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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s, Once, Vampire Diaries, Southland, Castle, Glee, Suits and More!

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Question: Two weeks until Grey’s Anatomy returns! I need scoop, STAT! —Babar
Ausiello: Now that Jackson has been handed the keys to Seattle Grace, expect some “pretty significant” changes, previews Jesse Williams, who notes that the promotion represents both a “leap forward” and a “leap back” for his well-pedigreed alter ego. “He wants to be taken seriously and to make his own name for himself, but he’s also getting handed a responsibility that is a [direct] result of his legacy and his family, which is what he set out from the very beginning [to avoid]. So that creates some inner turmoil for him, and maybe a little bit of guilt. But he’s going to have to make it work or get run over. And I think we’re going to see that struggle over the course of the next few episodes.” On the personal front, Williams — who spoke to TVLine over the weekend at a Montblanc/UNICEF pre-Oscar charity brunch — hints that the Jackson/April/Stephanie/Matthew imbroglio will come to a head. “Something is going to have to get figured out with April and Jackson,” he surmises. “I don’t know about a resolution, but [those] two ships are going to try to meet at some point by the end of the season.”

Question: I’ve just finished watching the first season of Once Upon a Time and I love it, especially the relationship between Emma and August/Pinocchio. Do you know if he is coming back in Season 2? —Gaia
Ausiello: Yes, as previously reported, Eion Bailey will resurface later this season as August — as will Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman! — but Emma will only reunite with one the fellas. “I don’t have scenes with Jamie, unfortunately,” Jennifer Morrison shares with us, “but I do have scenes with Eion.” Bonus Scoop: Though Matt Mitovich teased in the new Spoiler Alert! that there would be one death in this Sunday’s episode, technically there are two — one in each realm.

Question: Got anything on ABC’s under-appreciated Happy Endings? —Claire
Ausiello: I actually have a question for you Claire: Why are Dave and Penny holding a (totally fraudulent) casting call for a baby? In other Happy news, did you hear about this?!

Question: Any info on Jenny Slate’s Parks and Recreation guest stint, beyond her playing Jean Ralphio’s twin sister? —Lily
Ausiello: Her character, Mona Lisa Saperstein, is being brought on primarily to terrorize Ben. “One of my favorite things to do in the world is take awful people — like Jean Ralphio or Mona Lisa — and just put Adam Scott in scenes with them,” says exec producer Mike Schur with a laugh. “I have them act so horrifying and then have Adam just basically be the conscience of the show, and be absolutely blown away by how horrifying they are.”

Question: Is Eve Best leaving Nurse Jackie? I read that O’Hara was going to leave for London. —Mayara
Ausiello: Jackie lose her BFF? Pshaw. Per a Showtime rep, Best will be back as a series regular for Season 5 (bowing April 14).

Question: Southland scoop? —Charley
Ausiello: Now that Cooper and his young boot have parted ways, get ready to meet John’s new partner in this Wednesday’s episode. Yes, we said partner, not trainee. “John gets to a point where he just doesn’t want to train for a while,” previews Michael Cudlitz. “He’d rather be on the streets again with a seasoned officer, and he makes that choice as he reevaluates things in his life.” Enter, Third Watch‘s Anthony Ruivivar as Hank Lucero, a 10/15-year veteran of the LAPD. It’s a “very normal partner relationship with two seasoned officers who are at different places in their careers,” says Cudlitz. “So you get to see a little more active day-to-day policing.”

Question: Suburgatory scoop, please. – Latifah
Ausiello: Bad news: Ryan Shay’s leaving. Better news: I’m kinda-sorta screwing with you. The truth is, Ryan will be going off to college on a football scholarship in the Season 2 finale, but series creator Emily Kapnek insists Parker Young will be back next fall (assuming the show gets a third season pickup from ABC, which, come on, it will). “We have a great, fantastic scene with Ryan and Tessa coming up in the finale,” Kapnek tells TVLine, “[where they are] navigating his departure and whether or not he can live with being away.” Adds Young: “[They] learn to come to terms with the fact that they can’t be together forever…. [Tessa is] a strong girl; she can handle being abandoned.” Bonus Scoop: Kapnek says Tessa’s mom (played by Malin Akerman) will resurface before season’s end.

Question: Happy belated birthday!  Do you have any scoop about the 100th episode of Castle? —Sue
Ausiello: I’ve got two words for you, and one of them’s “***r” and the other one’s “*i**o*.” Also, true fact: Birthday wishes don’t mean anything unless they come with a gift. (Look, I don’t make the rules.)

