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News Briefs: NBC Might Go 10/90 With a Roseanne Barr Sitcom

June 29, 2013 Leave a comment


… NBC is banking on Roseanne Barr still having some sitcom appeal left in her. The network is in talks to pick up a comedy starring Barr in one of those awful 10/90 deals, a contract that tests the ratings of a show for 10 episodes, and then if a certain threshold is reached, the network orders 90 more episodes. It’s been done with some Tyler Perry sitcoms, Anger Management, and a new FX comedy starring George Lopez. I shouldn’t have to tell you that all of those shows are pretty lame. The proposed series would star Barr in a multi-camera family comedy, and NBC would be the first major network to give the 10/90 strategy a shot. This is a sad day for television. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Discovery is expanding its Shark Week slate with a late-night talk show called Shark After Dark, a wrap-up of the day’s programming with shark experts and shark enthusiasts and shark worshippers and shark lovers.  Shark Week starts August 4, and Shark After Dark will air each night. [Discovery via press release]

… The Once Upon a Time spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will be longer than expected. The series was originally conceived as a 13-episode miniseries, but now it’s going to get extra episodes. How many? We don’t know. But the idea is to break the traditional model of ordering 13 initial episodes with a chance of getting a “back 9″ and just order a set number of episodes, and that’s it. Open and closed. [EW]



The Good Wife is upping its sexy factor with the addition of Hunted‘s Melissa George in a recurring role next season. George will play the in-house counsel of Governor Florrick. George also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and Alias. [TV Line]

Beverly Hills, 90210 vet Brian Austin Green is joining FX’s Anger Management as the nemesis to Charlie Sheen’s character. This sounds right. [Deadline Hollywood]

… They grow up so fast! Lots of Glee cast members won’t be returning to the series as credited regulars in Season 5. Heather Morris (Brittany), Mark Salling (Puck), Amber Riley (Mercedes), and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) are all expected to see a lot less screen time next season. Same goes for Dianna Agron (Quinn)—though to be fair, Agron wasn’t all that present in Season 4. There’s a chance that all five actors might return in a guest capacity. [TV Line]

… This technically isn’t really news yet, but Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller has let it be known that he would like David Bowie to appear in Season 2, as Hannibal’s uncle. [E! Online]

Duck Dynasty is adding a cast member next year: the beardless Alan Robertson! Alan is Phil’s oldest son, and will join the family company as the head of public relations.  [E! Online]

Game of Thrones has cast Prince Oberyn Martell. Chilean actor Pedro Pascal will play the brash, charismatic prince from Dorne who comes to King’s Landing looking for love and friendship. Or is it bloodthirsty revenge? I can never remember! [EW]

Lost‘s Rebecca Mader will guest-star on the upcoming final season of Syfy’s Warehouse 13. The actress with an affinity for science-fiction will play… I don’t know! No one is saying. But she’ll be around for one episode. [TV Line]

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News Briefs: The X-Files Will Celebrate Its 20th Birthday at Comic-Con

June 28, 2013 Leave a comment


The X-Files will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a panel at this year’s Comic-Con. Series creator Chris Carter and writers David Amann, Vince Gilligan (who now has his own nifty show), Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban, and Jim Wong will be on hand for the Thursday, July 18 panel. Gillian Anderson has also confirmed an appearance, but there’s been no word from David Duchovny. He’s got to show up, right? [E! Online]



… Viewership for network reality shows continues to dwindle, and the latest victim of audience malaise is Big Brother. Last night’s Season 15 premiere tied an all-time low launch rating for the series, drawing 6.3 million viewers and a 2.1 rating among adults 18-49, ridiculous new contestants notwithstanding. In contrast, Under the Dome‘s debut on Monday drew an impressive 13.1 million viewers. [EW]

The Price is Right has filmed an all-Plinko episode! The Price is Right has filmed an all-Plinko episode! The Price is Right has filmed an all-Plinko episode! The ALL-PLINKO I REPEAT ALL-PLINKO episode will air September 27, 2013. [BuzzFeed]

… Simon Cowell is launching Afghanistan’s Got Talent. [The Sun]

… Amazon is continuing it pursue its original-programming dreams, taking a shot at the drama side with Bosch. The pilot is based on the police novels by Michael Connelly. Amazon is revolutionizing the online television world with… a cop drama? [Deadline Hollywood]

… The CW is developing an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela Jane the Virgin, and you have to listen to this awesome description. Jane, a respectable, religious goody-goody, gets accidentally artificially inseminated through a series of hilarious circumstances!  [Deadline Hollywood]

… History Channel’s The Bible miniseries has sold more than 1 million units of its Blu-ray and DVD editions, as hotels move toward the digital age. [History Channel via press release]

Captain Planet might become a movie. Let our powers combine… [THR]

… CBS Television Studios has announced the shows its bringing to Comic-Con: Under the DomeIntelligenceStar-Crossed, and Beauty and the Beast. [CBS via press release]

… Falling Skies will be at Comic-Con, too. [TNT via press release]



Last Resort‘s Scott Speedman will star in Ryan Murphy’s HBO pilot Open. The drama is described as an exploration of modern sexuality. Speedman will play a hunky sports executive, and chances are very high that you will get to watch him have sex. Let’s see if he’s learned anything since Felicity! [Deadline Hollywood]

… First Andrew McCarthy, now Sendhil Ramamurthy!?!?!? A day after casting the Pretty in Pink star, CBS’s summer series Unforgettable has booked Ramamurthy (Heroes) for a guest role. In the second season’s second episode, he’ll play a criminal who’s employed by a mystery man. [TV Line]

… Maggie Gyllenhaal will star in Sundance Channel’s 2014 miniseries The Honourable Woman. She’ll play a lady who inherits her dad’s arms-smuggling business but uses its resources to install data cable networks between Israel and the West Bank and then earns a position in the U.K.’s House of Parliament where Zzzzzzzzzz… [The Wrap]

… Getting to announce the nominations for the Emmy Awards is a great honor for actors. Until they realize that for some stupid reason the nominations are announced at like four in the morning on the West Coast (okay, 5:40am, but with a shower, breakfast, L.A. traffic, and a Botox touch-up, they’ll have to wake up by 4:15am at the latest). This year’s presenters will be Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul (yeah, bitch) and House of Cards‘ Kate Mara. The selection of Mara could be seen as the Emmys accepting Netflix and other online fare as legitimate television, or maybe someone at the Academy just thinks she’s cute. [The Wrap]



Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale and Revolution‘s Graham Rogers (Danny!) are dating! [US]

Justified‘s (and The Following‘s, I guess) Natalie Zea got engaged! Congratulations to Zea, and a big heart-stomping weep-fest to me. [People]



… James Gandolfini’s funeral was held this morning in New York, and Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall was there. His account of the procession, including a eulogy from The Sopranos creator David Chase, is surreal and truly touching. [Hitfix]

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News Briefs: A Whole Bunch of People Watched Under the Dome

June 26, 2013 Leave a comment

… CBS’s Under the Dome is a bigger summer hit than sunburn! The series premiere of the supernatural drama drew in a hefty 13.14 million viewers, which isn’t supposed to happen during the summer. In fact, CBS says it was the most-watched summer drama premiere on any network since 1992 and its best-rated summer premiere of any genre since 2005. It might not slow down, either. The first episode was up against the clinching Stanley Cup game, and positive reviews and a lack of future competition (well, except for NBC’s poorly scheduled Siberia) mean that it could keep most of its audience. [CBS via press release]



… USA Network has ordered two more episodes of Psych for Season 8, increasing the total from the original order of eight to… *grabs calculator, abacus, horse that can count by stomping its hoof* 10 episodes. The network previously asked for five additional scripts, but has decided to move forward with just a pair of them. But it sounds like USA is letting fans choose the story of one of those two episodes in a fun way. Starting Wednesday, June 26, fans can vote online from one of three storylines to go from page to screen. The winning arc will be announced at this year’s Comic-Con, where Psych will also preview its two-hour “Psych: The Musical” episode. There, that’s enough Psych news to keep you Psych-Os happy for about 45 seconds. [USA via press release]

