they were dealt with, we were able to finally go to town and open that world up. We started with Captain Hook, and we knew we wanted to build to what we’re about to do in Season 3.”

Question: How about a scoop on the Nashville finale? —Missi
Ausiello: “It’s bloody,” reports Sam Palladio, all but confirming reports of multiple season-ending deaths. “It’s shocking, actually. When I read the script, it made me go, ‘Wh-wh-whoa! Wow!’ I can’t wait to see the episode.”

 MICHAEL BUIE, KYLE SILVERSTEIN, KEVIN MCKIDD, JENNIFER BASSEYQuestion: What does the Grey’s Anatomy season finale hold for Cristina and Owen? Please answer. I’ll bake you cookies. — Liv
Ausiello: Before I tell you what Shonda Rhimes told TVLine, let me state for the record: vegan oatmeal raisin. Now then, you can go ahead and abandon any hope of the couple meeting in the middle regarding the issue of children. “There’s never been any suggestion that Cristina is going to meet anyone in the middle,” Rhimes notes. “Cristina is not that person.” However, for better or worse (my guess: worse), she adds, “I do think that the more this Ethan situation plays out, the conversation that she and Owen have been avoiding so much really gets forced out into the open.” Ruh-roh.

Question: Are Alex and Jo going to finally get busy in the Grey’s finale? — Chris

Ausiello: Whether it happens in the finale, boss lady Shonda Rhimes says that “one would hope” the non-couple is destined to go down in Grey’s history as one of the show’s great romances. “We were stepping carefully on that, feeling out the chemistry and taking it much slower than I originally intended, which I really enjoyed. It felt like it felt truer to the characters. And I feel like it’s working pretty interestingly.” Which gives me the feeling that this could drag on into next season…

Question: Any Veronica Mars movie spoilers?! — Ted
Ausiello: Before the flick goes into production, it’s looking to cast… well, Rebel Wilson, basically. For the juicy supporting role of Ruby, the powers that be want a plus-sized (check) funny lady (check) who can do a British accent (check). Rebel, you can drop my commission check (check) in the mail.

revolution spoilersQuestion: Please tell me you got some Revolution scoop out of the NBC upfront. Something, anything? — Kyle 
Ausiello: Not only did Matt Mitovich score you some scoop, he scored it directly from Giancarlo Esposito, who told him, through the finale, “Tom’s next move is to try and cover his own butt, first. But also, there is a race to figure out who really is in control of the power. The final episode will blow your mind in terms of all of the elements coming together, and some questions you haven’t even thought of asking will be answered.” Which bodes well for a future edition of Questions You Never Even Thought To Ask Ausiello.

Question: Any scoop on Modern Family? —Andy
Ausiello: In next week’s finale, Jay runs into a familiar face while in Florida for the funeral of Phil’s mom. “He sees an older woman, in her 80s, watering flowers, and he knows her from someplace,” explains Ed O’Neill. “And they finally realize how they know each other and it’s quite funny. It’s a great mislead. The whole finale is very, very good.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Meg Masters)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s, Glee, Walking Dead, Scandal, Office, Arrow, TVD and More!

Question: Any chance of a Jackson/April reunion before or during the Grey’s Anatomy finale (airing May 16)? – Emma
Ausiello: Can’t confirm a  reunion, but I can confirm — via Shonda Rhimes — that in this Thursday’s episode, “Something happens for April that is fairly life-changing. And then in the finale, all of that is brought into question in a huge way.” Theories?! Hit the comments!

Question: Coming from the other side of the Atlantic from Portugal! Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale scoops? —Simão Silva (you can call me Simon)
Ausiello: Hi Simão Simon! A major character’s life will hang in the balance when the clock ticks down on Season 9 next week, but before you go calling Rhimes a serial Grim Reaper, consider the facts. “Everyone thinks I kill everybody — and I don’t,” she insists with a chuckle. “I was doing a tally and I’ve only killed three series regulars [while] four series regular [characters] just left into the ether somewhere to do other things in other hospitals. I don’t kill everybody.” (Gonna need someone to double-check her stats. I suck at math. And I’m lazy.)

Question: Any more exciting news you can give us about The Office finale? —Sebastian
Ausiello: More exciting than S.C. returning? More exciting than an extra 15 minutes being tacked on to the episode? Hmmm… how about scoop on the “final” scene of the series, straight from John Krasinski himself? “[It's] a random scene where everyone’s exiting the office,” he reveals. “It was a very mundane [moment], walking out of the office. It wasn’t big or dramatic or anything. I think it [falls] at the beginning of the [episode] or something, so it’s not like it’s the last shot [of the series]. As per usual, I was crying-laughing with Craig [Robinson] and we were all joking around in the hall every time we ended it.” The crying-laughing quickly turned to just crying when “instead of saying, ‘Go again,’ [exec producer] Greg [Daniels] randomly just said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the end of The Office,’” Krasinski recalls. “And it really was a gut punch. It’s a life-changing event and there’s no way to describe it… It’s a part of your life that defined you, and to have it go away is so incredibly bittersweet. The only thing that helps us all is that we’re so proud of the work and we’re so proud that we got to have a series finale. That’s a very rare thing.”

Question: I heard a rumor that someone might be leaving Glee in the season finale? True? —Nils
Ausiello: Thursday’s finale definitely leaves you with the impression that a pivotal, longtime character will not be back next season — at least not full-time. That said, I have received no confirmation that the actor/actress in question is, in fact, departing the show. Speaking of the finale, rumor has it somebody’s getting *a****d!

glee finaleQuestion: Last chance for Glee finale scoop — whaddaya got? —Tammy
Ausiello: A mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with some cryptic sauce. Jacob Artist says he’s not sure if Jake and Marley end up in a happy place because things “might’ve changed a little bit from the original script that we all read.” And that change — which Artist describes as more of an “editing” choice — could ultimately impact several relationships on the show, “Jake and Marley included.” What does it all mean?!

Question: Next week’s Vampire Diaries finale. Next week’s Vampire Diaries finale. Next week’s Vampire Diaries finale… —Carol
Ausiello: If I’m understanding you correctly you want scoop on… next week’s Vampire Diaries finale? Did I get that right? Something allegedly goes down in the episode that is so mind-blowingly cool/surprising that it defies categorization, which is why I haven’t included it in our May Sweeps Scorecard.

Question: I’m dying for some Big Bang scoop. It can be about any couple – I’m not picky.  – Marge
Ausiello:  How about Raj and Lucy? In this week’s episode, he ditches the guys – and a hot game of Dungeons & Dragons – to spend time with his honey — and by the end of the evening, he’s very glad he did. Want a clue that’s no help whatsoever? Chain-link. You’re welcome. Bonus Spoiler: Wolowitz busts out some truly impressive celebrity impressions during the ep.

