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Castle’s Season 6 Premiere: A Crash, a Comeback and 8 Other Things We Can Just Barely Tell You

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Castle Season 6 Premiere SpoilersLet the pigeons loose! The first returning show season premiere screener is upon us, and it comes courtesy of ABC’s Castle.

However… it also comes with the caveat that two major plot points — the pair of offers Beckett received in the finale — not be discussed. So…. :-/

I can say that, as revealed in previous reportage , the action picks up right there at the swings, where you’ll be hanging on every word. Especially when Beckett interrupts, “There’s something I have to tell you….”

Moments later we get a time jump, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how the rest of the episode was structured, how it shook out, who shared scenes together. The more cynical fans out there will (or, you know, should) be surprised, too.

Annnnd… I’m out of things to say. Except for these 10 bullets:

• Impractical footwear alert! But we’ll totally allow it.

• Castle returns from a 12-city/11-day book tour to find not one but two surprises waiting for him at the loft.

• A major character gets shot, several times.

• A major character is involved in a car crash.

• Ryan is determined to be a master swaddler.

• As previously scooped by the Inside Line: Tory’s back!

• Alexis’ new, fruitarian boyfriend Pi makes a damn juicy papaya steak.

• There’s a pretty jarring (if pretty improbable) fake-out.

• Apparently there is a particular red wine that puts [spoiler] in a particular “mood.”

• The premiere ends with a major character’s life in tremendous jeopardy. “To Be Continued….”

Castle opens Season 6 on Monday, Sept. 23.

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Castle 6×01 Promo “Valkyrie” Season 6 Premiere Sept 23

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Castle Casts Chuck Alum in Time-Trippy Role

August 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Castle Season 6 Cast Joshua GomezChuck alum Joshua Gomez once again finds himself in a Castle, with a guest-starring role on ABC’s Monday-night drama.

Per, TV’s erstwhile Morgan Grimes will appear in the fifth episode of Season 6 as a murder suspect who claims to have traveled from the future to prevent a cataclysmic event from happening. (Um, hello — the Beckett/Vaughn kiss was, like, four months ago.)

Gomez of course follows in the footsteps of fellow Chuck alum (and Firefly vet) Adam Baldwin, who guest-starred in a Season 4 episode of Castle. This marks the actor’s first TV role since bidding Chuck‘s own “Castle” adieu.

ABC’s Castle returns with new episodes on Monday, Sept. 23.

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Castle Exclusive: Client List Actress to Guest Star

August 15, 2013 Leave a comment
 Castle Season 6 Cast Alicia LaganoA staple of Lifetime’s Client List is set to storm ABC’s Castle — and she’s got urgent business with Rick.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Alicia Lagano will guest star in a Season 6 installment of the ABC drama.

Dropping by in Episode 4, Lagano will play Emma Briggs, a fugitive who takes several people hostage. For reasons unknown, however, she’ll only negotiate their release with Castle.

Lagano’s other TV credits include Major Crimes, The Mob Doctor, Bones and Dexter.

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Castle Season 6 Promo #1 (HD)

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ABC Boss Previews ‘Less Complicated’ Revenge, Defends Nashville Finale, Talks Grey’s Season 11

August 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Revenge Season 3 ChangesR.I.P. The Initiative.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee conceded to reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Beverly Hills that Revenge “stumbled a bit” in its mythology-heavy second season, adding that new showrunner Sunil Nayar (who replaced series creator Mike Kelley) will “bring to us a slightly less complicated” storyline in Season 3. “The first episode back is a fantastic episode starting with a magnificent hook.”

Other highlights from Lee’s exec session:

NASHVILLE | Lee defended Nashville‘s super-soapy Season 1 car crash climax, calling the twist a “sweet cliffhanger…  There’s an impending doom that leads you toward the car crash that is very Nashville.” In Season 2, Connie Britton’s Rayna will “really drive plot,” Lee added. “That particular rivalry with Connie and Hayden['s characters] is coming to a head. We’ve only seen a couple of outlines and a script, but we’re really happy with it.”