… Starz has made its series pickup of Outlander official with a press release, confirming 16 episodes for 2014. The series, from Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore, follows a time-traveling World War Deuce nurse who zaps back to 1743 Scotland and falls for a handsome Scottish Highlands warrior.  [Starz via press release]

… HGTV has renewed Renovation Raiders for a second season.  [Broadcasting & Cable]

… Oprah’s OWN network has doubled its order for Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots, boosting the first-season episode count from 16 to 32. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Actress Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy, Private Practice) has boarded Damon Lindelof’s HBO pilot The Leftovers. The series, an adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s book, follows the people left behind after the Rapture swoops all the righteous away. She’ll play the wife of Justin Theroux’s lead character. [TV Guide]

… Rumor alert: Storage Wars “star” Barry Weiss has given up on his dream of hunting for treasure in piles in trash for (televised) fun. The original cast member of A&E’s (totally fake) reality series reportedly just wanted to travel more and has already filmed his farewell. [Radar Online]



… An Albuquerque beer brewery is drawing on some local inspiration for its next brew. Marble Brewing will release “Heisenberg’s Dark,” an India Black Ale inspired by the alter ego of Breaking Bad‘s Walter White. Hopefully it will be followed by “I’m the One Who Doublebocks,” the malt liquor/energy drink hybrid “Blue Ice,” and a real Schraderbrau. [Marble Brewery's Instagram]

… Since 2011, 146 babies in the United States have been named “Khaleesi,” presumably because it’s the fake-language Dothraki word for “queen” on HBO’s Game of Thrones.  [Sun]


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News Briefs: Game of Thrones Is the Most Pirated Show of the Season

June 25, 2013 Leave a comment


… Congratulations, Game of Thrones! A lot of people are so addicted to you that they are willing to break the law to watch every one of your episodes. The HBO fantasy series was the most pirated show of the spring by a wide margin, averaging approximately 5.2 million illegal downloads per episode. That’s almost the same number of people who watch the show legally—an estimated 5.5 million viewers—and well above the number of people who stand in my yard and watch it through my living room window when I’m tuning in. Rounding out the top 10 pirated shows of the season are The Big Bang Theory (2.9 million), How I Met Your Mother (2.85 million), The Walking Dead (2.7 million), Hannibal (2.1 million), Vikings (1.9 million), Arrow (1.85 million), The Vampire Diaries (1.8 million), Modern Family (1.75 million), and Revenge (1.7 million). [TorrentFreak]



… Apparently AMC’s Mad Men had an up-and-down season creatively, but when it comes to ratings, it was pretty much the same old, same old. Last night’s Season 6 finale pulled in an audience of 2.7 million viewers, about the same as last season’s (give or take a hundred thousand people), but it was just big enough for AMC to tout it as the highest-rated Mad Men finale ever.   [Variety]

… Lifetime debuted Devious Maids, a.k.a. Los Housewives Desperados, this past weekend and it did rather pedestrian in the ratings. Just 2 million people tuned in to watch the latest from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. Lifetime’s top shows hover around the 3 million mark. [EW]

… Discovery Channel continued to look like a shell of its former self last night with a live broadcast of daredevil tightrope artist Nick Wallenda walking across the Grand Canyon on a two-inch wide high-wire with no harness and only Jesus to guide him along. The broadcast averaged 8.5 million viewers, but at its peak, 13 million viewers took a peak at the program, crushing everything on network television.  [Deadline Hollywood]



… Expect a very cranky American person to arrive at Downton Abbey. Legitimately great actor Paul Giamatti will drop by the fourth season of the PBS import as Harold Levinson, brother of Cora and uncle to Mary and Edith. His character is described as a maverick playboy, and will appear in the Season 4 finale next year. [TV Line]

… Hunky twins Charlie and Max Carver have been cast in the HBO pilot The Leftovers, the Rapture-themed drama from Lost‘s Damon Lindelof. The facsimiles, best known for playing the Scavo twins on Desperate Housewives, will play—you guessed it—twins who befriend the main character’s daughter. [Deadline Hollywood]

Boardwalk Empire‘s Julianne Nicholson has landed the lead role on Sundance Channel’s original drama The Descendants. A straight-to-series order for six episodes, The Descendants follows a sheriff who’s struggling to prevent a small town and a Native American tribe from tearing each other apart. Nicholson, whose other credits include Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Ally McBeal, will play the sheriff’s boozing wife. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Gary David Goldberg, the creator of Family Ties and Spin City, passed away on Sunday at the age of 68. The multiple-Emmy winner helped launch the careers of Michael J. Fox and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence (Lawrence co-created Spin City with Goldberg). Goldberg’s other credits in varying capacities included The Bob Newhart ShowAliceBrooklyn Bridge, and The Tony Randall Show. [Zap2It]

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News Briefs: Food Network Sticks a Fork in Paula Deen for Her Use of Racial Slurs

June 23, 2013 Leave a comment


… Food Network has thrown Paula Deen down its garbage disposal. The butter-peddling celebrity chef has been in hot water all week after admitting to using racial slurs and discussing her desire to have black waitstaff dress up as slaves during a court deposition. The situation boiled over this morning after Deen abruptly canceled an appearance on The Today Show, where she was scheduled to address the scandal; soon afterward, she cooked up a videotaped statement to beg forgiveness “for the wrong that I’ve done,” then decided it didn’t taste right, took it down, and prepared a different clip, which I’ve embedded above. But that didn’t stop the Food Network from sending Deen back to the kitchen and announcing that it will not renew her contract when it expires at the end of this month. [Variety]

… Hell on Wheels has shut down production due to heavy rains and flooding in Calgary, Canada, where the series is currently filming. The city’s entire downtown area has been evacuated, and the cast and crew—who were in the middle of shooting Episode 306—are en route back to the U.S. a few days ahead of a previously scheduled hiatus. AMC has pushed the Season 3 premiere date back by one week, from Saturday, August 3 to Saturday, August 10. [Deadline / AMC via press release]

… Showtime is developing a comedy from Arrested Development‘s David Cross about a travel writer who “struggles to keep his families happy and satisfied.” Yes, that’s families plural… because apparently this guy is also trying to keep them from finding out about each other’s existence. So… Lonestar, the sitcom? [Deadline]

… Comedy Central has ordered The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, a TV-fied version of L.A.’s live stand-up comedy series The Meltdown starring Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani. This one’s special to, cause it’s co-executive-produced by our own Emily V. Gordon. Congrats Emily! [Comedy Central via press release]

… Cinemax is developing a Hunted spinoff with writer Frank Spotnitz (The X-FilesStrike Back); Sam Hunter would star Melissa George in a reprise of her role as a spy on the run from her former employer. The project would launch as a four-hour miniseries and allow Cinemax to keep Hunted alive in some form without any help from the BBC, which co-produced the original incarnation of the show but didn’t want to move forward with a second season? [Deadline]

… Syfy has announced its next Creature Feature, and the very idea of it stands to terrify Sharktopus himself: Sharknado will premiere Thursday, July 11 and star Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills, 90210), Cassie Scerbo (Make It or Break It), John Heard (Home Alone, Prison Break), and Tara Reid (The Big LebowskiAmerican Pie, tabloid/paparazzi photos) as a group of owners and regulars of a beachside bar who team up “to investigate the ecological nightmare that has sharks swimming through the streets of Los Angeles and falling from the skies.” Can’t wait! [Syfy via press release]