Question: Please tell me Sheldon and Amy are going to get closer to doing it by the end of this season of Big Bang. I think I’m more frustrated than she is! – Anna
Ausiello: If I were to tell you that the topic is addressed in this week’s episode – which, after all, is called “The Love Spell Potential” – and that said conversation takes place in Sheldon’s bedroom, would that alleviate some of your frustration… or just make it worse?

Question: I know Bones‘ season ended just last week, but you have to have more scoop on the two bonus episodes they shot after the finale, right? —Cassidy
Ausiello: First off, as exec producer Stephen Nathan points out, “They’re not really ‘bonus’ episodes because we know actually where they’re going to go. One will be the second episode of next season, and the other will be fourth.” As reported in last week’s AA, Episode 9.2 is Sweets-centric. Episode 9.4, meanwhile, is a “much more free-standing episode,” notes Nathan. “We worked with [Bones producer] Kathy Reichs and her daughter on that one, and it is going to be a lot of fun. That’s just a great, [classic] episode of Bones.”

Question: Got anything left over from your interview with Bones EP Stephen Nathan? —Rachel
Ausiello: Just this little tidbit on a potential Season 10. In short, Nathan is confident there will be one. “I’m not planning on Season 9 being the last season at this point,” he tells me. “I think there’s a lot more life in the show. It just doesn’t feel old to us.”

girlsQuestion: With Christopher Abbott’s abrupt exit from Girls, it’s clear Marnie won’t be spending Season 3 having Charlie’s “little brown babies.” Any intel on what Allison Williams’ beautiful disaster of a character will be doing? –Lorne
Ausiello: You want Marnie scoop? We went straight to the source. “Marnie is working out her demons with exercise,” Williams tells TVLine. “That’s a big part of her life: She’s deciding that fitness is something to channel her anger into.” Post-split, the character will definitely need her mother’s crazy shoulder to lean on, which means that Rita Wilson will indeed be back in the mix. “There’s always the phantom of some man in [Marnie's mother's] life,” Williams says with a laugh. “Luckily or unluckily, so far we’ve never met one of them. But I would be very curious to see what that cater waiter [a lover referenced by Wilson's character in Season 2] was like.”

Question: I’ve got a burning Good Wife Q I’m hoping you can help me with. Do you know if we will get to see the conversation between Will and Alicia that Will demanded they have after their kiss in the car in the finale? That will be an interesting talk considering she is leaving Lockhart/Gardner. —Katharine
Ausiello: Per series creators Robert and Michelle King, “We’ll definitely see that conversation. But it will come with enough baggage to fill a box car.” In other Good news, did you see who’s getting a new love interest next season?

Question: It’s my birthday over here and a great gift would be scoop on the Scandal finale. But anything Scandal is greatly accepted. —Mateo
Ausiello: How about details on John Barrowman’s top-secret May 9 guest stint? According to Shonda Rhimes, the Arrow baddie plays “a fixer” with a “very interesting” client. Bonus (b-day) Scoop: Joe Morton’s character/Jake’s boss does have a name: Rowan!

Question: Love Orphan Black, but I miss Art! Please tell me Sarah’s going to re-join the force soon. —Christopher
Ausiello: Art’s “like a bad smell,” notes EP Graeme Manson, “he just won’t go away.” Translation: “We haven’t seen the last of Art,” he confirms. In the meantime, “Sarah’s many deceptions are still rippling and the effects are being felt, so there’s prices to be paid for the things that she’s done.”

Question: Any good Hart of Dixie scoop you could possibly dish out? —Stephanie
Ausiello: George and Tansy’s recent break-up doesn’t necessarily mean Mircea Monroe is leaving the show. It may mean that. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that. Allow exec producer Leila Gerstein explain: “We love Mircea and would welcome her back in any capacity… I don’t think [her split with George] means there’s not Tansy and George in the future, because they’re very adorable together. And it doesn’t mean that there’s not Tansy and someone else ahead!”

Question: Any idea on how Season 4 of The Walking Dead is going to start off time-wise? Will there be a time jump of a few months, or will it pick up around where Season 3 left off? —Lee
Ausiello: I’m hearing there will be a somewhat significant time jump (hint: more than three months but less than a year).

Darkness on the Edge of TownQuestion: Please, tell me John Barrowman doesn’t die by the end of Arrow Season 1! I mean, he’s immortal, right? —Judith
Ausiello: Let’s just say I’m reserving a spot in our May Sweeps Scorecard under fatalities for a character on Arrow and leave it at that, K?

Question: So we finally got a Karen-Derek makeout scene on last week’s Smash, but then we found out that they cut their, ahem, duet short — and that Derek wound up sleeping on Karen’s couch! And to make matters worse, Karen later went and professed her love to Jimmy. Please tell me that all this doesn’t mean the Cartwills dream is over before it made it past first base! –Sharon
Ausiello: Don’t shoot the messenger, Sharon, but with only three episodes left till the curtain closes on NBC’s musical drama, the odds are looking increasingly slim that Karen and Derek are endgame. Unless, of course, the Hit List ingenue calling her director “disgusting” in this Saturday’s episode turns out to be just a minor speed bump on their road to true love.

Question: Call me paranoid, but the latest Tonys development on Smash — that Ivy Lynn is now also a contender for Supporting Actress for the short-lived Liaisons — has me worried she’s going to lose Lead Actress in a Musical race to Karen “Iowa!” Cartwright. Say it ain’t so! –Rose
Ausiello: Lest we forget, the Tonys are like most other industry awards shows: Politics plays a part. And let’s just say a little blind item in the Village Voice concerning a certain leading lady’s extracurricular activities — including an affair with a former costar’s fiancé — might have an adverse effect on her chances at taking home a statuette for either side of her mantle.

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Once, Scandal, Glee, Vampire Diaries, Smash and More!

May 1, 2013 1 comment

Question: Do you have anything  particularly scandalous about the season finale of Scandal you can share? —Daniela
Ausiello: I see what you did there. Scandalous. Scandal. Clever. I may steal that for next week’s AA. In the meantime, conventional wisdom points to the elusive mole being unmasked in the May 16 finale. Kerry Washington, meanwhile, points to it being the person you’d least expect. “It’s so shocking,” the actress tells us with a huge, hearty laugh. “So, so shocking. And so good. One of the things the show does so well is they mostly do these, like, one-two or one-two-three punches. So it’s not usually one cliffhanger; it’s usually a shock, and then another couple of shocks — and that’s kind of how that goes down.”

Question: Will Glee‘s Blaine actually go through with the marriage proposal to Kurt? Hope not. They’re freakin’ teenagers! —Jonathan
Ausiello: That’s just the kind of common sense advice Blaine needs right now. Cue a special appearance by Kurt’s pa, Burt! “Blaine is considering marrying Kurt and [I offer] my point of view on that,” Mike O’Malley tells TVLine of his May 2 encore. “I had some beautiful scenes with Darren Criss, who is just turning into such a remarkable actor. Well, turning into, he was – but this year they’ve given him strong, strong material and a really nice, beautiful arc to play. And oftentimes, my scenes with him are triangulated with the presence of Chris Colfer, and in this episode, they’re not. I have one really beautiful scene with just Darren, and I loved it.”