Question: I will Smurf whatever pull I have with the big Smurf in the sky to rain blessings upon you if you deign to tell me if there’s more Quintana coming up on Glee? —Rob C.
Ausiello: As of this writing, no. But there’s a lot of Season 4 left.

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming Klaus sex scene on The Vampire Diaries? —Holly
Ausiello: There will be blood ink. Teases exec producer Julie Plec of the anticipated coitus session in Episode 16 (airing March 14): “I will say that Joseph Morgan has some tattoos that I didn’t know he had until shooting this scene.” (BTW, Plec wouldn’t say if his partner in fornication was someone we’ve met before).

Question: Any scoop on Elijah’s Vampire Diaries return? —Jessica
Ausiello: Plec confirms that viewers will get “a little Elijah flavor” before the planted Originals spin-off airs in April. “It’ll be fun to have him back in our Mystic Falls universe,” she adds. “We finally get a sense of what he’s been doing during his whole absence from our world.”

Question: Can you give us any Vampire Diaries scoop on Silas? —Holly
Ausiello: Plec will eventually put a face to the name, telling TVLine, “We do plan at some point to meet the real Silas.”

Question: Suits fanatic here. Is it too early to beg for details about next season? —Anelej
Ausiello: Folks, you really need to stop asking me if it’s too early for scoop. As the Ask Ausiello mission statement clearly states, it’s never too early. Case in point: I already know that Season 3 will continue the Rachel-wants-to-become-a-lawyer plot, despite her recent rejection from Harvard. “I don’t think her quest to become a lawyer is dead,” shares EP Aaron Korsh. “[But] she’s going to have to deal with what she wants to do [in Season 3]. She acted with hubris [and] didn’t apply to a backup school. There are other schools she can apply to. She’s got to decide what she wants to do moving forward.”

Question: Any Sons of Anarchy Season 6 scoop? —Ashley
Ausiello: It’s a little too early to be asking me that.

Question: I’ll take any Cary-related Good Wife scoop I can get. —Jessica
Ausiello: His estranged pop (played by John Shea) resurfaces in the March 17 episode — only this time he’s bringing new business to Lockhart Gardner. “Robert and Michelle [King] really enjoyed John’s work,” Matt Czuchry tells TVLine, “and loved what it did in terms of opening up Cary’s personal life and professional life.”

Question: In the last new Nashville, Glenn quit working for Juliette. Does that mean she’s going to have a new (and maybe young and hot) manager sometime soon? –Dana
Ausiello: Her new manager is certainly young and decidedly hot… and that’s because Juliette’s new manager is herself! Despite the country star’s new sense of direction, “She’s not better off without him, that’s for sure,” says creator Callie Khouri. “She’s certainly not the best person to be managing her own career. So we’re going to watch that for a while.”

Question: I refresh the TVLine homepage a dozen times a day waiting for the story that HBO has come to its senses and renewed the brilliant Enlightened for Season 3. End my agony and give me some news — good or bad — because I can’t wait anymore!–Petula
Ausiello: First of all, thanks for your obsessive use of the “refresh” button: It’s readers like you who’ve contributed to TVLine’s success story! Secondly, while creator/executive producer/star Mike White is uncertain of Enlightened‘s future, he has good news about Sunday’s Season 2 finale for both fans and detractors of Laura Dern’s protagonist Amy Jellicoe. “People who hate Amy are going to love the scene where she confronts Krista (Sarah Burns) in the hospital room after she’s had her baby. And people who love Amy will enjoy her final showdown with Abaddon, which brings her as close to a Norma Rae-Silkwood type of heroine as she’ll ever be.” And just in case the season finale turns out to be a series finale, “Both scenes are nice little bookends to how we set up Amy in the pilot with regards to her relationships with Krista and with Abaddon,” adds White. “It all comes full circle.”

Question: I’d like to know how much longer Fitz is going to go down this dark path on Scandal before we get to see him happier again. —Carly
Ausiello: Well, first he has to stop surrounding himself with such lowlifes. Case in point: An upcoming episode will involve a Supreme Court nominee (played by Tim Halligan, Commander in Chief) whose skeleton-packed closet threatens to tarnish Fitz’s recommendation and image.

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Pilot Scoop: CBS Drama Reckless Adds Mad Men’s Michael Gladis, The O.C.’s Cam Gigandet

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Mad man Michael Gladis and O.C. surfer villain Cam Gigandet have joined CBS’ Reckless, TVLine has learned.

Reckless is a sultry legal show set in Charleston, South Carolina, where a gorgeous Yankee litigator and a Southern City Attorney struggle to hide their intense attraction while clashing over a police sex scandal.