… Also on the Syfy Original Movie docket is Blast Vegas, starring Malcolm in the Middle‘s Frankie Muniz as a dude who travels to Sin City with his frat brothers for spring break, and then they get themselves into trouble when one of them steals an ancient Egyptian relic from a casino and releases a nasty curse on the Strip. Look for it on Thursday, July 18. [Syfy via press release]

… Remember that pilot from a couple years ago, Locke & Key, that was based on the graphic novels of the same name? Ultimately it never really went anywhere as a show, but now it’s going to be a movie instead. [THR]

… Discovery is launching Warlocks Rising, a reality show about The Warlocks, a “one percent motorcycle club” in Florida. According to the network, the term came out of a statement by the American Motorcycle Association claiming that 99 percent of all motorcycle clubs don’t do anything illegal, implying that one percent are not. Some folks have likened the show to “a real-life Sons of Anarchy“; the series premiere is scheduled for Friday, July 5 at 9pm. [Discovery via press release]



… ABC has announced which shows its bringing to Comic-Con, which oh geez starts in less than a month now. Anyway, the network will host panels for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Friday, July 19), Once Upon a Time (Saturday, July 20), and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (also Saturday, July 20).  [ABC via press release]

… Starz has also announced a bit o’ Comic-Con news: The network will be screening its new Michael Bay pirate drama Black Sails on Thursday, July 18. [Starz via press release]

… For its part, Warner Bros. TV—which has shows on multiple networks—is bringing 16 series to the ‘Con in some fashion or another: Almost Human (Preview Night pilot screening and Friday panel), The 100 (Preview Night pilot screening and Friday panel), The Originals (Preview Night pilot screening and Saturday panel), The Tomorrow People (Preview Night pilot screening and Saturday panel), MAD (Thursday panel), The Big Bang Theory (Friday panel), Childrens Hospital (Friday panel), The Following (Friday panel), Nikita (Friday panel),  Arrow (Saturday panel), Person of Interest (Saturday panel), Revolution (Saturday panel), The Vampire Diaries (Saturday panel), Supernatural (Sunday panel), Beware the Batman (Sunday panel), Teen Titans Go! (Sunday panel) [Warner Bros. via press release]



… Sopranos actor James Gandolfini’s cause of death has been confirmed by an autopsy: As expected, the 51-year-old’s sudden death on Wednesday was due to a heart attack. [Variety]

… To pay tribute to Gandolfini’s life and career, Bravo will re-air his appearance on Inside the Actors Studio three times in the coming week: Sunday, June 23 at 6pm; Monday, June 24 at 10:30am; and Wednesday, June 26 at 6pm. The episode was originally broadcast in 2004. [Bravo via press release]

… Perhaps unsurprisingly, sales of The Sopranos have skyrocketed on iTunes and Amazon in the days following Gandolfini’s death. [Variety]



… Revolution‘s Charlie has landed a gig that will hopefully offer a reprieve from getting stuck under debris/punched in the face: Tracy Spiridakos will appear in an upcoming episode of Showtime’s Episodes as Dawn, a relative of Morning Randolph. [Zap2It]

… Parenthood hasn’t seen the last of the always excellent Ray Romano; the actor will reprise his role as Sarah suitor Hank for 12-15 episodes in Season 5. [Deadline]

… Kirstie Alley’s upcoming TVLand sitcom is really racking up a roster: Kristin Chenoweth, Kirsten Johnson, and Cloris Leachman will all drop by for guest spots. That’s in addition to previously announced cameos by Seinfeld vets Jason Alexander and Michael Richards, who will also appear on the comedy. [TV Guide]

… The Good Wife‘s Zach Grenier has been upped to series regular for Season 5. [CBS TV Studios' Twitter]

Psych will feature visits from Loretta Devine and Peggy Lipton in Season 8. Devine will play Melba Birdsong, a former backup singer for 1960s crooner Myles Valour Jr. who Lassie tracks down because he thinks she might be able to help with a cold case. Lipton will take on the role of Scarlett Jones, the former “main squeeze” of a gangster who owned a supper club where cops and criminals rubbed elbows and Myles Valour Jr. performed. [USA via press release]

Homeland‘s Zuleikha Robinson—she plays Roya, the journalist and Abu Nazir sympathizer who acted as a liaison between Nazir and Brody in Season 2—has booked a multi-episode arc on USA Network’s Covert Affairs as a defense attorney. [TVLine]

… Whoopi Goldberg will executive-produce and star in a Lifetime adaptation of the best-selling book A Day Late and a Dollar Short by Terry McMillan. Whoopi! [THR]

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News Briefs: FX Orders a Comedy Starring Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment


… FX has ordered a new untitled comedy starring Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer as mismatched lawyers who end up being buddies. The deal, dubbed a 10/90, is similar to the one FX struck with Anger Management; FX is asking for 10 episodes, and if those 10 episodes hit a certain target in the ratings department, FX will order 90 more episodes. FX has a similar deal with a new comedy starring George Lopez. [FX via press release]



… Singer John Legend won’t let his dream of getting into the TV business die. After a few failed attempts at producing, Legend has a new project in the works at Showtime. The half-hour comedy would follow the lives of big-time music producers, and be loosely based on Legend’s life, which probably involves all kinds of opulence and pretty ladies. [Deadline Hollywood]

… *record scratch* Nashville music boss T Bone Burnett is leaving the series between seasons, and will hand over his post to Buddy Miller, Burnett’s righthand man in Season 1. Burnett produced all the original tunes for the country-music drama and co-composed the score. And why is this way more weird than your normal story about a guy leaving a really hard job on a network show? Burnett is married to Nashville creator Callie Khouri. Awkward! [THR]

Talking Dead and Nerdist host Chris Hardwick is totally busier than I’ll ever be in a million lifetimes. The comedian/podcaster will host Midnight on Comedy Central, a game show that has a connection to social media. Look for it this fall but don’t get it confused with Hardwick’s one thousand other shows. [Splitsider]

… HBO has passed on the in-development Hobgoblin, a period piece set during WWII about magicians and illusionists who use their craft to take down Hitler and the Nazi regime. Why did HBO pass on it? Because it’s a period piece set during WWII about magicians and illusionists who use their craft to take down Hitler and the Nazi regime. FX is reportedly looking at picking it up, but maybe they should reconsider because it’s a period piece set during WWII about magicians and illusionists who use their craft to take down Hitler and the Nazi regime! [The Wrap]

… Disney Channel has ordered I Didn’t Do It to series. It’s a comedy starring Olivia Holt and Austin North, and follows fraternal twins in high school. But it also has a gimmick: Each episode is built around two main characters offering their own accounts of a situation, which comes to light through flashbacks. This idea is good for one episode in the lifetime of normal comedies, but Disney is going for an entire series of it. [Deadline Hollywood]



… NBC’s upcoming drama Believe is already changing things up. Sienna Guillory, originally cast as a series regular, will see her character written out of the show now that producers have decided on a new direction. In the J.J. Abrams-produced drama about a young woman named Bo with special abilities, Guillory’s character was a professional goon attempting to kidnap her. But now several new bad guys will be written in with the hopes that one becomes a series regular. [THR]

Desperate Housewives vet Doug Savant will guest-star on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles. He’ll play a mock trial adviser in a September episode. [EW]

… The Veronica Mars movie will bring back New Girl star Max Greenfield as Deputy Leo. Basically, everyone who was originally part of Veronica Mars will be back for the movie. [EW]

… Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will lend his voice to Futurama‘s final season, and not for just any role; I’m talking about the character who owes me 10,000,000 tears. MacFarlane will voice Seymour, Fry’s dog from 1999 who was the centerpiece of the series’ masterpiece “Jurassic Bark.” Listen for MacFarlane in the August 14 episode. [EW]


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News Briefs: Charlie Sheen Probably Got Selma Blair Fired from Anger Management