Question: After Monday’s Bones finale, can you divert our attention for a bit and tell us a bit more about Bones‘ Season 9 episode “El Carnicero en el Coche” that the cast and crew are shooting right now? From a pic that David Boreanaz tweeted, it appears that Sweets might have quit his job. —Rex
Ausiello: It’s the second episode of Season 9 and, yes, it revolves around Sweets’ new gig. As exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals, the events of the season finale will drive the Jeffersonian’s resident shrink out the door. “He has some leave coming from the FBI, and considering all the stress and guilt he feels after Pelant’s [latest killing spree], he decides to take his leave and explore another opportunity,” Nathan previews. “We’re going to see in Sweets that crime-fighting isn’t the only thing he’s focused on. We’re going to open up his life a little more.” Nathan, however, stresses that the leave is only a temporary one, adding, “He’s going to be around. He’s just going to explore his character a little bit more.”

good wife finaleQuestion: Is the vote-tampering secret between Peter and Will going to resurface on The Good Wife next season? Seems too juicy of a storyline to just let end in the finale. —Kathy
Ausiello: I’m with you, Kath. Even though Peter didn’t end up needing those votes to win, it could still wreak havoc on his political career — and jeopardize his relationship with Alicia. But as Josh Charles points out, even if the political scandal stays under wraps, it still “adds a really neat dynamic” to Peter and Will’s relationship. “It’s now something that lives between them,” he adds, “Whether that becomes something that’s explored literally — or it’s just there sort of hanging in the air – will remain to be seen.” Speaking of The Good Wife, series co-creators Robert and Michelle King have agreed to answer reader questions about the finale. So, stop what you’re doing, compose a really intelligent question pertaining to the finale and/or Season 5, and send it to with the words “Good Wife Q” in the subject line.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Grey’s Anatomy? —BP
Ausiello: If you are among the few who believe that this Owen/Ethan storyline will have a shiny, happy ending — with the motherless, potentially fatherless lad skipping off to live with his grandma Nancy — I’d like to introduce you to this thing called television. “There are a lot of interesting twists coming up, ones that I did not expect,” All My Children alum Jennifer Bassey, who plays Nancy, tells us. “It will really tear your heart out…. It’s heavy-duty stuff!” In other Grey’s news, Shonda Rhimes tweeted the following finale tease on Tuesday and I can’t get it out of my damn head! “On set at Grey’s. A piece of this scene was so top-secret that I had to whisper it to the director instead of writing it in the script.” Anyone by chance know what supermarket Rob Corn shops at?

Question: I have a Q about Once Upon a Time and its potential spin-off: If we decide not to watch the spin-off, will we still understand everything that’s going on in Once Upon a Time? Or are the two shows completely connected? Thanks! —Emily
Ausiello: Worry not. Should the Wonderland-based limited-run offshoot get the green light from ABC on May 14 — and even though Barbara Hershey’s Cora and even Lana Parrilla’s Regina could appear in flashbacks – ”It is intended to exist as its own thing,” says Once cocreator Eddy Kitsis. Adds Adam Horowitz, “If you’ve never seen Once, you can actually watch Wonderland and not worry.”

Question: Got any scoop on Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Nashville, Hannibal or Orphan Black? —Danae
Ausiello: On the Once Upon a Time front, expect to see Mulan, Aurora and Prince Phillip once again, before the season is over. And lest you think Regina’s “trigger” to implode Storybrooke is just a MacGuffin for us to gaze upon and imagine its potential, ”We’re definitely going to see what that black diamond does,” EP Eddy Kitsis warns.

schmidtQuestion: I know its unlikely, because she’s on Nurse Jackie, but what are the odds that Merritt Wever will keep showing up on New Girl? I love her with Max Greenfield! – Kasey
Ausiello: “That’s definitely sort of up in the air,” says series creator Liz Meriwether. “I certainly hope so. She’s great.” The scene Wever and Greenfield share in tonight’s “Virgins” episode – a must-watch – is an example of what Meriwether calls “a lot of really great chemistry and fullness” between Schmidt and his college girlfriend. “She doesn’t take any of his bulls—t, and is pushing him to be a better person. That’s what he’s struggling with and what their arc is as a couple.” So you wanted odds? I’d say it’s at 5/2. (Full-disclosure: I have no clue what those numbers mean.)

Question: So we know there are ghosts appearing on The Vampire Diaries soon. Do you know if any characters are actually getting resurrected permanently? Or are they all just ghosts? —Audrey
Ausiello: Rumor has it that one resurrection may stick.

Question: I need some Vampire Diaries scoop on Caroline. —Calleigh
Ausiello: These 15 words will leave her mouth in the May 16 season finale, per exec producer Julie Plec: ““Come hell or high water, hell will freeze over before I let anybody cancel graduation.” As Plec explains, “The instinct to miss graduation is going to be on [everyone's] minds because there’s greater things afoot. And Caroline, as we know, finds these moments and high school events very precious and gets very angry when anybody tries to mess with them.”

Question: What does NCIS: LA have in store for Nell and Eric? —Sophiaq
Ausiello: For the remainder of this season? Not much. For next season? At least one juicy episode. “We’re actually [about to] shoot one episode [for Season 5] that’s apparently an Eric-Nell episode,” Barrett Foa shares. “We haven’t really checked in with them after the big Christmas under the mistletoe [incident] — there hasn’t been a ton of stuff with the two of us — and I think it’s time to get that back, because I figure fans are really ready for that.”

Question: Do you know if Dalia will still be living with George next season on Suburgatory? I love that dynamic. I hope it doesn’t go away just because George and Dallas broke up. —Tania H
Ausiello: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like it’s going away. “Dalia will really want to remain part of George’s world, but given what has gone on with her and Tessa, how realistic is that?” muses series creator Emily Kapnek. “It will be really hard for George to justify spending time with Dalia. It will hurt him probably to turn his back on her. Until Dalia and Tessa can reconcile, there really is no place for Dalia to go with that. I imagine that she would be really upset and hurt, and probably take some of this stuff out on Dallas, blaming her for the loss of Daddy Altman.”

The Sword‚Äôs EdgeQuestion: Should we be worried that The CW hasn’t renewed Nikita yet? —Soso
Ausiello: I don’t think so. I’m told the reason Nikita wasn’t included in last week’s CW pickups was because series creator Craig Silverstein was in Virginia shooting his AMC pilot Turn and therefore unable to pitch his Season 4 plan to the network. He’s now back in L.A. and due to meet with CW brass in the coming days. Bottom line: The show is still a safe bet for a (shortened) fourth season.