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND | On the decision to launch the Once spin-off in the fall as opposed to at midseason as a bridge between the first and second half of Once Season 3, “We just fell in love with it. We were looking to build a real block on Thursday of empowered women… This is Alice like you’ve never seen Alice before. She’s a truly kickass Alice.”

DANCING WITH THE STARS | On Maksim Chmerkovskiy returning for the next cycle, “Maks is part of the family; he may well be back [next season].” As for how the competition series will manage with no more results show, Lee would only say that Monday’s two-hour telecasts would “build to a climax at the end” and still involve some combo of judge and viewer votes.

HAPPY ENDINGS | Lee called the beloved comedy’s untimely cancellation “very upsetting,” but noted that the show failed to “attract an audience on its own” after it moved out of the post-Modern Family slot. “We never found in the places that we put it [that] we could [bring] an audience to it. We couldn’t find its sea legs away from a strong lead-in, so that’s how we ended up on that decision.”

GREY’S ANATOMY | The long-running medical soap is not heading into its final season, Lee maintained. “[Shonda Rhimes] is planning a number of [season's] out… We would like to see it on the network for many years to come.” Lee declined to comment on the future of original castmembers like Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey (whose contract expire in May), saying, “If I commented on who is coming in and out, I think Shonda would yell at me.”

CASTLE | When asked about Nathan Fillion’s recent unauthorized “day off” from Castle in the midst of a contract squabble with ABC, Lee deflected, “Nathan and Stana [Katic] are fantastic actors. We feel super-optimistic” about Castle‘s future.

SCHEDULING | ABC detailed its split-season schedule for its heavy hitter dramas, revealing that Nashville will return from its winter break on Feb. 26, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal will resume their runs Feb. 27, and Once Upon a Time and Revenge will come back March 9 — with all of the above finishing their seasons with few or no repeats. (Lee told TVLine that midseason programs such as Tricia Helfer’s Killer Women will fill those midseason gaps.) The new reality series The Quest, meanwhile, will at least temporarily replace Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Thursdays at 8) starting Jan. 2, while Resurrection will take over for Betrayal (Sundays at 10) on March 9.

Castle Season 6 Casts Alphas and 24 Alums

July 26, 2013 Leave a comment
 Castle Season 6 Warren Christie Glen MorshowerCastle‘s roster of early Season 6 guest stars continues to expand, now with the addition of Alphas alum Warren Christie and 24 vet Glenn Morshower.

Per, Christie will appear in the second episode of the coming season as Brad Parker, a reporter with a knack for digging up dirt that could have implications for national security.

Morshower meanwhile guest-stars in the same episode as Michael Reed, a former general who’s fighting to keep under wraps some secrets from his past, reports.

If I may dare to connect the dots, Brad will threaten to drop a dime on the general in this episode. Is this where some sort of newly minted Washington, D.C. crime-fighter swings into action, to safeguard our nation’s interests…?

Previously announced Castle guest stars include Lisa Edelstein and Yancey Arias. The ABC drama opens Season 6 on Monday, Sept. 23.

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‘Castle’ nabs ‘Alphas’ alum for guest spot

July 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Warren Christie won’t need special powers for his upcoming role on Castle, but they’d probably come in handy.

Christie, who last starred as hyperkinetic Cameron Hicks on Syfy’s Alphas, is set to guest star on the second episode of Castle‘s upcoming sixth season. He will play Brad Parker, a reporter with a penchant for uncovering stories that are deterimental to national security.

Christie, who was on Alphas until its cancellation in January, also recently made guest appearances on Arrow and King & Maxwell.

Castle, which will also welcome guest star Lisa Edelstein this season, returns for new episodes Sept. 23.

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Castle Halts Production for a Day as Nathan Fillion Is a No-Show During Contract Dispute

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 Castle Shuts Down Production Fillion DisputeABC’s Castle shut down production on Season 6 this past Friday when series lead Nathan Fillion was a no-show on the set, sources confirm for TVLine.