June 19, 2013 Leave a comment

… Don’t mess with THE SHEEN! Following Charlie Sheen’s weekend tantrum over his Anger Management co-star Selma Blair, Blair has been canned from the show. Sheen had threatened to quit the show if Blair wasn’t fired after word got back to Sheen that Blair had been talking smack about his work ethic. Producer Lionsgate apparently sided with the troubled star and released the following statement today: “We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and wish her the very best.” Well one way to wish her the very best is to not fire her.   [THR]



… Amazon will not follow Netflix into the binge-watching fad. When the online giant officially gets into original programming with the launches of online-exclusive series Alpha House, Betas, and a handful of children’s shows later this year, it won’t do so by releasing the entire season all at once as Netflix did. A model for releasing the individual episodes has not been determined. [The Wrap]

… I spell Jennifer Love Hewitt D-I-V-A. A third-season renewal for Lifetime’s The Client List is on hold because Hewitt, get this, wants her real-life fiance and father of her unborn child, actor Brian Hallisay, to be the father of her character’s baby on the show when Hewitt’s pregnancy gets written into the series. Hallisay is already a cast member on The Client List, but producers haven’t made up their minds on how they want to handle Hewitt’s pregnancy. I guess Hewitt is trying to write the show for them. [Deadline Hollywood]

… NBC has ordered the animated holiday special How Murray Saved Christmas, from The Simpsons executive producer Mike Reiss. Based on a children’s book, How Murray Saved Christmas tells the story of a cranky deli owner who fills in for Santa Claus during the holidays. It’s set for a December 2014 debut, which is like 10 years from now. This will turn things around, NBC! [NBC via press release]



… HBO’s drama pilot The Leftovers has beefed up its cast with a rare bit of TV casting for one actress. Liv Tyler (that elf lady from Lord of the Rings, that daughter of that rock star) has joined the project, starring opposite Justin Theroux. The drama comes from Damon Lindelof and follows those left behind after the Rapture takes all the righteous away. Tyler, in her first major TV role, will play a woman who becomes the target of a cult. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Fox can finally reveal one of the worst-kept secrets surrounding its upcoming animated series Axe Cop: Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson) is providing the voice of Mr. Axe Cop. Due to some contractual nonsense, the network wasn’t allowed to confirm Offerman’s involvement beyond his status as producer, but now we finally know what we already knew we knew! Other famous people speaking for the series include Megan Mullally, Patton Oswalt, and Ken Marino. Axe Cop will debut in July with the launch of Fox’s Saturday night cartoon block Animation Domination High-Def. [TV Guide]

… Oscar nominee John Hurt has joined FX’s vampire pilot The Strain, from Carlton Cuse and Guillermo Del Toro. Hurt will play the owner of a pawn shop who may be the only one who knows what’s going on with the sudden viral outbreak the show is built around. Corey Stoll and Mia Maestro were previously cast in the series. This needs to be greenlit immediately. [Deadline Hollywood]

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News Briefs: Disney Channel Has Officially Ordered Girl Meets World to Series

June 18, 2013 Leave a comment


… Disney Channel has officially picked up Girl Meets World, the updated sequel of the ’90s series Boy Meets World. Aimed at kids and families, Girl Meets World is set in New York City and follows the middleschool adventures of Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), the ‘tween daughter of original Boy Meets World characters Cory and Topanga. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will reprise their roles to play Riley’s parents; Cory is now a teacher at his daughter’s school, and Topanga is the proprietor of a cool teen hangout that peddles pudding. Look for it in 2014. [Disney Channel via press release]



… Surprise! Community creator Dan Harmon did not like the fourth season of Community, also known as “the season Dan Harmon was fired from.” At his anything-goes podcast-show Harmontown, Harmon confirmed that he watched the season for the first time and compared it to seeing pictures of his girlfriend getting orally intimate with other men. This was after he said he wouldn’t “be a jerk” about his feelings on Season 4, be they good or bad. Harmon also said that he’s put a call into Bill Murray to get him to play Jeff’s dad, even though James Brolin played Papa Winger in Season 4. [Splitsider]

… Charlie Sheen is causing problems on the set of his show! Well, I guess that’s not exactly news, but we may as well go over the specifics. Apparently the Sheenster is upset with his Anger Management costar Selma Blair and unofficially fired her—with “unofficially” meaning that Sheen blew up after Blair complained about him, and said he wouldn’t work with her if she showed up for work today. [TMZ]

True Blood debuted its sixth season last night, and it sounds like it lost some fans between seasons. The premiere drew 4.5 million viewers, down 13 percent from the Season 5 opener. The episode was up against the NBA Finals, but are the same people who enjoy seeing Tim Duncan’s fundamental bank shot the same people who like ogling Joe Mangienello’s bare tookus? I don’t think so. [TV By the Numbers]

… The Daytime Emmy Awards happened on Sunday. NBC’s Days Of Our Lives took home the title of Best Drama, and The Ellen Degeneres Show won for Outstanding Talk Show. Lead acting nods went to The Young and the Restless‘s Doug Davidson and The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Heather Tom, and George Lucas accepted an award for Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the category of Outstanding Special Class Animated Program. But the real story behind the show were the live-TV flubs during the HLN broadcast. Aisha Tyler was handed the wrong envelope when announcing a winner, mics picked up backstage chatter, the audio kept cutting in and out, and Corbin Bernsen said a bad word.  [Deadline Hollywood]



The Americans‘ Annet Mahendru has spied herself an off-season gig on another show. Mahendru, who plays cute-as-a-button Nina on the FX series, will drop by USA’s White Collar in Season 5. She’ll play a Russian figure skater who runs into trouble with the Motherland. Look for her in the sixth episode of White Collar‘s fifth season, which debuts this fall. [TV Line]

… Final Destination‘s Miles Fisher and relative newcomer Mike Castle have been cast in Comedy Central’s pilot Bad Advice From My Brother. Fisher will play the older of two brothers who tries to steer his younger sibling (Castle) down the right path. With hilarious results! Reggie Watts (Comedy Bang Bang) also stars; he’ll play the brothers’ neighbor. [Deadline Hollywood]

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News Briefs: Starz and 50 Cent Are Powering Up for a New Drama

June 17, 2013 Leave a comment

… Starz and 50 Cent are teaming up for Power, a drama produced by the rapper-turned-actor/Bacardi-and-birthday-party pitchman. The cable network has greenlit Power for eight episodes, with The Good Wife‘s Courtney Kemp Agboh set to run the show. The series follows a nightclub owner who takes his business to Fortune 500-level heights (a club becomes a Fortune 500 company?) BUT guess what! He’s also the city’s biggest drug kingpin! No premiere date has been scheduled . [Deadline Hollywood]



… TLC’s Breaking Amish, which follows Amish and Mennonite youths as they are thrown into the “regular” world, is headed to Los Angeles this round with a new cast.  [People]

… CBS’s Brooklyn DA is moving to a new night. The reality show following employees at a New York District Attorney’s office will air its final three episodes on Saturday nights at 9pm beginning June 22. The six-part series previously aired on Tuesday nights, where it wasn’t doing so hot. Person of Interest repeats will take over the newly formed vacancy. [Zap2It]

… CBS has cut some audio of President Barack Obama from the end of the Under the Dome pilot, which kinda sucks because I liked that touch (it was available in screeners sent to press). The clip was from a Hurricane Sandy speech, and CBS and producer Amblin Entertainment figured they shouldn’t be sampling comments about a real tragedy for a show about a fake tragedy. [LA Times]



… Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal isn’t keeping Jake in the hole for too long. Either that, or Jake is in for a boring storyline in Season 3. Scott Foley, whose special ops character was thrown into a deep ditch after saving Olivia from an assassin in the Season 2 finale, has been promoted to series regular. Foley was previously contractually obligated to The Goodwin Games, but since that show is kaput, he’s free to move to Shondaland. [Deadline Hollywood]