Question: Will we meet Sherlock Holmes’ dad this season on Elementary? —Nola
Ausiello: We put that exact question to showrunner Rob Doherty. His response? “I’m not telling.” The EP did, however, confirm that the message Joan received in response to her request to stay on as the investigator’s sober companion “did come from Sherlock’s father,” and that it’s “no coincidence that the dad’s first initial is M. We anticipated and looked forward to some discussion about that.” Are you thinking what we’re thinking?!

Question: Since NBC renewed Law & Order: SVU for next season before Mariska Hargitay signed her contract (as opposed to last year), does this mean she is having trouble with her negotiations? Are they trying to get rid of her? —Jessica
Ausiello: What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Her deal is done. She’s returning. End of story. (Unless you know something I don’t. Which is possible. But unlikely.)

Question: Any scoop on this Wednesday’s season finale on The Americans? —La-Shauna
Ausiello: The Jennings’ laundry room — you know, the one where they keep some of their spy stuff — plays a key role.

Question: Call me crazy, but as a denizen of NBC’s old 227-Golden Girls-Amen Saturday-night programming bloc, I’m kinda digging Smash inhabiting a similar position on the Peacock net’s current lineup. I have to say, though, that there hasn’t been enough of Anjelica Huston’s Eileen — or her take-no-prisoners hilarity — the last few episodes. Any scoop? —Katrina
Ausiello: What? No love for Hunter? (Shakes head.) Despite that snub, Katrina, I’ve got good news for you: Eileen’s ne’er-do-well ex Jerry is back in the picture on this Saturday’s episode (with pretty young thing in tow). And without giving too much away, let’s just say Eileen gets her fingers around Jerry’s martini glass before she’s even finished her first sentence in their conversation.

smashQuestion: I’m still reeling from the cliffhanger at the end of last week’s Smash — with Kyle stepping in front of those screeching headlights. They’re not seriously gonna make me yell, “Oh my God, they killed Kyle!”, are they? —Brent
Ausiello: Would you settle for some intel on the show’s other unresolved cliffhanger — the one with Karen asking Derek, “Are you gonna walk me home or what?” Let’s just say that the tousled director makes it all the way up to his leading lady’s apartment, that the duo knocks back a room-spinning amount of vino and that — grab your smelling salts! — Cartwills fans will be hitting the rewind buttons on their DVRs. That is, at least, till somebody delivers the line, “I was a total ass. I always am. I ruin everything.” (Cue sad trombone.)

Question: Long time reader, first time question asker. I am so glad to know that you too are an Orphan Black fan. Any scoop to share? —Vanessa
Ausiello: Party at Alison’s house this week, and it’s a doozy! As the characters and storylines converge on her abode, “Clone antics ensue,” previews EP Graeme Manson with a laugh. “And Felix is right in the middle of it, which is fun, too.”

Question: My hart broke when Zoe/Wade broke up on Hart of Dixie. They didn’t get nearly enough time “together.” Please tell me Zoe gives Wade another chance! —Lauren
Ausiello: I see what you did there. Hart. Hart of Dixie. Clever. I may steal that for next week’s AA. In the meantime, exec producer Leila Gerstein insists Wade’s infidelity and the pair’s subsequent breakup “was never intended to be the end” of their story. “It is a long series [and] we expect to do many, many, many more episodes of this show,” she adds of the recently renewed dramedy. “And they’re not even done for this season! There will be another connection between Zoe and Wade before the season is over. I would certainly tell ‘Zade’ fans out there that they should not be giving up hope.”

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s, Bones, Smash, Rookie Blue, Revenge, Arrow, NCIS: LA and More!

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Grey's Anatomy Spoilers Ask Ausiello

Question: Any NCIS: LA scoop? —Kria
Ausiello: The May 14 finale will be a veritable Big Badapalooza. “It’s like a supervillains episode,” teases Barrett Foa. “Basically, every bad guy we’ve ever done battle with [is] coming back for the finale.” The returning evildoers include traitorous CIA vet Isaak Sidorov (played by Sons of Anarchy‘s  Timothy V. Murphy) and “The Chameleon” (Highlander‘s Christopher Lambert). “Big nuclear things are going down,” the actor adds. “It leaves you on the edge of your seat [and] is, of course, a great cliffhanger.”

Question: How worried should we be about Mer’s baby on Grey’s Anatomy? —Jennifer
Ausiello: Not nearly as worried as you should be about the person delivering Mer’s baby on Grey’s Anatomy.

Question: Today is my birthday—the best present ever would be some juicy Scandal scoop. —Miranda
Ausiello: How about exclusive details on John Barrowman’s mysterious May 9 guest stint, directly from the actor himself? “I can say absolutely nothing,” the Arrow baddie maintains of his appearance. “All I can say is I’m in Scandal. It is so top-secret.” Curses. Um… how about some behind-the-scenes intel, JB? “It was some of the hardest stuff I’ve ever done,” Barrowman confesses. “I realized again how frightening some things were to do. I was very nervous, but thank god everyone was on my side because I had a very difficult time getting through that day.” A major factor contributing to his fragile emotional state was exhaustion. Recalling his first day on the Scandal set, “I finished filming Arrow at 1 am, went to the [Vancouver] airport for a 4 am check-in, got on a flight [to Los Angeles] at 6 am, got to the set of Scandal at 9 am and started shooting at 11:30 am. I was completely stressed out and tired.”

Question: Will Tommy discover his father’s Dark Archer identity on Arrow before the season ends? —Jacob
Ausiello: Barrowman was a skosh more forthcoming about that. “He’s desperate to tell Tommy,” shares the actor. “But anytime he goes to do it, something happens. We already had one of those moments when Malcolm was almost assassinated in his office. But I’m sure there will be others.” Speaking of the finale, Annie Ilonzeh (Charlie’s Angels) is confirmed to return in the May 15 season ender, as Laurel’s colleague Joanna. “We’re very excited to have her back,” says EP Andrew Kreisberg. “She’s a big part of the Arrow family.”

smashQuestion: With Smash‘s Jimmy getting into a fist fight with his drug-dealer brother at the Bombshell premiere party — and Karen finally calling off their affair because dude is totes scary — does that finally clear the way for the Karen-Derek romance for which we’ve been patiently waiting almost two seasons? –Elijah
Ausiello: Showrunner Josh Safran remains cryptic on the future of “Cartwills,” but he does offer this tantalizing tidbit: “Karen and Derek’s relationship takes a major turn” in the May 4 installment. Before that happens, though, it sounds like the two men not exactly in Karen’s life (yep, Derek and Jimmy) are set to clash as early as this Saturday’s episode, building to “a final confrontation — one from which there might be no turning back,” adds Safran.