Gladis will play the police force’s Chief Knox, and Gigandet will play the lead character of Roy, the city attorney.

Gladis is best known as Mad Men‘s copywriter-turned-Hare-Krishna-turned-would-be-screenwriter Paul Kinsey; his recent TV credits include Justified, How I Met Your Mother and Leverage.

Gigandet was Ryan’s nemesis Volchok for two seasons of the teen soap. In addition to playing vampire James in the first Twilight movie, Gigandet’s resume also includes Jack & Bobby and The Young and the Restless.

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Today’s Shows: Wednesday, February 27th 2013

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The CW Sets Season Finale Dates

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Monday, April 8
8:00/7:00c – “The Carrie Diaries”

Tuesday, May 7
8:00/7:00c – “Hart of Dixie”

Monday, May 13
9:00/8:00c – “90210”

Tuesday, May 14
9:00/8:00c – “Cult”

Wednesday, May 15
8:00/7:00c – “Arrow”
9:00/8:00c – “Supernatural”

Thursday, May 16
8:00/7:00c – “The Vampire Diaries”
9:00/8:00c – “Beauty and the Beast”

Friday, May 17
8:00/7:00c – “Nikita”

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What to Watch Tuesday: NCIS’ Vanishing, Golden Boy Shines, Go On’s Studio 60 Reunion and More

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On TV this Tuesday: An NCIS duo disappears, Go On reunites two sketchy guys from Studio 60, Hart of Dixie hosts a’70s star and CBS’ Golden Boy starts gleaming.

8 pm Hart of Dixie (The CW) | Zoe agrees to be Wanda’s maid of honor, a tough gig that involves monitoring Wanda’s crafty mom (played by Debra Jo Rupp, That ’70s Show). But even with her hands full, the good doc knows that something’s off between her and Wade. Hmm….

8 pm Celebrity Wife Swap (ABC) | Season 2 premiere: Kate Gosselin (Kate Plus 8) and Kendra Wilkinson (Kendra) trade lives (and mommy duties) for a week. (Kendra, honey, you definitely got the short end of the swap-stick in that deal.)

8 pm NCIS (CBS) | Where in the world are Ducky and Jimmy? After the duo disappears — almost Dr. Daniel Westin-style! — while transporting a body from a crime scene, Gibbs’ team leaps into action.

9 pm Cult (The CW) | While a producer brushes off Skye’s concerns that some Cult fans believe there are hidden messages embedded in the program, on the show-within-a-show, Kelly (Alona Tal) and her partner think an oddly buried body might be a message from Billy.

9 pm New Girl (Fox) | Nick and Schmidt argue over the planning of their “TinFinity” party celebrating a decade of living together. Steve Howey (Shameless) guests as a football pro who catches Jess’ eye.Go On - Season 1

9 pm Go On (NBC) | Matthew Perry’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip partner in crime, Bradley Whitford, guest-stars as a sad bachelor pal of Ryan’s who inadvertently prompts the radio host to ask Simone to move in with him.

10 pm Golden Boy (CBS) | Series premiere: Theo James (Downton Abbey) stars as Walter William Clark, Jr., whose rise to becoming the youngest police commissioner in NYPD history is told in flashback – starting with his promotion to homicide detective. Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies) co-stars as Clark partner while Kevin Alejandro (True Blood) is the division’s resident hot shot. Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters) and Nicholas Wootton (Chuck) executive-produce.

10 pm Body of Proof (ABC) | As the second half of the season opener unfolds, there’s news both good – Megan learns how one of their prime suspects figures in the case at hand – and terrifying, seeing as she can’t say anything, because the killer has kidnapped Lacey and is threatening her life.

10 pm White Collar (USA Network) | Peter and Neal get closer to solving the mystery of Ellen’s evidence box (but take a detour through the world of sculpture forgery).

10 pm Cougar Town (TBS) | Jules’ “naked day” with Grayson turns out to be anything but sexy; Laurie and Wade decide to move in together.

Pilot News: Sleepy Hollow Casts Ichabod Crane

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British actor Tom Mison has been cast as the lead in Fox’s Sleepy Hollow thriller,  Deadline reports.

The project, written and exec-produced by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, is described as a modern-day supernatural thriller based on the legend of the titular Westchester County, N.Y. town.

Mison’s Ichabod Crane is a Revolutionary War captain who takes off a horseman’s head and then somehow time-travels to the present, where he proves a beneficial partner to a local detective (played by Nicole Beharie, The Good Wife) when his enemy The Headless Horseman comes back to haunt the town.