… The always excellent Garret Dillahunt will make a return visit to USA’s Burn Notice in the show’s final season. Dillahunt will reprise his role as Simon Escher, the lunatic who was responsible for the things that got Michael burned and noticed in the first place. [EW]

Grey’s Anatomy has handed out promotions to FOUR actors for next season. Camilla Luddington (Jo), Gaius Charles (Shane), Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie), and Tessa Ferrer (Leah) have all been boosted to series regular status. Congratuations, guys!  [THR]

… TV Land continues to mine the ’80s and ’90s for stars, and will bring Cheers‘ George Wendt (Nooooooorm!) into its fold via a guest appearance on the comedy Kirstie. Wendt will reunite with former Cheers co-stars Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman when he shows up as the ex-husband of Perlman’s character.  [THR]

… The Veronica Mars movie has booked Krysten Ritter, who played Veronica’s best friend Gia Goodman.  [TV Guide]

… Jorge Garcia (Lost‘s Hurley) is returning to Hawaii. The actor will stop by CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 next season to play a conspiracy theorist and reunite with former Lost co-star Daniel Dae Kim. Will someone please get Garcia a regular role on a show? And no, Alcatraz doesn’t count. [EW]

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News Briefs: HBO Orders More of Vice’s Guerrilla News

June 14, 2013 Leave a comment


… HBO has renewed its investigative news program Vice for a second season. The series, an offshoot of the magazine, takes cameras to places where cameras normally aren’t allowed, like North Korea (they were responsible for Dennis Rodman’s visit to Mr. Cuckoo Dictator over there) and child-soldier camps in Africa. It’s sorta gonzo journalism, but also sort of shock TV. HBO has asked for a 12-episode second season to air in 2014. [HBO via press release]



Sons of Anarchy is no stranger to bouts of comical violence, but now it’s going to have a dedicated space for comic-book violence. BOOM! Studios will be publishing a series of six Sons of Anarchy comics starting this summer. The comics look like they will rewind the series a bit back to when Clay was president and Jax still had long hair, and follow the daughter of an old SAMCRO member who seeks protection from the club. [Comic Book Resources]

… Worried your teenage daughter might grow up to be an upstanding citizen? Don’t worry, MTV renewed Girl Code. [The Wrap]

… Oh no! The Voice had its lowest ratings ever on Tuesday! (Muahahahaha…) [Deadline Hollywood]




… Actor Wes Bentley (the weird kid from American Beauty) has been cast in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming pilot Open for HBO. The series is a provocative look at human sexuality (as all of Murphy’s projects are, in some way). Bentley, who your little sister knows as the guy from The Hunger Games, will play a cocky man who thinks he knows everything about sex. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Showtime’s Nurse Jackie has announced what was pretty apparent to fans throughout the fifth season: Eve Best, who plays Jackie’s friend Dr. Eleanor O’Hara, will not be returning for the dramedy’s sixth season. According to producers, it was Best’s decision to leave, as she wanted to stay in her native U.K. The actress actually left the series before the fifth season, but taped prerecorded sequences to keep her character in the series. [TV Line]

… Cinemax’s interesting-sounding pilot Quarry, about Vietnam vets who get recruited to be assassins in the early 1970s, has added to its cast. Stellan Skarsgard, father of True Blood‘s Alexander, Hemlock Grove‘s Bill, and Vikings‘ Gustaf, will play the series’ criminal overlord who pulls the disenchanted war vets to the wrong side of the law. Just greenlight this one now, okay Cinemax? [TV Line]

… FX’s untitled comedy pilot from Andrew Gurland just got a lot funnier. Jenny Slate (Kroll Show) and Brett Gelman (Go On‘s Mr. K) have joined the project which stars Judy Greer and Nat Faxon as a couple that agrees to an open marriage in an attempt to save their relationship. Slate and Gelman will play friends of Faxon’s character. Greer, Faxon, Slate, and Gelman in the same show? This NEEDS to get made. [Deadline Hollywood]

… The Chicago Fire spinoff Chicago PD has dropped Melissa Sagemiller from its cast. Remember her in Sleeper Cell? Mama mia! [TV Line]

… You know that Smash reunion you asked for? Well, it’s happening! Megan Hilty, who played Ivy in the doomed musical drama, will join the cast of NBC’s new comedy Sean Saves the World, where she’ll once again act alongside her Smash co-star Sean Hayes. Hilty will play Sean’s best friend, replacing Lindsay Sloane. [TV Line]

… Jason Alexander is headed over to TV Land. That sounds about right. The former Seinfeld star will reunite with fellow Seinfeld star Michael Richards on Kirstie, a new comedy starring Kirstie Alley. In Kirstie, Alley plays a Broadway star who reunites with the son she gave up for adoption. Richards plays her driver, and Alexander will play her agent in a potentially recurring role. [TV Land via press release]

News Briefs: The Duck Dynasty Gang Is Releasing a Christmas Album

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… The Duck Dynasty guys are putting out a Christmas album. And yes, it will be called Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. It will be released on October 29, giving plenty of time to stuff it in the stockings. [Great American Country]



… The Disney Channel is ending Chuck’s run of good luck. The kid-focused network has canceled Good Luck Charlie after 100 episodes, with the current fourth season being its last. The show’s ratings had been dipping in recent years after a strong start, but Disney Channel is no stranger to canceling its shows around the 100-episode mark, no matter how successful they are.  [Deadline Hollywood]

… Cartoon Network has renewed Teen Titans Go! for a second season. The animated comedy series about teen superheroes has done well in its first run, averaging 1.7 million viewers and winning its night among really, really, really young males. [TV Guide]

… NBC passed on Uncle Jesse once, but maybe not twice. Legal drama I Am Victor, starring Full House‘s John Stamos as a sharp divorce attorney, is getting another shot after not making NBC’s schedule this spring. The network has asked for a rewrite to lighten up the tone because they’re high on Stamos’s star power, with an eye on a midseason debut if all goes well.  [Deadline Hollywood]

… DirecTV has renewed its first original drama Rogue for a second season. The series stars Thandie Newton as an undercover cop working in Oakland as she looks to take down a mean criminal. DirecTV has had its own exclusives before, like Damages, but they were imported from other networks. Rogue was built for DirecTV from start to finish. [Deadline Hollywood]

… WEtv has renewed a pair of series: Tamar & Vince and Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best. Look for the second season of Tamar & Vince to start on September 5 and the fourth season of Joan & Melissa in early 2014. [WEtv via press release]

… When Jimmy Fallon takes over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, he’ll be doing more than just switching desks, he’ll be changing the whole damn name of the show! Instead of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the late-night talker will be called The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien used “with” during their time as host of The Tonight Show, but some guy named Johnny Carson went with “starring.”  [Deadline Hollywood]

… HBO has greenlit a comedy pilot from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon writers Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin and produced by Saturday Night Live‘s Lorne Michaels. The show would star Riddle and Salahuddin as reporters trying to make it in Atlanta. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Francis Capra will be part of the Veronica Mars Kickstarted movie, reprising his role as bad boy Weevil. Christine Lakin will also appear in the film, returning to the role of Susan Knight. Susan was featured in the first season and got pregnant by one of the school’s teachers. The movie, which takes place 10 years after the events of the series, is looking at a 2014 launch. [TV Line]

… History’s Vikings has added to its cast for Season 2. The blood-and-guts drama has signed The Hunger Games‘ Alexander Ludwig (he played Cato) and Law & Order‘s Linus Roache. Ludwig will play a character named Bjorn (of course), who is the son of Ragnar. Roache will play the King of Wessex. [THR]

… Ed Burns will join Frank Darabont’s upcoming TNT series Lost Angels. Burns, who wrote, directed, and starred in The Brothers McMullen, will play famous gangster Bugsy Siegel. Also: Robert Knepper (Cult, Heroes) has been promoted to series regular on the show. [Deadline Hollywood]