Question: Do you have any intel on which Smash musical, Bombshell or Hit List, is going to ultimately land the big statuette? Please help — I really want to win my Tonys party pool for a change! –Blanche
Ausiello: You do realize Bombshell and Hit List exist only in Smash‘s fictitious version of Broadway, right? (Although as we speak, Phillip Spaeth, who played dashing chorus boy Dennis in Season 1, is actually starring in Matlida on the Great White Way.) Anyhow…back to the subject at hand: Hasn’t anyone ever told Derek and Scott that you don’t count your Tonys before you’ve actually managed to book an actual Broadway theater? Safran teases that Broadway aspirations for the buzzy downtown musical will “hit a snag” during Saturday’s episode. What’s more, he adds, “a figure from Derek’s past causes a bunch of trouble in his — and many other people’s — present,” starting in Episode 15.

Question: Supernatural, please. —Sandi
Ausiello: Felicia Day is back as hacker extraordinaire Charlie this Wednesday, but the latest visit from the Queen of Moondoor will be a little different. “We’re going to get a pretty special look into her past in a way that we haven’t seen before,” previews EP Jeremy Carver. “We’re going to start to peel back Charlie a bit more. It’s pretty exciting — and moving as well.” Also exciting: Dean teaches Charlie how to be a hunter, and she takes to the life “in a characteristically Charlie way, which would be excited, a bit blustering, then eventually getting the hang of it..”

Question: Any scoop on Max (Josh Zuckerman) returning for the series finale of 90210? Please say he’ll be back! —Jessica
Ausiello: I would if I could but I can’t. Because he won’t.

Question: I’ll take any Once Upon a Time scoop you can share. —Estée
Ausiello: The prospective spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, will be — no surprise — “a little more Wonderland-y” than original flavor Once, per consulting producer Jane Espenson. The offshoot, envisioned as an American Horror Story-style 13-episode standalone that would ostensibly bridge the original series’ winter hiatus, will also be “more adventurous” and boast “a lot of humor [and] a lot of spectacle. It’s really going to be gorgeous.”

Question: I’m really excited for next week’s season finale of Bones. Do you have any spoilers about the episode that you can share? —Marina
Ausiello: The marriage issue comes up within the first five minutes (Booth playfully initiates the discussion), and then again much later in the episode. Also, as the following promo already spoiled, Pelant is sporting a scary-ass scar!

Question: Anything new on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? —Maximilian
Ausiello: The May 16 climax finds Rebekah “just trying like hell to graduate and have that true-life human experience,” previews EP Julie Plec. But perhaps she should be more concerned about this teaser from Plec: “We’ll get a surprise visit from at least one more Original.”

Question: Is there anything you can spoil on the Good Wife finale that we haven’t already heard? —Liz
Ausiello: The moment everyone will be talking about occurs in the final five minutes.

goodwifeQuestion: Have we seen the last of Amanda Peet on The Good Wife? Also, did she really dump Will for an old boyfriend? —Jessica
Ausiello: You’ve seen the last of her this season. “She was wonderful,” raves series cocreator Robert King. “If we can drag her back [in Season 5] we will.” To the second question, King confirms, “She was completely lying about there being [another man]. She knew he was [still] in love with Alicia.”

Question: Please tell me Danny and Mindy are going to end up together on The Mindy Project. I can’t handle another drawn-out TV romance. —Andrea
Ausiello: This isn’t the answer you want, Jen, but it’s the one you’re gonna get: Maybe. But if the two docs do hook up, it probably won’t happen this season. When TVLine recently talked with executive producer Matt Warburton, he observed, “I think their relationship is so complex that no season of television can really, fully deal with it.”

Question: Grimm finale scoop, please! —Eric
Ausiello: How about I do you one better and give you intel on the last two episodes? I’m hearing that Baron Samedi, the Haitian baddie who first appears in the penultimate installment, starts something that has repercussions in the finale and puts the entire city of Portland at risk.

Question: On Big Bang Theory, does the job offerLeonard gets in the season finale have anything to do with the guys’ tenure fight? —Kat
Ausiello: Nope. Big Bang EP Steven Molaro tells TVLine that the tenure situation is “an ongoing thing” and that “there’s no reason why that story thread could not continue through Season 7 or 8.” However, he says with a laugh, “I do need to do more research about tenure and how long these things take.” Bonus Scoop: A Big Banger will experience a major breakthrough pertaining to the opposite sex in the season finale.

Question: Hello my favorite TV spoiler-er! Do you know if the 8th season of Psych will be its last (I really hope not!)? If not, I’ll settle for any Psych-related scoop please! —A
Ausiello: USA hasn’t made a final decision about Season 8 (which will likely be expanded from eight to 13 episodes) serving as the show’s swan song, but all indications are that it will be. On the scoop front, Anthony Michael Hall is set to reprise his role as Trout in the S8 premiere, which finds his SBPD efficiency consultant the victim of a murder attempt. Among the prime suspects: his lowlife, trash-taking mother. Bonus Scoop: Speaking of Season 8, do we know why [SPOILER] is holding a sonogram in the premiere, pondering baby names…?

Question: I need to know if we are ever going to find out what Nick and Jess wrote down on their cards during New Girl‘s date night episode.  —Candice
Ausiello: You may need to wait a few months (if not years). “That might be a Season 3 reveal,” shares series creator Liz Meriwether. “I feel like one of them potentially just doodled and didn’t actually write anything.” Bonus Scoop: Do not miss this next week’s episode. Trust me.

Question: “Ron Swanson versus The Banana” was probably one of my favorite episode-ending tags to date on Parks and Recreation. Please tell me you have some epic Parks scoop as one of my favorite comedies nears the end of its season. —Lauren
Ausiello: Jon Glaser’s Councilman Jamm has a “big” episode this Thursday, per exec producer Mike Schur. “Ron wants to close Pawnee’s mini-golf course because it’s publicly funded and Leslie, of course, loves mini-golf and thinks it’s incredibly important that it stay open,” Schur elaborates. ” So, she fights him on it and Councilman Jamm is the swing vote. She takes him mini-golfing and tries to woo him to her side — and then Ron comes, too, and it’s a backroom political fight on a golf course,” probably amid miniature windmills.

Question: Out of all of the spoilers in your  May Sweeps Scorecard so far, which show contains the most shocking spoiler? —Peter
Ausiello: One of the pregnancy entries is pretty shocking. Also, the Revenge death is a bit of a jaw-dropper.

Question: Burning Suburgatory Q — will Malin Akerman be hanging around Chatswin next season? —Sharada
Ausiello: “That’s the intention,” says series creator Emily Kapnek. “If her [ABC pilot Trophy Wife], for whatever reason, didn’t go forward, we’d love to do an extended episode arc with her. If we were able to even just get her for a couple [episodes], in the event that her pilot did go forward, that would be great, too.” Should the underrated comedy be back for Season 3 (and I remain convinced it will) Kapnek can easily envision the show “evolving into a co-parenting” situation, with Tessa bouncing between Jeremy Sisto’s George and Akerman’s Alex. Regardless, she assures fans that “George and Tessa are due for a little bit of a reconnection.”