Orlando Jones (MADtv) and Katia Winter (Dexter) co-star.

Mison’s credits include the feature film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and the HBO miniseries Parade’s End.

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Pilot Scoop: Brittany Snow to Star as Legal Ladder-Climber in Fox’s To My Future Assistant

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Brittany Snow will play an ambitious law-school grad looking to raise the bar — now that she’s passed it — in Fox’s comedy pilot To My Future Assistant, TVLine has learned.

The potential series is based on a blog and upcoming book of the same name by Lydia Whitlock. It follows the grumbling, oppressed assistants at a tony New York city law firm, and it is written by Sherry Bilsing-Graham (Friends) and Ellen Kreamer (The New Adventures of Old Christine), with Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz also serving as EPs.

Snow’s character Jen hopes to snag an associate lawyer position at her firm, thus freeing her from the tedium of being a legal assistant.

The project’s cast also includes Catherine O’Hara (Best in Show) as a powerful lawyer/not-so-nice person.

The actress followed her American Dreams run with roles in Nip/TuckHarry’s Law and Gossip Girl and parts in feature films. She also played a love interest for Ben & Kate‘s Tommy before Fox pulled the comedy from its schedule in January.

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Pilot Scoop: Lindsay Sloane Finds Happiness, Joins Sean Hayes’ NBC Comedy Pilot

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Lindsay Sloane (Weeds, Grosse Pointe) has joined the cast of NBC’s Sean Hayes-fronted comedy pilot (tentatively titled Happiness), TVLine has learned exclusively.

The project, from Better Off Ted creator Victor Fresco, centers on a man (Hayes) attempting to both parent the teenage daughter who just moved in and appease a temperamental boss (Reno 911! alum Thomas Lennon).

Sloane will play Liz, the BFF of Hayes’ character.

The cast also includes sitcom vet Linda Lavin as Hayes’ mom.

Fresco penned the script and will serve as an EP alongside Hayes and Todd Milliner (Hot in Cleveland, Grimm).

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TVLine Items: Warehouse 13’s Return Date, Arrested Development Revival Update and More!

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Warehouse 13 is preparing to open its doors again — in an all-new timeslot.

The Syfy series is set to launch the second half of its fourth season on Monday, April 29 at 10/9c.

The Warehouse premiere picks up immediately where the midseason finale left off, with Artie infecting the team with the Black Orchid Artifact’s deadly ‘Sweating Sickness.’

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Despite the Netflix CEO referring to Arrested Developments upcoming revival as a “one-off” and “non-repeatable” during a Monday conference call, the streaming service’s rep is singing another tune, telling Hitfix: “We’re hopeful there will be more seasons…. If anyone can pull it together, it’s going to be [Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos]. But by no means is this the end of it. We’re definitely planning to do more with them.”

• FX has ordered a horror/drama script from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and former Hell on Wheels showrunner John Shiban. Based on an idea from Sutter, the project — titled Lucas Stand – is described as “the salvation quest of a damaged former Special Ops soldier who has been chosen to traverse time and place to hunt down and kill Hell’s law-breaking demons.”

• Rick Springfield is making his way back to General Hospital — and his real-life son is coming with him. Per, the ’80s icon will reprise his role as Dr. Noah Drake for a handful of episodes this April, while son Liam Springthorpe will play an undercover cop.

• Michael Jackson’s son Prince will make his acting debut on an upcoming episode of 90210, per The Hollywood Reporter. He’ll play a trauma victim who bonds with Silver.

• Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters) has landed the lead in NBC’s Meatballs-like 10-episode summer series Camp, playing the director of the titular destination.

• TBS has renewed its competition series King of the Nerds for a second season.

And in the latest round of All My Children casting news:

• Ryan Bittle (Sweet Valley High, Dawson’s Creek) will play JR Chandler in the upcoming iTunes/Hulu revival, per Soap Opera Network. He’ll replace Jacob Young, who has since moved on to The Bold and the Beautiful. SON also reports that Eric Nelsen will play JR’s now-older son AJ, and America’s Next Top Model winner Sal Stowers will portray Angie’s adopted daughter Cassandra.