The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar will stop by TBS’s Sullivan & Son for a guest spot. Nayyar, who plays lady-shy Raj on the CBS mega-super-hit, will see the how the other half lives as a bar patron who fancies himself a panty-dropper. Nayyar’s episode will air sometime later this summer. [TV Guide]

… Former Brothers & Sisters actress Sarah Jane Morris has landed a role in A&E’s upcoming sci-fi procedural Occult. The series is basically a take on The X-Files, with FBI agents (Josh Lucas and Lynn Collins) investigating cases with paranormal roots. Morris, who also appeared in NCIS, will play the wife of Lucas’s character. [TV Line]

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News Briefs: The BBC Asks a James Bond Star to Be the New Doctor Who

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment


… This is just an early report, but the BBC has allegedly offered the cherished and newly vacant role of Doctor Who‘s Doctor to Rory Kinnear. Kinnear played MI6 officer Bill Tanner in the James Bond movies Skyfall and Quantum of Solace. But this one of those “it’s only preliminary” things, so don’t get your biscuits in a bundle just yet! [Telegraph]



… In pretty much the shortest press release ever, NBC has confirmed that Dan Harmon will be returning to Community as the comedy’s showrunner for Season 5. Joining him will be Chris McKenna, who will reprise his role as executive producer. Harmon previously announced on Twitter that he was returning to the show, but the official press release gives us a chance to celebrate again. [NBC via press release]

… Here’s some good news for people who love trashy television: The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss expects Bachelor Pad, the Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff, to return next summer after a year off. That should give all the Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects plenty of time to let their cold sores heal. [EW]

… TNT’s sci-fi alien-invasion series Falling Skies debuted its third season on Sunday  and fell in the ratings slightly. The two-hour opener drew 4.2 million viewers, down from the 4.5 million who tuned in for last year’s Season 2 premiere. The drop could easily have been a result of the Falling Skies premiere airing against the NBA finals and/or the Season 3 finale of Game of Thrones, but the stiff competition probably didn’t affect it too badly. This show has been slipping since its debut two years ago. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Rap metal disasters Insane Clown Posse are getting their own show. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope will host Fuse’s Insane Clown Posse Theater, a variety show that includes sketches, interviews, and their takes on popular culture. The series will premiere on July 24. [The Wrap]

… BBC America has ordered a second season of Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan, which features the Lost star traveling the world in search of the globe’s most dangerous and rare animals, usually of the creepy crawly variety. [BBC America via press release]



… Beauty Natalie Zea will drop by CBS’s summer sci-fi drama Under the Dome in a recurring role. The Following star will show up late in the series, making her first appearance in the ninth episode as a shady character who may even be worse than the supposed Big Bad. [TV Guide]

… Pop idol and current hot superstar Cher will perform during the live season finale of The Voice on June 18.  [NBC via press release]

… HBO’s pilot The Leftovers has expanded its cast, and one of the new additions is a Doctor! Former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston leads the names joining the Damon Lindelof project about those left behind after the Rapture. Also booked are Tony-winner Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, and Amanda Warren. [THR]

American Idol has booted longtime producer Nigel Lythgoe after several years of declining ratings. Taking over for him will be Per Blankens, who most recently served as the executive producer on the Swedish version of Idol.  [The Wrap]

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News Briefs: A The Walking Dead Zombie Tried to Kill President Obama

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment


… An actress named Shannon Richardson who’s played bit parts on The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries has been indicted for sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg in May. The letters were full of pro-gun statements and threats to anyone who tried to take Richardson’s guns away. A snippet from one of them: “Anyone who wants to come to my house will get shot in the face. The right to bear arms is my constitutional God given right and I will exercise that right till the day I die.” Ricin, made famous by Breaking Bad‘s Walter White, is a deadly poison that’s difficult to trace and takes a few days to kill those who come in contact with it. Small-time actress Richardson played a zombie on The Walking Dead, and must have inhaled a little too much of that prosthetic glue to try to pull off something like this. [NBC News]



… Showtime breaker one-niner this is T-diggity the Mermaid Slayer, Roger. Expect a lot of that made-up radiospeak in Showtime’s latest project in development, Heartland Trucking. The drama follows truckers in the Midwest and a family-run trucking business that’s also involved in criminal activities. [Deadline Hollywood]

… USA’s Graceland premiered to decent numbers. The drama, about undercover agents from different government departments who live together in a safehouse, drew 3.3 million viewers despite going up against the NBA finals and having its pilot available online for a few weeks. Burn Notice‘s final-season premiere was up from last year, with 4.3 million viewers. [Deadline Hollywood]

… ABC has given a straight-to-series order to The Black Box, from Mystic Pizza writer Amy Holden Jones. The 13-episode series follows a female neuroscientist who struggles with mental illness. Sounds hilarious! [Deadline Hollywood]



… The upcoming movie Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will reunite a pair of Community actors, as Gillian Jacobs and Chevy Chase have both signed on to appear in the film.  [Zap2It]

… Paige Davis of TLC’s Trading Spaces has joined the A&E comedy pilot Whitey. David Koechner stars as “Whitey,” a conservative guy in his 40s who doesn’t understand the country’s changing values. Davis will play his wife. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles and his actress wife Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill) had a baby girl! And they named it Justice Jay Jensen. Congrats, guys.   [Zap2It]

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News Briefs: HBO Sets Premiere Dates for Eastbound & Down and Boardwalk Empire

June 7, 2013 Leave a comment


… HBO has set premiere dates for a few of its fall series. Boardwalk Empire returns for its fourth season on September 8 at 9pm, and Eastbound & Down starts its fourth and final season on September 29 at 10:30pm. I guess you can say that Eastbound & Down has been canceled, but we pretty much already knew that this would be its final season, seeing as it’s the follow-up to the last time the show was supposedly canceled. Other HBO projects getting dates: the comedy movie Clear History, starring Larry David, premieres August 10 at 9pm, and Hello Ladies, starring Stephen Merchant looking for love, gets going September 29 at 10pm. [HBO via press release]



… FX has done the right thing and canceled Brand X With Russell Brand, but it hasn’t done away with Russell Brand entirely. After realizing that letting Brand do a live, daily show wasn’t working, FX has opted to use him elsewhere and ordered a Brand-starring pilot loosely based on Brand’s life, in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Game of Thrones is being watched by a lot of people. But how many people? Enough to give it the second-biggest audience among original HBO series, according to a collection of data put together. Across all platforms it’s notching about 13.4 million viewers per episode this season, which stands just below the 14.4 million that watched The Sopranos in 2004. [Vulture]

… FXX, the upcoming offshoot of cable network FX, has ordered its first original series in the animated Chozen, from the Eastbound & Down team of Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green. The series follows a white, gay rapper who’s just been released from prison. What else would you expect from McBride? [FX via press release]

… Upcoming NBC comedy The Family Guide already has a new name. It’s now called Growing Up Fisher. [TV Guide]



Leverage star and internet sensation Christian Kane will guest-star on TNT’s upcoming drama King & Maxwell. Kane will play the brother of star Rebecca Romijn’s character in Episode 6. [TV Line]

Ernie Hudson, the black guy from Ghostbusters, is close to joining Frank Darabont’s upcoming ’50s cop drama Lost Angels. Hudson would play a mobster in the employ of Bugsy Siegel who owns a bunch of clubs. [IndieWire]

ABC’s spouse-switcheroo Celebrity Wife Swap has announced six participants for the upcoming season, debuting June 23. Going through this traumatic experiment will be Bristol Palin and Joan Rivers, the wives of Rowdy Roddy Piper and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and former pop stars Nia Peeples and Tiffany. Why is this show not called Take My Wife… Please!? [ABC via press release]