As first reported by Deadline, Fillion’s absence was likely intended as a “nudge” to his ABC Studios bosses with whom he is in a contract dispute, as he lobbies for a four-day work week.

Fillion was conspicuously “Twitter silent” on the Friday in question, having posted 11 times the day prior (including the photo below, with Season 6 guest star Lisa Edelstein) and nine times the day after. Edelstein herself went on to post, “solving crimes” with female lead Stana Katic.

Production on the ABC drama resumed this week, with Fillion on set. As announced earlier today, Castle‘s new season will premiere Monday, Sept. 23

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Castle: Lisa Edelstein Joins Season 6 Cast — What’s Her Connection to Beckett?

July 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Lisa Edelstein is trading a House for a Castle.

The TV MVP is joining the ABC hit’s Season 6 cast for a multiple-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The actress will play Rachel McCord, a tough and highly-skilled Federal Investigator whose appearance plays a vital role in Beckett’s decisions about her future.

As you know, Season 5 ended with Beckett considering a move to Washington D.C. to work on a special task force in the U.S. Attorney General’s office — a decision presumably complicated by Rick proposing marriage in the very final scene.

Edelstein’s post-House credits include stints on The Good Wife, Elementary, House of Lies and, most recently, Scandal.


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Castle 5×24 Canadian Promo | “Watershed” [HD].

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Castle 5×24 Promo Watershed (HD) Season Finale Castle Season 5 Episode 24 Promo

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Scene Of The Week – May 5, 2013

1. Show: CASTLE
Episode: “Still”
Date: April 29, 2013
Actor: Stana Katic
The Scene: Flashback – “We speak for the dead”

This was such a beautiful episode, I loved it! Definitely exceeded my expectations. So many great scenes to choose from. And I’m guessing most of the fans is gonna pick the “I love you” part, but as sweet as it was, I liked the scene right after it much, much more!
The moment when Kate comes to terms with the fact that she’s dying, we can see her entire life’s story. The most important parts. She remembers Cpt. Montgomery’s speech about the dead (probably my favorite one in the entire show!). She thinks about her struggle, her constant efforts to find her mother’s killer, all the death and pain in her life, her loneliness and never feeling safe. And then she remembers the last time when she was very close to death and the person she was thinking about back then: Castle. At this point all the good memories of her time with him, the one she loves the most, mix with the sense of dying, the feeling of fading away. And these happy moments make her stronger, let her accept that she’s almost gone. And that’s where the scene ends. I love flashbacks like this one! So beautiful! Kudos to not only amazing Stana Katic but also people responsible for editing these clips and the composer of the gorgeous melody that we can hear in the scene. It makes this moment perfect.

Episode: “Zero Day”
Date: May 2, 2013
Actors: Michael Emerson, Amy Acker
The Scene: Finch and Root talk about the Machine

It was absolutely incredible episode, breathtaking and easily one of the best of the entire series. Simple proof can be the fact that pretty much every scene from the episode can be called “Scene of the Week”, even the opening one. Who would have thought the sequence (or maybe lack of it) at the beginning of the episode could be so great? But yes, it definitely was.
The moment I’ve chosen as my favorite is the discussion between Root and Finch about the “humanity” of the Machine and its lost memories. First of all, one of the things I love the most about the show is this connection between Harold and his creation. Here, he tells Root just how deep it was, how the Machine actually started to look after him, altering its own code to protect him, starting to act more like human. And what he had to do to stop it, to make the Machine focus on its main goal, which is saving innocent people from the acts of terrorism, for the greater good. And in order to do that, he took away its memories, forcing them Machine to be reborn every single day. What’s truly amazing in the scene is Root’s reaction to Harold’s story. You don’t expect to see someone like her to be so heartbroken about it, to actually stand up for the Machine and decide to fight for it. Absolutely remarkable job by Michael Emerson and Amy Acker here, kudos to these two wonderful actors!