News Briefs: Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Will Be a Perfect Match on Anger Management

February 27, 2013 Leave a comment


… Lindsay Lohan will be guest-starring on FX’s Anger Management, joining her part-time friend Charlie Sheen. Lohan will play herself and a potential love interest for Sheen’s character after he gives her some therapy lessons.  [EW]

Supernatural‘s Misha Collins is coming back to The CW show in a big way, returning as a regular for Season 9. Collins, who plays the angel Castiel, was last a regular cast member in Season 6 (I believe), but turned into a giant pile of black goo in Season 7. Collins will direct an episode in Season 9. [TV Line]

… Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias) is joining ABC’s drama pilot Doubt. In the legal drama about a cop-turned-lawyer named Vincent, Grunberg will play Vincent’s high-functioning developmentally disabled brother. The role of Vincent has yet to be cast. [TV Line]

Six Feet Under‘s Rachel Griffiths is heading to NBC’s Camp. The show has already been ordered to series by the network, with 10 episodes scheduled for this summer. The fun-times dramedy takes place at a summer camp and Griffiths will play the camp director who just got left by her husband. [Deadline Hollywood]

… That little kid from Billy Elliot who made everyone cry is grown up and will now fight for America! Jamie Bell has signed on to star in AMC’s drama pilot Turn, which follows the country’s first group of spies that formed during the War for Independence. [TV Line]

… Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope) will play a police captain in CBS’s Beverly Hills Cop pilot. The show stars Brandon T. Jackson as the son of Axel Foley, and yes, Eddie Murphy is scheduled to make an appearance at least in the pilot episode. That is, if he’s not too busy making another Klumps movie. [TV Line]

… CBS’s drama pilot The Ordained has booked Lost‘s Jorge Garcia. The show follows a man from a wealthy family who leaves his position as a priest to join an elite New York law firm in order to prevent the assassination of his politician sister WHAT!? This is kind of story that gets made into a TV show these days? Garcia will play an investigator for the law firm. [Deadline Hollywood]

Community‘s Ken Jeong is making sure he has a job next year in the very likely case that the NBC comedy is canceled. Jeong, who plays Senor Chang the Changnesiac on Community, will join ABC’s comedy pilot Spy, a remake of the British series. Rob Corddry stars as a dad who accidentally joins the Secret Service to impress his son. Jeong will play the Examiner. [Deadline Hollywood]

… The Oscars broadcast was watched by 40.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen’s outdated educated guesses. That’s ahead of the 39.3 million who watched last year, leading some to suspect that this year’s host Seth MacFarlane may have been a draw, especially for the 18-49 demographic, which rose 11 percent to a 13.0 rating. If that’s the case, next year will just be MacFarlane singing about  Jennifer Lawrence falling down an endless flight of stairs for three hours. [Deadline Hollywood]

… TBS has renewed its nerd-off King of the Nerds for a second season. The reality show features a bunch of young people that producers consider to be nerds doing things that producers consider to be nerdy things in a competition to fulfill stereotypes. [TBS via press release]

… TLC has renewed Breaking Amish for a second season, even after the first season was riddled with accusations of faked backgrounds. The same group of Amish folks will be back next season, and this time they’re heading to sunny, electricity-filled Florida. [TLC via press release]

… Have you been really wanting to watch Breaking Bad but your TV is stuck on the Sundance Channel? Good news! The network will be replaying the first four seasons of the AMC hit beginning March 4 at 11pm. So go get some meth and stay up for days watching the best show on TV! [Sundance Channel via press release]

… Morrissey was scheduled to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live but has refused to appear after finding out that the cast of Duck Dynasty would also be on the show. Morrissey said: “As far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers. If Jimmy cannot dump Duck Dynasty then we must step away.”  [THR]


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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, Revenge, The Following, Arrow, The Mindy Project and More!

February 27, 2013 Leave a comment
Spoiler Chat

In need of some romance scoop? Spoiler Chat has got you covered!

In today’s column, we’ve got scoop on a fan favorite Glee pairing and what’s next for Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine and Vincent now that they’ve finally kissed. Plus, we also have interesting tidbits to share on couples on Covert Affairs and The Mindy Project. If you’re not in the mood for romance, we’ve got also scoop on Revenge, The Following, Arrow and more…

Beth: I’d really love some scoop on my new favorite TV pairing Danny and Mindy on The Mindy Project!
Remember when Morgan kind of sort of mailed Danny’s ex-wife the letter he wrote, which was sensitive and included a drawing of their non-existent baby? Well, she definitely receives is as viewers will be meeting Christina in episode 22. And guess what? We’re not the only ones picking up on some chemistry between Danny and Mindy.

Felicity: What’s next on Revenge after Amanda’s death?
The investigation of said death? Possibly. Either that or another crime is going down later on in the season. Revenge is currently looking to cast someone to play an NYPD detective. He won’t show up until episode 18, and he’ll only be around for one episode. Speculate away, you TV nerds.