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News Briefs: Justin Chatwin Isn’t Retuning to Shameless

June 6, 2013 Leave a comment


… Showtime’s Shameless is going to be Justinless. Justin Chatwin, who plays Jimmy on the drama, will not be returning to the series, at least as a regular. There was no reason given for his departure, but producer John Wells did leave the possibility of a guest return open. The move is slightly odd, as Shameless increased its ratings in the third season, but his character Jimmy was [Season 3 spoiler alert!] possibly killed in the Season 3 finale (his fate was left ambiguous). In the U.K. series the show is based on, Jimmy apparently returns to Fiona. [THR]



… J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production house has acquired the rights to The Twilight Zone writer Rod Serling’s final unproduced screenplay, with the intention of developing it as a miniseries. We don’t know what the screenplay is about, but we do know that it’s called The Stops Along the Way and that this sounds like a great idea. [THR]



… NBC’s The Voice hit a series low for its Tuesday edition last night, notching a 3.0 in the adult demo. The latest cycle of America’s Got Talent also premiered last night to a 3.1, the lowest premiere for the series yet. ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss hit a 1.0, Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance tallied a 1.6, and CBS’s Brooklyn DA managed a 0.8, all down from previous weeks. [TV By the Numbers]

… The 20th cycle of America’s Next Top Model will crown its 20th “top model”. How later this year? Well, the new season starts on August 2! Also, the theme will be a guys vs. girls this time, and I hope they all still model women’s clothes. [The CW via press release]



… Bobby Cannavale is close to booking the lead for an upcoming HBO project from producers Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter, and Mick Jagger. Cannavale would play a record executive in the late ’70s during the heyday of rock n’ roll, disco, and hip hop hibbity hibbity hop you don’t stop, when everyone snorted whatever was put in front of them. It’ll be a reunion for Scorsese, Winter, and Cannavale, who worked together on Boardwalk Empire. This show will be a BLAST, and the Cannavale casting is spot on. [THR]

… There’s a live episode of TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland coming up, and it will bring a pair of guest-stars with it. William Shatner (Kirk!) and Brian Baumgartner (The Office) will participate in the Wednesday, June 19 live show, though details on their roles are still unknown. But apparently Betty White’s character cuts in on some mob turf, so at least it has that going for it. [TV Land via press release]

… Jerry O’Connell is going to visit his wife at work. The Sliders star will guest-star on TNT’s upcoming drama King & Maxwell, where his main squeeze Rebecca Romijn stars as a private investigator. O’Connell will also play a private dick, albeit one who isn’t that great at his job. The series premieres on June 10, and O’Connell’s episode will air in mid-July. O’Connell can also be seen on CBS this fall, in the network’s new comedy We Are Men, or on the DVD box art for the complete series of The Defenders. [EW]

… The C. Thomas Howell comeback continues! Following stints on Alphas, Southland, and Revolution, Howell has found his latest stepping stone to the top in Sons of Anarchy. He’ll join Season 6 as an ATF agent who may be a bit dirty. Shameless‘s Steve Howey will also be featured in the series. [TV Line]

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News Briefs: Game of Thrones’ Catelyn Will Guest on Suits

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment


Game of Thrones‘ Michelle Fairley, who had quite a bit to do in this week’s epic episode, has booked a recurring role on the upcoming third season of Suits. She’ll play a British oil entrepreneur who hires Harvey to defend her against a lawsuit. Look for her debut in the Season 3 premiere on July 16. Maybe this time she won’t think all of her kids are dead. Look how adorable she looks with her friend up there! [EW]



… NBC’s Revolution ended its first season last night with a slight ratings uptick, racking up a 2.0 in the adult demo. It finishes as the second-best rated new series after Fox’s The Following. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Girrrrrrrrl, local Fox stations have renewed talk show The Wendy Williams Show through the 2016-2017 seasons. [Fox via press release]

… MTV’s Teen Wolf returned for Season 3 last night, and brought back a whole lot more viewers. The premiere was the series’ most-watched episode to date, averaging 2.4 million viewers.  [THR]

… Remember how we told you about that upcoming NBC game show The Million Second Quiz, a 12-day trivia contest that will be broadcast live from New York? Well it will take up the 8pm hour of NBC’s summer schedule from Monday, September 9 through Saturday, September 14, and again from Monday, September 16 to Thursday, September 19 (skipping Sunday, September 15). I think NBC is mistaking “innovating” with “trying anything.” [NBC via press release]

… Emily Spivey, the creator of Up All Night who probably shook her head and sighed/wept as NBC destroyed the show, has moved over to the writing staff of Modern Family. Steady paycheck, baby! [THR]



… Justin Theroux (Parks and Recreation, Wanderlust) landed what may be the cushiest new acting gig of next year, taking the lead in HBO’s pilot The Leftovers. The show comes from Lost‘s Damon Lindelof and follows those who remain behind after the Rapture takes the virtuous away. [Variety]

… The TBS talk-show pilot Me Time With Diablo Cody, starring the Juno writer weighing in on pop culture, has found Cody’s sidekick. Very funny comedian Steve Agee will sit on her couch and laugh at her jokes, and he’ll also write for the show. You should know Agee as one of Sarah Silverman’s gay friends on The Sarah Silverman Show. [Deadline Hollywood]

… We heard about this in our Twitter interview with Defiance EP Kevin Murphy, but it bears repeating. The show will welcome guest-star Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) as astronaut Gordon McLintock. The character was put into an induced coma after a space station accident in 2013, and will have his mind blown when he wakes up to see that St. Louis has a female mayor. Oh, and all the aliens and stuff. [Syfy via press release]

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News Briefs: USA Doesn’t Want Happy Endings

June 4, 2013 Leave a comment


… When ABC opted not to renew Happy Endings we all thought, “Nothing to worry about, it’s hilarious, someone will pick it up.” That someone was supposed to be USA Network. Now they’ve decided they aren’t picking it up, and the future of Happy Endings just got murkier. Sigh. Your move Netflix/Hulu/TNT/TBS/Public Access. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Starz has ordered the latest project from Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore to series. Outlander, based on a book series by Diana Gabaldon, follows a WWII-era nurse who gets zapped back to 1743, where she’s caught in a war between Scottish clans and ends up marrying a handsome young warrior. [Blastr]

… DVD commentaries for television shows range from insightful to snoozy; some participants are great, while others are barely able to feign interest. But here’s an idea for one that sounds incredible: Community creator Dan Harmon weighing in on the show’s fourth season for the DVD set. You know, the season that happened while he wasn’t around, after he was fired at the end of Season 3 (this weekend, Harmon tweeted that he was returning to the series for Season 5). Harmon told the crowd at LA’s Cinefamily that Sony TV came to him with the idea, and reconfirmed that he has still not seen a second of Season 4. Of course, while it seems fun for the rest of us, I wouldn’t want to be Season 4 showrunners Moses Port or David Guarascio if it happens. [THR]

… Oxygen has renewed the tattoo reality show Best Ink for a third season, and also ordered two more skin-art shows. Tattoos After Dark follows the happenings during night shifts at a pair of parlors; Break Up Tattoos brings exes together to talk about their ill-fated commitment tattoos, then lets the former lovers fix ‘em up.  Wasn’t this network aimed at women at one point? Now it’s just tattoo fanatics? [Deadline Hollywood]

… Bravo has announced a premiere date for Eat, Drink, Love, and since neither of us know what that is, let’s find out together. The show is “a docu-series about five single ladies clawing their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene.” Great. August 11 at 9pm. [NBCU via press release]

… History Channel is debuting a series called God, Guns, & Automobiles on July 8. The reality show follows two Missouri auto dealers as they try to sell cars out of their Max Motors dealership. [Deadline Hollywood]