MISSY PEREGRYM, PETER MOONEYQuestion: Please, do you have any Rookie Blue scoop? —Kristin
Ausiello: I actually have five — count ‘em five — scoops from the Season 4 premiere on May 23:
* Andy and Nick’s undercover gig trying to bust a drug smuggling ring involves more than just pretending to be bad guys.
* Someone’s taken a vow of celibacy.
* Gail is actually in a good mood. (Gasp!)
* One officer gets punched and kicked in the face by three different people.
* As previously hinted, Sam started dating someone new in the six-month gap between Season 3 and 4.

Question: Have we seen the last of Marco on Revenge? I’m convinced — or at least I was convinced — he’s the Falcon. —Drew
We put your question to departing (sigh) series creator Mike Kelley, who declined to comment on Marco’s role moving forward beyond acknowledging, “He definitely does have knowledge of Nolan and that can come into play at any time.”

Question: Big Vikings fan here. Any news on what is in store for Ragnar and his family in the last episode of Season 1? —Mary
Ausiello: Most simply said, if you ship (Viking humor!) Ragnar and his fiercer half Lagertha hard, Sunday’s season ender will put you to the test. As foreseen by the seer and during Ragnar’s visit to Gotaland, “A new woman comes into Ragnar’s life,” series creator Michael Hirst told Matt Mitovich, “and it is unexpected because so much of the first season has been about this rock-solid relationship between [Ragnar and his wife].” Back home, meanwhile, Lagertha deals with yet another crisis. As for Ragnar’s brother Rollo, if you suspected that Siggy lit a fire under her new honey after the King Horic dis, you’d be right — and in the finale he launches a bold power play.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Meg Masters, Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s, True Blood, NCIS, Big Bang, Chicago Fire, TVD and More

April 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: I hear that Grey’s Anatomy‘s season finale is a big secret, but surely you can find out something for us. —Barbara
Ausiello: Challenge accepted. Last month, Shonda Rhimes sent Grey’s fans into a veritable tizzy when she tweeted that everything she previously said about this season’s finale “NO LONGER STANDS,” adding, “We changed everything.” Well, sources confirm that the scoop Rhimes gave me back in February — that the episode would not feature a [spoiler] — still holds true. So, um, phew.

Question: Now that it’s been confirmed that Muse Watson is coming back to NCIS as Mike Franks, can you give us some spoilers about why he’s there and what’ll happen with Gibbs? —Marla
Ausiello: Fortunately, Matt Mitovich just got off the horn with show boss Gary Glasberg, who explained that the Season 10 finale, titled “Damned If You Do” and airing May 14, presents “a situation where Gibbs has to really question, ‘How far is too far? How far can you push the boundaries? How far can the team cross the line?’ And in looking at things from a moral stance, in terms of what has happened over the years, things get internalized and we’re very fortunate to have the ‘conscience’ that is Mike Franks there for Gibbs to interact with.”

Question: Do you have anything new on the NCIS front? –Cheryl 
NCIS_Murray_HanksAusiello: If you, as many do, see a resemblance between incoming guest star Colin Hanks and Sean Murray (who plays Agent McGee), Glasberg promises that “absolutely” will be addressed on camera. “There’s a terrific scene in ‘Double Blind,’ which is the penultimate episode, when McGee and Colin (playing a DoD snoop) meet for the first time. And it actually comes up again in the finale as well,” the showrunner shares. “We got a big kick out of it around here!”

Question: I saw some Big Bang Theory finale rumors floating around that Amy gives Sheldon an ultimatum — either he sleeps with her or they break up. Can you confirm? —Nora
Ausiello: I can’t confirm that specific scenario, but the May 9 episode, tellingly titled “The Love Spell Potential,” does address the sex issue head-on. “They have a scene toward the end which discusses that quite a bit and kind of goes right at their relationship and will it ever be physical or not,” previews exec producer Steven Molaro. “It is an incredible scene and I can’t wait for it to go on TV.”

Question: There are rumors that True Blood is going to kill off the gorgeous and sexy Eric Northam! Please tell me this isn’t true. He is one of the main reasons I watch. —Kelly
Ausiello: I can neither confirm or deny the rumors, but I can offer you two pieces of evidence that suggest such a twist is in the realm of possibility. The first one comes care of Joe Manganiello, who tells TVLine, “We’re getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I’m sure they will continue to do that.” Exhibit B, meanwhile, arrives in the form of Episode 7′s title — “The Funeral.” Sorry I don’t have better news for you Kelly.

Question: Any serious True Blood scoopage? —Colleen
Ausiello: I suppose that depends on how you choose to interpret this additional, equally provocative tease from Mr. Manganiello: “I think [the producers] looked at some things that went on with Alcide last season, and thought, ‘How can we top that or how can we get even racier?’ And I think they’ve succeeded… Right out of the gate, it’s really juicy.”

Question: Do you have any new scoop on Chicago Fire? I’m especially interested in what’s next for Casey and Hallie. I love them together! —Máté
Ausiello: One red-hot, smokin’ Casey/Hallie scoop, coming right up: The return of Casey’s ex “complicates things a lot” for the firefighter, says executive producer Danielle Gelber. “Hallie has come back with renewed vigor, and is also passionate about something new in her life – not a person, but a pursuit… There’s really a feeling that she took a step away to get some distance, perspective, and she’s back with not a vengeance, but with renewed passion.”

Question: Cary/Kalinda of The Good Wife are my favorite current pairing on TV, followed by Schmidt/Cece of New Girl. Can you give me scoop on what’s going to happen with either couple between now and the end of the season?  You get 1K cool points if you spill spoilers for both couples! —Flora
new girlAusiello: Are these cool points redeemable at Blossom Du Jour? I’m going to assume they are, so, first, let me tell you that I’m hearing from semi-credible sources that the “shocking announcement” threatening to derail Cece’s wedding day does not involve a bun being present in the bride-to-be’s oven. So, that leaves… what? Hit the comments with your theories. As far as Cary/Kalinda, Good Wife exec producer Robert King tells me that their “career and personal [lives] start colliding” in the final two episodes of the season, adding, “Our intent is to go a lot of miles with Kalinda and Cary because they’re such an odd couple. And both Matt [Czuchry] and Archie [Panjabi] are wonderful together.” Regarding the decision to imply rather than show the pair’s romantic rendezvous following their recent bar flirtation, King explains, “You always want to tease out these relationships and not spill your goods. We didn’t intend to do anything other than leave the audience wanting more.”

Question: I am getting really nervous that Glee has not been picked up for a fifth season yet. Will it be renewed? —Nadia
Ausiello: Your answer is right here.

Question: When do you plan on updating your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Jeff
Ausiello: Um, I added about a dozen new (albeit spoiler’d out) entries this week alone. Take particular note of the expanding pregnancy category.