Liz in Los Gatos, Calif.: Jayma Mays on How I Met Your Mother means what for Wemma??
Um, most likely nothing. Jayma is just popping up as a quick guest star to reprise her small role from allll the way back in season one. If she does miss shooting on Glee to do HIMYM, we can’t imagine she would be absent for any more than one episode. And since Emma has been MIA a lot this season (and so has Will for that matter), it won’t be too out of the ordinary to have her or both of them gone on Glee. Think of it this way: Maybe Jayma shooting that guest appearance means that Will and Emma finally get their honeymoon and have to be gone for one or two episodes! Ever think of that? Silver lining, people.

Sasha:  Loving The Following and I can’t wait to learn more about Paul! Got any scoop?
Prepare for flashbacks! Viewers will soon learn Paul’s backstory and will get to see him interact with Joe. “Joe’s my role model,” Adan Canto teases of their interactions. “I guess I’m just fascinated to find a world in which I can feel comforted somehow; a world in which everything I do and everything I feel isn’t necessarily wrong or bad. It’s now colored by all of these beautiful philosophies that Joe shares with us.”


Irene: Beauty and the Beast is getting really good! Any scoop?
Do you have a bad feeling about Evan poking around in Vincent’s world? You should be. That situation will hit critical mass in episode 17 and 18, complete with a confrontation between two people that doesn’t go smoothly at all. Does it leave someone in danger? Possibly. Will it change Vincent and Catherine’s relationship? Definitely.

Amy: Obsessed with Arrow! Please share anything you’ve got!
In Wednesday’s episode, [Spoiler] is shot! In possibly unrelated or related news, Malcolm attempts to reconnect With Tommy on his birthday, which leads to learning a bit more about their fractured relationship. Oh, and don’t miss the final two minutes, which contains a huge, potentially show-changing, reveal.

Steph B.: Where is my Royal Pains scoop?
We were waiting until we got info on the season five premiere. And here it is! A new character is joining the show, and she sounds an awful lot like Victoria Grayson from Revenge. Her name is Blythe (of course it is), and she’s considered Hamptons royalty. She is influential, prestigious and pushy, and she isn’t afraid to let her neighbors know that she’s the queen bee. After HankMed’s tends to her injury, she really takes a liking to them. And that doesn’t necessarily mean good things for Evan and Hank…

Molls: I’m really impatient waiting for Covert Affairs scoop, especially after all the adorable stuff between Annie and Auggie in the season three finale. Can you help?
Season four’s premiere episode will not exactly be a romantic romp for Annie and Auggie. In fact, there is some seriously dangerous stuff going down involving those two, but at least they’re together! That’s something, right? And there is a moment that Annie-Auggie fans will love involving a reunion that comes after one of them is caught in a nasty explosion. Yeah, like we said, seriously dangerous stuff happening in the premiere.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

Want your TV questions answered in our next Spoiler Chat? Email them to or tweet at @KristinDSantos!

Today’s Shows: Tuesday, February 26th 2013

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CBS Pilot Scoop: Hamish Linklater Joins Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robin Williams in Crazy Ones

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The cast for CBS’ Crazy Ones pilot continues to look crazy good.

Hamish Linklater of The New Adventures of Old Christine is the latest addition to the single-camera workplace comedy, which was penned by David E. Kelley and stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as the father/daughter owners of an ad agency.

Linklater will play Andrew Kennedy, the agency’s art director. James Wolk (Political Animals) was previously cast as copywriter Zach.

Linklater’s recent TV credits include The Good Wife, The Newsroom, SVU and The Big C.

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Alicia Silverstone to Star as Free-Wheeling HR Boss in Long-Gestating Lifetime Pilot

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Formerly Clueless one Alicia Silverstone has signed on to headline the Lifetime pilot HR, lifting a cast contingency on the project and allowing it to move forward with production,  Deadline reports.

Silverstone will play the Director of Human Resources for an international conglom who, after suffering a brain injury, adopts a less-rigid and more bold approach to her job.

HR was initially greenlit as a pilot last summer — along with the Renee Zellweger-produced Cinnamon Girl (recently snuffed), The Secret Lives Of Wives (also snuffed) and Witches Of East End (fully cast and ordered to series) — with a contingency placed on the casting of the lead role.

Silverstone’s TV credits include a Season 1 arc on Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto’s Suburgatory, a Childrens Hospital appearance and the ill-fated 2006 NBC sitcom The Singles Table.