Episode: “The Colonel”
Date: May 1, 2013
Actors: Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, Noah Emmerich
The Scene: Philip saves Elizabeth

I’ve already written my review of the episode, so if you read it, you know how much I enjoyed watching this season finale, especially the last 15 minutes, it’s so thrilling and absolutely engaging!
My favorite part starts when Philip and Claudia realize that Elizabeth is in danger and he immediately runs to help her. The entire sequence where he tries to get to her on time and the FBI quietly waits to confirm that Elizabeth is the one they’re looking for is brilliantly done. And then Philip arrives and saves his wife from being arrested, and the car chase begins. He’s a really great driver, by the way! I rewatched this scene at least a couple of times and it still keeps me in suspense. Especially knowing that Stan manages to shoot Elizabeth after she gets in the car. Didn’t see this one coming! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen in season 2, really glad that in the end the main couple gets back together (“Come home”). I missed them together, they’re much stronger when they work side by side.

Castle 5×23 Sneak Peek #3 | “The Human Factor” [HD].

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Castle 5×23 Sneak Peek #1 | “The Human Factor” [HD].

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Castle 5×23 Promo The Human Factor HD

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Castle 5×23 Canadian Promo | “The Human Factor” [HD].

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NBC Pulls Next Week’s Hannibal Entirely, and Other Boston-related Scheduling Changes

April 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Television networks are reacting in real time to the news coming out of Boston, adjusting their schedules to accomodate breaking news, special coverage, and sensitive content that might be inappropriate to air given the nation’s mood. Several adjustments have already been made, and given the turbulent situation, many more could still happen.


– CBS has moved tonight’s original episode of Vegas from Friday to Saturday to make way for a special CBS News report on the Boston bombings hosted by Scott Pelley from 9pm to 10pm. Vegas will now air tomorrow, Saturday, April 20, at 8pm. This isn’t a good sign for Vegas, as CBS chose to bump it instead of moving scheduled REPEATS of Undercover Boss and Hawaii Five-0, at 8pm and 10pm respectively.

– Today’s Boston Red Sox game versus the Kansas City Royals has been postponed and will be part of a double-header tomorrow.

[UPDATE 2:44pm Pacific]

– ABC will air live news coverage from Boston tonight. World News with Diane Sawyer will be extended to an hour and air from 6:30pm to 7:30pm Eastern. 20/20 will air from 10pm to 11pm Eastern, as previously scheduled. Nightline will air at 12:35am and summarize the day’s events. Currently, it appears that new episodes of Happy Endings and Shark Tank will still air as planned.


– The episode of Vegas previously scheduled for Friday, April 19 will air on CBS at 8pm.


– ABC has decided to swap the order of the next two Castle episodes. The episode originally scheduled to air April 22 involves a bomb-related plot, which the network has wisely decided to postpone it until April 29. The episode originally scheduled for April 29 will now air on April 22.


– NBC is pulling the fourth episode of Hannibal entirely, at creator Bryan Fuller’s request, reports Variety. The episode’s story centers on a group of children who are brainwashed—by guest-star Molly Shannon—into killing other children, and because of the Newtown shootings and the bombings in Boston, Fuller felt “the associations that came with the subject matter … would inhibit the enjoyment of the overall episode.” The episode isn’t being rescheduled; it’s being canned entirely. The network is planning to post relevant scenes from the episode that explain character development, accompanied by Fuller’s commentary, online at a future date. Hannibal will jump straight into Episode 5, and the first season will be shorted by a week. The show’s season finale will now air on June 20. Though the entire fourth episode is being pulled, NBC insists there will be no continuity issues due to skipping it. Also, it will still air overseas.

ABC Pulls Monday’s Bomb-Themed Castle

April 18, 2013 Leave a comment

ABC has decided to delay Monday’s Castle, which features a bomb-related plot, in light of this week’s attack at the Boston Marathon, TVLine has learned.

The episode, titled “Still,” finds the team attempting to disarm a bomb that Beckett has stepped on. It will now air one week later on Monday, April 29.

The episode originally scheduled for April 29, “The Squab and the Quill,” will now air on April 22, replacing “Still.”

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Castle 5×20 Promo “The Fast And The Furriest” (HD)

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