Question: In the promo for this week’s Vampire Diaries’ prom episode, Stefan and Elena seem to be sharing a moment — is it genuine or is Elena pitting the Salvatore Bros. against each other? Also, any nice Delena moments in the episode? —Ana
Ausiello: Elena and Stefan do share an incredibly heated dance, but it’s his intentions you should be asking about. As for Delena, let’s just say Damon’s doubts about Elena’s feelings for him prove to be a sore spot.

Question: I would love to know if Caroline dances with Klaus at Vampire Diaries‘ prom? It is kind of their thing. —Amy
Ausiello: Although Caroline’s dance card is pretty full in the episode, she doesn’t hit the floor with Klaus. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, prior to the big event, those crazy kids do share a nice moment — during which Klaus actually proves to be a friend! Stop the presses!

Question: Is it possible Padma didn’t really die on Revenge? ABC’s logline for the April 28 episode, which references Emily, Aiden and Nolan’s “search for Padma,” suggests she’s still among the living. Whassup? —Claire
Ausiello: Whassup is they must be searching for a corpse, because girlfriend is dead as a doornail. I think. “The hunt for Padma completed with Aiden finding her dead,” confirms series creator Mike Kelley, who then adds, “We kind of table the Padma story until the finale.”


Question: Got any scoop on Supernatural? Dying to get some since we’re on hiatus until the 24th! —Ali
Ausiello: Given what a winning introduction the Men of Letters received earlier this year, surely that’s not the last we’ve seen or heard of the secret organization, right? Right… ish. “We will absolutely see the positive and negative effects of being legacies,” says EP Jeremy Carver, adding that MoL “are involved in some capacity” later this season.


Question: Anything about Elementary? —Hala
Ausiello: Next Thursday’s episode takes a page straight out of a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story — and gives it an Elementary twist. The hour is based on the tale “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton” — but it’s not a retelling. “We looked at it and thought it was a great launch to a story,” says exec producer Rob Doherty. “We took the original ending and made that our teaser. Sherlock is hired to recover some blackmail material, infiltrate [bad guy] Milverton’s home and is present when somebody else breaks in behind him and kills Milverton.” That leaves the investigator in “a bit of a bind in that if he reports the murder [and] comes forward as a witness, Milverton’s accomplice will realize his partner is dead and will release all of the blackmail materials into the world. And yet, it’s wrong to not step forward and tell the police you’ve seen somebody killed. We liked that quandary for Sherlock.”


Community - Season 4Question: You’ve stopped giving us any Community scoop! Why? —Kavya
Ausiello: Because I haven’t had anything to give… until now. In an upcoming episode, Dean P will unveil his most shocking outfit to date. “His shirt comes off,” co-showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port tell TVLine’s Meg Masters. “Sometimes the best costume is no costume.” In possibly related news, the EPs hint that Dean and Jeff will make a “big, um, commitment” in an upcoming episode, adding, “There’s more Jeff/Dean for sure… Big steps.”


Question: What’s Nashville going to do with Susan Misner now that she’ll be a regular on The Americans next season? Is there any way she can stay? –Mariel
Ausiello: Series creator Callie Khouri says probably not – and she feels your pain. “I hate it,” she tells TVLine. “She’s been so great, and she and [Charles Esten] have incredible chemistry. She’s just really, really good.” The EP went on to praise Misner for succeeding in the thankless task of being Deacon’s NotRayna: “It’s a testament to her and her acting ability.” On the bright side: At least Deacon will have a new heartbreak to write songs about.



Question: Anything on the Episodes front? One of the best comedies on TV, IMHO. —Jacob
Ausiello: Although Season 3 won’t hit your screen until 2014, remember, scoopage is starting to circulate. For one, it appears that Matt LeBlanc — sorry, “Matt LeBlanc” — will have a bit of a PR crisis to deal with when a false rumor makes rounds that he’s entering rehab. It also looks like, with Pucks! on hiatus, “Matt” will take a stab at drama (which scares us more than a bit). But perhaps most interestingly, a Tonight Show appearance figures into one of Season 3′s first episodes, raising the question: Depending on when exactly Episodes returns, will the show need to shoot those scenes two ways, using different Jay/Jimmy host scenarios?


Question: I’d love some scoop on Beauty and the Beast if you have time to find some. –@Ewokgrl
Ausiello: Can I interest you in a pair of episode titles? In the CW drama’s penultimate freshman hour, “Date Night,” “Cat and Vincent get to go on a date that is not in his ‘lair’ or whatever you want to call it but out on an actual date, and it’s super-fun,” EP Jennifer Levin tells us. The season finale meanwhile is titled “Never Turn Back” — and make of that what you will.


Question: I need some Nikita scoop. —Oli
Ausiello: Division may not be long for this world. Asked if the season is building to the end of the covert spy org, EP Craig Silverstein responds with an unequivocal, “Yes,” before cryptically adding, “and maybe sooner than you thought.”


That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Meg Masters, Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Once, Nikita, SVU, Scandal, Grimm, Good Wife, Bones and More!

April 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Question: Glee got me reeled in with this whole “catfishing of Ryder Lynn” story line, and now I’m dying to know: Is “Katie” a dude? And if so, will Ryder figure it out any time soon?
Ausiello: Ryder’s not exactly Sherlock Holmes, but he begins to put together some of the puzzle pieces in this Thursday’s episode. What’s surprising, though, is that one massive clue — which points to the culprit being a person in (or very close to) New Directions — drops right in the middle of the most harrowing scene the show has ever done.

Question: I know I’m probably in the minority, but I’m excited about single, lesbian Santana taking Manhattan — and I don’t even mind the Brittany-Sam pairing. (It makes sense in a weird way.) So here’s my Glee question: Are we gonna see Kurt and Rachel’s new roomie get some sex in the city before the season is over? —Katie
Ausiello: Shut the porch door — you’re Team Bram? Let me make a notation on my scorecard. (This one might come down to a handful of hanging chads.) Speaking of the dynamic blonde duo, Sam makes a big romantic gesture on Thursday night’s episode that will have serious implications for one of the ensemble’s most hirsute characters. (Spoiler alert: His name rhymes with Chord Lugging Tons.) Now to answer your real question about Santana’s love life, sources confirm to me exclusively that I have zero information on that front.

Question: Big Mindy Project fan. Is there any scoop on Mindy and Danny? — Beth
Ausiello: The romantic tension will be amped up in this season’s final episodes — and there may or may not be [SPOILER].

Question: I’m obsessed with Nashville and I’m so happy new episodes have returned! Any scoop? —Jill
Ausiello: The apparent heart attack/stroke that Lamar suffered at the end of last week’s episode will prove to be fatal. Just joshing. He survives, but for how long? “He’s one tough customer,” acknowledges series creator Callie Khouri. “But there’s also the oh-how-the-mighty-have-fallen aspect to deal with. It’s a different place than we’ve seen him throughout the whole season. He seems very strong and a kind of invincible person. And then suddenly you realize: Everybody’s mortal.”