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Pilot Scoop: Former Jersey Girl Janet Montgomery Joins ABC’s Gothica as Van Helsing

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Ex-Made In Jersey star Janet Montgomery has scored the female lead in Gothica, ABC’s dark soap opera from Grey’s Anatomy EP Mark Gordon.

Gothica is — as the titled suggests — a modern-day Gothic soap that weaves together the mythologies of Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, among others.

Montgomery, whose rookie CBS drama Made In Jersey was this season’s first casualty, will play Grace Van Helsing. As a member of one of the city’s founding families, Grace could have inherited her parents’ newspaper fortune, but emotional scars inflicted 10 years ago – by the mysterious death of her parents, and by her one, great love leaving her — set Grace on her own path to New York.

She joins Welsh actor Tom Ellis and Kings alum Chris Egan, who were previously cast as Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, respectively.

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ABC Pilot Scoop: Greg Grunberg Has Doubt, Joins House Creator David Shore’s New Drama

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

No question about it: Greg Grunberg is joining ABC’s pilot Doubt, TVLine has learned.

The legal drama from House creator David Shore centers around Vincent, a former cop-turned-charmingly low-rent lawyer who uses his street smarts and cunning to work the system for his clients while battling his own demons and wooing his ex-wife.

Grunberg — whose credits include Heroes, AliasFelicity, and, more recently, Lifetime’s The Client List — will play Vince’s developmentally disabled by high-functioning older brother Mark. He works at Vince’s office as the receptionist and believes that his brother can save the world.

Sons of Anarchy‘s Rockmond Dunbar co-stars as Vincent’s former partner on the force and current confidante.

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Fox Pilot Scoop: Secret Life’s Daren Kagasoff Is Emma Roberts’ Delirium Love Interest

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Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Daren Kagasoff has been cast as Emma Roberts’ love interest in the Fox drama pilot Delirium, TVLine has learned.

Penned by executive producer Karyn Usher (Prison Break), Delirium is based on Lauren Oliver’s bestselling young adult novels about an alternate present where love is deemed illegal and is able to be eradicated with a surgical procedure dubbed The Cure.

The rub: Young Lena Holoway — to be played by Roberts — does the unthinkable and falls in love with 95 days to go until her treatment.

Kagasoff, who is a free agent now that Secret Life is heading into its final season on ABC Family, will play Alex, a police officer and the object of Lena’s affection.

The cast also includes The Closer‘s Corey Reynolds and The Killing’s Billy Campbell.

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Pilot News: The Selection Finds Its Star, The Killing Alum Joins Ironside and More Castings

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The Killing’s Brent Sexton, Better Off Ted‘s Andrea Anders and Hart of Dixie‘s Claudia Lee are among the latest to land roles this pilot season. Plus: The CW’s The Selection makes a crucial selection.

Per  Deadline….

* The CW’s The Selection has selected Israeli actress Yael Grobglas (photo, far left) to play the lead role of America Singer, a working class lass chosen by lottery to compete with 25 other women for the Royal Prince’s hand and become the futuristic nation’s next queen.

* On NBC’s Ironside reboot, Brent Sexton will play the former partner of Blair Underwood’s titular police detective. Blaming himself for the shooting that put Ironside in a wheelchair, Gary is struggling to move on with his life.

* Andrea Anders landed the female lead in Divorce: A Love Story, ABC‘s multi-cam comedy about a recently divorced couple who can’t seem to stay out of each others’ lives.

* Secret Circle/Friday Night Lights alum Grey Damon has joined The CW’s Oxygen as Grayson, a guy who crushes on Aimee Teegarden’s character (who in turn is crushing on extraterrestrial transfer student).

* Connor Buckley (Deception‘s Flashback Julian) and Claudia Lee (Hart of Dixie‘s Magnolia, far right in photo) have been added to Bill Lawrence’s I Suck at Girls sitcom adaptation for Fox.

* CBS’ Hostages has cast Billy Brown (The Following, Sons of Anarchy) as Archer, an ex-military type who plays an integral role in abducting the family of a surgeon (Toni Collette) about to operate on the President of the United States.

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Pilot Scoop: Former Pan Am Star Kelli Garner Is One of Fox’s Two Wrongs

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Onetime Pan Am stewardess Kelli Garner has boarded Two Wrongs, Fox’s single-camera comedy pilot from writer-actress Michelle Morgan, TVLine has learned.

The project is described as a relationship comedy about a couple whose friends and family don’t think they are right for each other.

Garner will play the female half of the duo, Jenny. The search for her significant other, Zach, continues.

Morgan is writing the script and will serve as an EP alongside Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope.