… Dominic West (The Wire‘s McNulty!) will star in Showtime’s relationship drama pilot The Affair. As you can tell by the title, it goes O.P.P. pretty quickly. West will play a nice, content husband who strays from his vows when he meets a woman he believes is his soulmate. The series will follow two marriages that get ruined by the affair and approach the fallout from both the male and female perspective. [Showtime via press release]

… Girls has added Michael Zegen (Boardwalk Empire‘s Bugsy Siegel, The Walking Dead‘s Randall) to its cast. The HBO series isn’t saying who Siegel will play, but it’s rumored that he’ll help replace Christopher Abbott (Charlie), who left the show abruptly between seasons. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Alyssa Milano (ABC’s Mistresses, which premieres tonight!) has been named the new host of Project Runway: All Stars, which will air its third season in the fall. Mistresses AND Project Runway: All Stars? The Milano Comeback Train is full steam ahead! [THR]

… IFC’s parody miniseries The Spoils of Babylon is putting together quite the cast. The comedy, from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny Or Die, will mimic the style of the epic miniseries of the ’80s and ’90s and will feature Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Tobey McGuire, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Sheen, Tim Robbins, and Kristen Wiig. Six 30-minute episodes are being made for early 2014. [IFC via press release]

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News Briefs: Suburgatory Is Losing Alan Tudyk and Rex Lee to Budget Cuts

June 1, 2013 Leave a comment


… All is not well in Chatswin, as a recession has hit the ABC sitcom Suburgatory following its renewal for a third season. As part of the terms of the show’s return, its licensing fee was reduced, resulting in a smaller budget. And the easiest way for a show to save money is to trim down some of its cast. In this case, that means Alan Tudyk (who plays dentist Noah) and Rex Lee (who plays gay guidance counselor Mr. Wolfe) are on the way out. The two could return as guest-stars, but they’ll probably find their way to other shows. Fox’s pickup of new comedy Enlisted means that Parker Young, who plays Ryan Shay on Suburgatory, also won’t be back next season at least not as a regular. [Deadline Hollywood]



… FX has cast the wonderful and talented Judy Greer (Archer, Arrested Development) in its upcoming untitled comedy pilot from Andrew Gurland. She’ll play a frigid wife that gives her husband (Ben & Kate‘s Nat Faxon) the go-ahead to take care of his hornies elsewhere in an effort to save their marriage. Greer’s been looking for her breakout role for years and has starred in several pilots and many short-lived comedies, including Mad Love and Miss Guided. Let’s hope this one takes! [THR]

Revenge will be saying goodbye to Ashley Davenport next season. Actress Ashley Madekwe has not been asked back for Season 3 as her character’s story has come to a natural conclusion and none of the writers wanted to awkwardly squeeze her in as Emily’s new housekeeper or Nolan’s secretary or whatever else they might make up. This is a good decision. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Actress Agnes Bruckner, who you will see in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic of Anna Nicole Smith, has been cast in the A&E pilot Occult from producer Michael Bay. The series is another one of those “FBI agents taking on supernatural cases” shows, like The X-Files. Bruckner won’t play one of the agents; she’ll play a woman who gets caught up in some freaky stuff, man! [Deadline Hollywood]



… Fox is re-airing the first season of The Following in case you are just as behind as protagonist Ryan Hardy and wanted to catch up. It will air on Friday nights, starting tonight, at 9pm. [Fox via press release]

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News Briefs: Tracy Morgan Signs On for an FX Comedy Pilot

May 31, 2013 Leave a comment


… Tracy Morgan may be headed to FX. The 30 Rock star has landed the lead role in the single-camera comedy pilot Death Pact. Jordan will play a former-slacker-turned-war-hero who forces his newfound self-help attitude—which involves harsh consequences for failures—on his old friends. [FX via press release]



… Animal Planet has renewed its top-rated super-extreme fishing series River Monsters for a sixth season. Maybe in Season 6 the River Monsters crew catch one of those mermaids that the network keeps going on and on about. [Broadcasting & Cable]



… Because you can’t get enough of NBC’s The Voice, the reality show is getting bigger. For a few days, at least. The June 10 and June 17 editions will be bloated to two hours each in advance of the June 18 finals. [NBC via press release]

… Guys, we’re one step closer to ending all this “Who will be the next American Idol judge?” nonsense that has held us prisoner for the last few months. Both Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have announced/confirmed via Twitter that they won’t be returning, using the excuse that they want to focus on their music.  [Mariah Carey's Twitter / Nicki Minaj's Twitter]



… Season 2 of Netflix’s House of Cards is adding a pair to its cast. Mad Men‘s Sam Page and Deadwood‘s Molly Parker will join the dirty Washington-set political thriller, but details on their roles haven’t leaked yet.  [TV Line]

… Just a day after it was picked up to series, NBC’s The Family Guide lost its leading lady when Parker Posey backed out. But It looks like Jenna Elfman is in talks to replace her. The permise of the comedy is this: A divorce between a blind man (J.K. Simmons) and his recently re-energized wife (Posey/Elfman) is seen through the eyes of their son. Stupid fact: J.K. Simmons was most recently seen as a health-challenged patriarch on ABC’s The Family Tools, and now he’ll play a blind man in the similarly titled The Family Guide. That piece of trivia will prove worthless and just take up space in your brain. [TV Line]

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News Briefs: Two and a Half Men Is Adding One Whole Woman

May 30, 2013 Leave a comment


… CBS’s Two and a Half Men will add one woman to its formula next season as it scurries to replace Angus T. Jones’ departing “half man.” And this is what the writers came up with: Charlie Harper’s long-lost just-of-age daughter. The character, said to be in her late teens or early 20s, will join the series as a regular when she shows up at Walden and Alan’s house looking for her dad. And through comedic circumstances, she’ll end up moving in with them. [Deadline Hollywood]



Big Brother: After Dark is getting kicked out of Showtime but has found a new home on TVGN (TV Guide Network). BB:AD airs concurrently with Big Brother and features live feeds of the reality show’s house late at night. The TVGN version will air two hours per night seven days a week for 13 weeks straight. Sometimes if you get lucky you might see a bare butt! However, will that sauciness go away now that the show is moving to TVGN? Both Big Brother and Big Brother: After Dark will debut on June 26. [TVGN via press release]

… We’re already talking about Game of Thrones Season 4? Okay by me! Three new characters have been confirmed for Season 4, which tells the second half George R.R. Martin’s novel A Storm of Swords. Martin told convention-goers at ConQuest that we’ll be seeing the Magnar of Thenn, Mace Tyrell, and Oberyn Martell next year, and that Bran will look like he’s fifty by then. Okay maybe not that last part. The characters shouldn’t be a big surprise to those who’ve read the book, but then again, they shouldn’t be that exciting either, except for maybe Oberyn because he [spoiler]s [spoiler] in an awesome [spoiler]. [io9]

… Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently likes to produce television shows. The bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician has sold a drama project called Pump to Showtime, detailing the rise of the fitness industry in the ’70s and its origin at a gym called Pump. If it gets ordered to series, Schwarzenegger intends to star in it on a recurring basis. [THR]

… Comedy Central has officially canceled Ugly Americans, instead of unofficially canceling it by not airing any episodes since last April and not ordering any new seasons. [The Comic's Comic]

… Esquire Network, the new manscaped and cologne-wearing version of G4, will debut September 23. Hooray. The network also used its launch announcement to fill us in on two new series in development: Brew Dogs, following two beer afficianados as they tour American towns for some suds, and Horse Players, a docu-drama following horse-racing handicappers.[Esquire via press release]



Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown (she plays Shirley) will reprise her role as Robyn in TV Land’s The Soul Man. [THR]

… Showtime’s Homeland already likes what it sees from new character Senator Andrew Lockhart. So much so that it’s upped actor Tracy Letts, who portrays Lockhart in the upcoming third season, to series regular. [Deadline Hollywood]

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