Question: Got any Law & Order: SVU scoop on Olivia and Cassidy? I love them together. —Stephanie
Ausiello: The good news is they’re still a couple. The less good news is their relationship will largely evolve off screen for the remainder of the season. “I’ve been trying hard to maintain [the show's serialized elements] on a standalone show, which is a challenge,” concedes showrunner Warren Leight. “[But] something works between the two of them – and I like it; I like writing for him. And I like how much tension there is between Cassidy and Amaro…  So Cassidy remains in our minds. And if there’s a Season 15, I have to think we’ll see more of him, as well.”

Question: Do you know if there any big deaths coming up on The Vampire Diaries? —Audrey
Ausiello: Nope, but I can tell you that next Thursday’s episode features another big return, as well as a passing glimpse of Silas’ real face — rumor has it he looks a lot like an actor out of Atlanta named Scott Parks. However, don’t get too used to seeing Silas’ authentic self. According to sources, the erstwhile warlock will continue to do most of his dirty work in disguise.

Question: When will Vampire Diaries start addressing the fact almost all of the core characters will be graduating high school in a few weeks? —Matt
Ausiello: The G-word will soon become a big topic of conversation in Mystic Falls. “There’s going to be a lot of questions about, ‘Who am I? What am I going to do with my life? What am I meant to be? Where am I meant to go?’” previews exec producer Julie Plec. “All of our characters will be faced with that question as they make decisions about whether to stay or go, go to college, travel the world, break up, stay together. A lot of big, important life decisions as we say goodbye to the high school chapter of the show.”

Question: Please, Scandal withdrawal is killing me. Anything related to the show is greatly appreciated. —Mateo
Ausiello: How about some new intel on the mysterious character Jasika Nicole is playing? TVLine previously scooped that the Fringe vet’s alter ego has “a deep connection to an existing character.” Well, the preview snippet ABC just released for her episode — airing April 25 — includes this telltale line: “Secrets from Huck’s life before Pope and Associates are revealed.” You thinking what I’m thinking?!

Question: The Spartacus finale is just days away, and I have two Qs: Have you seen it? And, if so, thoughts? Scoop? —Jesse
Ausiello: Technically, that’s three Qs, but I’ll overlook it since I have answers for you. Yes, I’ve seen it. I thought it was a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to the series. And there’s (naturally) a ton of death (both pivotal and inconsequential), some seriously stunning (and gut-wrenching) imagery and a fair amount of heart-tugging flashbacks/callbacks. Yes, there’s some gratuitous sex and breastacle flashing, too. God, is that all you people think about?! Disgusting.

Question: I would love to hear anything about The Good Wife‘s final three episodes of the season. —Ella
Ausiello: Cary’s move to launch his own firm will take center-ish stage, I hear. In possibly related news, remember the big Alicia story that Julianna Margulies teased was coming in Episode 20? Well, Episode 20 is right around the corner — April 14, to be precise. Might Alicia join her former nemesis out the door? Does Florick/Agos have a certain ring to it? Amy I grasping at straws?

Question: Once Upon a Time is in the middle of three-week hiatus for the third time this season. Can you tide us over with some scoop, please? —Ben
Ausiello: Walking Dead‘s decision to promote Sonequa Martin Green to a series regular in Season 4 doesn’t necessarily mean the end is near for Once‘s Tamara. “The challenge that we’ve faced, both seasons so far, is scheduling,” Once exec producer Adam Horowitz notes. “We don’t want to give away what our plans are for any character, but we’ve been able to work out scheduling in the past.” (Helping matters, he said, is the fact that Walking Dead resumes just as Once is wrapping S2.) Adds EP Eddy Kitsis: “Hopefully, things will work out [when it comes to Season 3]. We think she’s done a great job.”

Question: I know you’ve probably teased everything you could about it, but anything else on the Bones‘ season finale? With the exception of Sunday’s big scene, they have been pretty quiet as of late. —Rachel
Ausiello: Pelant’s possible accomplice has been identified: Beau Knapp (Super 8) has been cast in the April 29 finale as Zane Reynolds, a menacing member of a religious cult whose family members were killed by FBI agents ten years ago. Booth believes that Zane, armed to the teeth, is taking orders from Pelant and might be targeting Booth & Co.

Question: Any word on a renewal for Nikita? It seems to have stayed pretty steady since moving back to 8pm? —Jared
Ausiello: Good news: Buoyed in part by a report in Deadline that said the show might be renewed for a shortened final season, Nikita has been upgraded to a “safe bet” on TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard. Also brightening the show’s renewal prospects is word that the show’s May 17 closer features a cliffhanger-ish ending. Basically, if they ended the series that way, people would be very unhappy.

Question: Nikita scoop, please! Preferably anything on Alex and Owen? I love the dynamic that has been set up between them. —Steph
Ausiello: Lyndsy Fonseca hints that there’s a “really cool twist” coming with regard to Owen’s relationship with not only Alex but everyone. “Owen as a character changes a lot by the end of the season,” she teases. “All I’m going to say is that Amanda’s influence on — and what she’s done to — Alex and Nikita and Owen and eventually another character is going to become apparent.” Bonus Scoop: The aforementioned finale? Per Fonseca, Amanda has a “big part” in it.

Question: I loved the Justified finale. Is that the end of the Detroit mob plot, or will it continue in Season 5? —Keith
Ausiello: Much like Nicky Augustine, it’s dead. “It’s our intent to move off of it, to a certain extent,” confirmed exec producer Graham Yost, before nothing that we may see Max Perlich’s mafia heir Sammy Tonin again. “We really like [him]. There could be fun stuff there, but that’s not something we’re driving toward. [But] if something materialized, it would be a good story.”

Question: Does Margo Martindale’s casting in CBS’ Will Arnett pilot mean her Americans handler Claudia is about to get whacked? I hope not. I love the dynamic between her and Elizabeth (Keri Russell). —Julie
Ausiello: From the sounds of it, FX’s espionage thriller isn’t letting the Emmy winner go without a fight. “We love Margo,” says exec producer Joel Fields, before adding (with tongue planted firmly in cheek), “Look, we’re The Americans. We’re spies. And I would never threaten anybody else in the business or at another network, but we love Margo. And Claudia is part of The Americans. So [CBS] can TRY to come after her and put her in another pilot. But they should be aware of the KGB. The KGB is a very powerful organization with a long reach.” Hope that answered your question, Julie!

Question: Do you have any Grimm news? —JP
Ausiello: Nick’s heightened abilities in the wake of being attacked by that fly Wesen won’t turn him into Superman, maintains exec producer David Greenwalt. “You’ll see some cool fighting for sure,” he adds, “but he won’t be able to leap off tall buildings in a single bound or anything like that.” Adds fellow EP James Kouf with a laugh: “It’ll take at least two bounds.”

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