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10 Spoilers: An ‘Arrow’ game-changer, a ‘Supernatural’ angel dilemma, plus ‘Bunheads’ goes all the way

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Since Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes some scoop from our latest “Vampire Diaries” set visit, dish on a major “Bunheads” rite of passage, and some thoughts from Jared Padalecki on whether the “Supernatural” guys would ever betray Castiel to get rid of all the angels. Plus — don’t miss this week’s “Arrow.” Seriously.

“The Vampire Diaries”: We visited the set last week and — in addition to getting some scoop on Tyler’s return — we also got to watch Nina Dobrev pull double-duty as she filmed a scene for episode 418, “American Gothic.” In the past, we’ve seen Katherine pretend to be Elena plenty of times, but now, we’ll get to see Elena’s best impression of Katherine. Katherine didn’t seem too impressed by the likeness, though… she thinks Elena’s innocence will be a dead giveaway. (Not to mention her haircut.)

“Arrow”: Stephen Amell has been referring to this episode with the term “Holy s***balls,” on Twitter, and after getting a sneak-peak viewing of it, we can confirm that he wasn’t being hyperbolic. The episode is really that crazy. This week’s “Dead to Rights” features a pivotal moment that will change Oliver’s life — as himself, and as the Arrow — forever. We’ll also hear Laurel reference a canary for the very first time. Even the flashbacks to the island in this episode are particularly heartwrenching as Oliver makes some painful decisions in the name of self-preservation.

“Bunheads”: In tonight’s winter finale, Sasha demands that Boo, Ginny and Melanie all participate in a group research project. The subject? Sex. The goal? To keep their boyfriends interested. But only one of the girls actually goes all the way with her guy, and you’ll have to wait until the end of the episode to find out who loses her virginity.

“Psych”: Shawn has always been known for going his own way when solving a case, but when his father is put in danger in the Season 7 premiere, he goes even further off the book than we’ve come to expect of him. After all, it is his dad we’re talking about. Oddly enough, he has an unlikely source encouraging his rogue excursion into crime fighting.

“Supernatural”: Right now, the Winchesters’ No. 1 priority is closing the gates of hell to keep all the demons out. What they don’t know yet, though, is that in addition to the demon tablet, there’s an angel tablet, which could lock all the angels away for good. The question is, would they be willing to banish Castiel in order to rid the world of all the other angels? “I absolutely think the boys would sacrifice Castiel to get rid of the angels,” Jared Padalecki tells us. “I think they are, not one-track minded, but goal-oriented enough to where you’ve seen them sacrifice themselves or others to try and accomplish a bigger objective … I feel like they would do it. I could be wrong, but I feel like they would do it.”

“Archer”: Anthony Bourdain guest-voices “Bastard Chef” Lance Casteau at ritzy restaurant “Seize” (pronounced “Says”). The ISIS agents are there undercover to protect the Albanian ambassador — complete with Archer as Sous Chef Randy Randerson — but Chef Casteau may turn out to be the real person everybody needs protecting from.

“The Following”: How anxiety-inducing was last week’s cliffhanger episode? Things are only about to get more harrowing. The longer that Claire goes without seeing her son, the more she begins to unravel. “She just hits her breaking point,” Natalie Zea tells us. “There comes a point where she realizes that crazy people do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different response. There comes a point where she’s like, I could either be crazy, or I could change.” In fact, expect a pretty big confrontation between Claire and Ryan in an upcoming episode. “I definitely bruised Kevin Bacon,” Zea teased. “I don’t know my own strength.”

“Hart of Dixie”: Despite being let down big-time by Wade, Zoe isn’t going to give up on finding love. In fact, when she goes on a date with a much older guy — thanks to a little nudge from Rose — she begins to think that someone more mature might be just what she’s looking for. Of course, because this is Zoe Hart, somehow her venture into responsible-adult-dating lands her at the high school prom.

“The Americans”
: Lots of things can destroy a carefully planned spy operation. Misplaced loyalties, infiltration and even dumb luck are expected. But what happens when an asset’s emotions are compromised. In “Comint,” the KGB stands to lose all missile-defense information because one man can’t move past the death of his beloved wife. And the spies can’t offer needed emotional support with the FBI watching. (Also, if you want to get valuable and classified information out of the FBI, buy your source a pair of fancy pumps.)

“Southland”: In an upcoming episode, Ben and Sammy get invited to a retirement party for Maureen… a toothless prostitute known as the “tooth fairy.” Classy — but hey, it’s an open bar. Surprisingly enough, though, the event isn’t all fun and games. Ben learns a little something about Sammy’s past at the party.

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